26 Things to do in Madison Indiana

Along the Ohio River in Jefferson County, Indiana, in the United States, stands the city and county seat of Madison Indiana. Population: 11,967 as of the 2010 United States Census. More than 55,000 people reside within 15 miles of Madison’s city center. Between Louisville and Cincinnati along the Ohio River, Madison Indiana is the biggest city.

It appears that Madison Indiana residents are unable to let go of the past, and for good cause. This city has a rich history and lots of tales to tell potential visitors.

Apart from its numerous historical landmarks that have been maintained, this city offers a lot of entertaining options and fascinating places to explore.

List of things to do in Madison Indiana

Given below is the list of fun things to do in Madison Indian during your tour to Madison such as Lanier mansion, Clifty falls state park, Thomas family winery.

1. Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park

Madison Indiana has been blessed with amazing natural beauty thanks to Clifty Falls State Park, which is located directly above the Ohio River.

Clifty Falls State Park is a 1,416-acre state park in Jefferson County, Indiana, in the United States. Northeast of Louisville, Kentucky, it is 46 miles away. Every year, the park receives roughly 370,000 visitors.

Visit this Clifty falls state park with your family to learn about the breathtaking natural treasures that surround the city. When you come here, there are lots of beautiful waterfalls that you may find. These falls can flow in a variety of ways, from quick, rushing drops to slow, delicate ones, depending on the season.

Here, you can enjoy yourself while learning to appreciate nature. There is a resource center where you may learn more about protecting the environment.

Additionally, Clifty state park has outdoor hiking trails and sports facilities. In addition to outdoor recreation, the park features picnic areas where you and your friends can relax and eat.

The citizens had worked for a whole year before this. Clifty Falls was one of the first four Indiana state parks to offer a naturalist program when the system was first established in 1927.

Clifty Creek, Little Clifty Creek, and a canyon where the sun only shines in the middle of the day are all located in the park.

There are several nature beautiful trails there, particularly those that are close to Clifty Falls. Overnight guests can stay at the Clifty Inn, and the park has a campsite with spaces for RV and tent campers.

2. Local Craft Beers at Mad Paddle Brewstillery

Local Craft Beers at Mad Paddle Brewstillery

Madison Indiana, a historic city, has a long history of beer brewing. Many people are aware of the city as one of the first to produce excellent beer west of the Alleghenies, especially between 1823 and 1918.

The Wade brothers, two brothers, established Mad Paddle Brewery in 2018 to continue the legacy of producing wonderful craft beers.

In Mad Paddle Brewery, you may sample mouthwatering craft brews and spirits paired with delectable cuisine. While in the area, you shouldn’t miss the live music entertainment it provides as well.

3. Local Handmade Wine at the Lanthier Winery

Local Handmade Wine at the Lanthier Winery

Visit the Lanthier Winery if you feel like having a glass of wine and learning more about the unique flavor profile Madison Indiana has to offer. In this location’s cellar tasting room, you and your friends can go wine sampling.

They have knowledgeable employees who can provide you with information on the wine you drink. In addition to the wine, the vineyard also has an inside gallery that you can explore. They keep an art collection that can only be characterized as magnificent.

It also has a garden, which might be the favorite place for a relaxing afternoon stroll. In addition to wine-tasting events, research the schedule of functions at this location before your trip.

4. Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail

The neighboring cliffs that provide a view of the Ohio River and the town of Madison are connected by the Heritage Trail. Starting along the waterfront, the paved, 3/4-mile trail is accessible for walking, bicycling, and pets.

5. Madison Music Movement

Madison Indiana is home to some fantastic musical talent. Check out some of Madison’s amazing and entertaining music performances while you’re there.

You may find numerous live music stages in various locations throughout the city that are organized by the Madison Music Movement.

These music performances are typically held in well-known and favorite places throughout the city, so you can take in the sights while dining in style and socializing with friends.

Additionally, these performances don’t always take place at night. You may see performances put on by the Madison Music Movement in popular local establishments like the Mad Paddle Brewstillery and more, in addition to free lunchtime concerts in parks.

6. Francis Costigan House

Francis Costigan House

A design for urban homes is the Francis Costigan House. It is now regarded as a magnificent masterpiece of designs for a small lot. The front staircase, curved walls, and sliding pocket door are the unique features. You can view the lovely homes from the 19th century by visiting the house. Fans of architecture shouldn’t miss it.

7. Little Golden Fox

Little Golden Fox

Think of developing and sharing your creations with the help of the Little Golden Fox in this area with a strong history, arts, and culture scene.

This facility, which is thought of as the city’s creative center, provides everything you could need to produce your masterpiece. In addition, you can enroll in workshops, classes, or events to either learn a new creative ability or develop your already-existing talents.

Please feel free to browse the products displayed here, which also act as a venue for local businesswomen to display their offerings. On your journey to Madison, you might want to stop by this location if you want a great place to let your imagination run free.

Prepare to unleash your creative side when you visit Madison. Think of developing and sharing your creations with the help of the Little Golden Fox in this area with a strong history, arts, and culture scene.

This facility, which is thought of as the city’s creative center, provides everything you could need to produce your masterpiece. In addition, you can enroll in workshops, classes, or events to either learn a new creative ability or develop your already-existing talents.

Please feel free to browse the products displayed here, which also act as a venue for local businesswomen to display their offerings.

On your journey to Madison, you might want to stop by this location if you want a place to let your imagination run free.

8. French Lick Casino

French Lick Casino

The 51,000-square-foot French Lick Casino is a single-floor, Las Vegas-style gambling complex with towering 27-foot ceilings. You may play several of the newest, most thrilling slot machines on the casino’s gaming floor.

There is live blackjack, roulette, craps, and other table games available, as well as Indiana’s largest non-smoking room, an opulent high-limit area, and other amenities. Bring your friends along to the roomy entertainment area to enjoy live performances, DJs, and promotions.

9. Brown County State Park

Brown County State Park

The southern portion of the state of Indiana is where Brown County State Park is situated in the United States. With a total area of 15,776 acres, the park is by far the biggest of Indiana’s 24 state parks, ranking among the country’s biggest. With roughly 1.2 million visitors each year, it is one of Indiana’s most popular state parks.

Despite being closer to Bloomington, Indiana, the park is closer to Nashville, a small settlement in Brown County. General Jacob Brown, who participated in the War of 1812 and later served as the Commanding General of the American Army, is the subject of the county’s name.

10. Jeremiah Sullivan House

Jeremiah Sullivan House

For the statesman and attorney Jeremiah Sullivan, a house named Jeremiah Sullivan was constructed. It is an illustration of federal design. It is stunning in its simplicity and verticality. It has been given national historical landmark status.

Judge Jeremiah Sullivan lived in Sullivan House, one of the city’s oldest homes, and was a justice of the state’s Supreme Court in the early 19th century.

An amusing fact about Sullivan is as follows. He is credited for giving Indianapolis its name. The design of this historic house was inspired by Federal-style construction. While visiting Madison, you can learn about a lot of historical topics.

Memorabilia that tells the stories of these remarkable people who are a part of Madison’s history is housed in the many mansion museums.

11. Eleutherian College

Eleutherian College

There are many historical sites to explore in Madison. Eleutherian College is one of the places you can go. You can learn more about the people who influenced the history of this city by coming here.

The aforementioned institution was established in 1848 by the Neil’s Creek Anti-Slavery Society, but the structure wasn’t constructed until the 1850s. This landmark still exists today, conveying the story of the valiant individuals who built it.

Please be aware that you may only visit the college by appointment if you want to include this in your schedule for Madison.

12. The Miller House and Garden

The Miller House and Garden

Visitors can experience one of the finest examples of American modernism at Miller House and Garden, the integration of home and landscape that draws from but does not replicate earlier examples. These examples are encapsulated in a compelling composition of forms and spaces that capture the brilliance of its creators, the aspirations of its owners, and the spirit of their time.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is the owner and caretaker of the Miller House and Garden. Through the Columbus Area Visitors Center, tours to Miller House and Garden are made possible.

13. Madison Railroad Station Museum

Madison Railroad Station Museum

The Madison Railroad Station Museum is another well-liked historical monument. Spend some time here with your traveling companions to discover more about Madison’s fascinating history. It is situated on the campus of the History Center of Madison.

The majority of the station’s original equipment is present here. Additionally, exhibits are showing what it appeared like while the railroad was being built.

14. Madison Indiana Hospital

One of Indiana’s first doctors formerly lived and worked in this exquisite Greek revival architecture museum. Here, you may see his credentials as well as medical instruments from the nineteenth century. One fascinating attraction is the actual skeleton.

15. Spring Mill State Park

Spring Mill State Park

In the state of Indiana, there is a 1,358-acre state park called Spring Mill State Park. On Indiana Highway 60, the park is situated three miles east of Mitchell, a city south of Bloomington.

A portion of the park is protected in the Donaldson Woods Wildlife Preserve and comprises virgin timber, a settler’s hamlet, the Gus Grissom Memorial, and a nature center.

More than a thousand sinkholes per square mile can be found in the Mitchell Karst Plain Nature Preserve. The Spring Mill Inn, Spring Mill Lake, and the majority of the paths were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 1930s.

16. Lanier Mansion Historic Site

Lanier Mansion Historic Site

Many people view this mansion as the “crown gem” of Madison’s Historic District homes. Lanier Mansion Historic site is another structure created by renowned architect Francis Costigan.

This magnificent residence, built in 1844 in Greek Revival architecture, belonged to F.D. Lanier, a banker, and railroad magnate. A beautiful three-story spiral staircase and some of the original furniture are still on display in the aforementioned building.

The formal garden on the property also features paintings and late-1800s landscaping designs. Visit this Lanier mansion historic site if you want to learn about daily life in Madison in the 1800s and enjoy the appeal of Greek Revival architecture.

17. Art On Main

Art On Main

The Madison Art Club runs the regional gallery Art On Main, which is situated in the city’s historic district. Among the many pieces for sale at the gallery are paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and pottery.

18. Schroeder Saddletree Factory Museum

Schroeder Saddletree Factory Museum

The Schroeder Saddletree Factory Museum honors all people who worked there for 94 years and is housed in the final US saddletree factory from the 19th century. It now features demonstration tours and other special events after being restored to its former glory.

19. Crystal Beach Pool

Crystal Beach Pool

The city as a whole has so much value in its history that even the neighborhood pool is regarded as historic Madison. You can still have fun while you’re here, despite that.

The 1938-built Crystal Beach Pool facilities are still available to the public and offer hours of aquatic enjoyment. Many people are familiar with the public pool because of its unusual semi-circular shape and gentle pool slope that rises from ankle-deep water to eight feet.

The facility also contains a bathhouse made of rough stone that was part of the original historic architecture, in addition to the pool.

20. Cocoa Safari Chocolates

Cocoa Safari Chocolates

Visit Cocoa Safari Chocolates for rich, hand-crafted chocolate delights that may make your mouth water simply by looking at them.

The way the people at Cocoa Safari Chocolate approach chocolate-making as an art and a way of life speak well of the goods they offer.

When you visit Madison, you may sample what they’ve been working on as they strive to produce the best-tasting chocolate.

21. Gallery 115 Studio & Bistro

Gallery 115 Studio & Bistro

There are three different enterprises housed at Gallery 115. It houses the W of Madison Gifts boutique, the Gallery Cafe full-service restaurant, and the Eric Phagan Art Studio and Gallery, which showcases a variety of artwork.

22. Stream Cliff Farms

Stream Cliff Farms

Visit Stream Cliff Farms, one of the region’s oldest herb farms. The same family has owned and operated this delightful location for six generations.

In addition to their lovely grounds, this location is home to many historic buildings that have endured the test of time. There is a winery nearby where you may sample some of their handcrafted wines.

23. Ten Pin Alley

Ten Pin Alley

Ten Pin Alley is a bowling alley and indoor entertainment complex that offers league play, open bowling, and sporadic tournaments. The bowling alley offers cosmic bowling and organizes all types of gatherings and functions.

24. Madison Made by Euclid and Woodland

Madison Made by Euclid and Woodland

Visit Madison Made between Euclid and Woodland while visiting this charming city. You can buy only locally created goods here.

 You can purchase souvenirs from here, supporting regional artists and business owners, ranging from tees to home decor. Therefore, look for some fantastic Madison Made goods before departing Madison.

25. Little Big Horse Trails

Little Big Horse Trails

At Little Big Horse Trails, channel your inner horseperson. While you stroll along the picturesque pathways, the kind horses and helpful personnel will ensure that you have the fun of your life.

26. Dagaz Acres Zipline Adventures

Dagaz Acres Zipline Adventures

The Dagaz Acres Zipline Adventures offers 3 adventure packages and 5 dual zip lines for visitors to choose from. It also hosts private events and designs zip lines.


What is Madison Indiana known for?

Answer: Presently, Madison’s contiguous National Historic Landmark District is the largest in the nation and contains significant examples of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century architectural styles. The whole of downtown Madison has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

What is Clifty Falls known for?

Answer: This beautiful place contains a canyon, and lovely waterfalls, and is popular for trekking.


The community of Madison is aware of how deeply ingrained in its long history the city’s identity is. It’s worth witnessing how hard they strive to protect their beautiful legacy. Spend your next vacation in Madison, Indiana, if you love history or just want to satisfy your curiosity.

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