32 Things to do in Newnan GA

About 40 miles (64 km) southwest of Atlanta, Newnan is a city in Metro Atlanta and the county seat of Coweta County, Georgia. At the time of the 2020 census, it had 42,549 inhabitants, up from 33,039 in 2010. Daniel Newnan, a North Carolinian general, was honored when Newnan was designated as the county seat of Coweta County in 1828.

Lawyers, physicians, other professionals, and business people were immediately attracted there in large numbers. The flourishing cotton business in Newnan, which depended on slavery, was largely responsible for the city’s wealth.

Attractions like the McRitchie Hollis Museum, the Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site, and others flaunt the city’s rich history, art, and culture and draw a sizable number of tourists each year. Locals and visitors can also find leisure and recreation in Newnan in parks and entertainment venues like Ashley Park and the Junction Lanes Bowling Alley.

You will definitely like visiting the variety of attractions available in this amazing city.

List of things to do in Newnan GA

Here are the Things to do in Newnan GA that you can do during your visit to junction lanes bowling center, Oak hill cemetery, Hanging Gardens, Abide Brewing Company, McRitchie Hollis Museum, Barbie Beach, historic places, State parks, and many more.

1. Junction Lanes Bowling Center

Junction Lanes Bowling Center Newnan GA

Visits to Junction Lanes Bowling Center are among the best things to do in Newnan GA. This is a fun-filled facility with lots of entertaining things to do.

In 1998, this center was established. The Junction Lanes Bowling Center was created so that different families may visit and enjoy themselves. They have entertaining arcade games, and cosmic bowling is fantastic and a timeless favorite.

You can plan a fun competition for the entire family, including the youngsters. Prizes are available for young winners. For more fun, new games are always being released. As well, their personnel is courteous and understanding. They also offer delectable meals that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

2. Newnan Utilities Carl Miller Park

Newnan Utilities Carl Miller Park

This well-known tourist destination in Newnan GA includes a park with play areas, a splash pad, and hiking trails. Open fields and abundant tree shade can be found in this park. In Newnan GA, there is a 14-acre fun park called Carl Miller Park.

There are a lot of entertaining things to do and exciting activities in this park to keep you busy. Carl Miller park has running and hiking pathways. If you want to go for a quick run, stroll, or even jog in Newnan, these trails are in good shape and convenient. Additionally, the playground at this location provides playthings for kids of all ages.

Since there are picnic tables available, you can also have a picnic here. Undoubtedly, Coweta County’s most beautiful park. Additionally, if it’s hot outside, you may grill barbecues here and cool off at the splash pad.

3. Downtown Newnan

Downtown Newnan

The nine-square-block downtown area of Newnan GA still keeps to the original plan laid down when the city was founded in 1828. Its broad lanes around the magnificent Coweta County Courthouse.

It features a tower with a clock whose mechanism was formerly wound by hand and was constructed in 1904 using red-brown brick in a Greek Revivalist style. The region is also home to various historic religious structures including the state’s first Carnegie library.

Additionally, there is a unique surviving example of an area of retailers from the time when racial segregation permeated Newnan’s shopping practices along East Broad Road.

After shopping for new clothing at JB Joyce Boutique, have dinner at Dunc’s BBQ Kitchen. The McRitchie Hollis Museum is a great place to spend a day immersed in history.

4. Chattahoochee Bend State Park

Chattahoochee Bend State Park Newnan GA

One of Georgia’s largest state parks, Chattahoochee Bend State Park is situated on 2,910 acres of land. It offers both tourists and residents a variety of recreational opportunities, including camping, picnic areas, and more. If you’re looking for exciting yet affordable things to do nearby, take the whole family to Chattahoochee Bend State Park and spend a peaceful day or even night outdoors.

You may dine, fish, and explore the 12-mile hiking route at this park with the kids. To fully experience camping, arrange a camping vacation at Chattahoochee Bend State Park.

Before visiting the park’s environs, set a camp in one of the designated areas. The best things to do in Newnan, Georgia, without a doubt include visiting this park.

5. Historic Downtown Newnan Square

Historic Downtown Newnan Square

One place with a lot of history is the square in Old Downtown Newnan. Most of its structures date back to 1930 and have been standing for many years.

It also boasts a gorgeous, well-designed restaurant where they serve delectable food. The square in Old Town Newnan is crowded with numerous shops where goods can be purchased or sold.

You may find almost whatever you require in Historic Downtown Newnan Square, starting with delectable food, a wide variety of stores, and an exciting experience.

Visiting Historic Downtown Newnan Square is among the greatest things to do in Newnan, Georgia. This is a great square in Newnan to visit and have a great time.

6. Urban Air Adventure Newnan Park

Urban Air Adventure Newnan Park

Several entertaining activities can be found in the indoor trampoline park in Newnan GA called Urban Air Adventure Park Newnan.

This location is the best choice for travelers and athletes looking for a cool spot to engage in healthy activities. You will lose body fat by joining fitness classes. Enroll in the local fitness classes to become the shape of your dreams.

Additionally, if you’re an athlete or simply want to learn how to play, you can come here to play dodgeball. Here is a great choice.

Additionally, they occasionally organize parties, so try to visit if you’d want to sample some of what they have to offer. You can invite friends and your family here to have a birthday party or just come here to check out all the interesting things to do.

7. McRitchie Hollis Museum

McRitchie Hollis Museum Newnan GA

The current McRitchie Hollis Museum was constructed in 1937 and is housed in another beautiful red-brick structure in the Greek Revival style.

It serves as an introduction to life in the American south during the Great Depression of the 1920s and 1930s and the Second World War that followed, having been fully restored to its former splendor.

Original furniture from the Hollis family, who had previously lived in the building, can be found in its exhibition spaces. Visitors can also observe how basic the facilities in the kitchen and bathroom were about a century ago. Visitors may view the grass and established landscaping outdoors from the upstairs level, which is reached by a lovely curving staircase.

8. Shaw Farms

Shaw Farms Newnan GA

Shaw Farms offers tours where its guests may get up and personal with a variety of farm animals, including chickens, turkeys, and of course, alpacas. The site’s goal is to educate its tourists about alpaca farming and how to connect with them.

This farm has extensive knowledge of these four-legged beasts and can give you whatever information you require. The kids will enjoy interacting with all the farm animals at Shaw Farms in addition to learning new things.

9. Inman Park

Inman Park Newnan GA

Inman Park was established in 1888 and is named after Samuel M. Inman. If you’re looking for a great family destination in Newnan, Georgia, be sure to check out this park.

For your scrumptious and expertly prepared meals as well as snacks, this park includes numerous lovely restaurants. There are many pubs there where you may unwind and sip on great cocktails in a lovely setting.

Additionally, there are reputable public schools in Inman Park. For a good time, add visiting Inman Park to your list of things to do in Newnan, Georgia.

10. LINC Trail

LINC Trail Newnan GA

There are many activities available in this incredible location for visitors and locals. You can all come here to work out in the morning, jog and stretch your muscles.

While you’re at it, find a pair or a jogging companion to join you. Furthermore, you will be able to meet friends while using this route because this location is well-known and frequently visited by many individuals.

Another activity you may do in this location is a bike, so bring your bike and give it a try on biking trails. You may easily use the trails here because the roads and paths are nice and tidy. You will also find it fascinating to look at the tunnel that runs beneath Lower Fayetteville Rd Newnan.

Overall, the scenery is lovely, and you’ll think it’s fantastic to take pictures or simply stroll with a companion here.

11. Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site

Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site Newnan GA

Although Newnan’s architecture mainly survived the American Civil War unharmed, this does not mean the city was undamaged by the conflict. This site covers about 80 hectares of area, the Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site is a relatively recent public open space.

It was the scene of combat where the confederate south’s army defeated Abraham Lincoln’s Unionist cavalry. It has walking trails and bicycling routes around the site and its tiny lake and is largely still in its original state.

12. The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County

The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County Newnan GA

The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts in Coweta County, also known as The Donald W. Nixon Centre for Performing and Visual Arts, is a cultural hub where beautiful performances are presented. Visit The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County if you appreciate live performances.

You can watch some of the most talented natives here as they put on top-notch performances for the audience. One of the top indoor activities to do in the city when it’s chilly or rainy is spending some time at The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County.

13. Greenville Street Park

Greenville Street Park Newnan GA

Visit Greenville Street Park, one of many things to do in Newnan, Georgia. Families and friends congregate there to enjoy themselves.

Both adults and kids may readily access the water fountain in the park. Words cannot express the extraordinary splendor of the landscape there. You must go and look for yourself.

An excellent location for picnics and outdoor enjoyment is Greenville Street Park. In addition, they offer wonderful entertainment beginning with their festivals and musical events. The various families who live in Newnan GA are brought together by their vibrant festivals.

14. Senoia Area Historical Society Museum

Senoia Area Historical Society Museum Newnan GA

The Senoia Area Historical Society Museum is in Senoia, which is 30 minutes to the east of Newnan GA.

Its atrium and five rooms are crammed with dark wooden cupboards containing memories and antique furnishings that let guests learn about Senoia’s past. The devoted History Room houses 1874-vintage teller windows from the Farmers & Merchants Bank, which are surrounded by authentic plasterwork moldings.

This museum space genuinely covers the entire history of the area because there is also more current exhibit focused on the Atlanta Olympics’ torch relay from 1996.

15. Dunaway Gardens

Dunaway Gardens Newnan GA

Dunaway Gardens is regarded as one of Newnan’s most stunning tourist attractions. Styled flowers produced in a way that complements the true beauty of nature abound in Dunaway Gardens.

Initially, Dunaway Gardens served as a training ground for actors, producers, and art directors to hone and polish their craft. The renowned actress Hett Jane Dunaway founded the theatre training facility in the 1920s, and she also gave it her name.

This is the ideal location if your fantasy wedding is an unusual outdoor ceremony. Its surroundings are breathtaking, with special fragrances added by the magnificent waterfall. Family get-togethers, reunions, birthday celebrations, and other events can be held here.

Additionally, they feature an amphitheater with a stage for live performances and the finest movie theater experience. Children are admitted free of charge at Dunaway Gardens, but adults must pay a $10.00 entrance fee.

16. Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery Newnan GA

The Oak Hill Cemetery in Newnan GA is home to about 12,000 graves. This ancient cemetery was established in 1833, only five years after Newnan was established, and it is home to several notable graves.

The 25-hectare park, which contains the tombs of two former governors of Georgia, is covered in beautiful stone monuments. Additionally, 270 confederate soldiers who perished during the Civil War and soldiers from the War of Independence against Britain are buried there.

Many soldiers died of wounds or illnesses in Newnan, which was known at the time as a hospital city, far from the battlegrounds surrounding Atlanta. With tombs dating back to the Vietnam War, Oak Hill Cemetery is a significant monument for both Newnan and the entire country.

17. Ashley Park

Ashley Park, which opened in 2006, is a well-liked hangout for both city residents and visitors. This lifestyle center offers a variety of stores, eateries, and even movie theatres, such as Dillard’s, Barberitos, and others.

If you enjoy shopping at malls, Ashley Park is a must-see. Just the mall’s facade, with its welcoming appearance and atmosphere, will undoubtedly draw in more visitors.

Visit one of Ashley Park’s open restaurants for a wonderful supper and to shop for a few new clothes. Everyone in the city should visit this lifestyle center.

18. Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden Newnan GA

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is unimaginably stunning, and this location embodies the true splendor of nature.

About 30 acres of ground at the Atlanta Botanical Garden are covered in a variety of plants. This garden’s goal is to cultivate and preserve unusual plants for use in instruction, research, refreshment, and display. The Atlanta Botanical Garden was established in 1976 and had a recent makeover in 2016.

There is a children’s garden there that was formerly known as the children’s Garden but has since undergone several changes to become known as the Lou Glenn Children’s Garden. A restaurant was also created during the renovation era, including the best cuisines from the acclaimed Chef Hopkins Linton.

With the recent national award for Garden Excellence, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is doing exceptionally well.

19. Coweta County African American Heritage Museum and Research Center

Coweta County African American Heritage Museum and Research Center Newnan GA

Despite being modest, there are several benefits to thinking about spending some time in this museum.

Its artifacts about African American history are held in a shotgun-style home, which was popular in the American south from the Civil War through the 1920s, also known as Caswell House. The Farmers Street Cemetery, which lies right next door, is thought by many researchers to be the largest cemetery for former slaves in any of the southern states.

However, Caswell House is also believed to be ghostly. People have reported seeing Ruby, who originally owned the building and seems to enjoy playing with any children who might stop by.

20. Blue Heron Adventures

Blue Heron Adventures Newnan GA

If you enjoy adventures, you must go to Blue Heron Adventure. Include this on your list of enjoyable activities in Newnan, Georgia.

There are many enjoyable activities for friends and family at Blue Heron Adventure. They provide the ultimate paintball gaming experience, and family and friend competitions can be planned.

Especially if you love animals, this is one of the best places to visit. They have a variety of creatures, including cheetahs, young lions, tigers, and many others.

21. Abide Brewing Company

Abide Brewing Company Newnan GA

The Abide Brewing Company, one of the newest craft breweries, is the first brewery to call Newnan home. It makes some wonderful and distinctive beers.

Abide Brewing company was founded by three residents from Newnan with an idea. It is so tiny that they call it a nano-brewery. Even though many of Newnan’s bars serve the product, visiting the brewery itself is still the best option.

Along with having their entire selection of beers on tap, from lagers to European-style brews, the crew here also regularly offers tours of the facilities that are used behind the scenes.

22. Male Academy Museum

Male Academy Museum Newnan GA

According to history, Newman’s History at Male Academy Museum was the first school in Newnan to be built for boys only, opening its doors in 1883. After renovation, it became a museum. This museum features images of the earliest Newnan family, Civil War artifacts, Indian artifacts, and a collection of Jackson Alan’s belongings. He enjoyed enormous popularity.

This museum aids in both the preservation of Georgian history and the education of the next generation. Visitors can park in the nearby garage.

This location is everything but dull; there are numerous items on show, so you won’t get bored gazing at them; instead, you’ll be amazed by what you might discover. Men’s Academy Museum should be on your list of things to do in Newnan GA.

23. The Little White House

The Little White House Newnan GA

The Little White House, a favorite getaway of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, is situated in Warm Springs.

Long before he was elected president, Roosevelt ordered the construction of this retreat on Pine Mountain while he was the governor of New York.

Roosevelt frequented the Little White House, and it was there that he passed away on April 12, 1945, barely three months after being elected to his fourth term in office in Washington, DC.

The museum is full of personal belongings belonging to Roosevelt, including his favorite chair and an incomplete presidential portrait that has been preserved as they were on the day of his passing.

24. Fashion Ten Newnan

Fashion Ten Newnan GA

A family-run company called Fashion Ten Newnan specializes in fashion, especially for ladies. They offer reasonably priced original clothing and other fashion items. No matter your age or size, they have lovely outfits for you.

Georgian children are helped by Fashion Ten Newnan by receiving bags to keep their belongings contained. They’re open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday through Saturday, however, they’re closed on Sundays.

25. Barbie Beach

Barbie Beach Newnan GA

Barbie Beach is located on the route to Senoia, about 7 miles from Newnan, and is ideal for anyone who appreciates the eccentric and offbeat.

The creators of the popular television series The Walking Dead were so taken with this funny roadside attraction, which includes a beach of only nude Barbie dolls, that they contributed some zombie dolls to the collection.

You never quite know what you’ll find if you visit the beach because their seashore activities are constantly changing. Scenes, however, frequently reference contemporary events like important sporting events.

26. Sweetwater Creek State Park

Sweetwater Creek State Park Newnan GA

Sweetwater Creek State Park comprises over two hundred and fifteen acres, making it a relatively large park. Due to the Sweetwater Creek that runs through it, the park was given the name Sweetwater Creek State Park.

This park offers a pleasant setting for outdoor activities including picnics. For individuals that want to go fishing, Sweetwater Creek State Park also has fishing boats available. Kayaks, canoes, and a pedalboard are available for rent.

27. Historic Banning Mills

Historic Banning Mills Newnan GA

This attraction in Newnan may sound like a museum, but if that’s what you’re anticipating, you’re in for a big surprise. Certainty, historic Banning Mills is an adventure resort with activities like ziplining and climbing walls.

The resort, which is surrounded by a stunning natural environment, offers horseback riding through its woodlands and across its streams as well as kayaking on the water.

At the same time, visitors can indulge themselves at the spa and unwind in the kind of welcoming atmosphere for which the South is famous worldwide.

28. Starlight Family Fun Center

Starlight Family Fun Center Newnan GA

One of the best places to enjoy yourself with family and friends is here. Their personnel is polite and composed, and they provide a wide range of entertaining activities.

Skating at Starlight Family Fun Center is very enjoyable, especially when done with family and friends. In addition to serving wonderful pizza and drinks, they also host birthday parties and other events here.

You must visit the Starlight Family Fun Center while you are in Georgia. Until you stop by this center, your stay is not fully finished.

29. Delta Flight Museum

Delta Flight Museum Newnan GA

The Delta Flight Museum is situated in the southern suburbs of Atlanta, about twice as far away from Newnan as Historic Banning Mills.

It is housed in two vintage hangars from the 1940s on the outskirts of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and is devoted to the first 100 years of Delta Airlines.

The museum’s exhibits and artifact collection go back much deeper in time, and they include the airline’s first passenger aircraft, a six-seater aircraft built in 1931. It is overshadowed by the Spirit of Delta, a 767-200 airliner that served as the company’s mascot until 2004.

30. Recycling the Past Antiques

Recycling the Past Antiques Newnan GA

In the store Recycling the Past Antiques, you can see pottery, furniture, architectural artifacts, and many other things. This is the greatest location to find the ideal memento that will serve as a reminder of your time in Newnan.

On April 17, 2010, Recycling the Past Antiques officially opened as a family-owned business. They were also experts in bespoke work, furniture repairs, and many other things. The owners of Recycling the Past Antiques are a local Newnan family.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on finding the ideal present for both yourself and your family, be sure to add Recycling the Past Antiques to your list of places to visit.

They are open every day from 9 am to 5 pm on Monday through Friday and from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

31. Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium Newnan GA

Georgia Aquarium, situated in the center of the state capital, is another attraction you should see while you’re in the Atlanta suburbs.

It is one of the biggest aquariums in the world and one of only a select few that can claim to include a whale shark tank. Additionally, raucous California sea lions, beluga whales, and enormous manta rays are all well-known top attractions.

The aquarium covers each of the world’s major ocean ecosystems in turn, from tropical shallows where corals with vibrant colors can be found to the planet’s coldest waters.

32. Leaf and Bean

Leaf and Bean Newnan GA

One of the most elegant venues to have a cup of coffee is Leaf and Bean Coffee, which has a calm atmosphere that promotes relaxation.

They provide you with a variety of coffee tastes to pick from as well as delectable pastries to go with it.

They also offer several pastries, sandwiches, and salads that are so wonderful that you’ll want more after just one bite. The ideal location relaxes in downtown Newnan, where Leaf and Bean Coffee is situated.


Newnan, Georgia is famous for what?

Alan Jackson’s hometown of Newnan is referred to as the “City of Homes.” These six National Register Historic Districts are home to some of Georgia’s most exquisite residences and commercial buildings.

Is it a good idea to live in Newnan, Georgia?

One of the best place to live in Georgia is Newnan, which is located in Coweta County. Residents in Newnan enjoy a dense suburban feel, and the majority own their homes. There are many parks in Newnan. Newnan has a large population of families and young professionals, and its citizens typically hold moderate political views.


One of the best place to chill on vacation and escape the stresses of the daily hectic routine is Newnan, Georgia and to live permanently. To enjoy a wonderful experience with your family and friends, visit one of their extraordinary entertainment centers.

Atlanta Botanical Garden, Sweetwater Creek State Park, Inman Park, Junction Lanes Bowling Alley, Chattahoochee Bend State Park, Brown’s Mill Battlefield Historic Civil War Site, and many more attractions are among the intriguing locations to explore in Newnan.

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