27 Things To Do In Lagrange GA

The county seat of Troup County in Georgia, USA, is the bustling city of Lagrange. The Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Gainesville, Georgia-Alabama (part) Combined Statistical Area includes Lagrange as its central Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The oldest private institution in the state, LaGrange College, is located in LaGrange. It was founded as a girls’ institution and has been associated with the Methodist Church and is currently known as the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church since the late 19th century. Bass fishermen and fans of water sports are drawn to the community by its closeness to West Point Lake, just several kilometers to the west.

Lagrange, which is located in the Georgia Piedmont foothills, is about 60 miles (97 km) southwest of Atlanta. The picturesque city of LaGrange, which was founded in December 1828, took its name from the Marquis de Lafayette’s wife’s rural home near Paris.

List of things to do in Lagrange GA

Here are some places to visit and things to do in Lagrange GA during your visit such as the art museum, legacy museum, great wolf lodge, biblical history center, dales estate, sculpture garden, fields golf club, historic sites, Benjamin Harvey hill, Mediterranean American cuisine, roman step theatre, Alabama Georgia state line, Caroline halt hill, etc.

1. LaGrange Art Museum

LaGrange Art Museum

Visits to the LaGrange Art Museum are among the top things to do in Langrage, Georgia, and they are worthwhile to include on your list. A tiny, non-profit art gallery, the LaGrange Art Museum features stunning works by well-known local and worldwide artists.

The museum is located in a well-known structure that was formerly a Victorian jail from the 1890s and has four galleries, office space, collection storage, and more. It also has a sculpture park.

By offering the greatest exhibitions, displays, programs, and collections, the museum hopes to educate its patrons. Lamar Dodd, John Lawrence, Larry Walker, Howard Finster, Benny Andrews, and many other artists have pieces on exhibit at this museum.

2. Great wolf lodge

Great wolf lodge

Visit our indoor water park for the day! Enjoy a trip down our lazy river or splash around in our activity pool or water fort. After you’ve dried off, you may try out some of our land-based activities, such as the Ten Paw Bowling Alley, Howl in One Mini Golf, and Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall.

In case families choose to stay the night, suites are available. There are eight different types of suites available, including the family-friendly Wolf Den and Kid Cabin suites that will make reading time in the Northern Woods an adventure. Included are bunk beds and Great Wolf Kids character décor.

3. Hills & Dales Estate

Hills & Dales Estate

Hills and Dales estate is one of the historic mansions13,000-square-foot house, which was constructed in 1916, is well renowned for its elaborate gardens and associated grounds. In actuality, the sunny hills and shady dales that the Hills & Dales estate was built on inspired its name.

The initial owner and occupant of the structure were Fuller E. Callaway, a well-known industrial producer and textile tycoon in Troup County. The estate is still being conserved by the Fuller E. Callaway family’s fourth generation today.

4. Troup County Archives and Legacy Museum on Main

Troup County Archives and Legacy Museum on Main

Troup County Archives and Legacy Museum on the Main are managed by the Troup County Historical Society. The Archive offers a genealogical library with materials on Troup County, Georgia, as well as the majority of southern states.

The West Georgia historical exhibit gallery and a revolving spotlighting collection, ranging from nationally renowned traveling exhibits to archival collections, are both located at the Legacy Museum on Main.

The archival collection is often open every first and third Saturday from 10 am to 4:00 pm, whereas the Legacy Museum on the Main typically opens every Saturday.

5. Nutwood Winery

Nutwood Winery

Make arrangements for a babysitter to watch the kids so you can spend a few hours at the Nutwood Winery having fun without the kids. There is a complete wine bar with both indoor and outdoor seating in the 6,000-square-foot tasting room.

Additionally, they have a complete menu that includes baked bread, Amish cheeses, and a selection of sweets to go with their house wines. The kids may at least try something from their specialty ice cream bar if you decide to bring them.

6. Sweetland Amphitheatre

Sweetland Amphitheatre

Continue to browse for activities in LaGrange, Georgia. Towards the Sweet land Amphitheater, you should go. Originally built as a Municipal Park, the location became the unofficial “summer hangout” once a public pool was added.

It is still a well-liked location for social gatherings with loved ones nowadays. The live music events take place all year round in the amphitheater, which was carved out of an existing hillside. About 2,500 people may be accommodated in the amphitheater’s stadium, table, and grass seating.

LaGrange’s private event area, Sweetland Amphitheatre, hosts a multitude of occasions, including performances, musicals, plays, conferences, and more.

Additionally, it offers a variety of delectable drinks and foods that you may enjoy while watching television. You won’t believe you’re in a community of only a few hundred people once you reach the Sweetland Amphitheatre’s gates because of the huge variety of first-rate facilities and settings there.

7. West Point Lake

West Point Lake

At the state boundary separating Georgia and Alabama, West Point Lake is located along the Chattahoochee River. There are many options to participate in a range of outdoor sports around the lake. There are many opportunities to fish, camp, boat, picnic, and its 525 kilometers. If you’re fortunate, you could even see some animals! This region is frequently visited by bald eagles.

8. Southbend Park

Southbend Park

Add a trip to Southbend Park to your itinerary of things to do in LaGrange, Georgia, for some enjoyable family time.

A short distance from Lafayette Square lies Southbend Park, a lovely park with exquisite landscaping. After being formally inaugurated in the spring of 2019, the park quickly gained popularity among both residents and tourists.

There are sizable playgrounds for kids to play in the park, which is fresh new. Additionally, it features a dog park where you may bring your dog to play with other dogs.

9. Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain

Even though Georgia is home to many lovely cities, LaGrange offers quick access to some of the most famous locations. One of them is Pine Mountain. The town is well-known for its iconic Callaway Gardens, lakes, golf courses, and busy downtown area. It is also known as the “Gateway to Callaway Gardens.”

Pine Mountain, which can be reached from LaGrange in less than 20 minutes, is still a well-liked location for both romantic getaways and weekend getaways with friends.

10. Callaway Memorial Tower

Callaway Memorial Tower

You should include Memorial Tower in your itinerary of things to do in LaGrange, Georgia since it is a memorial honoring the legendary textile tycoon Fuller E. Callaway.

The tower, also known as the Callaway Monument, was built in 1929. The stunning Callaway Memorial Tower was modeled by St. Mark’s Square’s Italian Campanile in Venice.

The greatest pictures with the most magnificent backgrounds may be taken in this location. Beautiful and sizable green lawns surround it, and there are breathtaking views of the lovely surroundings. It’s the ideal location for a picnic and to unwind.

11. Wild Animal Safari

Wild Animal Safari

The Wild Animal Safari near Pine Mountain, Georgia, just south of LaGrange, houses around 550 animals from 70 different species. Pack the family into a hired zebra van or travel in your car to explore the park’s twisting pathways and see a variety of unusual creatures.

When you’re finished, take a self-guided guided tour to continue the trip. You will learn about birds, reptiles, and other animals throughout this part of the journey!

12. Bellevue


A National Historic Landmark in Bellevue. The antebellum house, which was constructed between 1852 and 1855, is a prime example of the highly well-liked style of construction that dominated the area at that time. The LaGrange Women’s Club moved its offices into the structure in 1942. There are guided tours of the mansion available.

13. Explore LaGrange On Foot

LaGrange is a modestly sized city with a resident population of about 30,000. But this town is great for visiting because it has practically all the facilities available in bigger towns.

Enjoy the ambiance and charm of a small village while yet having access to all the conveniences and advantages of a major town.

The city’s vastness makes it ideal for strolling about my feet. The town, which was founded in 1828, is drenched in its illustrious past, which is apparent throughout the little town.

It is feasible to take a stroll through the town and explore all the nooks and crannies to find locals-only hidden gems.

14. Taste the Handcrafted Craft Beer at Wild Leap Brew Co

Taste the Handcrafted Craft Beer at Wild Leap Brew Co

The first brewery in LaGrange is located downtown and is called Wild Leap Brew Co. It produces and distributes delicious homemade Georgian beer.

Visitors may taste the brewery’s delectable beer in the tasting room and the outside beer garden.

The first brewery in LaGrange, which is situated Downtown, is called Wild Leap Brew Co. Delicious hand-crafted craft beers made in Georgia are brewed and sold at the brewery.

Customers may unwind and savor the great beer in the brewery’s open tasting area and outdoor beer garden.

The brewery also offers a tour that is conducted by trained employees who are available to answer any questions that tourists may have about the brewing process.

Although the brewery does not serve food, visitors are allowed to bring their own, and a food truck is almost always parked close by.

15. Lakeside Trails

Lakeside Trails

Eleven kilometers of rough terrain go beside West Point Lake. The region has been divided into well-marked trails that have each been categorized according to difficulty.

The single-track loop is best for intermediate to expert equestrian riders because the path gets more challenging as you ride farther out. The picturesque lookouts and resting places scattered around the area are great for runners, hikers, and mountain bike riders.

16. Water Wiz

Water Wiz

You may have the best camping experience at Water Wiz with your family or friends. All ages may have fun and get some exercise at Water Wiz, which is open all year.

The Water Wiz’s outstanding water slides and pool provide refuge from the sun. You can unwind in a beach chair if you don’t want to go swimming.

Additionally, you may have picnics and birthday celebrations there. Your children will adore this location as they will enjoy using the pool, slides, and clear waters. One of the finest locations to unwind and enjoy the summer is Water Wiz.

17. The field Golf Club

The field Golf Club

Going to the Fields Golf Club in LaGrange will be enjoyable for golf fans. The 18-hole course has a location among the town’s undulating farmland.

Visitors could just be fortunate enough, depending on their timing, to attend a field party with live music, delicious food, and fun times! The 150-acre course may host additional events throughout the year.

18. Hogg Mine

Hogg Mine

Hogg Mine is a wonderful and enjoyable location to visit. It gives guests a fantastic chance to find rare gems by digging for them; they also provide both public and private digs.

Hogg Mine is a family-friendly establishment with competent and friendly employees who will cordially greet you and inform you of what you may discover in the Mine and where to locate it. There are activities for all ages in the Mine, so you can bring your kids along to experience digging with you. Remember to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.

19. Lamar Dodd Art Center

Lamar Dodd Art Center

The Lamar Dodd Art Center, which is located on the campus of LaGrange College, houses several collections of visual arts. The 32,000 square foot, the three-story building also houses the Methodist Liberal Arts College’s art department.

Lamar Dodd, a well-known artist, attended his first format painting course at the institution, and the center bears his name. The venue hosts concerts, talks, and exhibition viewings all year long for visitors to enjoy.

20. Pure life studios

The core mission of Pure Life Studio is to create a space where friends may congregate and appreciate local, regional, national, and worldwide talent. The facility, housed inside a remodeled warehouse, is close to other city sights.

This family-run live music venue promotes solo, duet, and trio artists that perform in the blues, jazz, folk, and other acoustic genres. It has a listening chamber with 130 seats where the audience may concentrate on the performance.

21. Taste of Lemon

Taste of Lemon

Eating at Taste of Lemon, another city-owned award-winning restaurant, is unquestionably something you should add to your list of things to do in LaGrange, Georgia.

Located in a charming ancient church, Taste of Lemon is a wonderful eatery that provides delectable regional cuisine in a southern manner.

Meals are served in a meat-and-three fashion at this restaurant, meaning that the main dish is served with two sides.

Country-fried steak, poppy seed chicken and salmon croquettes, vegetable side dishes, and more delicious selections may be found on the menu.

Don’t forget to sample the mac and cheese as well as the pineapple dish at the eatery.

22. Biblical History Center

Biblical History Center

The LaGrange-based Biblical History Center is a cultural museum that explores the history of the ancient world via a variety of exhibitions, displays, artifacts, events, and more.

The museum’s objective is to provide visitors with an understanding of biblical history and culture via carefully chosen exhibits, talks, displays, and other engaging activities.

Explorations at Antiquity Center used to go by that name Visitors to this archaeological museum learn about the earliest days of the biblical era.

It features displays with food-related themes, commonplace items, the most accurate copies of antiquity’s relics, and more.

23. Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square

Lafayette Plaza, a charming fountain square with the monument of the Marquis de LaFayette, a French nobleman, military commander, and American Revolutionary War hero, is situated in the town’s central business district.

LaGrange College owns the monument, which was erected there in 1976. It is provided to the city as a long-term loan by the city.

24. Ye Olde Red Door Antiques

You should stop at Ye Olde Red Door Antiques if you’re in LaGrange, Georgia since it’s worth your time. At fair prices, The Red Door Antiques offers high-quality collectibles. Ye Olde Red Door Antiques is an antique shop that sells high-quality treasures, imported goods from Europe, and native items.

The friendly and knowledgeable personnel of Ye Olde Red Door Antiques will provide you with the information you want about the location.

The store’s proprietors, Larry and Bobbie, are cordial and pleasant people. In the antique shop, you may purchase unusual presents that will e wrapped for your loved ones.

25. Ice Days

In Conyers, Georgia, Ice Days is a locally owned and run ice rink business. Ice Days is a great location to have fun on real ice.

At Ice Days, enjoy skating with your loved ones.  Affordable and centered on family entertainment, Ice Days is especially popular during the winter vacation.

When you’re on a family vacation, don’t forget to check out Ice Days with your loved ones so you can take a spin on one of the Real Ice rinks and build memories that will last a lifetime.

26. Mare Sol

Include a trip to Mare Sol on your list of things to do in LaGrange, Georgia, for a great dining experience.

Downtown LaGrange is home to the wonderful Mare Sol restaurant, which serves Mediterranean American fare in a laid-back atmosphere.

Additionally, it offers an excellent array of wines in addition to over 15 specially brewed beers that are available on tap. To meet the needs of everyone, they also have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free alternatives.

There are many wonderful treats on the extensive menu. The Greek Hoagie with chicken, shrimp, and grits is a must-try, and Butterfinger cheesecake completes the meal.

27. Timberwolf Axe Throwing

Timberwolf Axe Throwing

Family-friendly Timberwolf Axe Throwing provides 14 lanes of excellent ax-throwing fun for both kids and adults.

The strong, thick, full-tang construction of the Timberwolf Axe makes it both useful and beautiful. You will adore this location if you enjoy discovering new things and are an adventurous person.

There are lane instructors at the facility to help you and instruct you on safety precautions and entertaining games to play. Additionally, Timberwolf’s coaches show visitors how to throw axes. Timberwolf offers lane rentals for every occasion, including birthday parties, business gatherings, private celebrations, etc., if you would like to have your event there.


What is LaGrange Ga known for?

Answer: Even though Georgia is home to many lovely cities, LaGrange offers quick access to some of the most famous locations. One of them is Pine Mountain. The town is well-known for its iconic Callaway Gardens, lakes, golf courses, and busy downtown area. It is also known as the “Gateway to Callaway Gardens.

Does it snow in LaGrange GA?

52 inches of rainfall on average each year in LaGrange, Georgia. The average annual rainfall in the US is 38 inches. Snowfall in LaGrange is around 0 inches yearly. Snowfall in the US averages 28 inches a year.


LaGrange is a stunning city that invites tourists to explore its distinctive galleries, exciting parks, mouthwatering cuisine, and sweet wines. Along with these things, you may discover unusual antiques, handcrafted goods, musical events and exhibitions, theatres, restaurants, adventures, enjoyable outdoor and aquatic activities, parks, and a lot more.

Start making plans for your next trip to LaGrange, Georgia, United States, as it would be wonderful if you and your family and friends toured the city together for an unforgettable holiday.

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