27 Things to do in Rocky Mount NC

Things to do in Rocky Mount NC

The city of Rocky Mount is located in the North Carolina counties of Edgecombe and Nash. As of the 2020 census, the city had a population of 54,341, making it the 20th-most populous city in North Carolina. Raleigh, the state capital, is 45 miles to the east of the city.

The settlement at the Tar River Falls Rocky Mount that would eventually become Rocky Mount was first settled in the middle of the eighteenth century and designated a city in 1867. Rocky Mount’s economy, which has historically been based mostly on rail transportation, textiles, and agriculture, has expanded to include biomedical drugs, manufacturing, and logistics.

A great place to go if you’re looking for some pleasure and stunning views filled with the comfort and sophistication of southern charm in the United States is Rocky Mount North Carolina, which is about an hour outside of Raleigh. From engaging in all the town’s outdoor activities to trying out the local brews and taking in the bustling arts scene.

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List of best things to do in Rocky Mount NC

Here is the list of the best things to do in Rocky Mount NC such as Rocky Mount Mills, Rocky Mount children’s museum, Koi Pond Brewing Company, Rock Mount City Lake, Battle Park, Arts Center, The imperial center for arts and science, Stonewall Manor, and many more.

1. River & Twine

River & Twine Rocky Mount NC

The only small home hotel in North Carolina is River & Twine, where you should stay if you want to “keep it small, y’all.” Some of North Carolina’s prettiest boutique small homes can be found. There are 20 tiny options to pick from, and there is plenty of outdoor room to relax by a bonfire or swing in a hammock.

Since River & Twine is located on the Rocky Mount Mills Campus, you can easily stroll to a variety of restaurants, breweries, and bookstores.

2. Rocky Mount Children’s Museum and Science Center

Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center

The Children’s Museum and Science Center is a fantastic site to visit if you’re traveling to Rocky Mount NC with kids. The center is ideal to bring your kids to so they can learn new and intriguing topics while on vacation.

It is full of interactive exhibits on the history of North Carolina and the science behind the beautiful state’s large amount of nature, such as the “Secret of Bees” and “Native Knowledge: Shared Science.” Even an astronomy center facility is available where you may observe the stars! If you are traveling with children, this museum is a must-see.

3. Sunset Park

Sunset Park Rocky Mount NC

Sunset Park has a train, splash pad, carousel, skate park, playground, disc golf course, tennis courts, and more. For only $5 per day, you can use the park or hire it out for your upcoming event.

4. Koi Pond Brewing Company

Koi Pond Brewing Company Rocky Mount NC

The Koi Pond Brewing Company, on the other hand, is a great place to visit if you aren’t traveling with kids while in Rocky Mount NC. If you visit before the taproom is operational, there won’t be a problem.

They are just about to open “The Pond,” their taproom space where you may sample the local beer. Still, the brewery itself has a nice space for tastings. You must be 21 and use common sense when drinking at Koi Pond Brewing Company.

5. Kayaking on the Tar River

Kayaking on the Tar River Rocky Mount NC

The Tar River Paddle Trail allows you to launch a kayak if that’s your thing. There are twelve access spots for canoes and kayaks. You are welcome to bring your canoe or kayak or reserve a tour with Tar River Life for tubing or kayaking.

6. Rocky Mount City Lake Park

Rocky Mount City Lake Park Rocky Mount NC

Take a stroll and chill at the City Lake Park in Rocky Mount NC for yet another fantastic way to spend your time there. You may also throw a ball around and play some soccer or football, or you can feed the birds in the lake.

Rocky Mount City Lake Park will undoubtedly make your day memorable for a long time after your trip is over, no matter what you decide to do there.

7. Disc Golf

Disc Golf Rocky Mount NC

Rocky Mount is home to numerous disc golf courses. Highly regarded disc golf courses in Rocky Mount NC include Sunset Disc Golf Park, Farmington Disc Golf Course, Englewood Park, and the Sports Complex Disc Golf Course.

8. Bel Air Artisan Center

Bel Air Artisan Center Rocky Mount NC

The Bel Air Artisan Center is the ideal location to visit if you’re interested in art. They provide workspaces for artists and an on-site gallery where customers may buy the creations of regional artists.

This is a fantastic place to explore your love of art, whether it be through paintings, sculptures, or jewelry.

9. City Lake

City Lake Rocky Mount NC

City Lake is a lovely area of land where you may enjoy a stroll, interact with some ducks, and discover some sculptures.

10. Deb’s Funnel Cakes

Deb's Funnel Cakes Rocky Mount NC

Deb’s Funnel Cakes in Rocky Mount  North Carolina is well-known for its funnel cakes. Try their ice cream and smoothies, or have all the funnel cake you want! a wonderful vacation break where you may unwind and enjoy delicious food and great food with your loved ones.

Deb’s is a typical small-town, big-heart stop that serves delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy a sweet treat while visiting Rocky Mount NC.

11. Westridge Swim Club

Westridge Swim Club Rocky Mount NC

Visitors will appreciate the upscale amenities of the Westridge Swim Club. The swimming pools are only used for individual training, group practice, and meets where fans can come to support the squad.

12. Battle Park

Battle Park Rocky Mount NC

Visit Battle Park for a charming stroll rich in history. Rocky Mount’s original site, this park offers nice walking distance, picnic tables, and stunning Tar River vistas. You can learn more about the war between the Confederates and Unionists by visiting a Civil War cemetery nearby. a great spot to spend the afternoon.

13. The Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences

The Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences Rocky Mount NC

The Imperial Centre gathers several of Rocky Mount’s top attractions in one original location. To start with, you can watch a performance and participate in Rock Mount Community Theatre.

A kid-friendly scientific museum is also available. Your young children will love discovering the workings of the world.

On-site, the Cummins Planetarium offers the most recent full-dome video and laser light performances. Visit the numerous exhibits and seminars at the arts center to create your works of art.

14. Stonewall Manor

Stonewall Manor Rocky Mount NC

If you love history, Stonewall Manor in Rocky Mount NC is another fantastic destination. The Historic Stonewall Manor is the ideal representation of southern farm life in the antebellum era.

This location Stonewall Manor, which is close to Tar River and is well-known for its stunning architecture and surroundings, is a great destination to visit if you have the interest to learn about the history of the American South.

15. Nash County Farmers Market

Nash County Farmers  Rocky Mount NC

In the Rocky Mount Mills Historic District, the Nash County Farmers Market is the ideal location to support regional agriculture and products. It’s a fantastic method to maintain ties to the neighborhood as well.

16. Tar River Flea Market

Tar River Flea Market Rocky Mount NC

Visit the Tar River Flea Market if you want to shop while visiting Rocky Mount NC. This flea market isn’t like others you’ve visited before. Over 200 exhibitors in the indoor and outdoor shopping area offer a wide variety of goods for buying, selling, and trading.

While visiting this unusual location in North Carolina, it’s a terrific idea to stop and get lost among the many vendor areas.

17. Rocky Mount Event Center

Rocky Mount Event Center

You should also keep an eye on the schedule for the Rocky Mount Event Center. This multipurpose arena, measuring 165,000 square feet, was designed for lavish entertainment and sporting events.

Eight basketball courts, sixteen volleyball courts, climbing walls, and a ropes course are all included in the event complex.

18. Star City Skate & Play

Star City Skate & Play Rocky Mount NC

Local roller skating rink Star City Skate & Play offers a variety of services to patrons. Visitors to the rink can skate as well as use the pro shop and laser tag arena.

19. Books and Beans

Books and Beans Rocky Mount NC

If you’re looking for a place to relax and get some energy, go over to Books and Beans. Even breakfast and lunch are provided for you!

Etaf Rum, a novelist and New York Times bestselling author, is the proprietor of B&B, the only privately owned book and coffee shop in Rocky Mount NC.

Since 2019, people have benefited from the pleasant ambiance, recent floral arrangements, and well-matched vintage and modern decor here. They use Durham-based Counter Culture to locally brew the highest-quality coffee.

20. Tap@1918

Tap@1918 Rocky Mount NC

Dine at Tap@1918, which is built in a 100-year-old cotton mill house that has been renovated. They are renowned for having 20 different beers on tap, including both domestic and foreign varieties.

Also available to serve up some delectable cocktails is a mixologist. Chef Justin Gaines’ delicious dishes (as seen on Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay and Chopped) and Rocky Mount NC restaurateur Lou Reda go hand in hand with their choice of drinks.

21. Bowling Center

Bowling Center Rocky Mount NC

A one-stop shop for family and friends to have some good old-fashioned fun is The Bowling Center, Inc. It has a game room, snack bar, pro shop, automatic scoring, and 24 lanes.

22. Tipsy Tomato

Tipsy Tomato Rocky Mount NC

Pizza lovers in Rocky Mount NC enjoy Tipsy Tomato’s artisan craft pizza, which is prepared over a wood-fired stove. For the complete experience, pick the high-quality craft beer to go with your Italian pizza.

23. Hopfly Brewing Company

Hopfly Brewing Company Rocky Mount NC

There is a Hopfly Brewing Company, which operates out of a 1700-square-foot taproom and the Rocky Mount Mills incubator. Brewmaster Cameron Schulz increased the size of his establishment to create a welcoming and excellent brewery.

24. Rocky Mount Brewing

Rocky Mount Brewing

Celeste Beatty and Briana Brake worked together to create Rocky Mount Brewing.

Beatty, who manages Harlem Brewing Company out of New York, is recognized as the first Black woman to own a brewery in the US. Brake owns Spaceway Brewing, but she also brews for HBC under the name Rocky Mount Brewing.

25. Lake Wilson

 Lake Wilson Rocky Mount NC

Hotels and dining establishments are among the recreational options available in Lake Wilson. Additionally, they provide nearby golfing, fishing, different hiking paths, picnic areas, camping areas, and a Veterans Memorial.

26. TBC West: Tacos & Taproom

TBC West: Tacos & Taproom Rocky Mount NC

TBC West: Tacos & Taproom offers tacos and beer on tap in a casual setting with a lot of outside seating. Our discussion of the available local brewers starts with TBC West.

27. North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University Rocky Mount NC

A public research university, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill make up the Research Triangle along with North Carolina State University. The Atlantic Coast Conference is where the school’s athletic teams compete.


Is it worthwhile to visit Rocky Mount North Carolina?

Answer: Rocky Mount is a great location in Eastern North Carolina, and there are lots of enjoyable things to do there. Our favorites are the spotless Rocky Mount Mills, the fantastic and family-friendly parks, restaurants, and spots to get some NC beer in the city.

What can you do in Rocky Mount North Carolina?

The Rocky Mount Children’s Museum and Science Center are the two most popular sights to see in Rocky Mount. Rocky Mount Park and Lake. River Trail of Tar.

What is the best view offered by NC?

Boone One of the most popular mountain towns in North Carolina is the lovely Boone. The city, which bears the name of the explorer Daniel Boone, offers stunning vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


If you are passing through the south, Rocky Mount in North Carolina in the US is a perfect place to stop. The town is a great spot to relax and explore, and it’s only an hour outside of Raleigh. Rocky Mount NC is a great option for exploring lovely parks, sipping on regional beers, and learning about US history. Start your move-in immediately.

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