35 Things To Do In Glen Rose TX

Things to do in Glen Rose TX

The city of Glen Rose is a county seat of Somervell County in Texas, USA. The estimated population of the city in 2012 was 2,502. Charles Barnard established a trading post close to Comanche Peak in 1849, marking the beginning of the area’s settlement. In 1855, the area was designated as a government Indian reservation, and Barnard relocated his company to Fort Belknap. After the reservation was abolished in 1859, he relocated to the region and constructed the first store on what is now Glen Rose’s location.

Scientists discovered dinosaur footprints preserved on the limestone in the Paluxy River bed in the Dinosaur Valley State Parks near the lovely town of Glen Rose.

In addition, the city is well-known for its safaris and beautiful wonders. Lewis Jordan created Rose Glen because the picturesque surroundings made her think of her native Scotland. The town has a wide variety of attractions, including parks, museums, restaurants, galleries, historical and art institutes, and many more.

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List of fun things to do in Glen Rosa TX

Here is the list of Fun Things to do in Glen Rose TX and places that you can visit during your visit to Glen Rose TX such as fossil rim wildlife center, country woods Inn, Sexton mill, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Dinosaur World, Creation Evidence Museum, Historic Downtown Glen Rose, and more places to visit.

1. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Glen Rose TX

As more and more Africans migrate to Texas, the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is one of the best locations to visit in Glen Rose.

A 7.2-mile beautiful journey through the 18,000-acre Fossil Rim Wildlife Center’s grounds will take you past over 1,100 rare and exotic animals that are free to wander in herds. There are more than 50 different types of wild animals, including wolves, cheetahs, giraffes, and rhinos.

The ideal spot to go in Glen Rose is the Fossil Rim wildlife center since it provides an amazing experience and a thrilling adventure. The center is committed to protecting endangered species. The center is dedicated to public education and trains professionals in the responsible management of natural resources and scientific research.

The Overlook Cafe is located close to the center, and you will like the great food and stunning views of the Park that come with it. Visit the Nature Store to get a great assortment of gifts for your loved ones to take home.

2. Country Woods Inn

Country Woods Inn Glen Rose TX

Country Woods Inn is situated directly on the Paluxy River across from huge Rocks Park and is close to the historic courthouse square in the heart of Glen Rose. Family-friendly and romantic cabins are available at The Country Woods Inn in Glen Rose, Texas. A variety of cabin options, a railroad car, and vintage RVs are among the lodging options available at the Country Woods Inn. This makes it a fun location to check out Texas glamping.

All of the animals on the property that may be interacted with will be a hit with the kids. Additionally, there are animal trails, fire-pit circles for camping, a fishing hole, and swimming holes in the summer.

With all of these features, the Inn is ideal for families. On the weekends from March to November, the property also serves breakfast barn.

3. Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park Glen Rose TX

Dinosaur Valley State Park, a 1,524.72-acre park along the Paluxy River in Somervell County, is located northwest of Glen Rose. Horses can drink from the Paluxy River, which flows through the park’s wooded and sometimes rocky terrain.

One of Glen Rose’s top attractions is the Dinosaur Valley State Park, where you can see dinosaur prints and even walk in their footsteps on the riverbed.

One of the nicest things to do in Glen Rose is to visit the Park. Discover interesting features of Dinosaur Valley State Park, such as rocks, camping, hiking, picturesque vistas, picnicking, and more, by exploring the park with your whole family or friends. You’ll appreciate riding horses in the Park as well.

4. Brazos Drive-in

Brazos Drive-in Glen Rose TX

This drive-in restaurant has been open since 1952 and is family owned. There is only one screen, and concessions are available right there. So get in your car, grab a hot date or your family, and enjoy this timeless movie ritual.

5. Big Rocks Park

Big Rocks Park Glen Rose TX

Visit the Big Rocks Park, which is located on the Paluxy River, one of the many interesting things to do in Glen Rose. There are several large rocks in the Big Rocks Park, as well as many shallow spots where children can play and climb.

Visit Big Rocks Park with your entire family or friends to go swimming, relax in the shade of the trees while eating lunch, or just beat the Texas heat.

There are several places to wander alongside the Paluxy River while taking in the scenery and sounds of Glen Rose. Because it is open to everyone and has outstanding facilities, beautiful views, and enjoyable walking routes, Glen Rose’s Big Rocks Park is one of the fun places to visit.

6. Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World Glen Rose TX

Dinosaur World is a fun, family-friendly attraction close to the state park that your kids will adore. When you go to Dinosaur World, you may discover a range of entertaining dinosaur-related fun activities that all let youngsters get their hands dirty while learning about dinosaur lore.

Additionally, the area has a prehistoric museum with a variety of fossils and an animatronic dinosaur exhibit.

Dinosaur World’s gift shop offers a great deal on prehistoric toys, games, relics, beautiful geodes, and other items. Dinosaur World is one of the best locations to visit in Glen Rose TX because it offers field trips.

7. Creation Evidence Museum

Creation Evidence Museum Glen Rose TX

The museum aimer data and present artifacts that demonstrate the Biblical account of creation. In contrast to the evolution theory that is taught in the public school system, this museum focuses on educating kids about the scientific and religious principles of our planet.

They also have an incredible 25-foot-tall reproduction of Noah’s Ark.

 Tom Landry, the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, has a 12-foot (3.7-meter) high monument on the second-floor balcony of the Creation Evidence Museum.

The London Artifact, commonly known as the London Hammer, is one of the exhibits you will view at the Creation Evidence Museum. It is a hammer that is “of recent American historical style” and was found out of place in 1934 in London, Texas.

8. Paluxy River

Paluxy RiverGlen Rose TX

The Paluxy River, a tributary of the Brazos River, is also known as Paluxy Creek. The South Paluxy River flows 47 km before joining the North Paluxy River east of Glen Rose, in south-central Somervell County, where they converged close to Bluff Dale, Texas, in Erath County.

The Paluxy River is well-known for the numerous dinosaur footprints Baden found in its bed in the Dinosaur Valley State Park, which is close to Glen Rose. A lovely location to visit with your loved ones is the Paluxy River. There are areas of the River that are both deep enough to relax on a tube and shallow enough to wade in.

Additionally, you can go fishing, picnicking, swimming, or just unwind there. Visit the Paluxy River if you’re looking for a good time and it should be on your list of things to do in Glen Rose.

9. Squaw Valley Golf Course

Squaw Valley Golf Course Glen Rose TX

Squaw valley is located on the edge of the city. The Squaw Creek website frequently ranks this 36-hole course as one of the best in the state.

Traveling here allows you to take in the beautiful Texas hillside while playing a few rounds of golf. The only thing to remember is to make reservations in advance (especially on the weekends), as both tourists and Glen Rose TX locals like playing this course.

10. GOAT Ranch

GOAT Ranch Glen Rose TX

Visit the finest ranch of all time if you’re looking for something exciting and different to do in Glen Rose. A working goat ranch, The GOAT Ranch breeds Boer and Nigerian dwarf goats.

Visitors can take part in a brief yoga session with the goats from April to October.

The 40-minute yoga session will take place in a corral with young goats. You can take a tour of the 850-acre property if goat yoga isn’t your thing. Take a self-guided ATV trip to see the barn, pastures, goats, and the opportunity to bottle-feed the young goats.

11. Historic Downtown Glen Rose

Historic Downtown Glen Rose TX

The Historic Downtown Glen Rose is a charming and distinctive area full of places to eat, museums, stunning galleries, parks, and shops. One of Glen Rose’s tourist destinations is the Historic Downtown. It invites tourists who are visiting the city to start their unforgettable trips.

Visitors learn about and take in all that Glen Rose has to offer, including its breathtakingly beautiful sights, delectable flavors, and amazing sounds. You will discover new and interesting things as you tour the city, including Glen rose’s history, exceptional cuisine, hotels, stores, and many others.

One of the best sites to visit in Glen Rose TX is the Historic Downtown, which visitors are recommended to explore. You may find a wide range of drinks, foods, and activities at the Glen Rose Downtown Square to suit every preference and budget.

12. Visit the Shops Around The Courthouse Square

Visit the Shops Around The Courthouse Square Glen Rose TX

Glen Rose TX boasts a historic courthouse square area that is surrounded by stores, restaurants, and even a county museum, like other Texas small towns, have.

Supporting local businesses is one of our favorite things to do when we’re in a small town. Fortunately, the Glen Rose square made that simple for us.

13. The Promise

The Promise Glen Rose TX

This unique performance takes place in a hilltop amphitheater in Somervell County. 

The most amazing story ever recounted gets a contemporary spin in The Promise. Along with its distinctive musical score, live animals, crew, and a cast of over 150 devoted Christian artists, The Promise offers its audience a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The largest permanent outdoor theater in the state, Texas Amphitheater, hosts a yearly performance of The Promise. The 3,200-seat theater features a Greco-Roman style and is an amazing setting for seeing The Promise. The performance takes place from early September to October.

14. Paluxy Heritage Park

Paluxy Heritage Park Glen Rose TX

Visit Paluxy Heritage Park if you’re looking for the ideal location in Glen Rose TX to enjoy a romantic picnic with your loved ones while on vacation with friends or family.

In Somervell County, Paluxy Heritage Park is surrounded by a view of a river and a few old houses. A log cabin, an early Stone home, an early school, as well as other historic buildings, may be found at Paluxy Heritage Park.

Paluxy Heritage Park is a fantastic location to unwind or rehydrate; the park features a playground for children as well as a pavilion for picnics and parties. You also find a beautiful promenade that is perfect for strolling, and you may cross it by walking over.

The Park will be popular among your kids because there is plenty of room for them to run around or use the playground. At each Park area, there are several plaques that you might enjoy reading.

15. Somervell County Museum

Somervell County Museum Glen Rose TX

Visit the Somervell County Museum, which is close to the old county courthouse built in 1893, while you’re in Glen Rose Texas. Numerous displays at the Somervell County Museum trace the county’s history from the Paleolithic Era to the recent past. The smallest and oldest US Post Office is a log cabin located outside, next to the museum. It was built in 1901.

A large barbed wire collection, a wooden gravestone, an arrowhead collection, a weaving loom, a printing machine, a wooden leg, and dolls are all on display at the Somervell County Museum. A mural depicting the 1954 National-Geographic article about the discovery of dinosaur tracks, hand tools used at Barnard’s Mill, and Civil War costumes and equipment, among other things, are also on display.

One of the best things to do in Glen Rose TX is to go to the Somervell County Museum, where you’ll find one of the museum’s more interesting displays on a wall that is devoted to John St. Helen and the history of the exhibit. You will enjoy exploring the Museum as you discover and discover interesting and new things about the city.

16. Wheeler Branch Reservoir Park

Wheeler Branch Reservoir Park Glen Rose TX

Take your fishing equipment and a picnic basket for a day at the lake. Gas-powered boats are not permitted. Picnic tables, showers, a swimming pool, a diving platform, and beautiful views are available for visitors to enjoy.

This Wheeler Branch Reservoir Park is one of the attractions in Glen Rose Texas, so you’re sure to have a great time there. The Park hosts a fireworks display, and the lake is visible and well-kept. Additionally, you can train for water diving in the lake.

17. Glen Rose Convention & Visitors Bureau

Glen Rose Convention & Visitors Bureau

For those already in the town or traveling to the magnificent city, the Glen Rose Convention and Visitors Bureau serves as a visitor’s center.

One of the best things to do in Glen Rose Texas is to stop by the Glen Rose Convention and Visitors Bureau. You can learn about the city’s interesting history as well as exciting activities and places to visit. The wonderful vacation spot of Glen Rose has much to offer everyone.

You can organize your ideal adventure in the city with the assistance of the Glen Rose Convention & Visitors Bureau’s competent and pleasant personnel. Brochures, directions, lodging information, and other data will be provided to you to assist you while you are visiting the area.

18. Barnard’s Mill and Art Museum

Barnard’s Mill and Art Museum Glen Rose TX

The Paluxy River is close to the Barnard Mill and Art Museum. The historic Barnard mill and art museum was once a water-powered gristmill, a cotton gin, a health resort, and a hospital.

This historic building art gallery is a must-see location on any vacation to Glen Rose Texas, as it is believed that the mill was the area’s first permanent construction. In addition, Charles Barnard is credited as being the pioneer who not only popularized Glen Rose TX, and Somervell County.

Visitors can take enjoyment in exploring Barnard’s Mill and examining the artwork in the art gallery. Oriental and American Indian artwork and artifacts can be found in the art gallery.

19. Tres Rios Park

Tres Rios Park Glen Rose TX

Two miles from Glen Rose Texas, the Paluxy River, the Brazos River, and Squaw Creek come together to form the Tres Rios Park. The Park is well-known for its fossil grounds and dinosaur exhibit.

In Glen Rose Texas, the Tres Rios Park offers entertaining activities; go there to take part in fishing, swimming, boating, and rafting. Tres Rios Park offers roomy gathering spaces for large gatherings, and regular events including kayak demonstrations, neighborhood clean-ups of the nearby waterways, and jam sessions.

The Tres Rios Park hosts events and entertaining activities that members and guests can take part in, such as bingo, cross-stitch, potluck dinners, cards, nature hikes, wood crafts, and many others.

20. Outlaw Station / Old Rock Gas Station

Outlaw Station / Old Rock Gas Station Glen Rose TX

The speakeasy in this petrified wood structure was constructed in 1928 when Glen Rose TX was known as the moonshine capital of Texas. The structure was converted into a petrol station and grocery shop during prohibition.

21. Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage Company

Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage Company Glen Rose TX

If you enjoy horseback riding and are looking for the best locations in Glen Rose TX to do it, keep reading. You should travel to The Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage Company. Dinosaur Valley State Park offers a lovely horse experience through Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage.

You may bring your kids to the Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage as well, with guides available to help them and other kid-friendly activities close by. In Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage, you and your loved ones will undoubtedly make wonderful memories.

Additionally, The Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage provides horse-drawn carriage services for all of your events, including weddings, parades, romantic occasions, Family reunions, quinceaneras, and photo shoots. The horses also contribute to the amazingness of your events because they are photogenic.

22. Dinosaur Valley RV Park

Dinosaur Valley RV Park Glen Rose TX

One Glen Rose TX attraction you must check out is Dinosaur Valley RV Park, which offers breathtaking vistas and other enjoyable Glen Rose TX activities. Along with the newest conveniences, such as roomy drive-through RV spaces with 50-amp full hookups and tastefully furnished cabins, you will appreciate the cowboy and Indians-themed park.

Visit Dinosaur Valley RV Park to enjoy yourself at the park in western style. The Park contains fascinating information about the state’s great history. 

The Park allows you to get away from the big city and reconnect with your instincts; you will also find a cabin, a tepee, and numerous additional RV hookups. So be considerate, grab your boot and hat, and get in your RV because you’re in for a thrilling experience.

23. The Loco Coyote Grill

The Loco Coyote Grill Glen Rose TX

On the outskirts of Glen Rose Texas, there is a wonderful hangout called The Loco Coyote Grill.  This laid-back location has operated continuously since 1965. The Loco Coyote Grill offers amazing food, live entertainment, and cold drinks to everybody that enters its doors

The quaint structures were formerly the farm’s ancient chicken coop. Now, the large picnic tables there have family-style seating.

Despite it being the weekend, they didn’t mind the crowds at the location. While they waited for our food, we listened to live music and sipped on a beverage.

They provided coyote balls as an appetizer for us to start. Marty chose the chicken fried steak for dinner, while I went with the single BBQ dish of beef ribs. The portions are enormous, as you can see. My platter contained five ribs that were larger than life, but his steak was the size of his hand.

24. Green Pickle – Texas Beer Garden & Gallery

Green Pickle – Texas Beer Garden & Gallery Glen Rose TX

Texas beers and wines are the house specialties of the Green Pickle beer garden. You can enjoy your freshly made sausage while listening to enjoyable music or visiting the gallery to see the works of a skilled artist. To unwind, explore the Green Pickle- Texas Beer Garden and Gallery.

Due to its fantastic music, delicious food, distinctive artworks, and several other things you will find in the Garden and the Gallery, Green Pickle- Texas Beer Garden and Gallery is recognized as one of the entertaining things to do.

You will also love the mouthwatering and juicy buffers available in Green Pickle along with other reasonably priced snacks and meals. Every Sunday through Tuesday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, Thursday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Thursday and Friday from 11:00 am to 8:00 am; they are closed on Wednesdays.

25. High Hope Ranch

High Hope Ranch Glen Rose TX

This ranch house is far away, and the patio on the second level has sweeping views. There are more than 20 kilometers of hiking trails at the property.

This is a genuinely unique lodging opportunity and the ideal location to escape city life while yet enjoying the lodge’s grandeur.

26. Texas Treasures

Texas Treasures Glen Rose TX

A fine art gallery called Texas Treasures is located on South Main Street not far from River Road. With its restoration, the Texas Treasure art gallery now provides a wonderful setting for the works of more than 30 well-known and recognized worldwide artists.

Welcome to Texas Treasures’ wonderful gallery, where you can find a wide variety of items from all through the wonderful state of Texas. Texas Treasures specializes in novelty goods, t-shirts, and souvenirs with a Texas theme. Gourmet Texas salsas, BBQ sauces, and candies are also available at Texas Treasures.

You may also find baby items, one-of-a-kind antiques, the newest Western and trendy handbags, style purses, and handbags with buckles and rhinestones at Texas Treasures. Cross-buckle handbags, journeys in all styles, purses that seem studded, camouflage handbags, messenger bags, patchwork bags, and many more are also available.

27. Rough Creek Lodge and Resort

Rough Creek Lodge and Resort Glen Rose TX

The cost of this resort is a little high, but it’s well worth it. It has everything and is tucked away on 11,000 acres. Visitors can reserve a room at the main lodge, a private cabin, or a large house.

The biplane, climbing wall, the biggest maze in Texas, fishing boat, batting cage, kid’s ranch, s’mores, fossil hunting, outdoor activities, hayrides, live music, rocket launching, archery, and more are all included in the cost of your stay. as well as a restaurant that has won awards.

28. Cheerful Heart

Cheerful Heart Glen Rose TX

Texas-based Cheerful Heart is a store with a focus on clothing, presents, home goods, and other things. From newborns to adults, Cheerful Heart has clothing for everyone, including shorts, dresses, trendy tops, t-shirts, jeans, rompers, and more.

One of the best things to do in Glen Rose Texas is to visit Cheerful Heart where you can get exclusive accessories, gourmet food, and home decor, as well as men’s clothing and man cave accessories. Additionally, you can locate exquisite presents for your loved ones.

One of the top attractions to go to in Glen Rose TX is Cheerful Heart because it has practically everything you’ll want to buy, including spa goods and clothing for infants to women’s sizes. Visitors can build a unique centerpiece with artwork, clocks, dishes, welcome presents for new homeowners, trays, and other items at Cheerful Hearts, which offers the best and most fun shopping experiences.

29. Wabi + Sabi

Wabi + Sabi Glen Rose TX

The owners of Wabi + Sabi offer handicrafts, paintings, and other handcrafted objects, visiting there is one of the unusual things to do in Glen Rose, Texas. Wabi + Sabi sell anything from furniture to art.

Michael and Lorraine Ruegsegger, who has resided in the “Dinosaur Capital of Texas” for almost five years, are the proprietors of Wabi + Sabi. They fell in love with the downtown area’s rich history. Wabi + Sabi was created when entrepreneurs applied their emphasis on art to a business.

Wabi-Sabi, which translates to “the art of imperfection,” describes the store’s excellent assortment of craftsmen and sellers who make one-of-a-kind goods. Paintings, some photography, handcrafted handbags, antiques, and upholstered furniture are all created by artists at Wabi + Sabi.

30. Oakdale Park

Oakdale Park Glen Rose TX

This peaceful park has 120 full-hookup RV spaces, cabins, bunkhouses, bathrooms, a playground, an event center, picnic areas, an outdoor stage, and a sizable public pool.

It was initially given access in 1925 as a campground and motor court with the biggest pool Texas had ever seen.

31. Sexton Mill

Sexton Mill Glen Rose TX

There is food for everyone on the menu, a Tex-Mex, and barbeque fusion. On the Paluxy River’s banks lies this outdoor dining establishment featuring entertaining activities for patrons. You stay around after supper to play pool, video games, or axe throwing.

32. Lost in Time

Lost in Time Glen Rose TX

For your friends, family, and house, there is a lot to discover and buy in Lost in Time. There is a boutique section in Lost in Time that has several distinctive, high-quality things.

You’ll like purchasing a nutcracker, a beanie baby, a figurine of a cannon, and jewelry from the shop.

Knives, jewelry, candy, exclusive artwork, vintage jewelry, fishing equipment, home goods, and many other things are available at Lost in Time. From 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Sunday, lost in Time is open. The shop is a worthwhile stop and the ideal location to discover lovely products.

33. Shoo-Fly Soda Shop

Shoo-Fly Soda Shop Glen Rose TX

Dine at Shoo-Fly to travel back in time. Visitors can eat lunch, supper, or a milkshake while seated at the counter. After eating, browse the store for a wide selection of chocolates, presents, and clothing.

34. Miss Dixie’s Cottage

Miss Dixie’s Cottage Glen Rose TX

You must go to Miss Dixie’s Cottage in Glen Rose TX if you want to buy French country furniture and handcrafted cushions. Shopping in the storied Glen Rose Square will be fun for you.

Country French and farmhouse-inspired cushions manufactured in the area are available from Miss Dixie’s Cottage, which also specializes in custom coat racks.

35. Storiebook Café

Storiebook Café Glen Rose TX

A variety of sandwiches, soups, and pasta are available in the Storiebook Café, along with daily specials. This cafe’s playhouse for kids is one of the many things I love about it.

The young ones can dress up, read books, or play with toys. With young children, eating out is undoubtedly simpler.


Glen Rose TX is famous for what?

Glen Rose TX may be most world-famous for its prehistoric treasures and wildlife safaris, also its historic center is equally important.

Is Glen Rose, Texas, a nice area to live in?

It is a small beautiful city. Overall, the town is very safe, and the academic standards at the schools are outstanding. There is not a lot of recreational activity available after school hours.


There are many sites to explore and exciting adventures to partake in while visiting Glen Rose; come to the lovely city to experience so many fun things and tours around it.

You will like the mouthwatering food offered in Glen Rose’s restaurants, as well as the old museums and structures, the beach, the lake, the parks, and the natural beauty that is complemented by breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Biking, mountain climbing, swimming, taking pictures, picnicking, camping, and other activities are also available. You’ll get to know the gracious and lovely people of Glen Rose, and you’re bound to discover some spectacular things.

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