25 Things to do in Mason Ohio

Things to do in Mason Ohio

Mason is a city located in southwest Warren County, Ohio, about 22 miles north of the center of Cincinnati. Things to do in Mason Ohio has 30,712 residents as of the 2010 Census.

The Lindner Family Tennis Center, one of the biggest tennis stadiums in the world, and Kings Island amusement park are both located in Mason. This venue hosts the Western & Southern Open, one of the top men’s and women’s tennis competitions in the world.

The main city in Warren County, Mason, is the vacation destination for Southwest Ohio. Warren County is regarded as “Ohio’s Largest Playground.” In 1803, a war veteran by the name of William Mason bought 640 acres of land in what is now the city’s center. Before becoming a city in 1971, Mason had been a tiny farming community for over a century.

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Things to do in Mason Ohio

Given below is the list of things to do in Mason Ohio during your visits such as a tour of king’s island, the Cincinnati art museum, Scenic Eden park, Mason community center, Great wolf lodge, and many more.

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1. Ride a Roller Coaster at Kings Island

Ride a Roller Coaster at Kings Island mason ohio

For people looking for the best in entertainment, rides, food, and other park amenities, Kings Island is among the top attractions in the Midwest. There are 364 acres in this entertainment park.

Since its founding in 1972, Kings Island has expanded to include more than 100 rides and attractions, offering a perfect balance of top-notch entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Discover exhilarating rides such as the renowned Banshee, Delirium, Invertigo, and Orion, one of seven Giga roller coasters.

2. Courts 4 Sports

Courts 4 Sports mason Ohio

The Courts 4 sports facility, which offers volleyball, adult and youth basketball, and futsal, is the first item on our list. Leagues and instruction for various sports are available at the complex. Anyone may rent a courtroom with ease. The facility has a 53,000-square-foot land area, and it offers indoor sports programs for individuals of all ages and skill levels.

The Pioneer Elite AAU club and the Cincinnati Volleyball Academy Junior Olympic Club both call the lovely facility home. The two clubs have more than 20 teams that practice and compete there.

3. Mad Potter

 Mad Potter mason Ohio

The Mad Potter is a pottery workshop and retail area establishment on Tri-Way Drive where you may learn the craft. They let you pick the pottery you want, but they also offer assistance with the design and color schemes to fit your home’s décor or make a particular present for someone.

Items made of pottery include bowls, mugs, platters, vases, and more. Additionally, Mad Potter creates a fun and imaginative ambiance for celebrations like birthday parties and marriage showers.

4. Mason Community Center

Mason Community Center mason Ohio

The Mason Community Center’s main objective is to enhance the social and emotional health of the neighborhood.

The approximately 150,000-square-foot Mason Community Center, which is situated on Mason Montgomery Road, offers modern recreational amenities and programming at a reasonable cost.

With three sizable indoor fitness studios, an aquatic center with an indoor competition pool, and a number of additional pools for treatment and recreation, the facility is one of the biggest in the state.

5. The Lindner Family Tennis Center

The Lindner Family Tennis Center mason Ohio

If you enjoy sports, the Lindner Family Tennis Center is the place for you. Visitors get the chance to observe professional players in action. Along with a central court, it also features a wine garden, a botanical garden live music, and other amenities.

The Grandstand Court, Center Court 3, and Courts 4 and 10 are the four permanent tennis courts of the Tennis Center. Aside from the Grand Slam project, it is the only tennis complex in the world with more than two permanent stadiums.

6. Pine Hill Lakes Park

Pine Hill Lakes Park mason Ohio

Over 300 acres of parks have been built in Mason, and each park offers family-friendly activities for people of all ages. Pine Hill Lakes Park, which is situated on Kings Mills Road, is one of these parks.

Pine Hill Lakes Park is a good spot to unwind and relax since it has two stocked fishing lakes, two miles of walking nature paths, a playground, and lots of trees and greenery. The park has a rich past.

7. Heritage Oak Park

Heritage Oak Park mason Ohio

Heritage Oak Park should be on your list of fun things to do in Mason, Ohio if you want to have an exciting, enjoyable time with family and friends.

The Park is the biggest in the city and has facilities for softball, tennis, soccer, and other sports. The park’s numerous amenities draw a wide variety of sports enthusiasts and organizations including MYO baseball and SAY soccer.

Additionally, the park has two picnic pavilions, restrooms, paved walkways, a kid’s playground, a lightning prediction system, lit tennis and basketball courts, and a drinking fountain.

8. Play Golf at the Grizzly

Play Golf at the Grizzly mason Ohio

You may play a round of golf on the Grizzly’s historic grounds, which are known as Mason’s best mini-golf course. The course’s moniker, “The Golden Bear,” was inspired by Nicklaus’ legacy.

The Grizzly has held more prestigious competitions than any other course since Nicklaus’ victory in the Ohio Kings Island Open in 1973.

With its bar and grill, The Grizzly delivers a superb social experience, providing a delectable dinner or a round of beverages. A large event venue, The Lodge is perfect for banquets, parties, and other unique gatherings.

9. Fleckenstein Park

Fleckenstein Park mason Ohio

A 50-acre park called Fleckenstein Park is located on the northern edge of Deerfield Township. Tennis courts, a sizable picnic area with full facilities, a baseball field, soccer fields, and other fields are all present in the park.

These two baseball fields are high school-sized, entirely fenced-in, and have two distinct dugout areas. The picnic shelter operates on a first-come, first-served basis and occasionally closes for special events. Reservations are not permitted for picnic shelter bookings.

This mason location is great for spending time with loved ones and friends and ought to be on your list of the best things to do in Mason, Ohio.

10. Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge mason Ohio

The Great Wolf Lodge provides the whole deal when it comes to vacations. With more than 19 lodges and corporate headquarters in Mason and Chicago, The Great Wolf Lodge, a lodge and resort in one, is North America’s most well-known indoor water park family.

You may easily visit Queen City and its surroundings from the Mason site on Great Wolf Drive, which is near to the bigger Cincinnati region. You may also try the best things like yoga, doing crafts, and reading bedtime tales to youngsters to put them to sleep.

11. Makino Park

Makino Park mason Ohio

Makino Park, a recent addition to Mason’s recreational parks, has a distinctive style. For multi-generational users of all abilities, this 35-acre park on Kopfler Court constructed a playground to promote engagement and develop self-esteem, confidence, motor skills, and interpersonal connections.

The inclusive Common children’s Playground was created by a group of local parents.

12.  Schappacher Park Dog Run

Schappacher Park Dog Run mason Ohio

The 20,000 square-foot dog run at the 10-acre Schappacher Park Dog Run has facilities for people as well, such as playgrounds, picnic areas with charcoal grills, bathrooms, and a little creek tucked away amid tall oak trees.

13. Thomas P Quinn Park

Thomas P Quinn Park mason Ohio

Thomas P. Quinn Park has a playground that is accessible to people with disabilities and tennis and basketball courts. This 10-acre neighborhood park has a playground and a sizable, grassy open play area that is open during the day.

14. Hit a Strike at Mason Bowl

Hit a Strike at Mason Bowl mason Ohio

Bring your loved ones or friends to Mason Bowl for a fun bowling experience. On Reading Road, there is a family-run establishment called Mason Bowl that has been in operation for more than 60 years. For a fun, up-to-date bowling experience, the establishment often refreshes its equipment.

 All ages can participate in the summer and winter leagues at Mason Bowl, which also offers summer fundraiser events. To round off the evening, stop by the bar and grill for a mouthwatering dinner and a nice beverage.

15. Prasco Park

Prasco Park mason Ohio

As one of the premier locations for amateur baseball in America and the home of the Cincinnati amateur baseball club, Prasco Park officially opened in 2008. Prasco Park is dedicated to giving parents, players, spectators, and coaches a safe, pleasant, and family-friendly fun environment.

The journey to get here is really exciting since it’s made to provide guests a top-notch baseball experience. On the Prasco Laboratories property in Mason, Ohio, the Prasco Park is a superbly constructed structure.

16. Alverta Green Museum

Alverta Green Museum mason Ohio

The Alverta Green Museum, which is tucked away on West Church Street in the heart of Mason’s historic sites, is the city’s best-kept secret. The historical objects donated by Mason citizens will take you back in time as you visit this Victorian-styled home from the 1890s.

The mansion was erected in honor of longtime citizen and antique dealer Alverta Bedacht Green by the four-term mayor of the city William C. VanFossen.

In 1987, a few months before she passed away, they donated the house to the Mason Historical Society.

17. Tour Mason’s Historical Landmarks

Tour Mason’s Historical Landmarks mason Ohio

The city of Mason is marked with 25 historical markers. The Mason Public Library and the Alverta Green Museum, where another tour starts, both have printed guides available.

The Mason Historical Tour also has an interactive app that aids with landmark navigation, explains what each landmark stands for, and provides background information on each historical milestone.

18. Visit Two Cities Pizza for a snack

Visit Two Cities Pizza for a snack mason Ohio

Everybody loves pizza, but an ongoing debate about the best pizza continues. Two Cities Pizza, located on West Main Street, offers the best of both worlds!

Best friends Sean Spurlock and Zach Greeves founded the company in 2015, causing a tremendous buzz during the first launch in the larger Cincinnati area.

Two Cities Pizza topped Cincinnati Magazine’s public poll for “Best Pizza in Cincinnati” less than six months after its grand launch.

19. Cottell Park

Cottell Park mason Ohio

Visit Cottell Park in Mason, Ohio, which is one of the greatest things to do this weekend. The Park should be on your list of fun things to visit in Mason Ohio since it offers so many incredible fun activities that are perfect for the whole family.

Excellent playgrounds with lots of play areas may be found throughout the park. Their greatest playground is a two-parter with one side used by considerably older kids and the other by younger kids. There are swings at both of the playgrounds, which are next to one another.

20. Voice of America Park

Voice of America Park mason Ohio

Located on 435 acres, Voice of America Park features a 35-acre lake suitable for boating and fishing. The park offers a 2.5-mile walking trail, dog park, birding area, playground, and a lodge with meeting and reception areas.

21. The CourtYard complex

 The CourtYard complex mason Ohio

Visit the Courtyard Complex, which is great for your bucket list of exciting things to do in Mason, Ohio, as one of the many activities you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re planning the perfect holiday there.

The complex hosts teen, child, and adult indoor tennis tournaments for guests. If you could enroll in group exercise classes like Pilates, yoga, Zumba, and others.

22. Court Yard Sportsplex

Court Yard Sportsplex mason Ohio

Court Yard Sportsplex is a sports facility that has courts for racquetball, basketball, tennis, and other sports. Summer camps and aerobics, ballet, swimming, and taekwondo fitness sessions are also offered in the property.

23. Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist mason Ohio

Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney, two women who realized the need to rebuild their community after Hurricane Katrina, founded Painting with a Twist in 2007.

The purpose of Painting with a Twist is to forge a strong group of people who want to get together and have a great time.

Since its debut event, which was held in Cathy’s barn, the organization has expanded to plan events at well-known venues around the nation. The industry expanded from a small start to become an enormous one.

24. Little Miami Scenic Trail

The 69-mile Little Miami Scenic Path, also known as the Little Miami Scenic River Nature Trail, is the fourth-longest paved path in the US. It follows a historic railroad track and is multipurpose.

25. Course View restaurant

 Course view restaurant mason Ohio

You’ll be really hungry after spending several hours seeing the city, so you’ll need a place to unwind and eat some delicious food. The Course view restaurant should be on your list of things to do when visiting Mason, Ohio.

Visitors can visit the restaurant any time of year, and there are frequent special events. This is the place to go if you want to enjoy the ultimate outdoor eating experience.


Are there cheap things to do in Mason?

A “Brewers & Barons” Private Tour guarantees an amazing experience without breaking the bank listed in cheap things.

What free activities are there in Mason?

Mason Sports Park, Deerfield Towne Center, Alverta Green Museum, and Arbor Square are free things to do in Manson Ohio.


Mason Ohio has more to offer than you may think, including amusement parks, outdoor spaces, sports venues, and more. On Money Magazine’s 2013 “Best Places to Live” list for families, Mason Ohio came in seventh place among America’s small towns.

Visitors to this region will be intrigued by the scenic sights that Mason, Ohio, has to offer. It offers a variety of lovely settings and a wide range of engaging activities to make your stay here unforgettable.

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