39 Things To Do In Clermont FL

Things to do in Clermont FL

United States of America’s Lake County has things to do in Clermont FL, which is located approximately 22 miles west of Orlando and 22 miles southeast of Leesburg. In 2020, there were 43 021 residents. The city is primarily residential, and its economy is based on retail trade, hotels, and restaurants and bars that cater to tourists at a very convenient location.

It is a wonderful city, surrounded by several lakes of various sizes and forms, and you can observe locals and visitors enjoying themselves on the lakes.

For a tiny town, Clermont, Florida, provides a lot more activities than one might anticipate. It is a popular destination since it is home to several historical, cultural, and natural attractions and historic buildings.

Additionally, it offers one of the largest park systems in all the areas. Clermont is located in the middle between the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast.

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List of things to do in Clermont FL

Given below is the list of things to do in Clermont fl during your visit. You should have to visit different places in Clermont such as sky zone trampoline park, things to do in city of Clermont FL performing art center, Palatlakaha river park, downtown Clermont Florida, central Florida’s lake county, different country clubs, citrus industry, Clermont museums, southern hill farms, citrus tower, scenic lake Louisa, White house, etc.

1. Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards

 Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards clermont fl

One of Florida’s biggest and most well-known wineries is the Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards. Each day from 10 AM to 4 PM, the winery provides tourists with a free 45-minute tour and wine sampling. Visitors may taste a selection of wines to obtain a sense of the wines made from their vineyard, much like at many other wine-tasting events.

Weekends at the Winery, a Lakeridge event with live music, a food court, and a wine bar, is held every Saturday and Sunday.

 From noon to 4 PM, guests are welcome to bring a picnic blanket or folding chairs, spread out on the grass, and enjoy the music at no cost.

2. Presidents Hall of Fame

 Presidents Hall of Fame clermont fl

The Clermont Presidents Hall of Fame, which has been in the city for up to 60 years and was once dubbed a national treasure by Ronald Regan, is one of the top places to visit in Clermont. For most of its existence, the Hall of Fame was formally a wax museum devoted to the nation’s leaders.

Wax models are still present inside, and there is also a sizable collection of presidential artifacts, such as the well-known robotic Abraham Lincoln. The displays of this museum also feature antiques and authentic papers that were acquired from former presidents.

3. Clermont Historic Village Museum

 Clermont Historic Village Museum clermont fl

This group of structures is a lovely trip back in time and maybe a fun way to pass a day. This location lets you see what life was like in Clermont decades ago by focusing on the preservation of authentic historic buildings including a school, a few houses, and a railroad depot.

Although this Clermont site is only available for a very short period each week, booking a block of time is well worthwhile if you’re interested in the city’s history.

4. Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park Museum clermont fl

A publicly accessible park on Lake Minneola is called The Waterfront Park in Clermont, Florida. Because it has well-kept biking and walking trails, a basketball court, covered picnic tables, and a tiny beach for swimming, this park is well-liked by both locals and tourists.

 A longer 30-mile path that will someday be a component of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail is connected to the fitness trail in Waterfront Park. Throughout the year, the park hosts festivals that draw a large number of guests, including the Pig on the Pond and the Champion’s Dragon Boat Festival.

 Along with the festivals, this location hosts races, triathlons, and some other aquatic activities all year round. Sometimes the park hosts free movie evenings after dark.

5. The Citrus Tower

The Citrus Tower clermont fl

Visiting the Clermont Citrus Tower is one of the city’s most intriguing attractions, and it should be on your list of things to do in Clermont.

The Citrus Tower towers over the surrounding area by more than 200 feet. Because of its height, it stands out on the town’s skyline and has done so since 1956.

The tower was constructed as a memorial to Florida’s citrus sector in recognition of the significant contribution they make to the state’s overall economy.

6. Clermont Fish House

 Clermont Fish House clermont fl

Clermont shares Florida’s reputation for delicious seafood cuisine. For authentic English fare with lots of fish, visit Clermont Fish House. Supporting the restaurant is more than justified because it is locally run and family-owned. Try the traditional fish and chips in the English way, as well as the meat pies, salads, and chip butty.

The environment here is excellent, and the wait staff is kind and should make you feel right at home, according to guests. This is the closest thing to a real English chip shop atmosphere you can find in Florida.

7. Lake Louisa State Park

 Lake Louisa State Park clermont fl

Nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, and sportsmen commonly visit Lake Louisa State Park, a natural wonderland. Despite not being the largest park in the state, it is one of the most well-known parks in the area and has a land area of more than 4,000 acres.

This park features marshes, lakes, cypress tree stands, palmetto trees, and more. In addition, hikers and backpackers searching for a location to escape the crowds frequently visit the area. Some come to the park just to catch fish from the nearby bodies of water.

8. Palatlakaha River Park

 Palatlakaha River Park clermont fl

Around Lake Susan and Lake Louisa, a 23-acre wetland and scrub ecosystem is protected by the well-liked Palatlakaha River Park. There is a 0.7-mile hiking loop and a 2.5-mile paddling loop in this park.

The trail passes through the habitat of Florida Scrub-Jays. The park’s path is lined with local plants. With photos of each native plant species, their scientific name, and their common name, signs are placed along the trail to assist walkers in recognizing the plants.

9. Museum of Osteology

Museum of Osteology Park clermont fl

One of the enjoyable activities you can do while visiting Clermont is to visit the Museum of Osteology. The Museum of Osteology is a unique tourist destination that was established in 2015 and is situated in Orlando.

More than 500 genuine skeletons, including those of still-living aquatic, terrestrial, and avian species as well as extinct prehistoric animals like dinosaurs, may be found in this museum.

It’s incredible to watch these skeletons, and you’ll also get to witness the remains of many backward animal species.

10. Mile Clay Loop

 Mile Clay Loop clermont fl

In Clermont, a famous, highly regarded, and well-liked route is the 10-Mile Clay Loop. It is unpaved, composed of soft clay, and devoid of pebbles, making it the perfect spot for running. This route is a 10-mile circle that sees a lot of pedestrian activity but not a lot of automotive traffic.

This route offers a great training ground for runners of all abilities with its peaceful, lovely surroundings and hard hills. This course hosts a lot of running competitions all year long. 

11. Orlando Cat Cafe

 Orlando Cat Cafe clermont fl

The Orlando Cat Cafe is one of the top attractions in Clermont, Florida for cat lovers and is located in Orlando. You may hang out with cats here, and the staff will take care of cleaning the litter boxes, so you don’t have to worry about that.

In addition to playing with the cats, this café offers delicious cuisine at a very affordable price. You can enjoy it all in the clean and comfortable environment that the café provides.

There is a rehabilitation facility nearby where you may meet the cats before deciding to take them home if you wish to adopt one.

12. Clermont Performing Arts Center

Clermont Performing Arts Center clermont fl

Attending a performance at the Clermont Performing Arts Center is one of the top things to do in Clermont. Clermont performing art center is the ideal place for you if you want so much fun then enjoy live music, dance acts, and theatre. You are likely to find a program you adore because there are so many excellent ones running here frequently.

The Clermont performing art center has space for 1200 visitors to sit down and a black box experience with 246 seats. The venue itself is a great site to watch a play and view out over the lovely hills and lake. As this location offers flat floor seating, you can choose to pay for a seat in advance if you’re concerned that you won’t be able to see over everyone else’s heads.

13. Florida Scrub-Jay Trail

Florida Scrub-Jay Trail clermont fl

With funding from the National Wildlife Federation, the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail was established in 2003 to preserve vital habitats for the survival of the endangered Florida Scrub-Jay.

Because a pair of Florida Scrub-Jays were found to be nesting on this property in 1997, it was picked as a location. Due to protection, the initial nesting couple produced fledglings. The original couple’s descendants still reside on the land and take care of their offspring.

Native scrub oaks and other species, a few of which are also designated as rare or endangered, have been planted on this land. Student groups, scouts, couples, and employees travel the route through the property to go bird viewing.

14. Withers Maguire House

Withers Maguire House clermont fl

The Withers Maguire House is located near Winter Garden on East Oakland Avenue, a short drive from Clermont. One of the best-maintained houses in the neighborhood is this one. Inside, you’ll find furnishings, artwork from the period’s hold items, and a variety of other items that provide insight into life in the neighborhood and building 100 years ago when this region was still undeveloped.

 The House, which the city now owns, was initially constructed in the 1880s. You are welcome to visit the home for touring; it is open every Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. There is no entrance cost, so there is no need to worry.

15. Clermont Downtown Partnership Farmers Market

Clermont Downtown Partnership Farmers Market clermont fl

It’s enjoyable to spend a Sunday morning at this farmer’s market browsing the booths for unique products.

 Along with offering fresh farm goods, these shops may also have fascinating items like handicrafts, gardening equipment, and potted plants if you’re interested in starting a garden. So come on to this fantastic market, and you won’t be able to leave empty-handed.

16. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park clermont fl

Popular trampoline park Sky Zone has franchise sites around the US. The Sky Zone complex has several attractions in addition to the regular trampolines. Wipe Out, Sky Tower, Parkour Blox, and Sky Joust are some of these attractions.

The Kid Zone provides a safer play area without older kids and adults for kids under ten. A great venue to celebrate birthdays or unwind after spending the entire day outside in the heat is Sky Zone. Sky Zone is a nice spot to hang out and pass the time on rainy days in Florida.

The Freestyle Jumping, Ultimate Dodgeball, Warped Wall, and Ninja Warrior Course available at this Sky Zone facility are also fun for older children and adults.

17. Crooked Can Brewing Company

Crooked Can Brewing Company clermont fl

The Crooked Can Brewing Company, one of the greatest breweries in the state, is located just outside of Clermont. There is no better site to check out if you are looking for an excellent experience like this than a nice beer on a chilly evening.

In addition to having a wide variety of craft beers, the brewing company also provides its clients with a delicious menu of cuisine. Favorite delicacies like sushi, wings, and burgers are among the menu items they provide at very affordable prices. Any of the choices on the vegan list are acceptable if you’re a vegan.

Tours are permitted, but they should be planned. To learn when the next factory tour might be offered, visit their website.

18. Kings Ridge Golf Club

Kings Ridge Golf Club clermont fl

The Kings Ridge Golf Club is a fantastic destination if you’re seeking a genuinely unique, opulent golf outing. This par 71 golf course has 36 difficult holes and is one of the most beautiful you’ll find in the wonderful state of Florida.

 Kings Ridge Golf Club, which is surrounded by beautiful, rolling terrain, also holds several functions throughout the year to test the more competitive player. The Kings Ridge Golf Club is dedicated to providing every golfer with an exceptional experience by testing their talent with everything from water hazards to landing spots.

 Make the Kings Ridge Golf Club your next destination for a social or private outing, whether you choose the Ridge Course or the King’s Course.

19. Champions Splash Park

 Champions Splash Park clermont fl

The Waterfront Park on Lake Minneola is where the Champions Splash Park is situated. Children can have hours of outdoor fun at this splash park. The splash park does not have lifeguards, therefore parents are responsible for keeping an eye on their children at all times.

Every year, from March through October, Champions Splash Park is open. The weather and the day of the week affect the operating hours. For parents who want to watch their kids play in the water, there is covered seating available.

The cleanliness of the splash park and restroom facilities is appreciated by park visitors. Families may easily spend the day here, enjoying a picnic and some water play.

20. Legends Golf and Country Club

Legends Golf and Country Club clermont fl

As the only golf club in the nation with more than 1,000 golf courses, Legends Golf and Country Club is a distinctive place to play golf. Most golf enthusiasts in Clermont and the surrounding region spend their time at Legends Golf and Country Club, preferring to spend their mornings or afternoons there. You should not worry if you do not know how to play since there is always someone eager to teach you.

If you’re a seasoned golfer, go directly to the par-27 18-hole course, which is only 7,000 yards from the gD tees.

21. Revolution Off Road

 Revolution Off Road clermont fl

Simply said, Revolution Off Road enables you to reconnect with your adventurous side. Revolution Off Road is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the outdoors with sports including ATV riding, clay shooting, fishing, archery, and more.

Their reasonably priced experience packages give you the freedom to plan your day as you want, whether that’s shooting an arrow on their archery range, filling up an ATV for some off-roading, or just lounging on the dock while you wait for your next catch. Whatever your unique event may be, it may be held here.

You will enjoy a genuinely one-of-a-kind day if you let Revolution Off Road take the helm, regardless of the type of outdoor adventure you’re searching for.

22. Bob’s Balloon Rides

Bob’s Balloon Rides clermont fl

People may ride in a hot-air balloon above Central Florida with Bob’s Balloon Rides. It takes around three hours to complete this balloon journey. Visitors watch while the balloon is filled and put up.

 After taking off from the ground, the balloon flies for an hour anywhere the air currents carry it. After the balloon lands, visitors are served a champagne brunch before the balloon is packed up and driven away in the pursuit vehicle. A hot-air balloon flight is a great way to commemorate any occasion, including weddings, marriage proposals, and anniversaries.

 The reviews for this business’s services on several review websites are consistently positive. It sounds like the ideal addition to an incredible trip to see the Walt Disney World Resort region from 1000 feet in the air.

23. Downtown Clermont

Downtown Clermont clermont fl

If you don’t go to Clermont, Florida’s downtown, you’ll be missing out on its best aspect. Florida is mostly flat, although Clermont contains quite a few hills, particularly in the city’s center there are several restaurants in the downtown area of Clermont where you can get everything to eat, including baked goods, coffee, burgers, and seafood, in addition to the charming stores. The downtown area lies along West Avenue and Osceola Street. It recently underwent a change that was motivated by the nearby historical society and forward-thinking commercial groups.

Another incentive to go here is that it’s a great spot for a stroll, especially in the cool morning and afternoon hours.

24. Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus clermont fl

Make the Showcase of Citrus a stop on your Florida tour if you want to get the whole Florida experience. The largest 4×4 adventure in the world is included in the free admission to this site, which also allows visitors to see a sizable farm.

For this incredibly popular, hour-long 4×4 experience, reservations are advised. You should also purchase some of the freshly-made goods that the Showcase of Citrus has to offer while you’re here. They also make their jams, jellies, and sauces.

Salsa is a specialty of the Showcase e of Citrus. The Gem Mine and the area where visitors may harvest their citrus are two more incredibly popular Showcase of Citrus attractions.

25. Blueways of Lake County

Blueways of Lake County clermont fl

Rivers, lakes, ponds, and wetlands make up a large portion of the surface water in Lake County, Florida. A canoe or kayak may be used to get from one water body to another because many of them are linked.

For beginners, certain shorter Blueways are preferable, while more experienced paddlers might prefer the longer Blueways that take more work to travel. Online, there is an interactive kayaking map that offers a clear view of each Blueways, thorough information on what paddlers may anticipate seeing, and the length of the Blueways.

On the interactive map, twelve picturesque blueways are all accessible to the general public. Local establishments lend out kayaks and canoes.

26. The Crooked Spoon Gastropub

The Crooked Spoon Gastropub clermont fl

The owner and chef of The Crooked Spoon Gastropub are from New Jersey, and you can find it on Citrus Tower Boulevard in Clermont. He produces excellent dishes at reasonable pricing since he thinks eating out should be a memorable experience that shouldn’t be impeded by exorbitant expenses.

You may choose from a wide variety of items on the restaurant’s menu, including numerous modern options in addition to traditional classics.

Aside from how delicious their food tastes, you will like how well-constructed and decorated the restaurant is. It is a great spot to hang out with family and friends.

27. Lake Hiawatha Preserve

Lake Hiawatha Preserve clermont fl

The Lake Hiawatha Preserve is a piece of land owned by Inland Groves that borders the lakes Lake Hiawatha and Lake Minneola near Clermont.

The nature reserve is a 220-acre passive nature park with several facilities, including two dog parks, along with the Lake Minneola to Clermont Scenic Trail. The larger dogs can use one dog park, while the smaller dogs can use the other.

The Preserve also features a playground with a functional vintage water tower, a picnic pavilion, and a bicycle track.

This entertaining area may be found immediately north of the bridge over the Palatlakaha River on 12th Street and CR 561, west of the roundabout.

28. Southern Hills Farm

Southern Hills Farm clermont fl

Off one of the main roads in Clermont, there is a family-run farm called Southern Hills Farm. This farm, which has 40 acres of land, provides U-pick blueberries during the peak tourist season, which is typically between March and May. The farm’s first harvest was in 2010.

The family could visit this farm if you’re searching for a location to have some family fun, especially when they open their market and covered playground, host food trucks, and provide hayrides.

You’ll adore their weekly U-pick option, which lets you choose what you want to choose for yourself from the farm. Before you visit the farm, be sure to check the event calendar for specifics on these services.

29. The 10-Mile Loop

The 10-Mile Loop clermont fl

A favorite and runner, the 10-Mile Loop is a 10-mile clay loop that surrounds Lake Louisa. You could run into one or two Olympians who are in training there. The 10-Mile Loop provides something different from root-infested trails and paved roads since it was intended by nature, with undulating slopes and comfortable footing.

On the loop, you’ll discover other runners who are new to running and who will be eager to encourage you if you want to step up your game.

One of the things you should do while visiting Clermont, Florida, is to remember to get started on time to avoid the noon heat.

30. Victory Pointe Park

Victory Pointe Park clermont fl

A few tiny, well-kept mums house a wealth of educational displays. These displays provide insight into Clermont’s past.

Additionally, it seems to be a fantastic position that allows you to enjoy walking and cycling trails. Despite the lack of a swimming facility, a playground and splash pad are nearby on the shore.

Don’t leave without inspecting those gorgeously decked Christmas trees with the lake wind and lights if you arrive during the holiday season. Bing Crosby’s singing in the background is irreplaceable! Amazingly, they also offer a little playground, which is great if you bring kids.

31. Al-Marah Arabian Horses

Al-Marah Arabian Horses clermont fl

For more than 73 years, Al-Marah Arabian Horses has operated in Clermont to fulfill the fantasies of equine enthusiasts. As their teachers will help you become the greatest in a short period, you can also get to practice horse riding from the finest here.

You must visit Al-Marah Arabian Horses if you want to engage in the painting, grooming, training, and riding of some of the best horses in the city.

This adds to the list of things to do in Clermont, Florida, that are enjoyable for horse enthusiasts and will be a welcome addition.

32. Moonlight Players Theatre

Moonlight Players Theatre clermont fl

The Moonlight Players Theatre is a great place to hold events. You may host your activities there while visiting Clermont, and it’s an excellent, wonderful, and lovely location.

You wouldn’t experience any discomfort if you sat on their chairs for several hours. Additionally, they arrange some entertaining traditional ceremonies during the week. Do not miss out on the festivities if you are in Clermont during the workweek.

If you bring one here, our only community theatre in Clermont will manage it so nicely.

33. Ride around the City with Hertz Rent A Car

Ride around the City with Hertz Rent A Car clermont fl

You may hire a car under the Dollar, Hertz, and Thirty brands in Clermont; these brands are available across North America.

 The Hertz Organization and its affiliates, which are all part of Hertz Global, are in charge of managing the car brands. Rent a car from Hertz if you want an amazing experience so that you can drive about the city.

34. Clermont Catboat Escapes

 Clermont Catboat Escapes clermont fl

You will undoubtedly be the captain of your Catan at this distinctive location in Clermont, Florida, which offers a distinctive experience. Interestingly, while enjoying a 2-hour excursion on the Clermont Chain of lakes, you may go through some of the cleanest waterways in Florida by turning the throttle up to 25 MPH.

Reading a description of this incredible location will only pique your interest. Every time you travel to Clermont, Florida, you must make a stopover!

Be sure to explore this wonderful area while you’re there by traveling through traveling, over expansive lakes, down into Cypress Cove, and don’t forget to turn south into the Crooked River.

35. The Townsend House

The Townsend House clermont fl

Visit the Townsend House, which was the residence of the city’s first black inhabitants, James and Sally Townsend, one of the top things to do in Clermont, Florida. The Townsend family created St. Marks African Methodist Episcopal Church as well as the first black school in the neighborhood.

The home was transferred and renovated to its present state even though it wasn’t where it was initially. The Townsend House is now a museum that showcases the past and relics of the city’s original settlers and citizens.

36. Hummer Off-Road Experience

Hummer Off-Road Experience clermont fl

Unpaved Hummer Orlando is a multipurpose, engaging off-road facility that has everything you need for a great experience. Come test your driving prowess via the mud, water, hills, and other challenges the environment throws at you.

Coming here is an experience you won’t soon forget if you live in Clermont, Florida. The name speaks for itself. There is just one location in the state where you may off-road drive a genuine Hummer!

Fascinatingly, you don’t have to pay extra when you indulge in this joyous pleasure for yourself. Theyourselfis responsible for finding a place to park your automobiles won’t be a problem if you arrive early in the day.

37. Dreamcatcher Horse Ranch and Rescue Center

Dreamcatcher Horse Ranch and Rescue Center clermont fl

Clermont, Lake County, Florida’s Dreamcatcher Horse Ranch, and Resc,ue Center I,s situated between picturesque hills and lakes. This ranch offers a comprehensive range of equestrian services, engaging activities for people of all ages, and activities with varying degrees of difficulty.

A few of these entertaining pursuits are horseback riding, horse racing, and mounted swordplay. It doesn’t take long to learn to ride a horse like a professional if you sign up for their riding classes if you don’t already know how.

The ranch may be booked for business events, birthday parties, and summer camps in addition to horseback riding. To schedule a visit, go to the website or dial the number below.

38. Epic Theatres Of Clermont

 Epic Theatres Of Clermont clermont fl

You may just go there to have fun and enjoy the chilly morning. Amazingly, they have such affordable costs, and even then, none of the personnel would treat you rudely. You won’t feel any less comfortable sitting for hours in this exquisitely constructed space thanks to the excellent reclining seats.

You are less pleased with the popcorn’s sweet flavor when it’s provided to you as you watch a movie. They even let you choose your seats, which seems really ratio wonderful.

39. JetSurf Academy Orlando

 JetSurf Academy Orlando clermont fl

You must go to this gorgeous location and have an unforgettable time. Fascinatingly, the crew always makes sure that no guest is dissatisfied before they leave!

Despite the Even though, there are still plenty of enjoyable things to do there. You cannot possibly leave here happier.

on, there aren’t many parking spots available, so it’s best to arrive early on any given day.


What are the top attractions to visit in Clermont?

Two of the top attractions in Clermont are the Palatlakaha Recreation Park and the Historic Village Museum. The Presidents Hall of Fame and Waterfront Park are two other fantastic outdoor tourist destinations.

Which are the closest beaches to Clermont?

Although Clermont does not have any beaches of its own, there are a few nearby beaches that are worth the trip. You may go 1.5 hours east of Clermont to New Smyrna Beach or the Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier.

What are the most popular things to do in Clermont with kids/family?

Answer: Some of the well-liked family-friendly activities in Clermont include seeing the Showcase of Citrus, cooling down at Champions Splash Park, bouncing high at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, and perusing the freshest goods at the Clermont Downtown Partnership Farmers Market.


Despite being smaller than its neighboring metropolis, this charming city offers a lot of enjoyable sights and activities. Any tourist to Clermont will find enough to do there, including visiting the city’s distinctive museums, its many lakes, its rolling hills, and its charming downtown.

 By witnessing natural vistas, adrenaline rushes, and mouthwatering meals all in one location, you may deepen your awareness of Florida. Fly high at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, savor Lake Louisa State Park’s majestic beauty, and converse with kitty friends at the Orlando Cat Café you can find all of this in a fantastic place Clermont, Florida.

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