25 Things to do in Gainesville GA

Gainesville is located about 55 miles northeast of Atlanta in northern Georgia’s Hall County. Gainesville, often known as the “poultry capital of the world,” and “Queen City of the mountain” was established as a mule camp by European-American pioneers in the early 1800s. It has the name of a general who fought the British in the War of 1812. It earned the title of “Hospitality Capital of the World” for the first time in 1996 when it served as the venue for the Olympic rowing and kayaking competitions.

 Numerous leisure options, including canoe as well as kayak rentals at the Olympic Venue, are available at the 38,000-acre Lake Sidney Lanier. The Petit Le Mans is held every year at the legendary road racing track Road Atlanta. Gainesville ga has charming cities that have beautiful buildings that are full of natural wonders.

Gainesville has attracted visitors around since the 1850s, and that number has increased significantly in the century since Lake Sidney Lanier was built. Let’s have a look at the top activities to do while visiting Gainesville, Georgia, for an unforgettable trip, in addition to the city’s natural features.

List of Things to do in Gainesville GA:

Here is a list of things to do in Gainesville GA such as the piedmont hotel, City park, lake Sidney lanier, Longwood park, Smithgall arts center, etc.

1: Lake Sidney Lanier

Lake Sidney Lanier

The poet from Georgia is the source of the name Lake Sidney Lanier. In the 1950s, a dam was built across the Chattahoochee River to create the park. A large number of people flock to the lake because of its scenic features. It is among the best sights to view in this area and has a lovely beachfront.

The lake benefits the area in numerous ways, including flood prevention, water supply, managing wild species, generating hydroelectricity, and transportation. A trip here is worthwhile if you plan to take a holiday. Every year, a sizable audience of more than seven million people comes to see the lovely lake.

2: Longwood Park

Longwood Park

The park just in front of Gainesville High School is commonly referred to as “What’s the name of that park?” Pearl Nix Parkway, in front of Gainesville High School, is where the park is located. The parkland is a terrific location to go to escape the monotony of daily life and the stress of the office.

The park has eight tennis courts, a fishing pier with slides and seat swings boat dock, and walking trails, hiking trails that meander along the shore of Lake Lanier. There are also two pavilions, barbecues, full-service restrooms, a lighted tennis court, pergolas, a tennis court that is lit, and many other amenities.

3: Piedmont Hotel

Piedmont Hotel

You’ll also want to check out the Piedmont hotel in North Georgia. Since the museum’s founding in 1876, many notable figures from the Post-Civil War era have graced its halls. Lt. General James Longstreet, who owned and operated the hotel, utilized it as a base of operations for his political activities while Republican. Important people frequently stayed at the hotel, including Generals Joseph Johnston and Daniel Sickles, writer and editor Henry Grady, and US President Woodrow Wilson.

You might find it interesting to know that President Wilson Jessie’s daughter was giving birth on the first floor of the Piedmont hotel. The hotel is home to historical antiques and archived photos.

4: Poultry Capital of the World Monument

Poultry Capital of the World Monument

One thing you should do while you’re here is to see the Poultry Capital of the World Monument. The purpose of the Monument was to revolutionize chicken butchering. He was able to do this by building a monument that is quite tall and has a large live chicken on top of it.

The park is very appealing because of the picnic tables and gardens focused around the many monuments, which are located in the park’s few parking places. The setting of the park is stunning. You might carry a camera with you and utilize it to capture amazing pictures to upload to Instagram.

 5: City Park

City Park

A great place to have fun with friends, coworkers, and family is City Park. The park welcomes pets and has many wonderful features. Four tennis courts, a convenience building with facilities, two baseball diamonds, three shelters with outdoor tables, picnic tables, and other amenities can be found in the park.

The atmosphere is teeming with energy, and kids will adore this location. There is a kids’ section where they can enjoy themselves. There aren’t many parking spots at the park, but two more spots were added to provide room for more automobiles.

6: Northeast Georgia History Center

Northeast Georgia History Center

The Northeast Georgia History Center is a museum dedicated to preserving and disseminating information about this region’s history. A wooden cabin built in the seventeenth century that served as the home of a well-known Cherokee leader is just one of the many historic buildings, historic sites, and artifacts in this area that date back more than 11,000 years.

The structure next to it is a historic blacksmith’s shop, and other exhibition spaces also include land of promise, which describes the lives of the locals from their earliest days to the present.

7: Smithgall Arts Center

Smithgall Arts Center

Native American Non-profit the Smithgall Arts Center is acknowledged by The Arts Council. This location is in the heart of the Gainesville ga cultural and arts center. The art center is currently renowned for its remarkable leadership of artistic movements in Georgia. It offers a wide variety of active literary arts, film plays, and visuals and supports more than 30 arts associates.

Summer Music Fest, small Jazz series, Films on the Screen, National Gallery Pearce series, independent filmmaker’s series, and numerous more cultural initiatives are just a few of their offerings.

8: Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

The best natural resources and outdoor leisure opportunities in Georgia can be found in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. Your list of enjoyable activities should start with visiting this wonderful location.

The forest spans 26 counties and is located on 867,000 acres of land. It offers 850 miles of hiking paths, several picnic spots, campgrounds, stunning streams, and rivers, as well as a variety of other recreational options.

9: Historic Green street

Historic Green street

A walking tour of Gainesville’s historic Green Street, which can be found in the city center, is one thing you might want to do while you’re there. By allowing you to picture what life was like in the 1800s and 1900s, you may learn further about Green Street’s past at this location.

 You can consult a local guide here to learn more about the neighborhood, the structures, and the houses that line the streets.

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10: Chattahoochee Golf Club

Chattahoochee Golf Club

One of the top public golf courses in North Georgia is the Chattahoochee Golf Club, which was created by Robert Trend Jones Sr. on the banks of Lake Lanier. The golf course is located on 183 acres of farmland; it was designed with easy access in mind, and it’s a terrific site for scratch and professional golfers to play.

A 1,000-square-foot full-service pro shop, a Lakeside grill, a golf course, and a practice facility with a sand bunker are among the amenities available here.

11: Solar System Walking Tour

Solar System Walking Tour

The sun is located in Gainesville’s downtown square, where the solar system’s Gainesville solar adventure begins. Along with a 1.8-mile Gainesville solar walk that traverses the central square to the shore of Lake Lanier, the size representation of the solar system displays sculptures of the planets.

This is a terrific location for spending time with family and having fun. Additionally, you could utilize it to stretch your feet on the paved path that runs through Gainesville’s several parks. There is a great deal to learn, and if you enjoy learning about space, this place should be a must-visit while you are in town.

12: Don Carter Park

Don Carter Park

Don Carter Park is a new state park in Georgia, but it is the first one to be established on 38,000 acres. The Don carter state park, which is situated on the reservoir’s northern shore, offers a perfect recreational setting that will pique the interest of water enthusiasts. The Don carter state park has an inter trail that allows everyone to delight themselves and discover the beautiful forest, including hikers, cyclists, skaters, runners, joggers, and even patrolled persons.

You might decide to linger here for a while before departing. The park has two-bedroom cabins tucked away on wooded hillsides close to the lake. A real estate executive by the name of Don Carter inspired the naming of the estate.

13: Beulah Rucker Museum

Beulah Rucker Museum

The National Register of Historical Sites lists the Beulah Rucker Museum, which has a history beginning in the late 19th century. The building’s rooms are well furnished with modern furniture, artwork, and photographs. The historic museum bears Beulah Tucker Oliver’s name. She was Willis Rucker and Caroline Wiley’s child. She was an instructor who was passionate about using education to give African American children in her neighborhood more authority. This is the first museum devoted to the background of African Americans in the area, and one of its goals is to highlight Beulah Rucker’s history and her influence on the society she lived in.

14: Elachee Nature Science Center

Elachee Nature Science Center

The Cherokee term “Elachee” means “New Green Earth.” Everything within the Park will become clear as to why Elachee was selected as its name. This nature center is among the exciting things to do in Gainesville and needs to be on your travel wish list.

The nature center is located in the Upper Walnut Watershed of the Chicopee Woods nature preserve Area. It is one of the natural areas that cotton farms have forbidden from being destroyed. This tract of land is protected for countless future generations. The walking and hiking tracks are open to visitors, and families and friends like to enjoy them the most. Children can participate in camping activities, so they are not separated from the enjoyment.

15: Quinlan Visual Arts Center

Quinlan Visual Arts Center

The Quinlan Visual Art Institute has provided Gainesville with a wide range of artistic activities for more than 60 years and continues to do so today. One of the earliest arts organizations in the region, the art center is located in the heart of Gainesville on the storied Green Street.

At Quinlan visual arts center there is a place for collectors, artists, students, and art admirers. The plant opened in 1964 and afterward relocated to a larger location in 2004.

16: Scott’s Downtown

Scott’s Downtown

According to reports, Scott’s Downtown is one of Gainesville’s ga most popular dining establishments. The restaurant is committed to serving only the best food to its patrons. They have good relationships with their customers and offer the best dining experiences for guests, where excellent dishes are mixed with exceptional service and fantastic wine, liquor, and beer menu.

17: Kinsey Family Farm

Kinsey Family Farm

There is a lot of fun and entertainment to be had at the Kinsey Family Farm. It’s a family-friendly destination that you should add to your list of interesting things to do when visiting Gainesville, Georgia. The farm is a great place to take kids in the fall because it’s a horticultural and nursery center.

The farm entertains the kids during this time of year with games like feeding the fish and the animals. You are permitted to dramatically cut a Christmas tree and Christmas village as part of the winter activities you might enjoy while exploring the area.

18: Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Gainesville ga was the location of the Atlantic Botanical Garden’s inaugural season in 2015. Atlanta botanical garden should be at the top of your list of entertaining activities to do in Gainesville if you enjoy gardening. The location has a magnificent outdoor garden area for gardeners and nature lovers. This area has excellent terrain with beautiful garden displays that create a peaceful mood.

A Fairyland Trolley connects two fairy villages in the kids’ garden so that children are not excluded from this lovely Atlanta botanical garden. Adults can stroll along the magnificent pathways that are encircled by undeveloped trees.

19: Alta Vista Cemetery

Alta Vista Cemetery

The city of Gainesville acquired the 9.25 acres that make up the Alta Vista Cemetery in 1872 from Allen D. Candler. The famous sons of Gainesville rest in peace in the cemetery. Here are the graves of two former leaders of Georgia, a NASA astronaut, three soldiers from the American Revolution, and two well-known Georgia poets.

The headstone of Jesse Jewell, who helped Gainesville ga become the chicken center of the world, is also featured. Both men were named after regions in Georgia. In addition, we have 158 Civil Military members, a contortionist, and a bridge builder.

20: Downtown Drafts

Downtown Drafts

There is a distinctive beer store called The Downtown Drafts that sells handcrafted brews. While exploring the charming City, you must stop by if you enjoy fine booze. The beer store is family-owned and operated, and it welcomes visitors with children.

It boasts a warm, inviting atmosphere and a sizable area for sampling beer made by local and even out-of-region companies. You can always find whatever you’re looking for on the beer menu, which features everything from IPAs to milk stouts.

21: Frances Meadows Aquatic Center

Frances Meadows Aquatic Center

A 10-lane indoor competition pool, a four-lane indoor hot water pool, water, and land fitness programmers, a viewing area, family dressing rooms, and a fitness center are all features of the luxurious Frances Meadows Aquatic Center. Professional retreats, conference calls, seminars, mini-conferences, lectures, training sessions, and many other events can be held at the center.

The outdoor splash area has a three-story-high twisting body slide, drop buckets, dynamic water features for all ages, a swirl pool, a large terrace with chairs and canopies, joyful loops, water troughs, a current channel, and zero-depth access.

22: Cool Springs Blueberry Farm

Cool Springs Blueberry Farm

A family destination nearby Gainesville, Georgia, is the Cool Springs blueberry farm, which is located on five acres. The farm hosts several events all year long, including a summertime You-Pick blueberry season, celebrations, festivals, and family gatherings.

The personnel here is welcoming and will offer you the finest welcome you could imagine. Blueberry products have great and reasonable costs. Besides the blueberry farm, it also hosts several outdoor activities like summer camping, trick-or-treating, movie evenings, and others.

23: Laurel park

Laurel park

The biggest boat ramp for the area is located in Laurel Park. The 350-foot-long and 1,048-foot-tall giant boat ramp were built in this way to provide access for visitors and locals during dry weather conditions. A temporary base, fishing competition, more parking spaces, and facilities were also built as part of the park.

The park is pet-friendly; you are welcome to bring your animal companions, but they must always be on something like a leash and off the playing fields. In addition to many other amenities and fun places such as it offers a splash pad, playroom, grills, picnic spots, full restrooms, a gazebo, and more. You can create wonderful memories over a fun-filled vacation here with family and loved ones. You could think about Laurel Park.

24: Paradise Rental Boats

Paradise Rental Boats

When you start your vacation in Gainesville, the Paradise rental boats ought to be your priority if you appreciate boating. There are more than 70 brand-new boats that can be rented. The adventure rides are available to you and your entire family at pricing that fit your budget.

You can select from a variety of boats, including pontoons, wakeboard yachts, party boats, tidal runners, boat ramps, and runabouts. This area is ideal for skiing, swimming, sunbathing, tubing, fishing, and sunbathing. Here at Paradise, you can have birthday celebrations, business picnics, family reunions, and outings.

25: Big Creek Greenway

Big Creek Greenway

The Big Creek Greenway has 26 miles of path. There is a distance of two miles between each of the three sections of this path through Alpharetta and Cumming, Georgia. On the southern end, a shorter mulch trail runs parallel to the nine-mile concrete track. Deer, ducks, Canada geese, and blue herons are just a few of the animals that you can observe here.

Along the Big Creek Greenway, you can go running, jogging, cycling, rollerblading, and doing other things. Visitors adore Greenway’s flat landscape because it is ideal for physical exercise. The large parking lot is also available, which is helpful if you’re traveling in larger groups or on a busy day.


What can you do in Gainesville for free?

These wonderful attractions are free, so you could leave your money in the hotel safe for the day.

  • Lake Lanier
  • Mall of Georgia
  • Chateau Elan Winery
  • North Georgia Premium Outlet Mall

Are there mountains in the Gainesville Georgie?

The City of Gainesville is unmatched in terms of location. The 19th-largest city in the state is bordered by Lake Sidney Lanier on three sides and is situated in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

What is Gainesville Georgia famous for?

Answer: Famous as the Queen City of the Mountains and the Poultry Capital, Gainesville’s most recent accolade as “Hospitality Capital of the World” occurred when Gainesville hosted the 1996 Olympic rowing/kayaking events.


The places described above are just a few enjoyable places to visit when visiting Gainesville, Georgia if you’re taking a family or friend trip. While some of the destinations listed would require significant planning before visiting, others are free activities you can do on a dull day. Gainesville offers several wonderful tourist attractions that will make your trip a special one.

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