26 Things To Do In Hudson WI

26 Things to do in Hudson, WI

The Hudson Wisconsin is an American city that id located in Wisconsin’s St. Things to do in Hudson WI, Croix County. Population: 12,719 as of the 2010 United States Census. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Statistical Area includes it. Straight to the north of Hudson is the settlement of North Hudson.

It is situated in an intriguing county that offers a variety of exciting activities as well as numerous stunning scenery and attractions.

One of the pleasures of seeing both the state of Minnesota and the Wisconsin riverbanks is a visit to the wonderful and charming city of Hudson. It’s a well-known stopping town for anybody driving along Highway 94 and a fantastic day excursion from Minneapolis.

Including Hudson in your travel plans and itinerary is a terrific choice if you’re eager for a long journey that is jam-packed with interesting sights and enjoyable activities.

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Things to do in Hudson, WI

Given below is the list of places that you can visit and things that you can do in Hudson, WI during your visit.

1. Octagon House Museum

 Octagon House Museum Hudson, WI

A charming eight-sided Victorian home, it is now a museum under the care of the St. Croix County Historical Society. In 1855, the Octagon House Museum Complex Museum was founded. Octagon house museum is a beautiful historic Hudson home containing artifacts from John Moffatt, who owned it and stayed there from the middle of the nineteenth century to World War I.

This is a wonderful and ideal location for travelers to take in some of Hudson’s historical splendor and learn about the town’s intriguing past.

One of the most important buildings in downtown Hudson is the Georgian home known as the Museum of the State Capitol, whose history dates back to 1775.

The museum has displays that chart the storied history of the structure and the city. Visitors are welcome at the house from April to October.

2. Outdoor Adventure at Willow River State Park

Outdoor Adventure at Willow River State Park Hudson, WI

The ideal site to engage in a variety of outdoor leisure activities is Willow River State Park. This 2,891-acre interstate state park is a well-liked destination in northeast Wisconsin; it’s the perfect location for an action-packed outdoor adventure for both kids and adults.

To hear the flowing sound of Willow river Falls, the highlight of Willow River State Park, hike the picturesque wide-paved route across a lush, tree-lined region. Along with hiking, Little Falls Lake is a great place to go canoeing or swimming for a refreshing dip.

3. Knoke’s Chocolates and Nuts

Even before you enter the room, you are expecting what is going to happen. An absolute paradise is what is waiting for you. You must try the chocolate desserts, truffles, gelato, ice cream, candies, and other delicacies for yourself. Stepping into the store is like traveling back in time.

You hanker after more of the mouthwatering delicacies. It is a completely “sweet” experience because the staff wants to satisfy.

4. Lakefront Park

Lakefront Park Hudson, WI

Lakefront Park in Hudson, Wisconsin, is one of the locations that offer a fantastic experience and is a great free thing to do in downtown Hudson WI, in addition to taking in the excellent and lively city life.

It is a fantastic park with top-notch amenities for enjoying exhilarating outdoor activities and the beauty of the surroundings. The park is close to a lot of exciting places in the Hudson, Wisconsin, area. Excellent and practical outdoor facilities may be found in Lakefront Park.

Large, lovely picnic areas with picnic tables are available, as are playgrounds, a band shell, walking and biking paths, concession stands, and a boat launch for enjoying river sports. There are also grills, beach volleyball courts, and swimming facilities in the park. Excellent and practical outdoor facilities may be found in Lakefront Park.

5. Birkmose Park

Birkmose Park Hudson, WI

This park is located on a hill with a breathtaking vista of the St. Croix River Valley. Birkmose Park is a wonderful spot to relax and unwind while taking in the serene scenery of the river valley. There are prehistoric burial mounds nearby, and this park was once a Native American burial place.

This is a perfect spot for shooting beautiful pictures, so ensure that you bring your camera and put on your brightest grin. Pack some snacks, go on a picnic, and savor your meal while gazing out over the river and valley.

6. Hudson Dike

Hudson Dike Hudson, WI

Enjoy the splendors of nature and the peaceful atmosphere at Hudson Dike, a fantastic location to go and engage in various outdoor activities in Hudson, Wisconsin.

A terrific place for families and individuals of all ages to spend time together while taking in the beauty of the city. The greatest hiking paths, scenic views, and exploration routes are offered on the site.

Views along Hudson Dike are breathtaking and lovely. The dike is a nice area to relax and do nothing after seeing and experiencing some of Hudson City’s top attractions. It’s a great vacation location for relaxing and taking in breathtaking views with your family while being remote from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

7. Phipps Center for the Arts

Phipps Center for the Arts Hudson, WI

The Phipps Center for the Arts may satisfy your passion for art. This art center, which is situated in the historic downtown area of Hudson WI, is the region’s top performing and visual arts venue.

Local artists who are devoted to uniting the community via the arts and igniting everyone’s creative potential call this area home.

At the Phipps Center for the Arts, catch live theater and concert performances, and be ready to be astounded by Hudson’s brilliance. Additionally, there are exhibits at their art gallery showcasing the urban creative spirit.

8. Cracked Barrel Winery

Cracked Barrel Winery Hudson, WI

For wine enthusiasts, a visit to the Cracked Barrel Winery is essential. In the wine-tasting bar, pick from a wide variety of wine flavors while taking a trip through their vineyard in a cracked barrel winery.

In their Vintners Ventures lab, you may even create your own wine to suit your preferences, and you don’t need any prior winemaking knowledge because they will guide you through the process.

You may go outside to their terrace for a beautiful view of the vineyard or go inside the fireplace room for some peace and quiet if you just want to unwind with a bottle of wine in hand.

9. Giggle factory

Cracked Barrel Winery Hudson, WI

Founded in 2007 by professionals in the field of early childhood development. Considering the value of play and the development of large motor skills. February 2013: new owners. Children of all ages may engage in developmentally appropriate big motor activities in a clean indoor playground and party venue.

 Café with espresso, a coffee bar, and wholesome foods. At a fantastic price, available for private rentals. Seven days a week, birthday party packages are offered. Adult-sized reading and sitting chairs with free Wi-Fi. For the kids, there are no media here.

10. Grandview Park

Grandview Park Hudson, WI

Due to its wealth of natural beauty and exciting recreational areas, this city is intriguing to come and explore. Grandview Park is one of the neighborhood parks you shouldn’t miss when exploring the area.

It is a lovely family activity that offers exciting adventure and a city park that is perfect for participating in and enjoying a variety of outdoor activities.

It is situated in a beautiful place with a lovely overlooking view of the Mississippi River. The park is a great place to go for a variety of fascinating activities to do by yourself, with family, or with friends. It has practical amenities. Grandview Park has an indoor playground, pavilions, picnic areas, and charcoal grills.

Some of the top attractions to enjoy at the park include walking trails and bicycling routes as well as volleyball courts for play. Grandview Park is easily accessible and a great spot to stay or visit because it is close to several of St. Paul’s famous attractions.

11. Badlands Snow Park

 Badlands Snow Park Hudson, WI

If you ever find yourself in Hudson WI during the winter, be sure to stop by the renowned Badlands Snow Park to relive your best childhood memories. Visit Badlands Snow Park to make the most of the season and take a spin on their renowned snow tubing ride.

This 25-acre snow park includes seven different tubing hills; Badlands Snow Park is ideal for groups of families traveling with young children and four-legged companions.

 The entire family will have a great time tubing in the winter at Badlands Snow Park, and both young and elderly will find something to love.

12. Prospect Park

 Prospect Park Hudson, WI

There are several gorgeous parks all around the adorable tiny city of Hudson WI, but Prospect Park is one of the best and should not be missed. It is situated between the Twin Cities and Wisconsin, close to the gorgeous fabled Mississippi River.

The park provides an opportunity to take in the splendor of nature while discovering the intriguing history of the city. The park is located in a fantastic area with quick access to many of the fantastic establishments and activities in the picturesque city of Hudson WI.

 The park is a wonderful place to take in the beauty of nature, indulge in a variety of enjoyable leisure activities, and unwind.

13. Nostalgia

 Nostalgia Hudson, WI

There are several items in this enormous store, which has enough of them around every corner. It is spotless, well-lit, and well-managed. I was welcomed when I arrived and then told to go exploring by myself. Exact as I like it.

There is a lot to see here! Numerous various decades are represented by albums, dolls, clothes, kitchenware, jewelry, cards, decorations, signs, novels, games, etc. What a wonderful stroll down memory lane.

14. Minnesota Welcomes You

Minnesota Welcomes You Hudson, WI

All tourist places have monuments marking the entrance and exit for visitors, and Minnesota has greeting signs as well. It is a sign that symbolizes home and marks the beginning of an amazing journey for both visitors and locals who have moved back.

  You welcome to everyone coming into the state’s magnificent home, and it serves as a wonderful reminder that you are now back home as you go from Hudson WI, a little town, to the Twin Cities.

In the 1930s, Minnesota posted a huge welcome sign at the place where its border with Canada began. Minnesota Greets You should build a sign that not only welcomes guests and residents but also conveys thanks and appreciation for their stay.

15. Craft Beer at Pitchfork Brewing

Craft Beer at Pitchfork Brewing Hudson, WI

Pitchfork Brewing has all you need if you’re in the mood for a chilled beverage.

The brewing firm offers a selection of excellent craft beers that are traditionally prepared using ingredients that are acquired locally. You may taste their beers directly from the tap before placing an order.

Along with great-tasting meals, gluten-free alternatives, and their own homemade sodas, they also serve beers. If you want to relax outside or enjoy the cozy ambiance inside, they have a terrace.

16. Hudson GNG

Hudson GNG Hudson, WI

The gorgeous community of Hudson, Wisconsin, offers a wide range of fun outdoor activities. A must-see destination in the neighborhood, the indoor playground at Hudson GNG has a variety of intriguing indoor amusements to offer.

Children may play and study in safety at this amusing and educational location in the city. A family should visit Hudson GNG if they want to have fun, particularly if they have children. Children may enjoy the area’s several large play areas with appealing and imaginative play structures.

17. Hudson 12 Theatre

Hudson 12 Theatre Hudson, WI

Visit the Hudson 12 Theatre for a fantastic movie viewing experience if you’re seeking for the best venue to catch the newest releases.

The Hudson 12 Theatre provides a variety of current films as well as $5 Tuesdays for all of the plays that are running that day.

You may choose from a range of meal alternatives as well, so your movie day will undoubtedly be successful.

18. Seasons on St. Croix Gallery

Seasons on St. Croix Gallery Hudson, WI

The ideal spot to find a one-of-a-kind unique gift or souvenir from your trip to St. Croix is Seasons on St. Croix Gallery. You’re likely to find something you like among the nearly 160 local, regional artists, and national artists whose work is displayed in the gallery. It is ideally situated on Hudson, Wisconsin’s major thoroughfare.

Clay, glass, jewelry, sculpture, metal, mixed media, fiber, and wood are examples of contemporary craft and fine art, as are two-dimensional works in watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic, and photography. Additionally, the gallery conducts frequent events and exhibitions; for a schedule, visit the website.

19. Hudson Trolley Company

 Hudson Trolley Company Hudson, WI

With the help of Hudson Trolley Company, explore more of Hudson by trolley. If you are visiting with family or a big group, the Hudson Trolley Company provides a choice of entertaining tour packages for all ages.

They arrange story time tours, vineyard and distillery tours, family-friendly excursions, and other particular seasonal excursions.

The best way to go about town and see everything that Hudson has to offer is with a ride on the trolley. You will get the chance to learn about Hudson’s history in addition to the experiences that await you on this trolley trip.

Bring some food, and be ready for an enjoyable experience. Just make sure to reserve in advance for your tour with Hudson Trolley Company.

20. White Eagle Golf Club

White Eagle Golf Club Hudson, WI

A round of golf at the White Eagle Golf Club, which is in Hudson, 20 minutes to the east of the Twin Cities, is always a good idea.

The 18-hole course at White Eagle Golf Club has grassy fairways flanked with trees, varying elevations, and quick greens that are suitable for golfers of all abilities.

White Eagle Golf Club is even more beautiful than its well-maintained course because of its picturesque setting and plethora of animals. You should visit their bar and grill for a multicourse meal with delectable food options after a day of golfing.

21. Specialty Meats & Gourmet

Specialty Meats & Gourmet Hudson, WI

the Hudson, Wisconsin-based, family-run Specialty Meat and Cheese Company, which is situated on the gorgeous St. Croix River.

They sell beef, pork, and chicken along with meats like alligator and wild buffalo. local, regional, and international cheeses from local and other creameries. They provide a wide variety of locally made sauces, rubs, and much more.

22. Dining at St. Croix Off Broadway Dinner Theatre

Dining at St. Croix Off Broadway Dinner Theatre Hudson, WI

At the Hudson House Grand Hotel’s St. Croix Off Broadway Dinner Theatre, see a musical and artistic performance or a comedy act.

If you want to stop by for both food and entertainment, this Hudson house grand hotel theater is an all-in-one location where they provide superb casual eating with a selection of meals. Check out when they are performing so you can enjoy some fantastic cuisine and a show.

The lounge, bar, and café of St. Croix Off Broadway Theatre offer a unique combination of dining and entertainment. The hotel also houses the restaurant, and they provide extra eating and overnight packages.

23. Hudson Food Walk

Hudson Food Walk Hudson, WI

Hudson Food Walk guided tours offer a fun new way to experience the unique tastes and unforgettable charm of historic downtown Hudson. During the three-hour tour, guests enjoy tastings at six popular destinations, learn about the town’s rich history, stroll along the banks of the scenic St. Croix River, and experience what makes Hudson one of the most memorable small towns in America.

24. Williams Park

Williams Park Hudson, WI

Williams Park has playground equipment including swings and other climbing structures, as well as spacious grassy spaces for free play, a small shelter, picnic tables, and grills. Bringing a picnic lunch here is a fantastic idea, practically every week (during the summer). Additionally, the Williams park  has restrooms.

25. Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway

Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway Hudson, WI

Spend 90 minutes on a romantic and picturesque train trip along the stunning St. Croix River Valley. Reserve a seat on a pizza or wine-sampling train to make it even more memorable. Onboard historic Great Northern, Northern Pacific, and Rock Island coaches, and you’ll experience a one-of-a-kind journey in Croix Valley.

From Osceola, Wisconsin—a town located less than an hour away from the Twin Cities—excursions are available roundtrip. There is a lot of unrestricted parking.

26. Glover park

Glover park Hudson, WI

In Glover Park, there are two ball fields and several hiking trails. The open areas where you can throw the ball for the dogs and the walking trails are my favorite parts of the park. If your intention is to powerwalk through the park, you won’t like these routes.

These are more suited to strolls of unhurried investigation. They are not regularly paved or maintained. Although the playground isn’t particularly large, it has the standard equipment, like a space net, slides, one of those large structures with bars, and track climber things.


What is the specialty of Hudson, Wisconsin?

City Hall Hudson has developed as a tourist attraction in recent years because of the addition of hotels and other businesses that cater to traffic on Interstate Highway 94, as well as shops and eateries on the St. Croix in its historic downtown.

Is Hudson, Wisconsin, a town or a city?

Population. According to the State of Wisconsin’s most current estimate, there are 13,877 people living in the City of Hudson. With a growth rate of 58% since 2000, Hudson is one of Wisconsin’s fastest-growing communities.

Is Hudson Wisconsin a good place to live?

One of the nicest locations to live in Wisconsin is Hudson, which is located in St. Croix County. Residents of Hudson enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority own their houses. There are several restaurants and parks in Hudson.


Despite being a small town, Hudson Wisconsin has a lot to offer everyone. In Hudson Wisconsin, there are many entertaining indoor and outdoor activities that are enjoyable for both young and elderly.

Make sure to use this list as a guide if you’re planning a vacation to Hudson, Wisconsin, so you don’t miss out on any ideal locations or fun things to do.

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