41 Things to do in Hattiesburg MS

Things to do in Hattiesburg MS

In the American state of Mississippi, the city of Hattiesburg is predominantly found in Forrest County and stretches into Lamar County to the west. In 2020, there will be 48,730 people living in the city, up from 45,989 according to the 2010 census.

This amazing and lovely city is well known for its gorgeous natural areas. It is always a fantastic place to visit and the fulfillment of any traveler’s dream who enjoys outdoor sports. The magnificent parks, historical Mississippi landmarks, recreation areas, commercial centers, churches, schools, museums, fantastic restaurants, and many other amazing things can be found in this charming city of Hattiesburg.

When visiting these locations in Hattiesburg, you won’t be short of enjoyable things to do thanks to the abundance of hiking trails, breathtaking vistas, and watersports. Despite being a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, there are a ton of things to do for everyone.

Of course, this is a great option for tourists who want a more upscale travel experience. So, if you’re considering traveling to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, carefully consider some of the wonderful spots you can see once you get there.

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List of things to do in Hattiesburg MS

Here is the list of places to visit and Things to do in Hattiesburg MS.

1. Visit the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum

Visit the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum Hattiesburg MS

The Mississippi Armed Forces Museum serves as the state’s military history museum and is located in Camp Shelby, about 12 miles from Hattiesburg. It furthers our list of the best things to do in Hattiesburg MS.

The museum seeks to recognize the sacrifices made by Mississippi veterans from all armed branches. Two veterans who had decided to give their artifact collections launched it in 1984.

They kept them at a Camp Shelby warehouse in a small room. The museum was relocated to a 23,000-square-foot building in 2001 that holds 16,000 square feet of exhibit space with 2,000 historical documents, 17,000 objects, and more than 4,500 volumes on Mississippi’s military history museum.

In 2015, the museum underwent yet another expansion with the addition of three new galleries. In 2015, the museum experienced yet another expansion with the addition of three new galleries.

Today, however, the museum comprises eight galleries and houses some extremely important items from battles dating back to the late 19th century, including the Korean war and Vietnam Wars, as well as World Wars One and Two.

2. Hattiesburg Zoo

Hattiesburg Zoo

The Hattiesburg Zoo is one of the most entertaining and interesting places in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This charming city has a nice zoo area where many wild animals are kept.

The fact that all the animals in Hattiesburg’s excellent zoo appear content and well-cared-for is one distinctive and noticeable feature. Because of the thoughtful layout, you won’t have to spend a lot of time walking around without seeing any animals.

Additionally, you won’t be hesitant to observe how the animals have arranged the Hattiesburg Zoo’s Lights of the Wild light show. Even so, it is important to mention that concession stands have been put up so guests may buy popcorn, hot cocoa, and other delights.

Hattiesburg Zoo is a wonderful, reasonably priced zoo that offers a ton of activities for kids of all ages. If you’re considering a trip to Hattiesburg, make sure to take the kids to this wonderful Hattiesburg zoo.

3. All American Rose Garden

All American Rose Garden Hattiesburg MS

As you approach the Southern Miss campus main entrance, you are greeted by the magnificent All American Rose Garden. It is one of the busiest, most aromatic, and most attractive locations on campus, as you might expect.

The southern miss rose garden, which was first established in 1974, now comprises more than 800 distinct rose bushes of all varieties. These draw tourists from all around the nation.

You will enjoy the garden because the roses are generally in high health and beautiful to view throughout their prime blooming season. There are roughly 36 different types of roses in the garden, and five different species of “drift rose” are utilized as ground cover. In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, one of the best things to do is to visit the All American Rose Garden.

4. De Grummond Children’s Literature Museum

De Grummond Children’s Literature Museum Hattiesburg MS

Another recommended location in Hattiesburg for the best and most enjoyable time is this fantastic museum. This beautiful establishment, which opened its doors in 1966, provides a variety of publishing exhibitions and classic writing that children of all ages would adore.

This magnificent location is one of the top research hubs for children’s literature in Northern America. The key books in this collection are largely related to American and British children’s literature, even though they have many other strengths.

Over 1,400 authors and over 190,000 books have been written since 1530, a period. The choice is entirely up to you, however, if you visit Hattiesburg without seeing this amazing location, your trip is incomplete.

5. Hattiesburg Station

Hattiesburg Station

If you need to travel short or long distances, Hattiesburg Station provides a secure and comfortable option. A wonderful train station in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, from which trains depart for New Orleans, New York, and Boston.

One of the most attractive rail stations in the area, Hattiesburg Station is well renowned for always being tidy and organized. They are constantly prepared to take you wherever you need to go, and you may reserve your tickets online before going.

The electronic check-in process at Hattiesburg Station using a barcode scanner and your Amtrak reservation is one feature that sets it apart from other stations.

6. African American Military Museum

African American Military Museum Hattiesburg MS

It is a small but extremely well-organized educational museum with many ways to engage with each exhibit. It is noteworthy that this museum honors the African American Soldiers and the various ways in which Black and African Americans Soldiers served their nation during each war.

Once you arrive at this historic museum, be sure to check-in. There are very few buildings like this one in Mississippi and the entire United States. It is a beautiful example of a unique monument.

Your ideas as a tourist to Hattiesburg will ultimately be engaged once you are aware of the history of this monument. In addition to their top-notch exhibits, the tour guide is amusing, lively, and knowledgeable about what they do.

7. Pep’s Point Water Park, Hattiesburg

Pep’s Point Water Park, Hattiesburg

On a lakeside in Hattiesburg, Pep’s Point Water Park is a family entertainment area that has been there for more than 40 years. Given the wide variety of enjoyable activities available for both adults and kids, this is the ideal location for family time.

There is never a dull moment at Pep’s Point Water Park with its variety of water slides available to both adults and children. Due to the lake’s beauty and grandeur, canoeing here will also have so much fun.

Don’t forget to try out their fantastic 18-hole golf course, which is accessible to golfers of all skill levels and provides them with the ideal mix of difficulties and excitement.

8. UpDown Trampoline Park

UpDown Trampoline Park Hattiesburg MS

In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, there is a theme park called UpDown that specializes in kids and toddlers. They can properly play here and interact with other smart kids without worrying about mishaps.

The fact that the tour guild constantly keeps an eye on the children and finds them to be so amusing is one outstanding feature of this amazing area.

Additionally, they have a space upstairs where you can watch your children play as well as large televisions with live feeds of each sector.

This implies that while your children are playing and having fun, you may also obtain something amusing to keep you entertained. Everyone will find something enjoyable and unforgettable here.

9. Canoe at Okatoma Creek

Canoe at Okatoma Creek Hattiesburg MS

If you’re feeling daring, Okatoma Creek, a tributary of the Boise River, is a fun site to visit. With numerous boat rental businesses thriving on its banks, visitors can engage in lengthy kayaking or canoeing on its waters.

Knowing that the seas are not too choppy and that beginners can try out canoeing here is exhilarating. It would be preferable to go when the weather is clear, which would be in the early spring or late autumn.

There are camping and picnic areas, so you could easily spend the entire day here. There are several flat areas along the river, making paddling simpler. The boats may also be ported as needed. Take advantage of the fact that a few locations have been designated as beaches where swimming is permitted.

10. Southern Prohibition Brewing In Hattiesburg

Southern Prohibition Brewing In Hattiesburg

Another enjoyable location to check out in Hattiesburg is Southern Prohibition Brewing, especially for beer lovers.

This southern prohibition brewpub, which many locals refer to as the Hattiesburg Brewery, is considered the best brewery in the western United States. Because the artisan craft beer made here is superior to anything available in other industries, they have gained a reputation.

Additionally, the appropriate flavors and components are used in the production of their craft beer. Not surprisingly, everyone who visits claims that this place is addictive.

You don’t need to worry about anything anymore because Southern Prohibition Brewing is taking care of anything you are thinking. The owner is incredibly warm and shows love to everyone who comes to visit.

11. Hattiesburg Saenger Theater

Hattiesburg Saenger Theater

Harrisburg’s Hattiesburg Saenger Theater is an important sight due to its fascinating nature. For more than 20 years, the theater has constantly allowed visitors to enjoy themselves in the city.

If you decide to watch some exciting movies while you’re in Hattiesburg, the Hattiesburg Saenger Theater is the finest option for you, whether you’re going alone or with friends and family. The Hattiesburg Saenger Theater is a stunningly designed performing arts venue with an excellent sound system.

Even after spending a lot of time sitting, the chairs are quite pleasant to sit on. Both upstairs and downstairs, numerous restrooms are regularly kept clean and in good condition. The Hattiesburg Saenger Theater also provides guests with a variety of thrilling plays, performances, and films. There is a large illuminated sign that is well known in Hattiesburg.

Make sure to stop by this amazing attraction for some thrilling entertainment whenever you are in Hattiesburg.

12. Lake Terrace Convention Center

Lake Terrace Convention Center Hattiesburg MS

This magnificent convention facility is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and is regarded as the ideal location for any events or trade shows.

Their gathering space can hold a sizable number of visitors. Additionally, everything in this room is of the highest quality, including the chairs, instructor manuals, and décor.

The staff members who work here make care to go above and beyond to guarantee the satisfaction of all visitors and their guests. They have the best hospitality around. Coming to observe the wonderful strolling area alone will be worth a stop, even if you are not holding an event or coming to grace one.

Adults and children will both adore the duck since it is so beautiful. If you’re traveling, this gorgeous location can be a fantastic place to stretch your legs or stop for a quick picnic while you’re here. Also stunning at night are the lights that surround the fountain in the pond.

13. Mohawk Steel & Glass

Mohawk Steel & Glass Hattiesburg MS

The greatest place to purchase and create beautiful glass sculptures, like vases, pumpkins, flowers, and Christmas ornaments, is at Mohawk Steel & Glass, which is located near Hattiesburg on a Christmas tree farm.

The art of blowing glass has been practiced for more than 400 years. Additionally, these activities are typically done with friends, partners, youth groups, and other groups. You will thus have the chance to see how “sand” can be turned into lovely pieces of art up close and personal.

There are no specialized skills needed, and Jeremy and his staff will be there to help and direct you throughout the entire process. Additionally, there is a gift shop on site where you may see original glass artwork.

14. Hattiesburg Turtle Creek Mall

Hattiesburg Turtle Creek Mall

In addition to being a traditional mall in Hattiesburg, Turtle Creek Mall is also largely an electronic shopping center. If you were ever in this area of Hattiesburg, you wouldn’t need to go through the usual shopping procedures. Here, everything is made simpler.

If you do go, the sight of such enormous technology in a mall will leave you dazed. They are always the finest site to purchase your wonderful items, and astonishingly, their products are of excellent quality and so reasonably priced!

The fact that this fantastic mall has over 90 fantastic specialized stores and restaurants is one of its distinctive qualities. Therefore, the restaurants will take care of your stomach and allow you to choose from a wide range of fantastic brand offers. Overall, Hattiesburg’s wonderful mall is the best place to go shopping to satisfy all of your needs.

15. Lake Thoreau Environmental Center

Lake Thoreau Environmental Center

It is a small yet great spot to visit, even though this place is incredibly underrated. The Lake Thoreau Environmental Center is the ideal location for many city walkers because it has a vast open area.

Take a hike in a lovely setting like this Lake Thoreau Environmental Center. This is the ideal location for you if you’re a photographer or are just seeking a place to shoot unforgettable images. Little ones will enjoy the Lake Thoreau Environmental Center because it offers a variety of activities for them to participate in.

Children are free to engage in any type of play they like, including running around to burn extra calories. There are many recreational opportunities here for locals and visitors alike, making it an excellent location for outdoor lovers.

Fishing and bird viewing are a couple of the activities, both of which make it a fun family destination. The public is welcome to visit the Lake Thoreau Environmental Center without charge, however, donations are greatly welcomed.

16. The University of Southern Mississippi Campus

Hattiesburg is the site of Southern Miss, also referred to as the University of Southern Mississippi. The sixth-oldest acceptance-based Honors College in the nation is located on the 300-acre campus in the center of Hattiesburg MS.

Golden Eagle supporters and former students can speak well of the campus’s beauty, from “The Dome” to the All American Rose Garden.

The university has some information that is for learning. In 1995, Oseola McCarty gave the university a donation of $150,000. Therefore, even if it may appear appealing at first glance, the giver is what truly astounds.

17. M.M. Roberts Stadium, Hattiesburg

M.M. Roberts Stadium, Hattiesburg

Locals refer to this museum as “The Rock” most frequently. It has residents and is notably a stadium for American football. The University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles football team calls this museum home.

This stadium is perfect if you enjoy watching American sports. Daily matches are held here, so even if your favorite team isn’t competing, you’ll never regret coming.

The seats are cozy, and they even have a stationed display screen in each one. The accommodations are fantastic, and the rooms are even better if you decide to stay for a while. Since there aren’t many restaurants around, it’s usually a good idea to bring food with you. Additionally, their personnel exude friendliness and make an effort to engage tourists in enjoyable exchanges.

18. Power Yoga & Movement of Hattiesburg

Power Yoga & Movement of Hattiesburg

Those who visit Power Yoga & Movement of Hattiesburg MS get the chance to experience something new and exciting. A yoga center is open every day of the week and all year long. Here’s your chance to check out a Power Yoga studio if you’ve never been.

When you go to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, make sure you don’t miss this chance. Perhaps you’ve always been a fan of yoga; if so, you should also visit the unique yoga studio Power Yoga & Movement of Hattiesburg.

The guests’ strength and endurance are given extra attention at Power Yoga & Movement of Hattiesburg MS. If you want to burn some extra calories in Hattiesburg MS, the studio is the greatest spot for you to do it.

 If this is your first visit, don’t be afraid; the studio instructors are welcoming and always willing to help newcomers. Several teachers bring their distinctive style to every lesson.

19. Alley Cats Axe Throwing Co.

Alley Cats Axe Throwing Co. Hattiesburg MS

In Hattiesburg Mississippi, a recreation complex called Alley Cats provides a variety of exciting activities for people of all ages to enjoy. This charming location is a kid-friendly urban ax bar tucked away in Hattiesburg.

Here, kids could play, adults could enjoy the fantastic craft beer on tap, and wine enthusiasts wouldn’t be left out either. Additionally, this amazing location in Hattiesburg is a great venue for a romantic date night.

The amazing thing about this stunning site in Hattiesburg is that the personnel is so warm and genuine. Of course, in contrast to other facilities offering comparable services, the staff here is more enthusiastic than anything else about the satisfaction of visitors.

Additionally, the staff will make sure to make every visitor feel at ease by teaching them how to throw. Make sure to schedule an hour or more here when planning a trip to Hattiesburg. You would be more than glad to follow this advice, without a doubt.

20. Shadow Ridge Golf Course in Hattiesburg

Shadow Ridge Golf Course in Hattiesburg

The Shadow Ridge Golf Course is a beautiful metropolitan attraction with a great clubhouse. The golf course is difficult and thrilling, maintaining the thrill as you wait for your tee time.

The staff is friendly and extremely informed, and they are always there to help or respond to any inquiries from visitors. The Shadow Ridge Golf Course is without a doubt the best in the area, with all the thrill and obstacles that make you feel your blood pressure rise.

There is a magnificent cafeteria that offers a variety of delicious meals, including both American and Canadian cuisine, as well as energy drinks. You’ll have a wonderful time if you remember to go here, so make sure you do.

21. Medicine Wheel Garden, Hattiesburg

Medicine Wheel Garden, Hattiesburg

The wonderful and inexpensive Medicine Wheel Garden is a great spot to have fun. In the southern part of Hattiesburg Mississippi, in the United States, there is a magnificent garden.

This magnificent attraction is located at the University of Southern, as described accurately. Because they show off Native American pride here, if you’re here you’ll become lost in contemplation and enjoy nature more.

This is due to the garden’s abundance of lovely plants and flowers, which are wonderful. The strange square gardens that many people seem to prefer are so much worse than this garden in Hattiesburg. If you’re the kind of traveler who enjoys snapping photos against pretty backgrounds, you’d adore coming here.

22. Bike along the Longleaf Trace

Bike along the Longleaf Trace Hattiesburg MS

Walking the 41-mile Longleaf Trace route in the De Soto National Forest is one of the fun things to do in Hattiesburg MS. This trail was built in 2000 and connects Hattiesburg with Prentiss in Mississippi. It is paved and suitable for many types of transportation, including bicycles, rollerblades, horses, and pedestrians.

This trail winds through Hattiesburg’s city center, passing by farmland, numerous tiny streams, undulating hills, and dense stands of longleaf and slash pine. It has numerous single paths, ancient logging roads, and fire routes. The path has eight rest stops available, and the campus of Southern Miss serves as its entrance.

The Mississippi’s pine region offers excellent shade all year long and is frequently used for family outings and recreational activities.

23. Infinity Bicycles in Hattiesburg

Infinity Bicycles in Hattiesburg

infinity Bicycles is a bicycle shop that sells various brands of bicycles to both tourists and locals in Hattiesburg Mississippi.

Without a doubt, Hattiesburg’s Infinity Bicycles carries the kind of bike that will sate your needs. To get the bike set up just the way you will adore, they will let you test the ride and make any required adjustments as you are doing so.

Even if you are unsure of the brand and specs to choose, the team is always prepared to offer advice when it is required.

They are competent and professional in their staff. Any questions you may have will be answered by this kind of team. Additionally, they will answer inquiries you hadn’t considered, which will be helpful to you.

24. Hattiesburg McLeod House

Hattiesburg McLeod House

It would be a good idea for you to check out the Mcleod House’s exterior while you are in Hattiesburg. Visitors, especially those who enjoy architecture and buildings, will be interested in this building.

The Queen Ann style was used to construct the two-and-a-half-story frame house known as McLeod House, which features all the decorative accents that make this type of architecture deserving of the title “queen” of Victorian architecture.

One of the few residential buildings still standing in the Hub City Historic District was built in 1896–1897 for businessman John McLeod, who relocated to Hattiesburg in 1896.

McLeod House is still recognized as a historic place even though it is today a legal office. Don’t let your trip to this house pass you by.

25. Hattiesburg’s Lotus Downtown

Hattiesburg’s Lotus Downtown

On our list of the best and most entertaining places to visit in Hattiesburg Mississippi, The Lotus Downtown is yet another wonderful location. The only tourists who should come to this beautiful location in Hattiesburg are those who genuinely care about their well-being.

They are a spa company in downtown Hattiesburg that specializes in using technology to spread this pleasure. You can visit them for deep tissue, structural integration, and CBD massages.

They will also be of great assistance to you in managing any chronic pain you may be feeling as a result of previous injuries at this fantastic spa in Downtown Hattiesburg. Beyond that, they won’t think twice about assisting you in bettering your function, posture, and even breathing.

26. De Soto National Forest

De Soto National Forest

A 518,587-acre pine forest called De Soto National Forest can be found in southern Mississippi. Another beautiful sight to visit in Hattiesburg is this natural attraction.

The Hernando de Soto National Forest has the explorer’s name from the sixteenth century. It is one of the most prized protected sites for the Gulf Coast ecoregion of North America’s ecological richness.

The preservation of longleaf pine savannas and pine Flatwoods longleaf pine forests depends on this nationally designated site. This National Forest is a great place for those who love the outdoors because it offers many hiking and running routes.

27. Hattiesburg’s Paul B. Johnson State Park

Hattiesburg’s Paul B. Johnson State Park

Paul B. Johnson State Park will undoubtedly make you happy if nothing else does during your vacation to Hattiesburg. It’s a remarkable state park in Mississippi that offers a ton of the best and most enjoyable activities.

If you enjoy biking or hiking, you will enjoy all these activities at Johnson state park. Notably, there won’t be any downtime for you if you’re the kind of tourist who enjoys letting your dogs run for free. And if you belong to the group of visitors who simply adore working in a scenic atmosphere, coming to this incredible venue was the right choice for you!

Whoever is considering visiting has something to do. A bonus to the fun things you will take in at this location is its gorgeous pool. And if you do swim in one of their pools, each of the shower houses has a built-in washing machine.

28. Simply Vintage of Hattiesburg

Simply Vintage of Hattiesburg

They provide more than 50 different vintage brands, all of which are excellent and distinctive. When visiting Hattiesburg, be sure to set aside time to browse at Simply Vintage for your vintage clothing and hats.

People from distant cities frequently visit the business because there are many options available to customers. Every single thing in this shop is genuine and uncommon, even the homemade goods that are hard to get elsewhere.

There are many different types of furnishings, outfits, and antiquities available at Simply Vintage; you’re sure to find something amazing. Your children can choose whatever they want in a designated area called the kids’ corner.

29. The luckiest Rabbit in Hattiesburg

The luckiest Rabbit in Hattiesburg

Even if it is not as well-known as may be assumed, this location is still enjoyable and worth a visit. It’s a gorgeous flea market in Hattiesburg Mississippi, to give you a better idea of what to anticipate. It’s a remarkably adorable tiny nostalgic spot with wonderful items to buy and a lot to see.

Treasures can be found in every nook and cranny of this magnificent market. A cool store with a ton to look at vintage, sentimental, garbage sale, and everything else. We advise you to be prepared to spend some time when arranging a visit here because it is so enticing. Every vendor is also sympathetic, and they only offer goods of the highest caliber.

30. Library of Hattiesburg Petal & Forrest County

Library of Hattiesburg Petal & Forrest County

Every academic or researcher wants to visit the Library of Hattiesburg Petal & Forrest County. You won’t be disappointed by the size of the Library of Hattiesburg Petal & Forrest County in Hattiesburg.

You won’t need to spend much time looking for a book because the library is well-organized, with each book being put correctly and bearing inscriptions that correspond to its genre. It is a comfortable and peaceful area to study and conduct research because it is roomy and well-ventilated.

The librarians in this library are kind and committed to welcoming and helping guests. Everyone can use the Hattiesburg Petal & Forrest County Library for free, including adults and kids.

31. Mississippi Blues Trail

Mississippi Blues Trail Hattiesburg

The story of the Mississippi Blues Trail takes readers on a journey across the region that served as the main inspiration for modern music, from one historical monument to the next. The Mississippi Blues Commission created the Mississippi Blues Trail in 2006.

This commission is in charge of installing interpretive plaques or markers at historical sites linked to the birth and development of the blues across the state of Mississippi.

You will enjoy visiting the markers along the Mississippi Blues Trail and reading the information on blues and blues luminaries, as well as the locations where they lived, whether or not you are a fan of the famous blues musicians.

Additionally, you would discover the locations where their music had a lasting influence and gave rise to the blues.

32. Eagle Action Sportz, Hattiesburg

Eagle Action Sportz, Hattiesburg

In this magnificent Mississippi city, there is a paintball complex called Eagle Action Sportz. You will have unrestricted access to play paintball if you come here. Surprisingly, compared to other fields you will play on, this one’s painted reasonably priced.

For speedball players as well as beginning to intermediate players, it is an incredible experience. Eagle Action Sportz is such a fantastic location for gamers of all skill levels!

You should bring your family to this amazing site because it is a wonderful concept for them. The proprietor of this wonderful establishment is also quite intelligent, modest, and open-minded. In comparison to the services they provide here, the costs of their services here are also relatively affordable.

Do not end your time here without stopping by Eagle Action Sportz unless you wish to restrict yourself to the enjoyable things to do here.

33. Danforth Chapel and Chapel Place

Danforth Chapel and Chapel Place Hattiesburg

The University of Southern Mississippi campus is where Danforth Chapel and Chapel Place are located. Our list of the best things to do in Hattiesburg MS now includes this additional site.

It is a small space that is illuminated by the vibrant stained glass windows that line the chapel’s walls. If you want to develop or retain your spirituality, you can worship here on Sundays.

There are 70 seats in Danforth Chapel, which can be reserved for special occasions like weddings and religious services.

34. Hattiesburg College Town Escape Rooms

Hattiesburg College Town Escape Rooms

College Town Escape Rooms should be the first place you visit if you’re in Hattiesburg or if you’re a fan of escape games. Hattiesburg Mississippi is a fantastic location with tons of exciting things to do for tourists.

The fact that this wonderful location produces original, scenario-based, and live-action puzzle games is a virtue. This assumes that each participant will need to use both their abilities and brainpower.

The masters here are also deserving of praise; they are very kind and helpful. In addition to the staff’s wonderful actions, plenty of parking is available. Additionally, there are eateries in this area that serve delicious meals.

35. Central Christian Church in Hattiesburg

Central Christian Church in Hattiesburg

One of the best things to do in Hattiesburg MS for Christians who may be on a spiritual pilgrimage is to visit Central Christian Church. The oldest church in the city and the finest venue to connect with other Christians is Central Christian Church.

The entire church, from the pastor on down, is friendly, devout, and devoted. The pastor and ministers are passionate about what they do, so you wouldn’t want to miss the Sunday service.

36. Twin Forks Wine + Provisions, Hattiesburg

Twin Forks Wine + Provisions, Hattiesburg

A destination for Hattiesburg, Mississippi, wine aficionados. When it comes to wines, Twin Forks Wine + Provisions is the best place to go.

The best-selling wines are available at this store, which is unrivaled in the entire state. Each wine also has a brief description to help you prepare for what to expect.

The best wines are available at Twin Forks Wine + Provisions, along with incredible discounts you won’t find anywhere else. For individuals who are unable to acquire the wines in person, they also provide delivery services.

Due to the store’s great wine selection, which includes a wide variety of wines, everyone who enters is sure to find something they like.

37. Pocket Museum

Pocket Museum Hattiesburg

The Pocket Museum is Mississippi’s smallest museum, so if you want to explore, don your thinking cap and find it. Even if you’ve been to this pocket museum previously, you can expect to see something fresh because it rotates its exhibits every month.

Its earlier exhibits, such as The Rubber Duck. The Swiss Army Knife, and Serial Killer, focused on Tools of the Trade. Although the location of this museum is kept a secret, you can find it by visiting their website or the Public Art Mural Trail.

38. The Kitchen Table, LLC

The Kitchen Table, LLC Hattiesburg

The Kitchen Table, LLC is a business that provides both tourists and residents with the best home and welfare services. Many people come here to pick up additional cooking and event-planning knowledge.

The Kitchen Table, LLC is conveniently located and hosts several cooking lessons in addition to weekly and daily team-building and event-planning activities. The Kitchen Table, LLC is the ideal venue to learn how to prepare Chinese, American, Canadian, and African dishes if you are passionate about doing so.

If you’re a fantastic cook who is skilled in making all these meals, you should also think about event organizing.

39. Art*cetera

Art*cetera Hattiesburg

Another great store in Hattiesburg that sells presents of all kinds is called Art*cetera. Don’t hesitate to stop by this charming shop if you’re in this great city and want to bring some lovely things home for your loved ones.

Art*cetera offers a wide variety of presents, including branded gifts, personalized gifts, and anything else you can think of. Their presents are of the proper qualities and are reasonably priced in this lovely city of Hattiesburg.

Everyone that works here is amiable and incredibly accommodating. They also provide return policies with a deadline.

40. Tatum Park

Tatum Park Hattiesburg

Here’s something you should never miss for the kids. Another beautiful activity in Hattiesburg, especially for kids, is visiting Tatum Park. Tatum Park, which spans a wide area, also offers wonderful playgrounds and courts. There is an outstanding 18-hole course nearby for those who enjoy disc golf.

It’s a special park where your kids can enjoy themselves greatly. The park has adult-only softball and soccer grounds. A pavilion has picnic tables arranged throughout it. Come down for a good evening here and get some sandwiches and drinks.

41. Java Werks Coffee and Tea

Java Werks Coffee and Tea Hattiesburg

Since it first opened its doors in 2013, Java Werks Coffee and Tea has made a name for itself as Hattiesburg’s top coffee spot. Aside from that, it has evolved into a location where people gather to speak, work on laptops, or recall some delectable Latin American treats.

In addition to having shelves full of books, large sofas, and walls covered in art, Java Werks Coffee and Tea is cheerful and inviting. Due to its proximity to Southern Miss, this site is very well-liked among students.

You get the exceptional chance to sample regional Venezuelan cuisine, including arepas. But there are also time-tested favorites like bagels, muffins, coffee cakes, and all kinds of coffee beverages.


What is Hattiesburg, Mississippi, known for?

The University of Southern Mississippi (established as Mississippi Normal College to train teachers) and William Carey University are located in Hattiesburg (formerly William Carey College) and these educational institutes are the reason for their fame.

Is a trip to Hattiesburg, MS, worthwhile?

Hattiesburg Mississippi is a great city to visit on a trip to the American South, with its dynamic live music scene, museums to explore, and family-friendly atmosphere.


It is a city to visit because of its numerous economic diversities, thrilling parks, abundant libraries, interesting museums, hiking trails, attractive restaurants, and stunning gardens, among other things.

So start making plans to travel to Hattiesburg on your subsequent getaway. You will adore it. Please pin this article so that you can use it as a guide when creating your Hattiesburg bucket list.

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