39 Things To Do In Dothan AL

Dothan, the county capital of Houston County in the U.S. state of Alabama, is a city located in the Dale, Henry, and Houston counties. It is the eighth-largest city in Alabama, with 71,072 inhabitants according to the 2020 census. It is roughly 20 miles west of Georgia and 16 miles north of Florida, close to the southeast part of the state.

Dothan was rated as one of the “Worst Places to Live in the United States” thirty years ago, but a lot has changed since then, and the city now has a strong economic foundation and a wide range of fun things to do.

Dothan features other local art displays outside of the Carver Interpretive Museum, such as the Joseph statue in Millennium Park, the Peanuts Around Town sculptures, and the Wiregrass Festival of Murals constructing murals throughout the downtown historic area.

Dothan is a haven for art lovers, but it also has a lot of other fun attractions like Adventureland Theme Park, Water World, Botanical Gardens, and a variety of restaurants, including one owned by Kelsey Barnard Clark, the winner of Bravo Top Chef season 16.

List of fun things to do in Dothan Al

Here are some of the places you should visit and fun things to do in Dothan Alabama.

1. Spend The Day at Adventureland Theme Park

Spend The Day at Adventureland Theme Park

This is a great place to start if you want to enjoy a family day out with the kids in Dothan Al because there are so many fun things for them to do and play with, like go-karts, bumper boats, and arcade games.

Two miniature golf courses are available for use by the entire family. During certain seasons of the year, the park is also open in the evenings and family tickets are available. a really enjoyable location for kids of all ages.

2. George Washington Carver Museum

George Washington Carver Museum

The George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum, located in what was formerly the Greyhound Bus Station in the center of downtown Dothan, Alabama, is referred to as the city’s beating heart of culture and creativity.

The fascinating George Washington Carver museum, which was converted in 2000, focuses on education for people of all ages, ethnicities, and religions, and its skilled staff offers a wealth of information about African American history.

In recognition of Dr. Carver’s accomplishments, the museum features a display that draws visitors in with educational guided tours that explore the intriguing and varied history of African Americans.

The museum provides a wealth of knowledge on the life and contributions of Dr. Carver, black scientists, innovators, and explorers from the past and present, as well as local African American history.

3. Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

On Headland Avenue, there is a place called the 50-acre Dothan Area Botanical Gardens. It features cultivated flower gardens, tropical greenhouses, a platform for viewing marshlands, and unpaved roads.

To see some of the local songbirds, you may also walk the birdwatching trails in Dothan Area Botanical Garden. Focus on species that frequent gardens, such as the eastern screech owl, Carolina chickadee, and ruby-throated hummingbird, among many others.

The growing of roses began in the lovely botanical gardens in 1997. There are fifteen specialty gardens with azaleas, roses, and other plants.

Tourists interested in the history and customs of the South will be delighted by the Southern Heirloom Garden, which is home to flora including larkspur and confederate jasmine.

4. Visit Dothan Headquarters

Visit Dothan Headquarters

The local tourism bureau is the best place to go if you want to arrange a Dothan itinerary for a whole week of vacation or just a day of touring. Here, you’ll find a helpful staff who can provide you with all the details, pamphlets, and maps you need to get going.

The greatest way to enjoy your trip to Dothan Al is to do it. The building is also easy to spot because it has a huge golden peanut statue outside.

5. Continental Drive-In

Continental Drive-In

The drive-in theatre in Dothan Alabama is extremely excellent and should be on your list of things to do in the city if you have never been there. The theatre, which is run by Jeff and Chase Taylor, features four separate screens and is THX certified.

Simply set your radio to the selected screen, relax, and pay for the screen when you get to the theatre. The screen contains two movies with a ten-minute break in between each one.

6. Landmark Park

Landmark Park

A 135-acre park called Landmark Park is devoted to preserving the social and ecological history of Alabama’s Wiregrass Region.

Landmark park has a farm run by a 19th-century historical society, a school, a planetarium, and a drugstore. Landmark park acts as the official agriculture museum as well. Both locals and tourists enjoy the park’s exhibits and activities, such as its 1890s living history farm.

The Landmark park includes a historic farmhouse, a smokehouse, a cane mill, and a syrup shed, as well as numerous domestic dairy cattle and swine.

The Digitarium Planetarium is a terrific place to discover and learn about the night sky thanks to its remarkable 360-degree dome and real-time sky displays.

7. Wiregrass Murals

Wiregrass Murals

Dothan Alabama became known as Alabama’s Mural City thanks to the Wiregrass Murals. Along St. Andrews foster Street, more than 20 paintings decorate the downtown historic buildings and depict the rich history of the Dothan Alabama region.

The first commissioned painting with Dr. George Washington Carver, who is well-known for his 300 uses for peanuts, was titled Salute to the Peanut Industry. The self-guided tour is a good method for kids to learn about history, and maps are available at the visitor center.

The Wiregrass neighborhood is home to the Poplar Head farmers market in addition to the murals. At the market, you can find a mixture of locally grown products from local farmers and handmade goods from nearby artisans.

8. Peanuts Around Town Tour and Scavenger Hunt

Peanuts Around Town Tour and Scavenger Hunt

This has to be among the most interesting ways to learn a city’s layout. 50 monuments that pay homage to Dothan’s past are thoughtfully positioned across the city. Each four-foot-tall monument is shaped like a figure, but with a twist.

All of them are peanuts. There is an Elvis-themed peanut, a shopper peanut in the central business center, a wise old man peanut, and numerous other varieties.

9. A Night at The Opera With Dothan Opera House

 A Night at The Opera With Dothan Opera House

The Dothan Opera House has been in operation for almost a century and has entertained countless numbers of visitors. The Atlanta Symphony opted to come here to record their music because of the excellent acoustics in the Dothan opera house.

The structure has undergone several repairs over the past year, yet it has always remained faithful to its history.

 The tiny theatre can accommodate 590 people and frequently hosts opera, beauty pageants, and community theatre. A comprehensive calendar of upcoming events in every genre is available, so make sure to look it over when you’re in town.

10. Wiregrass Museum of Art

Wiregrass Museum of Art

The Wiregrass Museum of Art, which is on Museum Avenue, is a welcoming and useful place to learn about the history and culture of the area.

For those who appreciate the visual arts museum, it is a must-see. Together, the museum’s extensive collection of exhibits, long-term installations, and educational programs engage visitors and promote the preservation of the arts.

The Wiregrass Museum of Art is located in the historic Water and Electric building and specializes in works on paper.

Many native Alabaman artists, such as Beverly Erdreich and Dale Kennington, have pieces on show in the gallery. The museum also houses the biggest collection of Frank Stella artwork in the state. Rotating exhibitions highlight local artists and rich historical and modern cultural artifacts.

11. The United States Army Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum is located in Fort Rucker and has an impressive 160 aircraft in its collection, 50 of which are always on exhibit for the general public.

The one-of-a-kind collection chronicles military aviation going back to the Wright Brothers and features one of the largest displays of military helicopters in the entire world. Exhibits of photo essays and memorabilia that portray the story of Army Aviation from a human perspective are also on display at the museum.

Due to the Homeland Security Advisory System and the Department of Defense’s security levels, entrance to Fort Rucker, an active military base, may occasionally be limited in this army aviation hall.

12. The World’s Smallest City Block

The World’s Smallest City Block

This World’s smallest city block is perfect for road vacations even if it won’t take all day to see. The Guinness Book of World Records has given formal recognition to this little square, which consists just of a granite marker marking the location and a few street signs. Even so, it’s entertaining to explore a point of local pride.

13. Cherry Street AME Church

Cherry Street AME Church

The oldest institution of its kind in Alabama is Cherry Street African Methodist Episcopal Church, which celebrated its 135th birthday in 2012 and continues to thrive today. The church’s humble beginnings date back to 1877 when it was merely a small timber building close to a cemetery.

As time went on, students from the neighborhood schools began utilizing bricks that the nearby brickyards no longer wanted to build the chapel. The community’s activities revolve around the church, which is dearly cherished by the people.

14. Folklore Brewing & Meadery

Folklore Brewing & Meadery

Folklore Brewing & Meadery provides a taste of the local brewing scene in Dothan.

The brewery is located on the grounds of a historic farm on Mary Lou Lane, and its design is oriented toward the outdoors, giving you the impression that you’re enjoying a beer in a friend’s garden.

The establishment offers outdoor events and vocal jazz throughout the summer. To keep guests warm while they sip beers and meads outside in the winter, they build fires.

Beers including red rattler, pale ale, IPA, wheat, porter, and porter are available at Folklore Brewing & Meadery.

15. East River Trading

East River Trading

East River Trading is a distinctive yet traditional dry goods retailer that focuses on offering handcrafted goods of the highest caliber at competitive prices.

With its assortment of unique, enjoyable, and funky jewelry, candles and incense, and specialty culinary items, East River Trading has something for everyone. Lotions, soaps, and other items from their handmade skincare collection are made with organic, fairly-traded ingredients.

16. Poplar Head Farmers Market

Local farmers gather in the downtown area every Saturday during the summer to offer their fresh, regional food. It’s unquestionably preferable to a supermarket and a wonderful way to aid the local farmers that sustain the Dothan agriculture sector.

17. The Annual National Peanut Festival

Almost all of the peanuts farmed in the United States come from within a hundred miles of Dothan. Many people may not be aware of this, but Dothan Alabama is renowned as the “Peanut Capital of the World.” The national peanut festival, which began as a small gathering, has grown into a ten-day event that draws 150,000 visitors annually.

It has a variety of family-friendly activities, live music, and attractions, as well as plenty of peanuts. Except for World War II, the festival has been conducted annually since the inaugural one in 1938.

18. Water World

Water World

For those who want to unwind and have fun while staying cool, the city offers the ideal escape.

As exciting and engaging as you would anticipate from an aquatic entertainment park, Water World delivers. They have a 450,000-gallon rip tide pool, which is great for cooling yourself on a hot summer afternoon and has surges that may reach over three feet high.

Relax and get a tan at the nearby “beach,” which offers couches you may relax on while sipping a cool drink at water world.

Among the other attractions are The Great White, a four-story-high waterslide, the 400-foot-long Bonsai Pipeline with three different slides, and the Tadpole Hole with a wading pool and slides specifically designed for children at water world.

19. Dothan Forever Wild Trails

Dothan Forever Wild Trails

Families who like the outdoors can enjoy a 10-mile recreation route in Dothan called the Dothan Forever Wild Trails. Forever Wild trails are made up of 387 acres of entertaining and informative recreational paths and habitat conservation.

The nature trail system has six trail loops that are connected by bridges, making it simple to navigate the entire network. The trail loops are suitable for cyclists and hikers of all skill levels, from novice to experienced, and range in length from.5 miles to more than two miles. A four-foot-wide dirt route at Beaver Tail circles dirt pump track and open fields while meandering through a pine forest.

Regardless of the trail chosen, the mile-long bridge portions that snake through breathtaking wetlands and picturesque views of Beaver Creek provide much of the fun.

20. Southeast Alabama Community Theater

Southeast Alabama Community Theater

To assist the community through the performing arts, a group of live theatre actors established the Southeast Alabama Community Theater in 1974. They desired a location where all the gifted people could perform live in front of actual spectators.

They provide theatrical classes for both adults and children all year long. They even conduct an annual theatre festival, and their acts are always on.

21. A Bowl At The Dothan Lanes

A Bowl At The Dothan Lanes

Tenpin bowling is usually a lot of fun and fantastic for morale when you just have the urge to do it with your loved ones. At Dothan lanes, there are always fantastic deals to be grabbed, including a recurring campaign that allows youngsters to bowl for free all summer long.

The personnel is usually helpful and pleasant, and the lanes are in terrific condition because they underwent renovation a few years ago.

22. Dothan National Golf Club

Dothan National Golf Club

The Dothan National Golf Club, which was established in 1968 and has a total of 18 holes and was built as a championship course, has frequently hosted the SEC Championship. You’ll see the lovely pine trees that border several of the holes throughout the course as it is situated in the lower hills of Alabama.

There is a lot of wildlife in the area, and the white and black fox squirrels that roam the golf courses deserve special attention. The club is accessible to everyone, and the green fees are affordable.

23. Zone Skate Center

Zone Skate Center

Your whole family can take part in a variety of entertaining activities for visitors of all ages at Fun Zone Skate Center in addition to the skating rink. These comprise laser tag, a rock wall, bumper cars, and other ticket-based activities.

This well-known entertainment complex offers 20,000 square feet of entertainment space in total. Of course, the center’s main draw is its skating rink. There are frequently family-friendly roller discos with in-house music. On Westgate Parkway, you can locate  Zone Skate Center.

24. Xtreme Air Trampoline Park

Xtreme Air Trampoline Park

The 50,000-square-foot Xtreme Air Trampoline Park is a fun and healthy place to be active. The facility includes trampoline volleyball, a foam pit, zip lines, a 21-foot crane walk, a 3-story playground for children under 9, and many more entertaining features.

For groups of ten, The Park also provides discounted packages that come with two hours of jumping, Xtreme socks, and refreshments. You can also hire the entire park for two hours for up to fifty people if you need a place to host a company party, a special event, or other gatherings.

25. Cowboys Live Country Music

Cowboys Live Country Music

 One of the top country music venues in the entire South is Cowboys, according to many people! 350 people can fit inside, and there are 4 bars, pool tables, and a huge dance floor for a boot-scootin’ good time.

Since their opening in 1956, they have played host to several great country musicians, including Merle Haggard and Billy Ray Cyrus.

26. Farley Nuclear Visitor Center

Farley Nuclear Visitor Center

Dothan’s residents receive their electricity from the Farley Nuclear Power Plant, which also houses a tourist visitor center where you can learn all about the energy produced and how it is created. For $1.57 billion, construction started in 1970, and the factory was fully opened in 1977.

 Not only does the nuclear plant generate significant amounts of power for the area, but it also creates several jobs.

27. Joseph Monument

Joseph Monument

The centerpiece of the park, Joseph Monument, is a ten-foot-tall bronze sculpture that is located in the middle of Millennium Park. At the base of the monument is a verse from the Bible. The verse that begins the phrase “Let us travel to Dothan” is found in Genesis, chapter 37, verse 17. The city’s founders were motivated by this poem to rename the settlement Dothan Alabama instead of Poplar Head.

28. Escape Dothan

Escape Dothan

If you’re looking for a thrilling, exciting activity for you and your friends to do while in Dothan Alabama, go over to Escape Dothan.

Because it necessitates cooperation, logical thinking, and time-constrained execution, the escape room is comparable to a real-time video game.

To escape, you and your teammates will have one hour to gather hints, crack codes, and complete puzzles. Ross Clark Circle is where Escape Dothan Alabama is situated.

29. Ravenwood Sporting Clays

Ravenwood Sporting Clays

Get some friendly competition while you practice your shotgun aim! Only a short drive from Dothan, Ravenwood offers much more than standard skeet shooting. It’s been referred to as “golf with shotguns” instead.

Sharpshooters can practice their techniques before the real thing by using clay discs that simulate the movements of birds.

30. Clay Pideon Shooting

Clay Pideon Shooting

Ravenwood Sporting Clays are located not far from Dothan Alabama on 43 acres of wooded terrain. The facility is a great location to practice shooting or compete in regional events. A brand-new clubhouse features a kitchen, big-screen TVs, and a crucial fire pit.

A three-level practice facility is also available where you may warm up before entering the course. The venue has made investments in digital technology to ensure that the day goes as smoothly as possible and that you get the most shooting time.

31. Dothan Civic Center

Dothan Civic Center

You should also include a visit to this Civic Center on your agenda. Since 1975, this monument has been an important part of Dothan’s history and a hub for local trade, culture, and entertainment. Every month of the year, a variety of events are held in the 3,100-seat arena.

You could be able to attend a range of events, such as sporting competitions, musical performances, and business displays, depending on your scheduling. The facility has hosted several community events and played a significant part in the history of Dothan.

32. The Basketcase Café

The Basketcase Café

The Basketcase Café has long been a favorite among Dothan Alabama residents. Donna Blevins Balzaratti first launched the café in 1989, and since then it has only grown. Numerous periodicals have been written about The Basketcase Café, and Donna Balazaratti has even been on television.

When the menu is delivered, go straight to the sandwich area and order the renowned Chicken Salad and Soup. This dish consists of chicken salad on a handmade baguette and a cup of soup, and it has become a local favorite.

33. Adela Haunted Tours

If you like hearing about the past and history of a place, spend some time with Adela Haunted Tours. Your guide will provide anecdotes, facts, and even a few ghost stories as you stroll around the streets of downtown Dothan. The city has a rich past.

You will get a better understanding of the elements that contributed to Dothan’s growth and gave the city its character after taking the walking tour with Adela Haunted Tours.

If you delve a bit deeper into the city’s past, past the fascinating antebellum history and the accounts of the early settlers, you’ll discover a darker and more eerie side.

34. The Luxurious Hilton Garden Inn

The Luxurious Hilton Garden Inn

The Hilton Garden Inn is a terrific option if you’re searching for a place to stay that offers a little bit of luxury and is convenient to Dothan Airport. With a fitness facility and an outdoor pool, you may work out before having dinner at the Great American Grill Restaurant.

Choose from a variety of rooms, including a King suite and tiny bedrooms. Nothing could make you feel more at ease after your exhausting journey and prepare you for the beauties of Dothan.

35. Axtion Air Jump and Sports

Axtion Air Jump and Sports

Alabama’s largest extreme sports park is 50,000 square feet that have fun for everyone. Play, climb, and jump on trampolines and in foam pits. Climbing walls, an obstacle-filled ropes course, a ninja course, dodgeball, and batting cages are also available.

Try Axion’s axe throwing with several fun games and interactive throwing targets if you’re looking for something a little different.

36. Eufaula Wildlife Refuge

Eufaula Wildlife Refuge

About an hour’s drive north of Dothan is the Eufaula wildlife refuge, which is well worth the journey. All kinds of wetlands, woods, grasslands, and open water provide shelter for migrating birds and other wildlife exhibits during the winter.

More than 300 different bird species as well as other mammals, reptiles, and amphibians can be found in the area. Here, nature photographers will be in their element.

37. Uptown Jazz Club

Uptown Jazz Club

Excellent cuisine and service in a welcoming environment that is both romantic and lively. After a long day, unwind with a pleasant evening at the Uptown Jazz Club.

They provide a full menu with delectable local food banks to delight your palette, such Wine Dipped Wings and Shrimp and Grits, as well as an extensive cocktail menu by the glass or bottle.

The Uptown Jazz Club’s live jazz performers and events, however, are its main draws; it’s the ideal place for a fun night out after work or a special date night.

38. The Plant

The Plant

The Facility was originally a Coca-Cola bottling plant that shuttered in the 1990s and stood empty until the Clark family purchased it in 2017. It is now a live music and event venue downtown.

It is currently a well-known open-concert venue with standing space only unless otherwise stated for a specific event because the family did everything they could to preserve the atmosphere of the old building.

With its open-air setting, string lighting, and numerous bars dispersed around, the plant maintains a tidy and well-kept appearance that gives you the impression that you are attending a concert in your garden.

39. Majestic Caverns

Majestic Caverns

Discover the amazement of a stunning underground grotto with genuine onyx hanging columns, expansive rock, and a waterfall. More than just giving visitors a tour of the caves is offered by Majestic Caverns.

They provide hours of entertainment for everyone by hosting live events, gem panning, a train ride, and a huge wooden lost trail maze.


Question: What is Dothan known for?

Answer: The National Peanut Festival is held there each fall, earning it the moniker “Peanut Capital of Alabama.” The historic murals in Dothan’s downtown area are a draw for tourists from Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, and Ross Clark Circle has grown into a well-liked shopping destination.

Question: Is Dothan Alabama a good place to live?

Answer: Dothan is a nice and laid-back city overall. Town of the ideal size, with plenty of dining options, colleges, and shopping. An excellent educational system with county schools nearby.


If you want a trip that will be enjoyable, think about stopping in Dothan, Alabama. This little, forward-thinking town, which is not far from the state lines of Georgia and Florida, has everything you could want in a vacation resort. All the contemporary comforts one would anticipate in a big city coexist with charming and warm Southern hospitality. You’ll discover a charming town with welcoming Southern hospitality, as well as the conveniences and amenities found in large cities.

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