35 Things to do in Kingsport TN

Things to do in Kingsport TN

The city of Kingsport is located in the American state of Tennessee’s Sullivan and Hawkins counties. Things to do in Kingsport TN 55,442 people were living there as of the 2020 Census. Kingsport, which is located along the Holston River, is sometimes referred to as being a part of the Mountain Empire, which includes parts of southwest Virginia and the hilly counties in northeastern Tennessee.

With a population of 307,614 in 2020, it is the largest city in the Kingsport-Bristol metropolitan region.

Thanks to its picturesque position surrounded by an environment and a pleasant temperature, Kingsport is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Kingsport, the main city in the Kingsport-Bristol region, is located in the U.S. state of Tennessee.

The municipal limits stretch north to the borders of Virginia and west into Hawkins. The magnificent Cherokee National Forest is to the south.

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List of things to do in Kingsport, TN

We have selected the top activities in Kingsport, Tennessee, out of the countless options for Patrick henry lake, warriors path state park, Kingsport carousal, renaissance arts center, historic sites, bays mountain, Netherland inn, Patrick henry reservoir, national historic landmark district, etc.

1. Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium

 Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium kingsport tn

You might begin your time in Kingsport by taking a tour of the beautiful Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium. The Bays Mountains conceal this nature preserve, which provides stunning vistas of beaver dams, bee colonies, cave systems, and other natural wonders.

You may go to the nature center and witness a raptor center, waterfowl aviary, and wolf cage in addition to seeing displays of local creatures including bobcats, a raptor center, river otters, and free-roaming white-tail deer at bays mountain park.

Go on a legendary barge ride across Bays Mountain park Reservoir or howl with the wolves during Wolf Howling Sessions.

2. Warriors’ Path State Park

Warriors' Path State Park Kingsport TN

Kingsport is fortunate to have lovely parks and gardens all across the city. Warriors’ Path State Park, which is on Hemlock Road, is one of them.

In Kingsport, Tennessee’s Warriors’ Path State Park, the most popular activities are hiking trails, mountain biking trails, fishing, boating, and lounging in the shade.

There is a sizable campsite in the park as well, although reservations are advised The Great Indian Warpath, which the Iroquois used to battle the ancient Cherokee tribes and their allies, is commemorated in the name of this historical site.

In modern times, it is a wonderful location well known among nature enthusiasts for outdoor activities including hiking, swimming, camping, and golf.

3. The Kingsport Carousel and Park

The Kingsport Carousel and Park Kingsport TN

A wonderfully restored 1956 carousel from Kingsport, Tennessee, may be seen inside a climate-controlled roundhouse. Riders of all ages, including adolescents and adults, will delight in riding the fanciful animals that have been hand-carved and hand-painted.

A flying pig, unicorn, frog prince, ballerina cat, horses, and more creatures are included. As grandparents and parents create new memories with the youngsters in their lives, calliope music is certain to bring back old ones.

4. Exchange Place

Exchange Place Kingsport TN

Since 1850s, Exchange Place has served as both a historical landmark and a living history museum. The area originally had a settlement that operated as a self-sustaining plantation. It is now a refuge for those who enjoy the outdoors.

It’s a terrific spot to unwind and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city while seeing historical rooms, and a museum, but also what farm life was like in the 1850s.

 A relay station and the Eden’s Ridge Post Office are also visible here along the Old Stage Road. Explore life in the 19th century here.

5. Riverfront Park

 Riverfront Park Kingsport TN

The Boatyard Riverfront Park, often known as Kingsport’s Riverfront Park, is a municipal park. Two pathways, clean restrooms, themed rooms, two canopied picnic areas that can be reserved, and a sizable playground are all present. It is legal to fish from the docks.

6. Netherland Inn Museum

 Netherland Inn Museum Kingsport TN

The Kingsport Netherland Inn Museum is a must-see for history aficionados. The museum was constructed in 1802, and it is located on a central street that may have been named for the famous inn.

 Back then, the museum, which was initially constructed for the distribution of salt, served as a simple inn for travelers moving from Tennessee to Kentucky. As a result, the museum was included on the US National Register of Historic Places.

7. The Castle Playground

 The Castle Playground Kingsport TN

The Castle playground is a sight to behold, and it can be found on the grounds of Andrew Johnson Elementary School. A big wooden structure at the playground that resembles a castle contains several slides and climbing frames for a great afternoon.

 Visit The Castle on the weekends and when classes are out.

8. Kingsport Speedway

 Kingsport Speedway Kingsport TN

Kingsport Speedway, which has a 3/8-mile oval track, hosts NASCAR and stock racing events between the months of March and September.

The raceway features a kids club where young people may participate in activities centered around racing.

The racetrack also hosts events all through the year where you may take part and enter to win wonderful prizes. Create lasting memories at Kingsport Speedway by having fun competing with friends to reach the finish line.

9. Verdant Domtar Park

 Verdant Domtar Park Kingsport TN

Lush, emerald A further must-see location in Kingsport is Domtar Park. It has a sizable children’s playground, lit flagpoles, picnic tables with umbrellas, a volleyball field, and bathrooms. It is located on the Long Island of the Holston River.

Take a game of baseball on one of the illuminated diamonds or stroll around the paved walking trails.

The park, which is already a famous tourist destination in Kingsport, is made even more beautiful by the attractive landscaping on the long island.

10. Lamplight Theatre

 Lamplight Theatre Kingsport TN

A non-profit organization called Lamplight Theater exists to provide high-quality entertainment and promote Christian and family values.

The goal of Lamplight Theater is to establish America’s first Christian performing cultural arts center and cultivate artists of all stripes to make the most of their talents.

Dramatic productions, dinner theatre, performances, reunions, and other events are held in the theatre.

11. haunted Rotherwood Mansion

haunted Rotherwood Mansion Kingsport TN

A must-see location in Kingsport is the historic Rotherwood Mansion. The grand red-brick manor is said to be haunted, and its remote setting further adds to its unsettling aura.

The mansion shouts about its past and inhabitants from a high hill located on the banks of the Holston River. Rotherwood did not start with malice or evil, but even before the first brick was set, the fate of the home and those connected to it was sealed.

Come witness for yourself how this three-story mansion, which is surrounded by dead, leafless trees, is breathing history.

12. Gypsy Circus Cider Company

Gypsy Circus Cider Company Kingsport TN

The first specialty cidery in Tennessee uses a distinctive approach that excludes sorbates, concentrates, and uses only natural ingredients. The first art cidery in Tennessee, Gypsy Circus Cider Company is located in Kingsport, Tennessee.

 To give a variety of specialized juices, Wanderer Circus uses apples that are privately procured and all-natural supplements.

The most well-known cidery in the South is Gypsy Circus. The Tennessee Championship of Beers awarded Wanderer Circus Cider gold, silver, and bronze medals.

The International East Meets West Challenge gave it a gold medal. The New York International Beer Competition gave it silver and bronze medals.

13. Go for a stroll along Church Circle

Go for a stroll along Church Circle Kingsport TN

The renowned Church Circle in the center of Kingsport was created by the eminent railroad engineer William Dunlap. The circle, which is shaped like a “spoke and wheel,” is formed by the intersection of Kingsport’s principal thoroughfares.

Additionally, it has been included in the US National Register of Historic Places. Along with four sizable brick buildings along the circle, the lone Presbyterian church in Kingsport is also situated here.

A few well-known Kingsport routes and the downtown retail area are also accessible from the roundabout.

14. Kingsport Art Guild

 Kingsport Art Guild Kingsport TN

In the Kingsport Art Guild, discover and support Kingsport’s homegrown artistic talent. The Kingsport creative community as a whole as well as its individuals have the chance to showcase their abilities through exhibits and other events, as well as via practical lessons and presentations, thanks to the fine arts studio and art gallery.

Paintings made in a variety of mediums may be shown in the two rooms of the Art Guild, which is housed inside the Renaissance Center.

The Kingsport Art Guild is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

15. Go Crafting

Go Crafting Kingsport TN

Learn a new skill or hone an existing one. Children and adults may participate in a variety of craft programs and activities in the area, including painting, ceramics, sewing, carpentry, jewelry making, and more. 

16. Putt-Putt Fun Center

Putt-Putt Fun Center, founded in 1954 in Fayetteville, became the only protected and recognized miniature golf course in the world.

In the Putt-Putt Fun Center, courses are added to create more attractions, resulting in a game that is enjoyed equally by adults and children.

For a dependable roll and bob, Putt-Putt pioneered excellent outdoor flooring, aluminum knock sheets, and unique impediments.

The ability-based game in the middle gave rise to the Professional Putters Association (PPA), which is still in existence and has given honors to some of the finest putters in the world.

17. Visit Borden Park

Visit Borden Park Kingsport TN

The Borden Park on Lamont St. is another well-known park in Kingsport. This historic park was created in 1906 and is embellished with a boundless playground, tennis courts, and flower gardens.

 An arboretum, basketball court, BBQ grills, seats, picnic shelters, picnic tables, horseshoe pits, mini golf, a children’s playground, tennis courts, and a meandering, paved walking track are all available in this sizable 17-acre park.

The varied amenities draw outdoor fun who want to unwind or engage in sports.

18. Kingsport Greenbelt

 Kingsport Greenbelt Kingsport TN

The Kingsport Greenbelt is one of the greatest locations to go if you want to experience nature, so you should include it on your list of things to do in Kingsport, Tennessee.

The eight-mile picturesque Greenbelt route runs through the town and the nearby woodland. The whole path is covered in asphalt, making it accessible to rollerblades, runners, and walkers.

There is always something new to discover in the Greenbelt because the route is accessible all year and the vistas change with the seasons.

Hikers will encounter a protected wetland area, wildflowers, and a native tree along the path, in addition to two historical sites, a natural spring, a skate park, and several picnic areas. The path is reachable from several additional places throughout.

19. Brickyard Park

Brickyard Park Kingsport TN

Brickyard Park is situated on the well-known Brickyard Park Drive, which bears the same name as the park. The beautifully designed park has conference rooms, parking spaces, flagpoles with lights, and ball fields with electronic scoreboards.

Sports aficionados visit this public park, which doubles as a top-notch sports venue. The park is entirely smoke-free, making it a great place for youngsters. Please be aware, though, that to keep the area clean, dogs are also not permitted.

20. Kingsport Farmers Market

Kingsport Farmers Market

Farmers’ Market in Kingsport The early origins of Kingsport Farmers Market may be traced back to the year 1977 when consumers needed alternate means of receiving fresh goods.

A small group of farmers came together to participate in several food festivals. The farmers formally established Kingsport Farmers Market at the beginning of the 1990s.

Even today, the Kingsport Farmers Market offers amazing goods produced on the city’s farms.

Customers may participate in a range of activities, such as baking workshops and cooking lessons, in addition to shopping for the best produce and ready-to-eat meals.

The Kingsport Farmers Market also hosts a wide range of activities. Typically, the Kingsport Farmers Market is a fantastic place to get good meals.

21. Go kayaking with GRIP Outdoor Kingsport

Go kayaking with GRIP Outdoor Kingsport Kingsport TN

Kayaking with Grip Outdoor is a great adventure activity to try in Kingsport. One, two, four, and eight-hour kayak rental trips are available in Kingsport Greenbelt and the Bays Mountains through this tour and rental company.

GRIP Outdoor offers the best river kayaking and river tubing! The kayaks are made to be sturdy, cozy, simple to maneuver, and great fun. Even newcomers can readily try it. For gatherings, parties, corporate events, or group reservations, floating extendable coolers are a tremendous success.

22. Fort Henry Mall

Fort Henry Mall Kingsport TN

Fort Henry Mall is initially known as the Kingsport Town Center in Kingsport; the mall is the only regional shopping mall serving Kingsport.

Fort Henry Mall opened its doors to its guests on March 10, 1976, as a two-level store located at Fort Henry Drive and Memorial Blvd. Hull Property Group owns the Henry Fort Mall.

Go to the Fort Henry Mall and experience your favorite shopping and dining options in Kingsport, Tennessee. The friendly retailers provide items from shoes, clothes, accessories, and many more in the mall. The mall also offers fashion tips, seasonal style ideas, gift guides at the gift shop, and others.

23. Kingsport Aquatic Center

Kingsport Aquatic Center Kingsport TN

Enjoy a wonderful day at the Kingsport Aquatic Center with your loved ones or friends. This water park offers year-round heated indoor swimming pools in addition to a seasonal outdoor water park with slides and a lazy river.

Kingsport aquatic center has quickly grown to be a top entertainment and water ride destination in Kingsport. Bring your children, who will enjoy floating along the lazy river.

At Kingsport aquatic center something is free for everyone, whether you are a seasoned swimmer or a novice. If you prefer not to get tanned, there are three indoor aqua obstacle pools available to you.

24. Cattails at Meadow View

Cattails at Meadow View Kingsport TN

Cattails at Meadow View is one of the top golfing destinations in Kingsport, Tennessee, and it is well worth adding to your list if you are a golfer. A magnificent golf course with Bermuda Fairways, Bentgrass Greens, and scenic holes is Cattails at Meadow View.

The Denis Griffiths-designed course, which debuted in 1998, quickly gained popularity in the area and was ranked among the top public courses in Tennessee.

Golfers may expect to navigate the rolling terrain and greenside mounds while taking in the breathtaking vistas from Bays Mountain.

Along the course, there are bunkers, an average number of sand bunkers, lovely streams, and six breathtaking lakes.

25. Learn about the history of music at the Mountain Music Museum

Learn about the history of music at the Mountain Music Museum Kingsport TN

If you enjoy both music and history, you must go to Kingsport’s unique Mountain Music Museum. The museum, which is located on bustling Broad Street, features a collection of local music from East Tennessee, North Carolina, Southeast Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The majority of these artifacts are from the 19th century and represent what modern-day listeners refer to as country music. Visit the museum to see authentic recordings, images of musicians, old musical instruments, and more.

26. The Netherland Inn museum

The Netherland Inn museum Kingsport TN

A Kingsport icon for more than 200 years, the Netherland Inn museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The inn used to be an important stop for travelers heading west toward Tennessee or beyond.

Presidents Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk lived there, and it has served as a boatyard and a stagecoach event stop.

After renovation, the inn is now a museum. Within the grounds are a children’s museum, a pioneer transportation museum, and a schoolhouse and kitchen wing.

27. Indulge in delicious barbecue at Phil’s Dream Pit

 Indulge in delicious barbecue at Phil's Dream Pit Kingsport TN

In Kingsport, do you yearn for some delectable fresh barbecue? Your one-stop destination for satisfying hungry cravings is Phil’s Dream Pit. This incredible grill and barbeque serve foods that are unparalleled in the barbecue industry in terms of freshness.

 Every dish, whether it is sliced beef brisket or smoked, soft, and juicy pig, is prepared with care and accuracy. As a result, there isn’t a specialization here because everything is unique and delicious, leaving you wanting more.

28. Kingsport Mets Minor League Baseball

Kingsport Mets Minor League Baseball Kingsport TN

In the US, awareness of Minor League Baseball has increased. They provide an inexpensive sporting experience that is appropriate for both children and adults.

By joining the Kingsport Mets, the city’s minor league team, visitors to Kingsport will be able to enjoy the finest American sport.

The team Mets is a minor league affiliate of the New York Mets that plays in the Appalachian League. Great professional athletes like Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden were born there.

29. The Inventor Center

 The Inventor Center Kingsport TN

Building an artistic community of makers and thinkers who can contribute to the advancement of their towns as well as the entire area is the straightforward goal of the Inventor Center. Visitors can pick from a variety of classes.

Depending on their needs, locals and frequent visitors can choose to select monthly memberships that provide varying levels of access to The Inventor Center. The amenities are accessible to Inventor Center members 24 hours a day.

The facilities are open to non-members on weekdays from 3 pm to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm.

30. Warpath Bowling Lanes

 Warpath Bowling Lanes Kingsport TN

At Warpath Bowling Lanes on Memorial Boulevard, give bowling a try. This bowling alley, which was first opened in 1960, provides a fun atmosphere without any alcohol. Families with children should visit because of this as well.

Many of the young people in this area like bowling, and Warpath encourages such activity. In the summer, it also provides a free bowling program for youngsters.

31. Allandale Mansion

 Allandale Mansion kingsport tn

Consider including a trip to Allandale Mansion on your list of things to do in Kingsport, Tennessee, if you have an interest in history or architecture. Built-in 1953, the Allandale Mansion is a significant landmark in East Tennessee and a treasured gem of Kingsport.

Although the estate is a great location for parties, anybody wishing to simply stroll around the grounds may do so.

The Allendale Mansion has a lot to explore. The Allendale Mansion itself is commonly referred to as “the White House of Kingsport” due to its elegant interior.

32. Indulge in a relaxing massage at Agota Springs spa

Indulge in a relaxing massage at Agota Springs spa kingsport tn

Spend a soothing session at the Agota Springs spa after a great but exhausting day seeing Kingsport’s various attractions. The spa provides a variety of treatments for the skin and hair and is a paradise of regeneration and relaxation.

Here, you may also experience hydrotherapy and therapeutic massages to ease your trip fatigue.

33. GRIP Outdoors Kingsport

GRIP Outdoors Kingsport kingsport tn

Kingsport provides visitors with a variety of outdoor experiences and entertainment due to the hills and the Holsten River that surround it.

Visitors may take a spin around the river in a variety of boats at GRIP Outdoors. GRIP offers kayak rentals for periods of two, one, four, eight, or two hours.

Customers may also take a daylong river journey in an inner tube fitted with a floating fridge that makes it simple to get drinks.

34. Hunter Wright Stadium

 Hunter Wright Stadium kingsport tn

Hunter Wright Stadium, which was built in 1995, is named after a well-known former mayor who served for several terms. The capacity of Hunter Wright Stadium is 2,500. The Kingsport Mets, an Appalachian League affiliate of the New York Mets, play their home games at Hunter Wright.

The stadium is managed by the Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Tennessee-Virginia border is not far from the arena.

35. Kingsport Public Library

Kingsport Public Library kingsport tn

Are you looking for a reliable resource for historical data on the city of Kingsport? Discover amazing and fascinating facts about the city by visiting the Kingsport Public Library.

The Kingsport Public Library is open every day from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and from dawn until 6 pm on the weekends.

Kingsport City provides research and consulting on the city’s documented past in Tennessee.


What is Kingsport Tennessee known for?

A multinational producer of chemicals and polymers is based in Kingsport. Additionally significant are printing, glass, and paper manufacturing. King College (1867) is in Bristol, close to the city, and East Tennessee State University’s main center there.

Does Kingsport TN get tornadoes?

14 historical tornado incidents with reported magnitudes of 2 or higher were discovered in or close to Kingsport, Tennessee.


You’ve been looking for a special and amazing place to go on vacation with your friends and family, and Kingsport, Tennessee, is it? Even though there are many activities in Kingsport, Tennessee, there are still many more to pick from.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are a lot more parks such as a mountain, park, warriors path state park, bays mountain park, eateries, breweries, and historical sites, that you may visit.

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