32 Things To Do In Durant Ok

Things To Do In Durant Ok

The headquarters of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma are located in Durant, a city in Bryan County, Oklahoma, in the United States. In 2010, there were 15,856 people living there things to do in Durant ok. The Durant Micropolitan Statistical Area, which had a population of 42,416 in 2010, is centered in Durant.

 There are many options in Durant ok for work, investment, and other Things to do in Durant ok. It is crammed with various facilities, attractions, and other things.

The city of Durant ok offers a variety of fun things and relaxing activities, entertainment venues, and recreational areas. Rugged outdoorsmen will also like Durant’s opportunities for camping, hunting, and environmental exploration. You may go lake fishing while camping.

From the historical museum to the festivals and activities held here year-round, there are initiatives in place to maintain the cultural legacy. To suit your interests in downtown activities, there are also a lot of historical sites and live entertainment places.

You may go bird hunting as well, including ducks, geese, mourning doves, and bobwhite quails. You won’t run out of new foods to crave in Durant, of course. A sizable entertainment complex is available in the city if you feel like playing poker rooms or table games with your buddies.

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List of things to do in Durant Ok

Here is the list of places to visit and things to do in Durant ok such as three valley museum, Choctaw casino resort, Carl albert memorial park, iron horse gallery, magnolia capital, art center, and many more.

1. World’s Largest Peanut

World’s Largest Peanut durant ok

You won’t be disappointed with what you might see if you stop by the World’s Largest Peanut during your visit to Durant ok.

The largest peanut in the world is 3 feet and 18 inches in diameter. It is made of cast metal. In addition to being the largest peanut in the world, this sculpture represents the value of agriculture towards the growth and advancement of the city.

On a granite pedestal, the enormous peanut is displayed; don’t forget to take pictures to remember your visit. You will learn at the World’s Largest Peanut how farmers alone enhance a city’s growth development.

2. Deluxe Entertainment at the Choctaw Casino Resort

Deluxe Entertainment at the Choctaw Casino Resort durant ok

The Choctaw Casino Resort, a AAA Four-Diamond entertainment destination, provides visitors with an endless array of entertainment options, including restaurants, gaming machines, table games, slot machines, and poker rooms.

 During your visit to Durant ok, The Choctaw Casino Resort will meet all of your entertainment requirements. Other facilities within the resort include the Oasis Pool area, which epitomizes luxury, and the Spa Tower, which has 286 rooms and a lavish spa.

Stay at the Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, at 4216 South Highway 69/75.

3. Fort Washita Historic Site

Fort Washita Historic Site durant ok

Are you interested in learning more about the Mexican and American Civil War because you enjoy reading about past conflicts? You have to be at the Fort Washita Historic Site only.

In order to serve as a staging area for the Mexican War, Fort Washita, which is situated in Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory, was constructed in 1842.

It served as a camp for the Confederate Army during the Civil War until being abandoned. However, it was transformed into a history museum in 1962 by The Oklahoma Historical Society.

There are several historical items and collections gathered from the battles inside this museum. You can utilize the brochure that is available while exploring the fort. This pamphlet offers information on the war as well as an explanation of several fort structures.

In the fort, there are picnic areas where you may unwind and rehydrate. The fort’s employees are cordial and knowledgeable about the fort. They will aid you in discovering certain secret areas of the fort that are not accessible to the general public.

4. Three Valley Museum

Three Valley Museum durant ok

A “hidden gem,” the Three Valley Museum has amazing exhibits that take visitors back in time to the 1800s. Old vehicles, a barbershop from bygone days, and a doctor’s office are among the amenities.

Additionally, The Three Valley Museum is run by the Durant Historical Society and is a non-profit institution. One intriguing aspect of the museum is how little and unimpressive it appears from the outside.

However, as soon as you go inside the museum, you’ll realize how rich in both history and culture it is. There is a large, welcoming, and knowledgeable staff at the museum who are well-versed in Bryan County history. Additionally, the setting is really pleasant and orderly.

5. Hometown Hideout

Hometown Hideout durant ok

Drinking at Hometown Hideout is one of the unforgettable activities to do in Durant ok, especially with friends and family. A relaxing atmosphere and excellent chilled beverages are available at Hometown Hideout.

Their talented bartenders are always patient in taking clients’ orders and excel at what they do.Come with your friends and family to Hometown Hideout for a wonderful experience of camaraderie every day of the week from 2pm to 2am.

6. RibCrib BBQ

RibCrib BBQ durant ok

They provide mouthwatering meals including sandwiches, ribs, pulled pork, shredded brisket, and more. The greatest and tastiest barbecues are served by RibCrib BBQ, making them ideal for gatherings with friends and family.

 In addition to serving delicious drinks to go with the meals, they also provide premium delights such a cool salted cup and lime. Excellent meals are available at RibCrib BBQ that are suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—most notably for families choosing to eat out.

Their crew is highly competent and constantly greets clients with a smile to make them feel welcome and help them enjoy their meals. Each and every day of the week, 11 am to 9 pm, RibCrib BBQ is open. If RibCrib BBQ isn’t already on your list, you’ll be missing out on some of the best meals around.

7. Elements Art Center: Create Your Own Masterpiece

Elements Art Center: Create Your Own Masterpiece durant ok

Travelers and residents alike may satisfy their artistic side by getting their hands dirty with paints and other materials at the locally owned and run Elements Art Center.

You may work on your art while having a good time studying at the Elements Art Center. The center gives you the opportunity to utilize art for your own goals, whether you seek to learn about it, understand it more, or simply find a way to relieve tension.

Visit the Elements Art Center in Durant, Oklahoma at 305 West Main.

8. Lost Street Brewing Company

Lost Street Brewing Company durant ok

The focus of Lost Street Brewing Company is on delicious wines. On Lost Street in the heart of Durant, there is a family-run brewery called Lost Street Brewing Company. The founders are the Dewald Family.

Every beer and wine produced by Lost Street Brewing Company is homebrewed and regional. Additionally, the brewery offers indoor and outdoor tables and chairs that are intended to provide comfort as you sip your wines.

Even if food isn’t available at Lost Street, you may still bring food to the Brewing Company and pair it with some delicious wines. You have the option to buy wines to take away if you don’t want to drink them at the brewery.

However, the Brewing Company also has venues where you may hold your events. The personnel at the brewery is really kind and courteous, and both children and pets are welcome. Sitting outside and listening to the proprietors tell you tales about the brewery is another enjoyable activity you can do there.



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10. Iron Horse Gallery & Gifts

Iron Horse Gallery & Gifts durant ok

if  You would like to see something interesting, Visit the gift shop and art gallery Iron Horse Gallery & Gifts. A woman by the name of Janie created all of this art and sculpting. Her devotion eventually led her to decide to pursue her ambitions.

Janie is a well-known and exceptionally skilled artist whose impressive works can be found around the state, including the Choctaw Casino and headquarters and other locations.

You will be excited by the unusual goods you could discover at Iron Horse Gallery & Gifts, no matter which department you browse, from the home décor to the kid-friendly options like candles and lotions.

11. Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s theater

 Southeastern Oklahoma State University's theater durant ok

Consider going to a concert at Southeastern Oklahoma State University if you want to treat yourself to a live event. The institution has a number of theaters that present a variety of plays, from works of classical literature to modern social tragedies.

You won’t regret going to the theater on a hot Durant night since the actors always bring their A-game. You’ll see some excellent contemporary Shakespeare performances, for instance.

You must enter the Southeastern Oklahoma State University campus to get to the theater.It is situated at 425 West University Boulevard, Durant, Oklahoma 74701.

12. Bubba’s Brewhouse

Bubba’s Brewhouse durant ok

Bubba’s Brewhouse offers a unique experience among the various brewhouses in Durant. One of the places in Durant where you can enjoy pure, unadulterated fun is this brewery.

They provide you with a great deal of joy and satisfaction by selling fantastic craft beers that are equally distinctive and delicious meals. Additionally, there are karaoke nights, live music, dancing, and performances in the Brewhouse.

The beer garden is fantastic and the ideal place to unwind while taking in live music and dancing performances. Additionally, the Brewhouse offers a free shuttle service and welcomes pets.

The bartenders are consistently kind and welcoming. They are constantly accessible to handle your orders. At Bubba’s Brewhouse, you’ll experience music, dance, fun things, vibes, and enthusiasm.

13. Denison Dam

Denison Dam durant ok

Denison Dam, which is situated on Lake Texoma, provides tourists with some beautiful scenery of the lake and its surroundings. The dam is a great location for both animal observation and fishing.

14. Mexican cuisine at Panaderia Villegas

 Mexican cuisine at Panaderia Villegas durant ok

Have a craving for Mexican cuisine? Panaderia Villegas can take care of you. You may choose from a wide variety of Mexican cuisine on the menu. This restaurant is certain to satisfy your starving stomach and leave your taste buds appreciating the numerous tastes of the meal, from beef guisado to fajitas.

Past patrons attest to the fact that many laud the dish’s authenticity and flavor, with some even saying that Panaderia Villegas is the greatest spot in Durant to eat Mexican food. If you wish to taste some of their delicious sweets, you will also find a bakery.

15. Old Ice House Beer Garden

 Old Ice House Beer Garden durant ok

The greatest option if you want delicious food and beverages is Old Ice House Beer Garden. The Old Ice House Beer Garden is situated in the old town of Durant. It was first constructed as an ice-producing facility and then rebuilt to become a traditional restaurant.

 Delicious cuisine is served in the Old Ice House Beer Garden, including scrumptious French bread pizza and their signature ham jam sandwich.

It is a great spot to unwind and have a delectable dinner and excellent beverages since it is a beer garden with a variety of local wine and craft brews.

There is a portion of the Old Ice House Beer Garden where you may shop for both men’s and women’s clothing at a great price.

16. Waters of Lake Texoma

Waters of Lake Texoma durant ok

Durant, Oklahoma is home to the 12th-largest lake in the country. Moreover, a number of visitor facilities have helped make this lake, known as Lake Texoma, a well-liked tourist destination.

Approximately 6 million people travel to Lake Texoma each year.

Visitors may engage in a variety of activities at the lake, including boating, lake fishing, and watersports. The lake received 90 million hours of use in 1999, making it the most popular lake project of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

17. The Country Framer

The Country Framer durant ok

The Country Framer is home to several exquisite paintings, sculptures, and other works of art created by Durant’s talented residents.

The lovely Alvina and Mike Ralls are the proprietors of the family-run business The Country Framer. You may discover a variety of patterns, paintings, and carvings at The Country Framer.

Take a look at the Vailiani computerized mat cutter, lovely shadowboxes, unique ceramic clay beads, creative fused glass, and many more items. All artists, whether amateur or professional, are welcome to exhibit their work at the country framer.

18. Durant Rodeo

 Durant Rodeo durant ok

Durant Rodeo, an institution in Durant, Oklahoma, for more than 75 years, takes pleasure in the numerous activities and performances it presents each year. Through these performances and activities, you may learn about Oklahoman tradition as the riders display their incredible skills.

This location is also associated with the Durant Riding Club, a non-profit organization that supports equestrian activities and educational opportunities for its members and the local community. If you have activities scheduled, you may also hire the rodeo’s arena; simply give the proprietors a call.

19. Journey Well Spa

 Journey Well Spa durant ok

The Journey Well Spa, which is exceptional and offers services you can only find there, is situated in Durant’s historic downtown. The spa provides microdermabrasion, full body massage treatments, SCITON-BBL laser-based facials, and relaxing facials.

Additionally, Journey Well Spa offers group events on natural healing, cupping, private yoga instruction, raw food preparation, infrared sauna treatments, and much more.

20. Carl Albert Memorial Park

 Carl Albert Memorial Park durant ok

Despite what its name suggests, the family may enjoy a day of sunbathing at Carl Albert Memorial Park. The Park has a number of outdoor facilities that, by the end of the day, will have worn out everyone. The park, which has a skate park, a playground, and a public swimming pool, spans 16 acres.

Tennis players may also enjoy a few sets on one of the three lit courts in the park. Families are welcome to have picnics in the park beneath the pavilion or gazebo if that’s what you choose.

21. The Modern Tot

The Modern Tot durant ok

The Modern Tot is unquestionably one of the greatest locations in Durant to bring your kids, if not the best. A family-run business in Durant called The Modern Tot provides wonderful shopping opportunities for children.

They provide a wide selection of fashionable and sophisticated attire for children, making it difficult for them to decide what to wear.

Male and female youngsters up to the age of five can purchase their clothing. Additionally, they provide a special section of apparel and accessories just for women. Little girls never want to leave this area when they come here.

The Modern Tot only sells the highest quality apparel and accessories, so you don’t have to worry about the garments’ quality and longevity. You may get more than enough items for your children at The Modern Tot.

22. Fun bowling at The District

Fun bowling at The District durant ok

There is always entertainment available at The District at Choctaw Casino Resort if you are feeling too bored. You can play in the arcade game room there till you’re done. Additionally, there is a 20-lane bowling alley where you may play with family or friends.

The cinema also broadcasts films. Never allow yourself to leave the venue hungry after participating or observing. Grab a satisfying supper before returning home.

23. U-We Gifts

U-We Gifts durant ok

U-We Gifts is a distinctive gift shop and craft studio situated in the Oklahoma City of Durant’s historic downtown. Your degree of creativity will be at its highest in this situation, and you will have the chance to produce candles with various scents.

Attractive gifts like flasks, personalized cutting boards, pocket knives, and other gift items may be found at U We Gifts.

They also provide stunning nightgowns, pajamas, and home décor. Special diffusing oils, room sprays, wax, and many other items are on display at U We Gifts.

24. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant, an IHG Hotel

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant, an IHG Hotel durant ok

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant is a top choice if you’re looking for a place to stay while you’re in town. The rooms at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant are well-equipped with a television, a small fridge, a microwave, an air conditioner, a wardrobe, and all other essentials.

They provide great meals, ensure that visitors feel comfortable and at home, and make sure that the rooms and bathrooms are always clean.

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Durant offers laundry services around-the-clock, plenty of parking, and a tidy atmosphere.

25. Go Down Durant’s Downtown Main Street

Go Down Durant’s Downtown Main Street durant ok

On the other hand, you only need to walk down Downtown Durant Main Street in Durant, Oklahoma, if you truly want to take it all in.

Walk down this Main St to take in the city’s charming, vintage charm, support neighborhood shops by purchasing one-of-a-kind mementos, and stop by the neighborhood eateries to try the local cuisine.

In the same way, if you plan your trip well, you may attend special municipal activities like the Art Walk or the seasonally held Farmers’ Market Main street. On occasion, you may even participate in parades that pass down this famous boulevard.

26. Semple Family Museum of Native American Art

Semple Family Museum of Native American Art durant ok

Another significant historical site is located in Durant, Oklahoma. Thanks to a donation from the Semple Family, the Semple Family Museum is situated on Montgomery/Dunlap Drive to the north of the Fine Arts Building and Russell Building.

The enormous collection of Native American artwork owned by Southeastern Oklahoma State University, which spans more than 80 artists from 26 federally recognized tribes, has a permanent home there.

You may view several Native American art collections and exhibitions within the museum, as well as discover a little about them.

There are many educational and instructive items to see, so you might wish to bring your kids. Their understanding of Native American art will increase as a result.

27. Magnolia Cafe

 Magnolia Cafe durant ok

Because they consistently deliver tasty dishes that live up to expectations, Magnolia Cafe comes highly recommended in Durant.

The family-run café offers delicious foods that are ideal for breakfasts and lunches, as well as takeout or home delivery. Omelets, great burgers, fried chicken, sandwiches, and pancakes are all made at Magnolia Cafe.

Along with their great customer service and welcoming atmosphere, they also provide delicious bacon, coconut cream pie, French breakfast, sausage, and more.

For a family that chooses to eat out, Magnolia Cafe is the ideal place for outside handmade food.

28. Roma Italian Restaurant

Roma Italian Restaurant durant ok

Since its opening in 2005, Roma Italian Restaurant has provided a welcoming atmosphere in the heart of Durant. A menu that includes traditional pasta, fresh appetizers, New York-style pizzas, sandwiches, seafood, a vast range of wine pairings, and more are offered to go with it.

The private room of Roma Italian Restaurant, which has a capacity of up to 50 guests, is perfect for celebrations such as wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate functions, and other events. Let Roma handle the food preparation for your future event, from the snacks to the sweets.

29. Compass Rose Brigantine Ship -Day Tours

Compass Rose Brigantine Ship -Day Tours durant ok

A replica Brigantine ship from the 1860s is used for Compass Rose Brigantine Ship – Day Trips’ boat tours as it cruises across Lake Texoma’s waterways. The tour guide will go through the ship’s background and other pirate lore during the excursion.

30. Allied Gallery

 Allied Gallery durant ok

Allied Gallery is a premier stone and cabinetry retailer that caters to individuals with discerning tastes who are enthusiastic about opulent living arrangements.

With an emphasis on interior design, Allied Gallery improves designs using the greatest materials available internationally, including stone, cabinets, refurbishing, and renovation.

The finest materials are sourced and put together in a number of the most stunning residences in Texas and Oklahoma by Allied Gallery, a division of Allied Stone, Inc.

Allied Gallery continuously creates high-quality items since they employ the most CNCs and expensive cabinet production machinery.

31. Durant Riding Club

 Durant Riding Club durant ok

Visit the Durant Riding Club for one more of the greatest and most enjoyable things to do in Durant. For residents in the area of Durant and throughout Oklahoma, the Durant Riding Club has been a key draw. It was established in 1941 and is a non-profit entity.

At this Club, you may see modern cowboy show sessions and riding events if you’re a fan of the modern cowboy way of life.

32. Body Business Day Spa

Body Business Day Spa durant ok

A spa in Durant ok called Body Business Day Spa provides great massages, body therapies, and other healthy body activities.

In addition to all of this, the spa also provides a service called aromatherapy, which encourages guests to unwind and feel deeply satisfied. They already know the optimal therapy for your body when you arrive at Body Business Day Spa and discuss the type of pain or stress you are experiencing.

Their personnel is competent and well-versed in the field of body treatments. Additionally, the costs of their therapies are reasonable and relatively inexpensive.

33. Grand Pappy Point Marina

Grand Pappy Point Marina durant ok

Grand Pappy Point Marina has direct access to Lake Texoma and a range of pontoon boat rentals for guests to use while out on the water. The marina offers facilities including dining, housing, pavilions, and boat services.


What is Oklahoma’s Durant famous for?

Southeastern Oklahoma State University and the Choctaw Nation’s administrative center are both located in Durant ok. The city’s official moniker is Oklahoma’s Capital of the Magnolia. The majority of the Texoma region is made up of the city and its Micropolitan.

What is Fort Washita?

The south westernmost military outpost of the United States, Fort Washita, was constructed in 1842. According to a treaty commitment, Fort Washita’s goal was to keep the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations peaceful in their new territories.

Where is the world’s largest peanut?

The world’s largest peanut is proudly housed in the little hamlet of Durant ok. On the edge of the lawn in front of City Hall, a monument honors it.


For both children and adults, Durant ok is full of intriguing locations and activities. There is always interesting and fascinating stuff to do in Durant ok.

Make a trip to Durant ok a priority to see intriguing locations like the Iron Horse Gallery & Gifts, Choctaw Casino Resort, Panaderia Villegas, Body Business Day Spa, Three Valley Museum, Carl Albert Memorial Park, and many more.

The city has a number of attractions to satisfy the history enthusiast in you if you’re searching for a taste of history and tradition. Observe the treasures gathered and on exhibit at the city’s many museums. This city is highly developed, really endowed with beautiful natural assets, and populated by friendly locals.

Make the most of your visit by making it a memorable one. But there will always be a future time, so conserve as much strength as you can for then.

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