30 Things To Do In Danville VA

Located in the Southside Virginia region and along the Dan River’s fall line, Things to do in Danville VA is an autonomous city within the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. Due to its advantageous location on the Richmond and Danville Railroad, it was a key hub of Confederate activity during the American Civil War, and in April 1865, it temporarily functioned as the Confederacy’s final capital until the South was forced to submit.

There are many areas to go sightseeing in Danville. It provides an opportunity for hikers, bicyclists, fishermen, and swimmers to enjoy being outside. Numerous historical structures and museums have a wealth of significant historical meanings and values. The abundance of lovely landmarks and outdoor amenities in Danville is a testament to how generous and majestic nature truly is.

If you take a flight to Danville right away, you’ll be blown away by all the amazing locations and exciting things to do there, like the malls, art galleries, museum of fine arts and history, amusement parks, movie theaters, restaurants, stadiums, game centers, and much more.

List of things to do in Danville VA

There are many things to do in Danville VA such as a visit to the Danville science center, Danville museum of fine arts and history, natural history museum, visitor centers, Danville’s riverwalk trail, art gallery, AAF tank museum, many historic sites, science museums, Danville museum of fine arts and history, natural history museum and many more.

1. AAF Tank Museum

AAF Tank Museum Danville VA

Visit the AAF Tank Museum in Danville VA for an unforgettable experience as one of the best things to do. The AAF Tank Museum, which has items that date back to 1508, was created as a tribute to memorialize the tank and cavalry troops of the globe.

The museum has one of the world’s most spectacular collections of worldwide Tank & Calvary artifacts. Guns, tanks, patches, pillows or covers, uniforms, and many other items are on exhibit at the AAF Tank Museum.

The museum’s main goal is to gather, restore, display, and preserve various Tank and Calvary items that serve as a constant reminder to the public of the sacrifices made by both male and female service members.

2. Danville Welcome Center

 Danville Welcome Center Danville VA

Stopping by the Danville Welcome Center on River Park Drive is the ideal way to begin your vacation trip. You need to stop here before enjoying Danville’s attractions.

Ask for pamphlets or maps from the Danville VA Welcome Center personnel to make your exploring easier. You can request additional recommendations, such as suggestions for housing, dining, and undiscovered treasures, in addition to the standard maps and brochures.

3. Goodyear Golf Club

Goodyear Golf Club Danville VA

One of the enjoyable activities in Danville VA is playing golf, but it is even more thrilling when you play at one of the greatest courses in the area.

The Goodyear Golf Club was built with the goal of maintaining the course’s natural surroundings, which include thick forests, flowing streams, and slopes.

Wildlife, including red fox, deer, rabbits, groundhogs, turkeys, and other creatures that make Goodyear Golf Club their natural habitat, may be seen in the area. The golf course at Goodyear Golf Club is both enjoyable and demanding, making it ideal for both amateurs and professionals.

4. Langhorne House

Langhorne House Danville VA

The former residence of Lady Astor and Nancy Langhorne, Langhorne House features historical relics from the Colonial Southern era. Visitors are given guided tours of their homes while learning about the background of tobacco in Virginia.

5. Ballad Brewing

Ballad Brewing Danville VA

Historic homes or building erected in 1891 that has been restored and modified to accommodate Ballad Brewing produces 10,000 barrels of beer annually. The brewery was built to function as both a community gathering place and a brewery. The taproom at Ballad Brewing is welcoming to both residents and tourists. They have a number of different beers on tap, including sour ale, wheat beer, cash crop, and Balladeer beer.

Visit Ballad Brewing with your family and friends for a relaxing time together; it’s one of the greatest things to do in Danville. They provide high-quality, equally distinctive cocktails produced with locally sourced ingredients. The brewery is the ideal location for a variety of outdoor activities such as social gatherings, parties, and private events. On weekdays, they’re open from 4 to 9 o’clock, on weekends from 12 to 10 o’clock, and on holidays from 12 to 8 o’clock.

6. Danville Science Center

Danville Science Center Danville VA

With its engaging interactive displays for everyone, the Danville Science museum Center will disprove your assertion. This science museum’s intriguing site on Craghead Street has a number of parts that provide fun things, fun activities, and educational opportunities for you and your children. Over 50,000 people visit the Danville Science Center each year, making it a must-see destination.

You may view several displays regarding physics, Earth science, light, and vision while taking a trip inside. You may also go to its sections on biology, natural history, and ecology at the same time. Each portion provides you and your children with a special, enjoyable, and instructive experience.

7. Grizzly’s Hatchet House

Grizzly’s Hatchet House Danville VA

You are missing out if you have never tried hatchet throwing. Grizzly’s Hatchet House is worth a visit; go there. You get the chance to take part in hatchet tossing at Grizzly’s Hatchet House; it’s one of the oldest sports there is. Hatchet throwing focuses on spinning the blades and methods; each game consists of three matches, with each match requiring five axe throws.

Hatchet-throwing leagues and other friendly events are held at Grizzly’s Hatchet House. Beginners can receive advice and lessons from professional instructors before their sessions; participants must wear closed-toed shoes when throwing axes for safety reasons.

This location is ideal for birthday celebrations or private events for those aged 12 and older, they provide a meal with a lodge theme and wines, craft brews, and other drinks.

8. Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History

Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History Danville VA

The Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History is among the most well-known sights in the city. This Main St museum showcases its sizable collection of works of art and historical objects in several displays.

Fascinatingly, former tobacco tycoon and entrepreneur Major William T. Sutherlin mansion at this museum of fine arts, is housed in a home from the 1800s. Additionally, the Danville museum functioned as Jefferson Davis’ official home while he was president of the Confederacy.

Danville museum of fine arts and history is where Davis wrote his last and formal proclamation as the Confederacy’s president. The palace was therefore referred to as the “Last Capital of the Confederacy.” Danville VA is now a fascinating museum that you may explore on your own or with a guide. This museum of fine arts is a recommended historical site since it is brimming with intriguing American war-related backstories.

9. River City Escapes

River City Escapes Danville VA

Each chamber at River City Escapes has a different fee, and each game requires a maximum of eight players. If your party doesn’t have eight players, they will pair you up with another visitor.

Players must sift through each area in search of concepts, hints, and riddles that will enable them to leave the room in town. You must connect with one another and work as a team in order to survive in these games, investing a lot of thought and cerebral intelligence into them.

Thursday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m., Saturday from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m., and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Don’t forget to go and prepare yourself for a memorable encounter. One of the enjoyable activities in Danville, Virginia, is playing a game there with your friends and family. Be sure to include River City Escapes to your list of Danville VA attractions.

10. Anglers Park

Anglers Park Danville VA

Anglers Park, a picturesque park in Danville, is also well-known for being a top fishing spot. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy there. Fishermen really like coming back to fish near the Dan River. Therefore, you may cast your line at the Dan River through this park whether you’re an experienced angler or even a beginner.

Bring your bucket of baits, a comfortable folding chair, and some cool drink to this park on Northside Drive. If you bring extra food, drink, and snacks, the roomy picnic shelter is ideal for a picnic with family and friends.

Black bass, catfish, and sunfish abound in the Dan River, making it an excellent place to go fishing. In addition, the field serves as the venue for the yearly MBA Rugby Tournament, which is regarded as one of the biggest competitions of its kind.

The park has a number of great routes for bicycling and walking, as well as outdoor sports like fishing. Five multi-use fields, a boat ramp, a bike wash station, and more can be found at Anglers Park.

11. Danvillian Gallery

Danvillian Gallery Danville VA

The public can visit Danvillian Gallery by appointment only and see the creations of modern New York artists. Two New York artists, Wayne Dobson, a painter, and Sally Susan Popu, a photographer from Hungary, founded the Danvillian Gallery.

The gallery exhibits paintings and has openings for recently acquired pieces of art. Beautiful pieces of art created by local, regional, and worldwide artists are shown at the gallery. The main goal of the Danvillian Gallery was to highlight and promote the works of the city of Danville’s great artists.

Be sure to visit and enjoy yourself while perusing the displayed artwork and the gallery’s breathtaking splendor. Especially if you’re an art aficionado, include visiting the Danvillian Gallery on your list of must-do activities in Danville, Virginia.

12. Santana’s Restaurant & Grill

Santana’s Restaurant & Grill Danville VA

It is strongly suggested that you eat at Santana’s Restaurant & Grill, which offers delicious Mexican and American fare.

Steak and steamed veggies, hickory burgers, fried fish, burritos, shrimp ceviche, seafood fajitas, Arroz Texano with onions Lettuce, not Rice Keto Friendly, Texas Quesadilla, and more are among the foods offered.

A variety of beverages are available at Santana’s Restaurant & Grill, including cocktails, margaritas, frozen drinks, beers, wines, and more.

13. Dan Daniel Memorial Park

Dan Daniel Memorial Park Danville VA

For a variety of outdoor activities, go to Dan Daniel Memorial Park on River Park Drive. This 170-acre wilderness area is well-known for its magnificent undulating topography with trees, marshes, and picturesque river frontage. But it’s not only about its inherent beauty.

For those searching for outdoor sports and leisure options, this memorial park is a great choice. There is a sizable green open area there, as well as picnic tables, routes for bicycling and hiking trails, and other recreational facilities.

There are many activities you can enjoy in Dan Daniel Memorial Park, whether you want to play, walk, or have a wonderful picnic.

14. 2 Witches Winery & Brewing Company

2 Witches Winery & Brewing Company Danville VA

Delightful beers are available from 2 Witches Winery & Brewing Company in growlers, flights, or by the glass. They feature a welcoming tasting area where guests may sample some of their cocktails as well as some of their more recent offerings.

A trip to the 2 Witches Winery & Brewing Company is one of the best things to do in Danville. Along with making beers, they also make wines with distinctive flavors and high quality at pricing you won’t find anywhere else. You experience the joyful atmosphere of Danville culture with each drink.

15. Serenading Musicians, At the Carrington Pavilion

Serenading Musicians, At the Carrington Pavilion Danville VA

The Carrington Pavilion is a prominent performance venue in the area because of its prime location along the Dan River’s banks.

This location is along Craghead Street, where you can attend events including live theater and musical productions, outdoor concerts, and other live performances.

Through its covered seats, it can hold up to 1,100 audiences, and its grass space can hold an additional 4,000. The Carrington Pavilion hosts frequent performances of the Danville Harvest Jubilee Concert Series.

16. Karen’s Hallmark Shop

Karen’s Hallmark Shop Danville VA

Visit Karen’s Hallmark Shop for a fantastic Danville shopping experience, one of the fun things to do in Danville. On August 1st, 1984, Karen’s Hallmark Shop opened its doors as one of Piedmont Mall’s inaugural mall retailers.

Karen Johnston, who started working at Dee’s Hallmark in Eden and had over thirty-four years of Hallmark experience before deciding to create her own business, is the proprietor. Her store has been operating continuously for the past twenty-six years.

17. Hess Field / Robbins Trail Park

Hess Field / Robbins Trail Park Danville VA

The Hess Recreation Area, which spans 102 acres and includes athletic fields, a concrete skate park, a bike skills area, covered bridges, picnic tables, and restrooms, includes the Robbins Trail Park and the Hess Field. The paths are 3.9 miles in length.

18. New York Pizzeria Medo’s Cuisine

New York Pizzeria Medo’s Cuisine Danville VA

Visit New York Pizzeria Medo’s Cuisine for a fantastic eating experience with your loved ones. Delicious Italian food is served at New York Pizzeria Medo’s Cuisine, a beautifully furnished eatery with a welcoming atmosphere.

Spaghetti and meatballs, chicken salad, steak gyros, grilled chicken alfredo, cheeseburgers, fries, lasagna, bacon cheese fries, steak cheese hogies, and more dishes are available.

Additionally, they provide some of the most mouthwatering pizzas, which are available with a variety of toppings, including pepperoni, chicken wings, and sausage. The crew is kind and charming, always paying attention as they take orders from clients and make sure everyone is happy.

19. Dan River Mills

Dan River Mills Danville VA

A historical site called Dan River Mills is well-known for having a sizable, now-defunct cotton mill plant along the river. This location is close to the Dan River along Dan Memorial Drive.

In the past, this mill was a prominent producer of fabric for clothing in the area. In the late 1800s, it also produced bedding at the same period.

It subsequently expanded to become the largest textile company in Virginia at the time. The mill shut down in 2006, nevertheless, as a result of competition and a low employment rate. The enormous mill is now vacant, empty, and full of tales to tell.

Visit Dan River Mills and take part in guided tours to learn more about its intriguing past. While you’re there time, remember to read the informative signs and snap pictures of the mill to complete your tour.

20. Checkered Pig BBQ and Ribs

Checkered Pig BBQ and Ribs Danville VA

One of the top restaurants in Danville is Checkered Pig Barbecue & Ribs, which is renowned for its excellent BBQ and ribs.

Many families use this restaurant as a gathering spot where they can relax and converse while partaking in a tasty dinner. A wide variety of dishes are available on the menu at Checkered Pig BBQ and Ribs, including homemade pancakes, biscuits & gravy, egg white scramble, chopped chicken and pork barbecue, creamy potato salad, nachos, brownie pie, and many others.

Along with the meals, they provide delightful beverages like orange or apple juice, chocolate milk, lemonade, tea, coffee, and water.

21. Braves Play at American Legion Field

Braves Play at American Legion Field Danville VA

The people of Danville are passionate baseball lovers. The Danville Otterbots, their collegiate team, competes at American Legion Field.

This stadium is located in Dan Daniel Memorial Park. At its stands, it can hold up to 2,500 spectators. The Danville Braves, a defunct baseball team that played in Minor League Baseball from 1993 to 2020, previously played at the baseball stadium.

Baseball games, in particular, are being held at American Legion Field, giving both locals and tourists access to world-class sporting events. In order to really enjoy your baseball game, don’t forget to get coke and hotdogs.

22. Family Fun Zone USA

Family Fun Zone USA Danville VA

Visit Family Fun Zone USA in Danville if you’re searching for a location to have a tonne of fun with your family and friends.

If you want to spend quality time with your family, Family Fun Zone USA is the place to go.The main goal of this fun zone is to make sure that all of its guests have a fantastic time and grin all the way home.

A lovely play area with all the necessary amenities is available at Family Fun Zone USA for the enjoyment of the small ones. There is a public arcade gaming area with a variety of entertaining games and jaw-dropping prizes to be won. With a clean, well-kept facility and friendly personnel, it’s also a wonderful spot for kids’ birthday parties.

23. Moon River Thai Cuisine Bistro

Moon River Thai Cuisine Bistro Danville VA

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you’ll notice how pleasant and friendly the Moon River Thai Cuisine Bistro is. They make sure the food is made using specific, regionally sourced ingredients and delivered hot and fresh.

The menu of Moon River Thai Cuisine Bistro includes dishes like basil fried rice, pineapple fried rice, Pad-See-Eew noodles, crispy garlic duck, green curry chicken, shrimp, and chicken fresh rolls, tom yum chicken soup, and more. Additionally, they provide cocktails, including some that go well with the food, including Thai iced tea, white Russians, ginger martinis, cucumber martinis, and many more. One of the top things to do in Danville with your loved ones is to eat at Moon River Thai Cuisine Bistro.

24. Delite Donuts

Delite Donuts Danville VA

The greatest doughnuts in the city can be found at Delite Donuts. Different flavors and toppings, like chocolate, maple, cinnamon sugar, raised glaze, coconut, etc., are available for the donuts.

Bottled soda, Monster energy drink, Red Bull energy drink, Apple juice, Gatorade, caramel, vanilla bean, coffee, Thai green tea, and other beverages are some of the drinks available.

You will enjoy your visit here if you stop by and sample some of their delicious beverages and freshly cooked doughnuts.

25. Ballad Brewing

Ballad Brewing Danville VA

If you’re searching for a spot to enjoy happy hour, go to Ballad Brewing. Located on Craghead Street, this brewery has a former warehouse that has been converted into a taproom.

This brewery primarily sells its original craft beer, which is freshly brewed in a 20-barrel facility. When Danville’s tobacco business was at its peak, tobacco was stored in the 1891 warehouse.

The warehouse was vacant for twenty years before being transformed into a brewery. It is now a well-liked hangout in Danville that you may visit with family, friends, or other travelers Along with its specialty craft beer, Ballad Brewing features a pleasant patio, live entertainment, and gaming options.

26. Legion Field

 Legion Field Danville VA

Without seeing Legion Field, your trip to Danville would truly be incomplete; if you have any concerns or think it isn’t worthwhile, you’ll be surprised. The former home of rookie league baseball, Legion Field is a stunning and well-equipped ancient ballpark.

The stadium will meet your expectations and has three covered seat back sections in addition to two open bleachers. There are several spaces, covered sitting sections, plush chairs, and a sizable snack stand at Legion Field.

The snack bar serves tasty food and beverages, including chicken sandwiches and funnel cakes; this is a popular gathering place for residents. The personnel at Legion Field is really kind and pleasant, making sure that everyone is happy and having a great time watching baseball matches and games.

27. Danville Mall

Danville Mall Danville VA

Despite its size, Danville provides residents and guests with a picturesque setting for recreation at the Danville Mall.

This Piedmont Drive commercial center has a sizable indoor mall that has been open since 1984. It is still a popular destination for both residents and tourists to buy, eat, and pamper themselves. The American Eagle Outfitters, Divine Boutique, Suit City, Aéropostale, Hot Topic, Cato, Rue 21, etc. are the primary retailers of the Danville Mall.

28. Danville’s Riverwalk Trail

Danville’s Riverwalk Trail Danville VA

One of the finest things to do in Danville, Virginia, is to explore the Riverwalk Trail, which symbolizes the city’s 21st-century identity.

The Danvilles Riverwalk Trail is a historically significant location that was formerly utilized to spur business; today, the community values it more because of the natural beauty and leisure activities the river provides. The pathways pass by shops, state parks, and historic landmarks, drawing a large number of cyclists, parents pushing strollers, and walkers.

The Danville’s Riverwalk Trail serves as a location for a variety of events every year, including trail runs, bike races, race tracks, environmental education programs, charitable, endeavors, and dog competitions. There is a wonderful dog park where you can enjoy time with your pet, and the route is well-maintained and shaded, making it an ideal area for a stroll with your dog.

29. The Historic North Theatre

The Historic North Theatre Danville VA

The Historic North Theatre is a classic theater well equipped with comfortable seats, a large stage, and good sound systems. You get to watch plays, magic shows, dramas, and many entertaining performances from talented local actors. The Historic North Theatre also features a museum filled with artifacts and a small gift shop with unique items.

The staff is pleasant and welcoming, coupled with a clean environment and convenient bathrooms. In addition, the Historic North Theatre is an excellent place to spend time with your loved ones. Book your movie tickets at the Historic North Theatre for wild entertainment, this answers what to do in Danville, for a fun things experience.

30. Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn Danville VA

A city must offer wonderful hotels where guests may stay for a while and feel safe if it wants to be considered tourist-friendly. The Hampton Inn is a stunning hotel with all the amenities you’ll need to feel at home. Flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, workstations, coffee makers, couches, microwaves, and other amenities are all present and accounted for in the tidy rooms.

For added comfort, Hampton Inn offers an outdoor pool and restrooms with showers, robes, towels, and other essentials.

It has a 24-hour front desk, a fitness facility, a business center, and a coffee restaurant where you take coffee and food. The Hampton Inn offers free self-parking as well as free WiFi access throughout the whole building.


What is Danville VA famous for?

Danville, which was established in 1793, is arguably most known for its involvement in the Civil War, when it served as a crucial railroad hub for the Confederacy and, after Richmond was taken by the North, the final Confederate capital.

Are the Powhatans still alive?

Numerous additional tribes who are derived from the Powhatan Indians and the Virginia Indians still exist today in Virginia and beyond. Many people who are still residing in Virginia are now applying for state recognition.


Danville at distant from the other nearby cities in Virginia. But on its own, it absolutely shines, making it the perfect vacation spot for everyone. Danville is a charming city that provides a variety of entertainment options, including live performances, plays, festivals, and more.

In this city close to the Virginia–North Carolina border, there are plenty of things to do. You’ll enjoy participating in a variety of leisure activities while exploring historical and natural landmarks. Use this list of the top attractions to do in Danville, Virginia, to plan your schedule and make your trip unforgettable.

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