27 Things to do in Richmond KY

Things to do in Richmond ky

Richmond is the county seat and home rule-class city of Madison County, Kentucky, in the United States. Eastern Kentucky University resides there, and the neighborhood was named after Richmond, Virginia. The population was 36,157 as of 2019. Richmond Ky is the sixth-largest city in the state and the fourth-largest city in the Bluegrass area.

A significant portion of Richmond and Madison County were involved in the Battle of Richmond, which the Confederates won. This battle took place in August 1862. Important historical individuals like Kit Carson and Daniel Boone have been associated with Richmond.

Richmond, a small city in the middle of Kentucky’s verdant bluegrass region, offers a variety of activities for visitors of all ages.

Richmond Ky offers a wide variety of attractions for history aficionados, nature lovers, art fans, foodies, and sports enthusiasts.

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List of things to do in Richmond Ky

Given below is the list of things to do in Richmond Ky and places to visit such as the battle of Richmond visitors center, Fort Boonesborough state park, Richmond area arts council, white hall state historic site, adventure falls miniature& batting cages,Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi and many more.

1. Fort Boonesborough State Park

Fort Boonesborough State Park Richmond ky

In 1775, Daniel Boone and his followers built Fort Boonesborough state park, the second settlement in Kentucky, at the Kentucky River.

Fort Boonesborough state park, which bears his name, is a reconstruction, a likeness of a historic fort replete with buildings, huts, and blockhouses. Witness historical artisan demonstrations like candle dipping and lye soap making bring the past to life.

Discover the skills of the 18th century and get a taste of Kentucky’s pioneer life.Take a boat out on the river, go fishing for bluegill, bass, and catfish, or go bird watching to see animals like pileated woodpeckers and Sandhill cranes.

2. White Hall State Historic Site

White Hall State Historic Site Richmond ky

Cassius Marcellus Clay, a planter, emancipationist, and American Minister to Russia, has a mansion nestled in the undulating farmland north of Richmond.

General Green Clay, a businessman and slave owner who built this house in 1791, gives way to Clay. While Cassius Clay was away in Russia, his wife expanded the original structure, giving the 45-room estate its current Georgian and Italianate aesthetic.

The Clay family, including Cassius Clay’s daughters who were active suffragists at the turn of the 20th century, will be introduced to you at White Hall state historic sites through multiple generations.The home is equipped with Clay family antiques and traditional furnishings, as well as uncommon technology for the time, like indoor plumbing and central heating.

3. Boones Trace National Golf Course

Boones Trace National Golf Course Richmond ky

The Boones Trace National Golf Course, an 18-hole, all-natural, competitive golf course, is the perfect location for golf lovers to enjoy the stunning mountain scenery.

After being restored, the mini golf course took on a completely different look. It boasts a nice clubhouse that provides a delicious dining experience, kind people, and a welcoming environment. They provide exceptional customer service and a friendly staff that is dedicated to assisting you in improving your games. Additionally, they have a fantastic practice range.

One of the numerous stunning golf courses in Kentucky’s Central region is the Boones Trace National Golf Course, which offers guests an unforgettable golfing experience.

4. Deer Run Stable

Deer Run Stable Richmond ky

There is nothing like riding across the countryside on this beautiful animal, which the state of Kentucky loves so much. Take horseback riding at Deer Run Stables to explore Daniel Boone’s homestead on a beautiful jogging trail.

This ranch will satisfy your cravings for rural nostalgia and a close-up interaction with these stunning horses, all of whom are accustomed to being gentle mounts.

Put your worries to rest by going on a one-of-a-kind ride with an expert trainer who will ride beside you through the countryside.The crew is prepared to accommodate your needs whether you have never mounted a horse or are an experienced rider.

5. Battlefield Park

Battlefield Park Richmond ky

On US Highway 421, about ten minutes southeast of Richmond, a significant portion of the big Battle of Richmond Ky site has been preserved.

It’s simple to acquire the lay of the land and comprehend the progression of the fight that took place at this very location 160+ years ago thanks to the various interpretative signage that can be found along the 2.5-mile-long pathways.

The 1824 Pleasant View residence, which acted as a hospital after the fight, stands at the center of Battlefield Park. Every year, a Civil Warrestoration takes place in the park in late August, and near the end of September, a Native American pow-wow takes place there.

6. Chenault Vineyards

Chenault Vineyards Richmond ky

In Richmond, Kentucky, tourists can enjoy a fantastic attraction at the Chenault Vineyard, which is situated around some delicious wines.

A family-owned and -operated winery, The Vineyard spans over 500 acres of gorgeous countryside and offers stunning views of grapevines.

Visitors to the winery can choose from a selection of handcrafted red, pink, and white wines that are made there. Additionally, you may visit their tasting room or enjoy a glass of wine while sitting outside on their terrace and taking in the stunning scenery.Enjoy yourself at Chenault Vineyards, one of the enjoyable Richmond, Kentucky, top attractions.

7. Battle of Richmond Visitors Center

Battle of Richmond Visitors Center Richmond ky

Set sail for this battle of Richmond visitors center and museum, housed in the historic 1811 Rogers House, for more information about the Battle of Richmond.

This Richmond Visitors Center is an attraction that uses a topographical map that includes actual structures from the time to provide a thorough perspective of the battle’s progress.

Other displays include historical clothing and furniture, a preserved surgeon’s kit, letters, flags, the personal effects of Union general Mahlon Manson (1820–1895), and numerous artifacts found on the battle of Richmond Visitors Center, such as horseshoes, cannonballs, musketballs, and an abundance of arrowheads dating back to the battle.

8. Adventure Falls Miniature& Batting Cages

Adventure Falls Miniature & Batting Cages Richmond ky

The Harris Miniature Golf Company built The Falls MiniGolf and BattingCages in 2004 as a high-end golf facility. The 18-hole golf course has a 9-hole ADA-accessible course, as well as difficult holes and water hazards.

While playing golf here, visitors may enjoy the scenic Lake Reba to the fullest. The golf course is enjoyable while also being extremely difficult.

In the Adventure Falls Miniature Golf Course is three shuffleboard courts. During regular business hours, visitors can rent shuffleboard pucks and sticks at no cost at the golf facility, but be aware that you will leave your driver’s license behind.

9. River Hill Ranch

River Hill Ranch Richmond ky

A farm in Richmond Ky called River Hill Ranch produces alpacas and sells straightforward, healthy, and superior alpaca products. The Suri breed of alpacas is the most prevalent on the ranch, and they are one of America’s newest livestock species.

The River Hill Ranch is known for producing high-quality alpacas and even provides advice to those looking to build theirfarms.

About alpaca and livestock care, farm operations, textile, and fiber art, as well as nature exploration, conservation, and cultivation, River Hill offers field trips, a ranch camp, and an after-school program.

They also provide personal visits accompanied by a handler leading socialized and halter-trained alpacas as well as tours that allow you to get up personal with these adorable, affectionate, and curious creatures.

Experience Alpaca Vinyasa as well, tranquil yoga classes supervised by the interested and courteous members of the herd and held in a pasture.

10. Eastern Kentucky University (EKU)

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) Richmond ky

The green Eastern Kentucky University campus, which is located on the capital Territory University campus, is braided throughout downtown Richmond. The Keen Johnson Building, a Colonial Revival structure with a beautiful pediment and cupola, is the primary landmark.

A statue of Daniel Boone can be seen in front of this WPA installation 939. You’ll see as you approach close that folks have been stroking his left foot for luck for years.

Another popular destination is the Hummel Planetarium, which opened in 1988 and regularly welcomes visitors to its theater for pre-recorded performances followed by an engaging Star Talk presentation. We’ll talk about the magnificent EKU Center for the Arts below.

11. Richmond Area Arts Center

Richmond Area Arts Center Richmond ky

In Richmond, Kentucky, the Richmond Area Center provides courses in the visual and performing arts for people of all ages and sizes.

The famous art center is open for visits Mondays through Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm and is dedicated to building a welcoming art community for residents and visitors alike. For both children and adults, the Richmond Area Arts Center offers a variety of arts-related programs.

They plan art exhibits that include lessons for kids and local artists, adult education programs, and summer school programs. This is a great addition to your list of things to do in Richmond, Kentucky if you’re an art enthusiast looking for things to do in Richmond Ky.

12. Baldwin Farms

Baldwin Farms Richmond ky

Baldwin Farms, a commercial farm with seasonal traditions, is a well-liked tourist destination in Richmond.

Landscape trees are available in the spring, farmers’ markets and fruit are available in the summer, the Pumpkins & More Festival is held in the fall, and programs for cut-your-own Christmas trees are offered in the winter.

Families are welcome to take part in the pony rides for kids, Mt. Baldwin Hill climbing, rolled hay caterpillars, pumpkin carts, rolling tumblers, corn maze, and other activities during the Pumpkins & More Festival.

Pick your preferred pumpkin from a selection of 10 acres, including Jack-O-Lanterns, Butternut Squashes, Decorative Gourds, Long-Neck Pumpkins, and more. During Christmas, they cultivate a variety of firs and spruces, and you can invite your loved ones to the tree-cutting ceremony.

13. Downtown Richmond

Downtown Richmond ky

Main Street crosses through Richmond’s central business district, which is a U.S. 60 contributing buildings make up a historic district. The Greek Revival Madison County Courthouse (1849), which still serves as the center of county government, serves as a point of reference.

You may take some time to read the informational signs and historical markers in front of this monument as you travel down Main Street.

Downtown Richmond is as vibrant as they come, befitting a college town, with an intriguing selection of restaurants and pubs, as well as a variety of gift shops and local shops for bicycles and bicycle accessories, antiques, home goods, books, furniture, and fashion.

If the local architecture moves you, stop by the Richmond Visitor Center to pick up a map listing more than 70 historic homes, churches, and public structures that are part of the Richmond Downtown Walking Tour of Homes.

14. Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi

Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi Richmond ky

The Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi is a Richmond, Kentucky-based restaurant that specializes in colonial traditional sushi rolls and is run and owned by a local community.

Along with offering a variety of sushi options, it also serves hibachi Brady’s sushi dinners and expertly prepared Poke bowls. Every ingredient required to make these mouthwatering meals is sourced daily.

The family that created this great culinary experience is committed to giving locals alike and visitors alike the ideal laid-back dining experience for sushi and hibachi through delicious food and fantastic customer service. Except on Sundays, the restaurant is open every day to patrons.

15. Irvine McDowell City Park

Irvine McDowell City Park richmond ky

Your needs can be met by Irvine McDowell Park, a 20-acre piece of city land.

Four softball and baseball fields, a playground, a gazebo, a tennis court, and an outdoor basketball court are among the park’s facilities.

The Irvine family, who resided in Irvinton House on the site, and Dr. Ephraim McDowell, the well-known early surgeon to whom they bequeathed the property as a legacy, are the sources of the place’s namesake.

One of the few surviving Revolutionary War uniforms, antiques from the Irvine family and thecommunity, and the JT Dorris Collection from Eastern Kentucky University, which highlights Richmond’s vibrant past, are just a few of the intriguing displays at the Irvinton House Museum in the park.

16. Lake Reba Recreational Complex

Lake Reba Recreational Complex richmond ky

The best park in Richmond is located on the western edge of a fishing lake.

With an 18-hole public golf course, an aquatic center, and a family entertainment center all of which we’ll discuss later on this list Lake Reba undoubtedly has a lot going on.

On the eastern shore, Camp Catalpa has a disc golf course. In addition to a public boat ramp and fish cleaning station, KY Paddle Adventures rents kayaks at Lake Reba from April through October.

A big athletic complex, a 1.5-mile walking and jogging trails, an amazing new Universal Playground, a dog park, and three reservation-only shelters are all located on the shore.

17. The Judy Rains Memorial Dog Park

The Judy Rains Memorial Dog Park richmond ky

A furry-friendly park with a large area for your pets to play and enjoy themselves off-leash is the Judy Memorial Dog Park located on Reba.

Even though the dog park has wooden barriers, you should still keep an eye on your dog to prevent escape. All of the dogs, little and large, are permitted to play together in the same area. If you see your dog acting aggressively, make sure to remove him or her right away to prevent harm.

Pet owners can relax and watch their pets play at picnic tables and a covered area in Memorial Dog Park.

18. Camp Catalpa Park

Camp Catalpa Park richmond ky

On the east shore of Lake Reba, Camp Catalpa Park is the ideal outdoor getaway.  In the 1970s, the area was declared a bird sanctuary, and by adhering to rules, it was required that there be lots of trees, a water source, and no hunting.

An 18-hole disc golf course is available at Camp Catalpa, where you may bring your friends to enjoy the scenic vistas and test your skills on the challenging holes and short and long holes.

Get some exercise on the 2-mile loop walking route, take in the expansive view of the lake, and then set up a hammock to unwind on the property.

The area also has a playground, two picnic shelters, and access to fishing, making it ideal for a relaxing outdoor day.

19. Paradise Cove Aquatic Center

Paradise Cove Aquatic Center richmond ky

Lake Reba becomes a complete outdoor destination in the summer and turned into a public water park. A play pool with four slides, a variety of fun activities, and a zero-depth entrance is one of the amenities of Paradise Cove.

These two slides begin at a height of 40 feet above the park. A diving facility and an eight-lane lap pool are present alongside the play pool.

A contemporary bathhouse, as well as a concession kiosk with affordable rates, are all located throughout the center to help you escape the sun.

20. Hummel Planetarium

Hummel Planetarium richmond ky

Since 1988, there has been a rich history of the Hummel Planetarium. It began with a Spitz Voyager-style projection system that was later upgraded to the Definiti Theater.

With a current seating capacity of 194, the planetarium is one of the biggest and best-built planetaria in the nation. The Hummel Planetarium offers courses to teach visitors about astronomy and physical sciences. These courses are delivered through pre-recorded shows or a mix of other media presentations.

If you’re looking for entertaining things to do in Richmond, Kentucky, be sure to include a trip here on your bucket list.

21. Gibson Bay Golf Course

Gibson Bay Golf Course richmond ky

Among the best new public golf courses in the country is Gibson Bay Golf Course which was built by Michael Hurdzan in 1993. This 7,100-yard, par-72 course may be found in Richmond Ky on the 450-acre Lake Reba recreation area.

Gibson Bay is long and wide, so wind gusts might affect how successfully a shot is made.

The majority of greens are hidden within the incline of hills and are defended by expertly designed bunkers and mounds. The Gibson Bay Golf Course offers up to five tee boxes on each hole to accommodate golfers of all skill levels.

On all courses, greens, and fairways, bent grass seed is sown to ensure the best track conditions possible.

22. Madison County Farmers’ Market

Madison County Farmers’ Market richmond ky

There is a fantastic farmers’ market at the Lowe’s Parking Lot at 814 Eastern Bypass.

From May to November, this operates on Saturday mornings. On Thursday mornings throughout the growing season, there is a market at the Carter Building on the EKU campus.

The market is a great place to learn about Richmond’s extensive agriculture, which produces an abundance of fruits and vegetables from May through October.

Additionally, you may get artisanal cheeses, prepared foods, baked products, meats, honey, jams, jellies, preserves, sauces, baked goods, crafts, organic soaps, and a variety of other items.

23. Madison Garden Bar and Grill

Madison Garden Bar and Grill richmond ky

The Madison Garden Bar and Grill should be top of your list of things to do in Richmond Kentucky, so stop by and enjoy some delicious food cooked by the best chefs in the state. The Bar and Grill have a rich history that has helped it develop into an ideal location that draws both residents and tourists to enjoy its cuisine.

The Madison Bar and Grill is a well-known venue in the area because it serves high-quality meals and exhibits Southern hospitality. In Richmond Kentucky, this location is open every day as a full-service bar and restaurant.

24. Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn richmond ky

The best option for cheap accommodations is Red Roof Inn, which gives guests a low-cost stay in a neat, modern, and comfortable room.

It is a hotel that welcomes families and pets, making it the ideal option for pet owners who appreciate taking their animals on vacation. This hotel is adjacent to Eastern Kentucky University and Boonesborough State Park.

Guests are made to feel at home by their shrewd and elegant interior design. Every guestroom comes equipped with free Wi-Fi, a free enhanced cable package with HBO, new bedding, lighting, flat-screen televisions, microwaves, and mini-fridges.

25. Masala Fine Indian Cuisine

Masala Fine Indian Cuisine richmond ky

Masala Fine Indian Cuisine offers the best Indian cuisine as well as a large range of exotic spices to generate the best dishes.

Its unique flavor distinguishes Masala from other curry restaurants. You may enjoy authentic Indian food prepared at Masala by chefs with years of experience in producing delicious cuisine from various regions of India.

The chefs use the finest local ingredients and combine them with a wide range of foreign spices to create flavors that are unique to the masala.

26. Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

Raven Run Nature Sanctuary richmond ky

Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, is a special 734-acre nature area committed to conserving early Kentucky history and the natural beauty of the Kentucky River Palisades.

It is a fantastic location for hiking and animal viewing and borders the Kentucky River. Visitors can better appreciate and get to know the natural world by seeing 600 different plant types as well as the remains of 19th-century settlers.

In keeping with its name, Raven Run hosts more than 200 different bird species all year long. There are more than 10 miles of hiking trails that provide access to the local woodlands, streams, and meadows.

27. Richmond Centre

Richmond Centre richmond ky

West of Richmond, there is a huge outdoor shopping mall with numerous big-box stores and chain cafes. JC Penney, Dick’s Sporting Goods, PetSmart, TJ Maxx, rue 21, Bath & Body Works, and Home Goods locations are just a few to name.

There are many restaurants to choose from, including Olive Garden, Panera Bread, Chick-Fil-A, and Logan’s Roadhouse.

Thanks to the Cinemark theater, which offers the customary savings on Tuesdays and matinees, Richmond Centre can also accommodate family outings, groups of friends, and late evenings.


The City of Richmond Ky is a great vacation spot for anyone looking to spend the perfect holiday with friends, and family. With our list of exciting activities in Richmond, Kentucky, you can participate in a lot of them and have a great time during each of your visits.

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