27 Things To Do In Pocatello

In the southeast of the U.S. state of Idaho, Pocatello is the county headquarters and major city of Bannock County, with a small fraction on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in neighboring Power County. The Pocatello metropolitan region, which includes all of Bannock County, is centered on this city.

Pocatello, the main city in Bannock County, is home to a plethora of attractions that will meet all of your travel demands and provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime fun experience. This city has a tiny population of about 50,000 people and is a very peaceful, tidy, and historical location.

This city is a great spot to visit if you enjoy seeing new towns and cities or tiny towns with quiet little areas because it occupies a sizable portion of Bannock County with such a small population. This picturesque city offers visitors a wealth of attractions, from fascinating museums and a bustling downtown to gorgeous hiking trails and lakes.

List of things to do in Pocatello

There are many things to do in Pocatello such as a visit to the Idaho Museum of Natural History, fort hall replica, ross park aquatic complex, outer limits fun zone, arts center, Portneuf valley brewing, old town Pocatello, mini golf.

1. Idaho Museum of Natural History

Idaho Museum of Natural History

The stunning Idaho Museum of Natural History is home to both the history and mysteries of the nation. It preserves local culture and traditions and is a particular must-see for zoologists and biologists.

Animals, skulls, paintings, sculptures, and even tools like three-dimensional printers are among the impressive array of permanent exhibits on show there. Idaho Museum of Natural History is a wonderful location to take your family fun and children.

In the museum’s gift shop, you may buy souvenir-worthy goods including rings, bracelets, sculptures, and more. At the Idaho Museum of Natural History rotating displays, which make each visit unique from the last, are what make it so fascinating.

2. Museum of Clean

Museum of Clean

A beautiful brick warehouse from 1915 houses the Museum of Clean, which is devoted to hygiene and cleanliness. It has an art gallery, an 88-seat theatre, and a gift store.

This small museum contains excellent interactive displays for youngsters that encourage recycling, making beds, and cleaning rooms. It has been thoughtfully built to be low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Among the 6,000 historical items are some amazing objects, such as a bronze toothpick from 1,600 years ago and a horse-drawn vacuum from 1902, one of more than 300 vacuum cleaners in the collection.

Various washing machines, including an early automatic model from 1945, are also there, along with numerous bathrooms, some of which are used by royalty or inmates.

3. Indigenous Creatures at Zoo Idaho

Indigenous Creatures at Zoo Idaho

Numerous plant and animal native species can be found in Zoo Idaho.  People are welcome to see the local wildlife as it freely roams the park.

The majority of the animals at this zoo are rescues, making it the most alluring zoo in Idaho. It is home to species that are native to Idaho. It’s a terrific opportunity to get up and personal with animals.

This zoo in Idaho is excellent for getting up and personal with wildlife; you may visit here to unwind while admiring the wonders of nature and helping out the local fauna.

4. Fort Hall Replica

Fort Hall Replica

A few miles southwest of the historic Fort Hall replica lies this meticulously recreated fort, where tales of frontier life and westward migration are remembered.

The building of Fort Hall Replica was constructed in 1834 as a trading post and served as a crucial hub for traders, trappers, and trail users until 1863 when its timbers were converted for use as a stage stop. The Bannock County Historical Museum and Zoo Idaho are both nearby the 1960s-era Fort Hall Replica.

Explore the Company Hall, Indian Room, Frontier Room, Blacksmith, Carpenter’s Room, and Factor’s Quarter, all of which are supplemented by period-appropriate tools and equipment, after entering through the towering wooden gates. Using letters, maps, and even recipes, the pioneer era is brought to life.

5. Ross Park Aquatic Complex

Ross Park Aquatic Complex

The Ross Park Aquatic Complex is a fantastic location to go with your family or friends, unwind, play, and enjoy some exciting slides and lily pads jump.

All ages of visitors can have fun there. You can enter the swimming zero-depth pool and swim about in it.

The Lazy River is a well-known location to explore, enjoy a small picnic, or simply unwind. It is frequently crowded. Ross park aquatic complex is a tidy, well-kept garden that also meets all safety requirements. The Lazy River is unquestionably a must-see zero-depth pool, and you’ll want to return here again and again because of its beauty.

6. Bannock County Historical Museum

Bannock County Historical Museum

The Bannock County Historical Museum is housed in a contemporary structure on the same grounds as the Fort Hall Replica, and it is highly recommended due to its captivating exhibits.

These shed light on a wide range of historical topics, including the early railroad era, the military, ranching, photography, printing, and 19th-century medical, in Pocatello Idaho, and Bannock County.

A stagecoach from the Holladay Overland Stage Co. that has been preserved and a collection of police evidence from the Prohibition era are two highlights in Bannock County Historical Museum.

A mosaic chronology detailing the significant figures and occasions in Bannock County’s history is another noteworthy long-term exhibit. A general store that has been meticulously reconstructed as well as a luxurious parlor from the Victorian era is also open for exploration.

7. Gibson Jack Trail

In the center of Pocatello, there is a wonderfully lovely route called the Gibson Jack Trail. It’s a nice area to take a stroll, unwind, or take your dog for a walk. This trail is excellent for capturing pictures because of the breathtaking mountain scenery.

This pristine and appealing road is perfect for biking, horseback riding, and moonlight strolls. Along the entire walk, there are little streams brimming with stunning, large flowers.

If you’re in Pocatello during the winter, you must go see it because it is completely covered in snow.

8. Old Town Pocatello

Old Town Pocatello

Old Town Pocatello Idaho is a compact downtown area in excellent condition, bordered by trees and painted street lamps, along a few blocks of North Main Street and the adjoining streets.

Independent booksellers, antique shops, bakeries, art galleries, specialty food shops, gift shops, art centers, craft shops, and many more are housed in lovely old structures that have been standing since the end of the 19th century.

Additionally, there is a tonne of dining options along Main Street, all within a few short blocks, including Hawaiian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian, and Greek, healthier options, sweets, and diner fare.

9. Historic Downtown Pocatello

Historic Downtown Pocatello

Pocatello’s historical downtown is a haven for culture, heritage, and art. The vintage stores in this area feature an excellent selection of vintage clothing and footwear.

If you love to shop, you must go there. The welcoming atmosphere and layout of the market create a very traditional impression. This site will certainly bring joy to a ’90s kid’s heart because it fosters positivism, history, and happiness.

The local farmers market is well known for its delectable local cuisine and is a fantastic opportunity to support small businesses.

10. Outer Limits Fun Zone

Outer Limits Fun Zone

Outer Limits Fun Zone is one of those attractions with a lot going on in its interior that will be ideal for families with restless kids and teenagers.

There is also a multilevel soft play palace for kids aged eight and younger, large arcade games, laser tag, and black light bowling lanes with smaller, lighter balls and no need for special shoes. The nine-hole blacklight mini golf course is home to dinosaurs and deep-sea animals.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, go to the Galactic Grill, where you may choose from a variety of delicious food like fried chicken, pizza, subs, and salads in the outer limits fun zone.

11. The Mysterious Standrod House

The Mysterious Standrod House

The beautiful architecture found in Pocatello’s Standrod House is a historical marker. Visitors frequently come to see its splendor. Regarding the building of this mansion, various intriguing viewpoints from different persons exist.

The architectural design of the Standrod House is chateauesque. If you enjoy exploring fascinating and unusual structures, you must go

12. Palace Playhouse

Palace Playhouse

You can come upon what appears to be a cartoonish Gothic castle in Chubbuck, a city not far from Pocatello. This dinner theatre, called the Palace Playhouse, features gourmet meals as well as Broadway-style performances.

Long-standing classics or fantastic musicals that have slipped under the radar go well with prime rib or stuffed fish.

Fiddler on the Roof, Mary Poppins, Into the Woods, and Annie are some recent blockbusters; at the time this article was written, Cinderella, Matilda, and Legally Blonde were also on the schedule. The majority of the productions are suitable for families, and the kids’ menu offers breaded chicken breast bits.

13. Ammon Park

Ammon Park

Ammon Park is a great place if you’re in Pocatello Idaho and searching for a place to go for a picnic on a beautiful afternoon. This lovely park in the center of Pocatello contains several hills in addition to its mainland greenery.

There are ice blocks where you may go sliding, relax, and have fun in the winter. It’s a fantastic place for a picnic, unwinding, walking your dog, or riding a bike.

You may also use the opportunity to reflect, write in a notebook, paint, or shoot pictures while sipping on some cold beverages. The park is a great place to get back in touch with nature because it is tidy, peaceful, and well-kept.

14. Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Museum

Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Museum

Pocatello Idaho is named after a Shoshone leader from the 19th century, and if you’re interested in learning more about this period of the region’s history, you can take a quick drive up to the original Fort Hall, where there is a museum dedicated to the Shoshone-Bannock tribes.

Numerous interesting exhibits on Chief Pocatello, actual items from the historic Fort Hall, unique beading, antique photographs, and historical narratives are available at the museum.

15. Pocatello Model Railroad and Historical Society

Pocatello Model Railroad and Historical Society

You must be informed at this point that Pocatello is a great place rich in culture and history. One of the most significant historical sites in the city is the Pocatello Model Railroad and Historical Society.

A lavish collection based on the modern railroad is on display at this museum, which is next to the Union Pacific PR. An excellent place to stop and see several trains is the museum.

Additionally, it contains artifacts related to trains from the 1900s to the present. You should bring your kids here so they can see all the trains.

For those who enjoy trains, a visit to the Pocatello Id Model Railroad and Historical Society is very essential.

16. The Popcorn Shop

The Popcorn Shop

A local pastor and schoolteacher pair opened this adorable business at 460 East Oak Street in 2003.

The Popcorn Shop is currently being handled by the next generation. It produces gourmet popcorn in more than 30 flavors, ranging from straightforward favorites like home-style salted and caramel to wacky concoctions like cotton candy, white cheddar garlic parmesan, and root beer float.

The Popcorn Shop also produces a variety of sweet delicacies that are perfect for a decadent snack or gift, including fudge, toffee, peanut brittle, chocolate caramel pieces, and chocolate-covered pretzels.

17. Idaho State University campus

Idaho State University campus

On the campus of Idaho State University campus, the L.E. and Thelma E. Stephens Performing Arts Center has a large music hall with seating for over a thousand people. Ballet companies and symphonic orchestras of renown from throughout the world routinely perform at the center.

18. Edson Fichter Nature Area

Edson Fichter Nature Area

The Edson Fichter Nature Area is an excellent location for relaxing, going for a jog, or going fishing. The most exciting aspect of this natural region is the stunning views, particularly the sunsets. You can explore the area on foot, by bicycle, or by riding a boat.

Visitors may feel what it’s like to walk on the ice as the lake freezes over in the winter. Additionally, it’s an excellent location for ice skating. If you are a sucker for gorgeous scenery, you must visit this location because the sights are extremely enchanting.

19. Flipside Lounge

Flipside Lounge has music from disc jockeys for guests to enjoy, and its bar serves imported beers. The setting is furnished in a retro style, and the lounge contains a sizable chess set that guests can use.

20. Outback Golf Park

Outback Golf Park

This golf facility is located on the other side of Interstate 15 and attracts couples, families, and those who simply wish to sharpen their skills.

The 18 holes of miniature golf at the Outback Golf Park, complete with carved rock and water features, are the main attraction for recreational golfers.

The courses are challenging enough for serious putters to work on their short games while also being entertaining enough for kids.

The driving range features plenty of bays that are all on one level, have good-quality mats, and have reasonably priced small, medium, and big buckets.

21. Cherry Springs Nature Area

Cherry Springs Nature Area

It’s your dream to come true to visit the Cherry Springs Nature Area in Pocatello. It’s another park where you may get back in touch with nature and walk or jog through cherry springs.

The trails are safe to walk on and have been well-built and maintained. The location’s general aesthetic and color scheme greatly enhance people’s enjoyment. This is the ideal location in Pocatello ID to go if you want some really good shots of yourself.

22. Portneuf Valley Brewing

Portneuf Valley Brewing

In addition to comprehensive cuisine, live music, and homebrews, Portneuf Valley Brewing was established in 2005 as a fully functional brewpub. With rotating monthly displays, owner and Brew Mistress Penny Pink also supports local artists.

23. Bannock Peak Casino

Bannock Peak Casino

In this case, when you’re not precisely right but you’re also not entirely off base. The Bannock Peak Casino in Pocatello ID is the best spot to have a good time, gamble, and drink your problems away.

You should not be concerned if you are traveling alone because this location is known for delivering the best coffee and discussions. At this entertaining casino, boredom is practically unheard of. The fact that you can create your own pizza here is the cherry on top.

24. Swore Farms

Swore Farms

This family-run farm opens its doors to the public in the fall for pumpkin season a few miles north of Pocatello.

This often begins in early October and coincides with lots of family-friendly activities like a sizable corn maze, tractor wagon rides, a giant wheat sandbox, and a play area for young children.

Naturally, the pumpkins are the primary attraction, and you may choose one for yourself at the patch while younger members of the family gain useful knowledge about farming and daily living on a farm.

25. Football Championship Game at Holt Arena

Football Championship Game at Holt Arena

Holt Arena has hosted countless graduations, championship football games, and rodeos for more than 50 years.

The famous stadium at Idaho State University is without a doubt Idaho’s most well-known landmark and the oldest covered football field in the country.

Milton “Dubby” Holt suggested that a massive indoor multi-purpose sporting stadium be built in Idaho, but everyone else brushed the idea off as being harebrained.

However, Holt didn’t give up on his signature idea and instead used ingenuity, tenacity, and perseverance to bring it to life.

The collegiate rugby team’s grit, hard work, and dedication as they host game after game is demonstrated by the fact that, 50 years later, they are still standing tall in Holt Arena’s honor.

26. Lava Hot Springs

Lava Hot Springs

You won’t have to go far from Pocatello ID to reach this popular vacation community in the Portneuf Valley, which is likewise surrounded by peaks. Lava Hot Springs, as its name suggests, is home to a large number of hot springs that draw visitors year-round for bathing.

The world-famous mineral pools are best enjoyed between the hours of early morning and late evening in the winter when water temperatures range from 102 to 112 degrees.

During the warmer months, you may take a tubing trip down the Portneuf River through the town or swim laps in the indoor and outdoor pools at the Olympic Swimming Pool & Waterpark. Lava Hot Springs is the nearest town to the fascinating ghost town of Chesterfield, which is 23 miles to the north, due to the region’s rugged topography.

27. The Tough Guy Bowling Lanes

The Tough Guy Bowling Lanes

Tough Guy Bowling Lanes, which is situated along E Lewis St, provides 24 roomy lanes with automatic scoring so that bowlers of all ability levels can enjoy themselves.

For the kids’ added support while using the lanes, bumpers and a dinosaur ball slide were set up on the lanes. This welcoming establishment for families offers scrumptious meals, beverages, and frosty beer.

The ambiance at Tough Guy Bowling Lanes is amazing. You can bring your family, go on a date with your special someone, have parties and team-building exercises here, or just unwind and have fun.


What’s Pocatello Idaho famous for?

Answer: Pocatello ID, which was established in 1889, was dubbed the “Gateway to the Northwest.” The Portneuf Gap is located south of the town where the Oregon Trail was being traveled by settlers, gold miners, and pioneers.

Soon after, stage and freight lines, the railroad, and other modes of transportation arrived, making our village a hub for trade and transportation.

Is Pocatello Idaho beautiful?

Answer: Pocatello ID, a charming tiny community in the center of eastern Idaho, is encircled on three sides by snow-capped mountains. For cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter or hiking and bicycling in the summer, the untamed countryside in and around the city is ideal.

What is the cheapest city to live in in Idaho?

Answer: The most affordable city in Idaho is Burley, which comes in the first place. Outdoor recreation is king in southern Idaho along the Snake River; go hiking, kayaking, or fishing there!


In this city, there are many options to relax and revitalize while taking in some new views. It’s a beautiful city with lots of fun things to do and fantastic entertainment. Nothing lacking in this place, regardless of your interest in history or culture. People find themselves staying for several other reasons as well, so it’s not just appealing to visitors.

Check out our list of the best things to do in Pocatello ID before visiting this growing largest city.

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