33 Things to do in Newport ky

The Ohio and Licking rivers meet in Campbell County, Kentucky, where Newport is a home rule-class city. Things to do in Newport ky In 2010, there were 15,273 people living there. It was once one of Campbell County’s four county seats.

In Newport, Kentucky, there are plenty of entertaining activities available to both locals and visitors. There are many different attractions, stores, and restaurants nearby Cincinnati, Ohio, which is a bustling metropolis.

These locations are much closer together across the waterway and are easily accessible by car or foot via the Purple People Bridge. Refineries, theatre, the largest free-swinging bell in the world, and delicious food may all be found in Newport.

List of things to do in Newport ky

1. Ohio River

Ohio River newport ky

One of the best things to do in Newport Kentucky is a paddlewheel boat cruise down the Ohio River. The red and white paddleboats are beautiful to view as they float on the water, but strangely, riding in one is better.

From romantic supper cruises to opulent sightseeing cruises, BB Riverboats’ themed boat trips depart from Newport’s Riverboat Row. Additionally, BB Riverboats depart for special event voyages, such as adult Cincinnati wine tastings, informal specialty brunches, and voyages with fireworks.

A riverboat trip is a great option if you’re looking for meaningful things to do in Newport or a family-friendly area’s riverfront.

2. Newport Southbank Bridge

 Newport Southbank Bridge newport ky

The Newport Southbank Bridge crosses the Ohio River and is also referred to as the Purple People Bridge.

Your eyes will be welcomed by the stunning views of the Cincinnati and Newport Kentucky skylines as you stroll across the bridge.

You may also rent bikes here and see herds of geese. The state line marker at the Ohio-Kentucky border can also be used for photos. The bridge offers access to the Ohio River’s riverbank walking tour in both states. From this bridge, it is simple to travel to Newport on the Levee and downtown Cincinnati.

3. Newport Aquarium

Newport Aquarium newport ky

The magnificent Newport Aquarium is at the top of our list of things to do in Newport, Kentucky. A variety of aquatic species, including penguins, jellyfish, alligators, and sharks, call the cutting-edge facility home at Newport Aquarium.

However, the aquarium’s top-notch exhibits, distinctive exhibits, and fascinating facts are what make it a must-see destination in Newport Kentucky. Visitors can pet a swimming stingray, stroll through a glass tunnel filled with sharks, and get up close and personal with a penguin.

4. Brio Italian Grille

Brio Italian Grille newport ky

Visitors can enjoy a meal and some downtime with their friends and family at The Brio Italian Grille. The taste of food at the restaurant is very tasty.

Brio Newport KY is a Tuscan-inspired restaurant featuring authentic northern Italian cuisine, pricey wines, and mixed beverages.

Their specialties include top-notch steaks, chops, fish, pasta that has been particularly produced, and flatbreads that have been arranged in an authentic Italian broiler that consumes wood.

5. World Peace Bell

World Peace Bell newport ky

The largest free-swinging chime on the earth, according to the World Peace Bell in Newport Kentucky. The twelve-foot-by-12-foot ringer weighs 66 thousand pounds, with the load adding another 16,512 pounds.

Every day in the early afternoon, the World Peace Bell sounds profoundly and strongly as a symbol of peace and opportunity. Visitors can take a tour guide for a small fee on Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

It’s a fantastic touring experience to view the World Peace Bell, and it’s even better because it’s a place that welcomes families.

6. Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth newport ky

sugar craving Its dessert recipes, which are available at 125 W 11th Street, have been created with the help of decades of experience to guarantee that you get a delectable chocolate delight at a wonderful price.

The owners of Pompilio’s Italian restaurant acquired this dessert business in 2020 to carry on the history of its previous owners, who had announced their retirement.

7. Pompilios Italian Restaurant

Pompilios Italian Restaurant newport ky

In Newport, Kentucky, Pompilios Restaurant has been a staple since 1933, serving spaghetti. One of the best things to do in Newport, Kentucky, is to eat at Pompilio’s.

Classic Italian cuisine is offered inside to customers in a charming atmosphere, and the best Kentucky bourbon is displayed on the shelves at the back bar. In the back, residents assemble for bocce ball matches.

The famous corner eatery in Newport, Kentucky, has hosted a number of celebrities, gangsters, and longtime locals throughout the years.

8. USS Nightmare

USS Nightmare newport ky

The USS Nightmare is a fantastic location for a spooky adventure! It would be great to take this into account when making a list of exciting things to do in Newport, Kentucky.

Admirers of the mysterious and the dreadful can board the USS Nightmare for a terrifying visit unlike any other for a distinctive evening out on the town.

9. New Riff Distilling

New Riff Distilling newport ky

One of the most popular places to visit in Newport KY is the New Riff Distillery. This new riff distillery seeks to provide distinctive twists to time-honored and traditional practices, particularly the Kentucky Bourbon.

The facility not only allows tours but also provides samples and has a gift shop. Along with traditional whiskeys, they also offer some unique varieties, such as Kentucky Gin.

10. Falcon Theatre

 Falcon Theatre newport ky

The Falcon Theatre is one of Newport, Kentucky’s liveliest locations, so a trip there wouldn’t be complete without going there.

The Falcon Theater boasts that they are “not like some other theatre” nearby and that they are, in a sense, more renowned in the Cincinnati area.

The Falcon Theater is known for its excellent productions and welcoming staff, who always extend an invitation to guests to attend a play. When it comes to making you feel welcome as you enter the Theater, the theatre company holds nothing back.

11. Newport on the Levee

Newport on the Levee newport ky

Newport on the Levee is regarded as both a shopping mall and a tourist destination. In Newport, Kentucky, which lies on the south bank of the Ohio River, there are numerous options for dining, shopping, and entertainment for guests.

Visitors can access a sizable arcade called GameWorks, the World famous Toro restaurant, and the Art on the Levee Gallery. AMC Theaters, Rotolo Bowling & Bocce Eatery, and a number of well-known national eateries and shops, like Brio Tuscan Grille and Cold Stone Creamery, were additional points of interest.

12. Newport Riverwalk

Newport Riverwalk newport ky

An elevated promenade for pedestrians and cyclists, the Newport Riverwalk offers spectacular views of the Ohio and Licking Rivers and the Cincinnati region.

The Newport Riverwalk is the ideal area to take a stroll and enjoy the view of the Cincinnati skyline and the bridges that span the Ohio river. It is a section of a larger path known as the Riverfront Commons Trail that connects various Northern Kentucky cities.

13. Newport Gangster Tour

Newport Gangster Tour newport ky

Join the Newport Gangster Tour if you’re interested in learning more about the city’s criminal past!

The local area expert takes members on a tour of Newport’s streets after giving a presentation and a brief history of the city’s criminal past. This allows participants to visit the locations of the most infamous incidents.

The city in Northern Kentucky served as the nation’s gambling capital from the 1930s to the 1960s. You’d be astonished to discover just how much from the tour.

The city was frequently visited by famous people like Marilyn Monroe and Duke Ellington. The economy of the city was enhanced by tourism.

14. The Southgate House Revival

The Southgate House Revival newport ky

The Southgate House Revival honors Newport’s native musicians. Outside, this location appears to be a church, however, it is actually a refurbished home that was once owned by the Tommy gun inventor.

It hosts a number of events with a variety of live music performers. There are three distinct musical portions at the Southgate House Revival. The main bar, which is accessible to the public, frequently has live music.

15. Dixie Chili

 Dixie Chili newport ky

Traveling to a new city is exciting because you get to sample the local cuisine, and Newport, Kentucky, has several restaurants that are owned privately. While we’ve already mentioned a few of the must-go-to restaurants, there are a few neighboring places to get cheap cuisine that are also worth mentioning.

In Newport, Kentucky, Dixie Chili on Monmouth theater Street has been serving stew in the Cincinnati style for more than 75 years. However, for those who enjoy a decent dinner and don’t hate chili, this location is wonderful. Additionally, they provide excellent customer service.

Visit Dixie Chili if a good dinner is what you’re after. It features a welcoming atmosphere for families.

16. Wooden Cask Brewing Company

Wooden Cask Brewing Company newport ky

The Wooden Cask Brewing Company is a friendly neighborhood bar and a family-run brewery. The Wooden Cask Brewery company is housed in a historic, refurbished structure that was once the infamous Flamingo Club and is conveniently located on York Street in the center of Newport.

Despite concentrating on traditional Irish, Scottish, and English type beers, Wooden Cask’s extensive seasonal and specialty beers menu features a variety of genres.

17. Hofbrauhau

Hofbrauhau newport ky

In the well-known neighborhood of Newport on the Levee, there is a café and a fascination called The Hofbrauhaus Newport. It’s a great location for a day trip with the family.

This outstanding Newport KY restaurant offers a necessary dining experience to all guests and creates a positive impression for the duration of your stay.

The Hofbrauhaus Newport has it all, from delectable German and American cuisine to exceptional lager to lavishly decorated apartments. The original, centuries-old Hofbräuhaus in Munich is the model for the Hofbrauhaus Newport.

18. Newport Dog Park

Newport Dog Park newport ky

Visit Newport Dog Park if you’re traveling with your four-legged companions. Since this is an off-leash park, your pets are welcome to roam the area at will. The Newport Dog Park, which was formerly at Linden Avenue, is now found behind the Campbell County Library at 901 E. 6th Street.

The new off-leash park is walled in and twice as big as the old one. Pavement routes, improved car access and parking spaces, an underground walking tour, and gorgeous landscaping are other additions.

19.  Purple People Bridge

Purple People Bridge newport ky

One of the bridges that span the Ohio River from Northern Kentucky to Cincinnati is the Purple People Bridge, which is formally known as the Newport Southbank Bridge.

The bridge, which was initially built in 1872 to accommodate trains, was later rebuilt to allow for the passage of horse-drawn carriages, streetcars, and automobiles. But in 2001, it was made a pedestrian-only bridge, painted purple, and closed to automobile traffic.

20. General James Taylor Park

General James Taylor Park newport ky

A two-level park called General James Taylor Park is located at the western end of Riverboat Row in Newport. Formerly known as Newport Barracks, this historic site served as a military outpost that hosted notable individuals such as Presidents William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, and General William Tecumseh Sherman.

During the Manifest Destiny era, Newport Barracks functioned as a crucial supply line connecting the eastern coast with the expanding western frontier. General James Tylor park now offers a variety of services and a lovely green space for a leisurely picnic.

There includes a shelter with grills and picnic tables, a historical marker, a reading wall commemorating the bicentennial, a fishing pier, paved parking, and a stunning view of the Cincinnati skyline.

21. York Street Cafe

One of the interesting spots to eat and have a good time in Newport, Kentucky is the funky and lively York Street Cafe.

York Street Cafe is a feast for the senses with a restaurant, a lounge, and an art gallery sprawled across three stories. The atmosphere is created by retro furnishings and local theater artwork, but the house-made desserts really steal the show.

22. Glier’s Goettafest

Glier’s Goettafest newport ky

The Glier’s Goettafest is a “festival of everything Goetta” that takes place in Newport, Kentucky. Newport, Kentucky, is a great spot to visit.

Goetta, a meal from Germany that combines tastes, steel-cut oats, beef, and pork, is frequently compared to a scrapple of breakfast sausage.

Two weekends are dedicated to the event, which is packed with live music performances, goetta games organized by families, and inventive cuisine.

23. Chart House

Chart House newport ky

The Chart House, which is situated on the Ohio River’s banks, offers breathtaking downtown Cincinnati sights of surroundings and the water.

Due to its great adult food and ambiance, this restaurant in Newport, Kentucky, has consistently ranked first among locals and visitors. The Chart House is a family-friendly location because it features more than twenty grandstands, a waterfront, and notable areas across the country.

The culinary experts matched the menu’s items to the local fare while still offering a hint of the extraordinary.

24. BB Riverboats

BB Riverboats newport ky

In Newport KY, a city that is surrounded by the Ohio River, a riverboat cruise ride is unquestionably something you should do.

The company’s cruises all come with a fully equipped bar and excellent buffet food. Enjoy a romantic Stonebrook Winery sunset cruise, lunch with friends on the Captain’s Lunch Cruise, or quality time with the family on the Sunday Family Dinner Cruise.

25.  Pompilio’s 

Pompilio’s  newport ky

A diner originally known as Pompilio’s was built in the back in 1933 at the corner of Washington Avenue and Sixth Street in Newport’s East Row Historic District.

The neighborhood diner values locally made sauces, soups, and traditional dishes while serving authentic Italian cuisine. Delicious meals including Italian wiener, meatballs, ravioli, and lasagna are just the top of what Pompilio’s has to offer. In addition to serving Italian food, Pompilio’s also has a children’s menu and traditional American dishes.

26. Mansion Hill Tavern

Mansion Hill Tavern newport ky

Some of the best blues in the area are played at Mansion Hill Tavern. The Greater Cincinnati Blues Society performs live blues at the tavern on Friday and Saturday nights as a result.

This charming, cash-only bar offers a friendly atmosphere and is located in a historically significant area of Newport.

27. Rotolo

Rotolo newport ky

Rotolo, which is used as an action verb in Italian, means “the roll” or “moving anything.” Therefore, it makes sense that Rotolo is a bowling alley.

Rotolo is a modern bowling alley with two working bars and a 68-seat restaurant. Four of the bowling lanes on the 16-path alley are reserved for adult private events and have electronic scoring systems.

Bocce Ball, Billiards, and Foosball are a few different workouts related to the Rotolo. There is plenty of room in the center to unwind and breathe in the fresh air. The meal is also Italian and has something for everyone, including hand-held luxury, sharing plates, and delicious quality bread.

28. Mad Mike’s Burgers

Mad Mike’s Burgers newport ky

Mad Mike’s is a local restaurant that offers big, affordable gourmet burgers. Choose a distinctive taste combination, like the Rockefeller, or pack your burger high with your favorite toppings.

29. Waterworks Park

Waterworks Park newport ky

A 10-acre park called Waterworks Park with baseball/softball pitches, soccer grounds, and playground equipment. In addition, the park contains pathways, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and picnic shelters that can be reserved.

30. Newport Racing and Gaming

Newport Racing and Gaming newport ky

The center of Newport is home to the renowned adult gaming and entertainment complex known as Newport Racing and Gaming.

With numerous slot machines vying for your attention, the environment provides all the excitement of a gambling dance club in the vein of Las Vegas.

If you enjoy the thrill of horse racing, you may wager on live events in the Simulcast area with all the intensity you can handle.

31. The Footlighters Inc

The Footlighters Inc newport ky

In the riverside Kentucky city of Newport, there is a non-benefit theatre exhibition scene called The Footlighters Inc. A small group of community theatre volunteers founded The Footlighters Inc. in 1963, and it has since grown to become a popular tourist destination.

The theatre company hosts six main stage productions at the neighboring venue each season in an effort to bring theatrical opportunities to Cincinnati’s western side.

These creations are presented in the Stained Glass Theater, which was formerly a prominent church structure that was transformed into an impressive presentation space in 1882.

32. Madison Theater

Madison Theater newport ky

The Madison Theater is a music venue where bands and traveling musicians from all genres perform. The theatre provides a range of special events, and beer and wine are for sale.

33. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden newport ky

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is home to more than 500 different animal species and 3,000 different plant types. All throughout the year, special events and programs are conducted, including the Festival of Lights and the Borrows Conservation Lecture. Here, you can also plan private gatherings.


What is Newport Ky famous for?

 Tourist destinations like Newport Aquarium, the World Peace Bell, and Newport on the Levee have been built, and the riverfront region is also being developed. Additionally, Newport is becoming a hub for distinctive stores, cafes, and independent companies. The neighborhood around the river is suddenly overflowing with restaurants and events.

What is Newport Ky close to?

Cities near Newport Kentucky is Covington, KY. Cincinnati, OH. Fort Thomas, KY.


Beautiful Newport Kentucky is the ideal destination for a getaway with friends or family. Your options, as well as the encounters that lie ahead of you, are endless thanks to its tiny yet distinctive attractions. So it will always be a blast.

In Newport, Kentucky, there is plenty to do for everyone, and you may choose what you want to do to have the finest vacation.

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