27 Things To Do In Rolla MO

Things To Do In Rolla, MO

The county seat and largest city in Phelps County, Missouri, is Rolla. 19,943 people were counted in the 2020 United States Census. Along Interstate 44, Rolla is situated around halfway between St. Louis and Springfield. Phelps County, Missouri, is included in the Rolla, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area.

In Rolla, Pennsylvania, there are several entertaining activities available to both residents and visitors. Finding a major city, booking a ticket, and traveling to prominent tourist destinations are not the only steps in the vacation planning process. Occasionally, going to a smaller town might be even more fun things.

It is a vibrant college campus with many options for weekend activities. Because of the nearby Missouri University of Science and Technology, this community is well-known for its engineering.

Rolla is a great decision among the excellent possibilities available to you since the people are so much joy to be around. You may participate in a variety of entertaining activities in Rolla, including kayaking, hiking, and many more.

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List of things to do in Rolla MO

Check out this list of the top things to do in Rolla if you’re thinking about going there such as a visit to Missouri university, mark twain national forest, fall creek rock shop, fugitive beach, Rolla antique mall, little prairie conservation area, lions club park, and more.

1. Mark Twain National Forest 

Mark Twain National Forest 

The Mark Twain National Forest is your finest choice if you’re looking for enjoyable locations to visit in Rolla MO to take your friends on the ultimate nature getaway. Established in 1939, the Mark Twain National Forest spans about 1.5 million acres.

 It bears the name of renowned author Mark Twain, who wrote the well-known book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. As you get ready to set out on a fantastic excursion in the great outdoors at this biggest national park, pack your essentials and put on a pair of comfy shoes. Take part in outdoor pursuits including horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, camping, practicing your nature photography, and playing volleyball. 

2. The Fugitive Beach

The Fugitive Beach

There is no way for kids to pass through Rolla MO and miss a day at Fugitive Beach. This is a city treasure that remains undiscovered. It resembles a natural water park more than a typical beach. The man-made beach known as Fugitive Beach is located in an ancient rock quarry. You are able to scale the rocks and dive out of high cliffs into the seas below!

Although this Rolla, Missouri destination isn’t a true beach, there is still enough of sand for building sandcastles and getting sand in between your toes.

You may relax and soak up the sun at the spectacular water park’s faux beach. Take advantage of the waterslides and lovely water for swimming or floating when you’re ready to get wet.

3. Visit Rolla’s Downtown

Visit Rolla's Downtown

When you’ve had your fill of Rolla’s top attractions, hang out with friends in the charming and inviting downtown area. It is the focus of all recreational activities in Rolla MO and is home to several enterprises as a result of the shops and stores that are located right here.

There are several cafés and stores around where you may browse merchandise till you become weary. There are most loved tourist attractions in downtown Rolla MO as well. 

Two such landmarks that have been around for centuries are the Rolla mo Theatre and the Phelps County Courthouse. Enjoy your evening in Downtown Rolla mo by unwinding, sitting at a café, taking the kids shopping, and relaxing.

4. Ed Clark Museum of Missouri Geology

Ed Clark Museum of Missouri Geology

One of the top schools for kids is the Ed Clark Museum of Missouri. Everyone is welcome to view the whole collection of rocks. This article does a good job of explaining Missouri’s geology.

The Ed Clark Museum of Missouri Geology is a good spot to go touring quietly and leisurely. The Kokomo Joe’s Family Fun Center is one of Rolla’s most popular tourist destinations.

Trampoline parks and escape rooms are only two of the indoor entertainment centers available here. If you want to have some outside fun things, you may also play laser tag arena or go-karts. Children like visiting this location, and visitors of all ages may have fun things here.

5. Public House Brewing Company

Public House Brewing Company

In Rolla, Missouri, the Public House Brewing Company serves a selection of unique beers on tap. Customers come to the brewery to sip on delicacies including Revelations Stout, Hide and Seek Heteweizen, and Rod’s Cream Ale.

6. Ozark Actors Theatre

Ozark Actors Theatre

If you do, consider going to this magnificent performing arts venue when looking for couples-friendly romantic activities in Rolla. A professional performing arts theatre was established in 1987 as The Ozark Actors Theatre. With performances by top-tier artists, it is among the greatest of its sort in the city.

 No matter when you arrive, it provides you with a broad selection of captivating live performances to enjoy with your spouse. Visit the Ozark Actors Theatre and enjoy a fantastic live show with your special someone.Enjoy the cozy atmosphere as you take in an enthralling musical performance, a theatrical show, and more.

After that , take your date to a nearby restaurant for a wonderful lunch or dinner.

7.  Lions Club Park 

Lions Club Park

A family friendly park was built by the Rolla Lions Club den, and it’s a terrific spot to enjoy some fresh air, have a delightful picnic, and allow the kids to run about. The youngsters may play on one big playground and two tiny ones. 

The lake is stocked by the Rolla Lions Club Den with perch, catfish, and bass for fishing. Picnics are permitted in the park, or you may rent one of the ten pavilions for a larger event. 

Ask the Lions Club if they are organizing any festivals there before you go. The two baseball diamonds and four soccer fields make this park a popular venue for local sports teams.

8. Joe’s Family Fun Centre

Joe’s Family Fun Centre

Joe’s Family Fun Center is among the top things to do in Rolla mo and one of the most loved tourist attractions in the city. Everyone adores it, and kids would be interested in visiting. If you ask residents in Rolla Mo where their favorite hangout is, you’ll undoubtedly hear Joe’s Family Fun Centre mentioned.

You can find anything you need inside this facility. The location offers everything, from trampoline playgrounds to escape chambers.

You can play laser tag here, and if you want a bit extra excitement, you can ride their go-cart. The kids adore visiting this location, and there is entertainment for all ages.

9. Quirky Vacuum Cleaner Museum

Quirky Vacuum Cleaner Museum

Although the Vacuum Cleaner Museum is a really strange institution, most visitors find it funny. But if you’ve ever been interested in vacuum cleaners, here is the spot for you.

Although it should go without saying, the individual who founded this odd museum is an enthusiast for vacuums. There are several vacuum-filled chambers in the museum.

You may sign up for a tour that explains the day trips history of the first vacuum, how it developed, and its original versions. On a journey to Rolla, everyone appreciates stopping here at least once.

10. Ber Juan Park

Quirky Vacuum Cleaner Museum

Ber Juan Park is another outstanding park in Rolla, Missouri if you’re on the road, this site is a nice place to stop and stretch your legs. There are several open, grassy spaces where families may play catch or Frisbee with their dogs and children. There is also a picnic area available.

You may stretch your muscles at the workout stations located along the walking trail. For disc golf, there are specific areas as well. There is no reservation process, so you’ll just have to try your luck if you hit the tennis courts at the proper moment. 

The majority of the park also has a walking and exercise path with appropriate exercise guides and outdoor fitness equipment placed along the route, giving you a place to assess and raise your level of fitness.

11. Little Prairie Conservation Area

Little Prairie Conservation Area

The Little Prairie Conservation Area is Rolla’s final natural area. In the middle of the area, there is a serene lake. In the lake, you may go boating and fish. From there, you may take any number of hiking routes to have a lovely stroll, see birds, or have a picnic in the surrounding vegetation. 

You can see evidence of the work the Missouri Department of Conservation is doing since these grasslands are a conservation area. They post signage to explain how they are promoting the growth of native flora.

 The creatures that inhabit this area are also mentioned. Special permissions are required to hunt deer, rabbits, quail, turkey, and other animals.

12. The Zone

The Zone

The Zone gives you the chance to practice your roller skating. Because it resembles their ideal world, children like this location. A Roller skating rink, a labyrinth, a jungle gym, and laser tag are available here.

Additionally, feel free to plan any special events or occasions, such as birthday parties, here. The laser maze, according to a visitor, is very amazing on a wet day.

 Another item to take note of is their roomy arcade games, which are stocked with games for you to play. So come here and spend a fun day with your family.

13. St James Recreational Center

St James Recreational Center

There’s usually a game going on at James Recreational Center. You may always sign up for any team and play on it, whether it’s for baseball, basketball, or soccer.

The summer and winter seasons, however, have distinct timetables. Additionally, several sports are played according to the seasons. Before signing up for any of the sports, be careful to ask questions at their help desk because the seasons may affect the scheduling.

14. Have a Good Time at Red Hot & Blue

Have a Good Time at Red Hot & Blue

Want to savor some mouthwatering Southern-style BBQ in the center of Rolla? You can rely on Red Hot & Blue. In addition to serving some of the yummiest beef, they also provide many other delicious foods.

Even some of the rib dishes on its menu have earned recognition. In addition to its fantastic food, the restaurant has live music playing in the background almost constantly.

All of their walls have been embellished with mementos, newspaper clippings, and trophies.

15. Coachlite Lanes

Coachlite Lanes

In addition to offering both casual and competitive league play, Coachlite Lanes in Rolla, Missouri, has automated scoring for its 16 lanes. The family-friendly best bowling venues frequently hosts tournaments that challenge the abilities of both young and elderly. 

It boasts a dynamic atmosphere that will entice you to remain longer than you had planned. There are lanes for both novice and expert bowlers, so it makes no difference who you are.

Therefore, even if you’ve never bowled before, you may try your team-building skills at Coachlite Lanes.

16. The Rolla Antique Mall for Shopping

The Rolla Antique Mall for Shopping

Do you consider shopping to be a necessary part of every vacation? Place Rolla Antique Mall on your travel schedule. Two levels of the mall are occupied by sellers that have a wide selection of inexpensive things on display.

Here, you may find various vintage items at fantastic prices. Before making any purchases, try to haggle with the sellers.

17.  Stonehenge at Missouri S&T

Stonehenge at Missouri S&T

If you enjoy oddball roadside sites, you should check out the replica of Stonehenge on the Missouri Science and Technology campus tour. This duplicate of Stonehenge wasn’t carved into existence using simple hand tools like the original was; instead, students and teachers utilized technology to laser cut boulders to make the sculpture.

If you’re traveling, Stonehenge is an excellent spot to stretch your legs and let the youngsters burn off some energy because it is situated in a grassy region.

You may learn about the creation procedure for neighboring explanatory plaques. This station is only ten minutes away if you are staying at the Pear Tree Inn Rolla, which has become the Days Inn by Wyndham Rolla.

18. Leach Theatre

Leach Theatre

The Leach Theatre offers an enormous variety of performances all year long. This theatre hosts plays and musical performances on the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus.

In terms of age, the Leach Theatre is almost as ancient as the Ozark Actors Theatre; it first debuted in Castleman Hall in 1991. Each school year, the Leach Theatre presents at least 100 events, including student productions, traveling plays, and well-known musical performers.

19.  Mule Trading Post

Mule Trading Post

A landmark along Route 66 is The Mule Trading Post. Although it was first operational in 1946, Route 66’s construction shut off the store’s access to consumers. The business has prospered since its owner relocated it near the edge of the highway.

The Trading Post is more than simply a shop; it doubles as a Route 66 museum. Owner Herb Baden affectionately refers to the store’s extensive collection of vintage and charmingly kitschy products as “schlock.”

Customers used to pay a quarter to see a live chicken play a few notes on a miniature piano, but these days the main draws are the neon sign and the unusual merchandise.

20. Go kayaking!

Go kayaking!

There are several kayaking opportunities in Rolla. You can choose to go rafting on any of the swift-moving rivers that are in or through Rolla, Missouri, in addition to kayaking.

Going down the ancient rivers that flow through different areas of the town would be intriguing. Simply unwind and take in the scenery of the tranquil river and the surroundings. The scent of the countryside permeates the clean air.

Additionally, kayaking in Rolla mo is a fantastic opportunity to escape the stress and pressures of city life. There won’t be a network or WiFi, so you may unwind your body and mind while spending at least a day immersed in nature.

21. Explore Rolla’s Downtown

Explore Rolla's Downtown

A wonderful and cozy area to chill out is downtown Rolla.

It serves as the focal point for all the recreational activities in Rolla, and several companies have locations here. There are several cafés and shops around where you may shop ’til you drop.

There are other tourist many cool attractions in downtown Rolla mo as well. Two such landmarks that have endured for many centuries are the Phelps County Courthouse and the Rollamo Theatre.

22. Forum Cinemas

Forum Cinemas

The newest in digital cinema entertainment is available at the Regal Forum 4 in Rolla, Missouri. You may watch the program trailers online at MSN.com. IMAX and 3D movie entertainment is available.

23. Maramec Spring Park

 Maramec Spring Park

Meramec Park’s 1,860 acres include 200 acres set aside for public use, which include campgrounds, picnic areas, a fish feeding facility, a fishing area, and a playground. The park is home to the state’s fifth-largest natural spring. The park has hiking trails, two museums, a trout hatchery, and playgrounds.

24. Bob’s Gasoline Alley

Bob's Gasoline Alley

Gas pumps and signs that are still mounted on their original poles are among the many items in Bob’s Gasoline Alley’s extensive collection of roadside memorabilia. For individuals who schedule an appointment in advance, food is supplied.

25. Rolla Public Library

 Rolla Public Library

By providing resources and services for lifelong learning, the Rolla Public Library enhances the quality of life in the community. This is made possible by the area that is made accessible and the chance that is made to engage with the neighborhood and promote a love of reading.

Over 50,000 books, periodicals, newspapers, CDs, music cassettes, books on tape or CD, videos, and DVDs may be found in the Rolla Public Library’s library. 

They provide a number of online databases that dispense knowledge about consumer goods via legal documents, educational and research materials, genealogical resources, magazine and newspaper articles, and more. Everyone who comes here, especially bookworms, adores the library. 

26. Fall Creek Rock Shop

Fall Creek Rock Shop

Laurence (Larry) and Helen Nuelle are the owners of the family-run Fall Creek Rock Shop, together with their children Sarah and Justin.

Larry is a professional geologist with a focus on mineral exploration, and Helen is a former special education teacher who now works as a consultant. Larry has been a rock hunter since elementary school and still has a huge collection of mineral and fossil specimens.

The Fall Creek Rock Shop sells a variety of rock-related things, ranging in price from cheap to costly. The personnel there is also very kind and willing to help.

27. Art Studio & Gallery

Art Studio & Gallery

The outstanding Hands On Art Studio & Gallery provides a wide range of artistic activities for preschoolers to adults.

They are meant to encourage workers and infuse the neighborhood with fresh life and vitality for the arts. Additionally, they serve as a gallery, studio, and workshop for the nearby artist Visherryl’s Morgan of Visherryl’s Virtual Visions. 

In this area, she plans to work on both her typical pieces and larger installations.


What is the renown of Rolla, Missouri?

Answer: The Missouri University of Science and Technology, which has a number of engineering departments including a department of computer science, is located there. Rolla is home to the Mark Twain National Forest’s administrative center.

Does Rolla, Missouri, get snow?

Answer: In Rolla, Missouri, annual precipitation averages 46 inches. The average annual rainfall in the US is 38 inches. The average annual snowfall in Rolla is 13 inches. Snowfall in the US averages 28 inches a year.


Both tourists and residents may have a nice time in Rolla. This town is filled with magnificent museums, charming galleries, thrilling water parks, historic places, antique stores, and exquisite theaters, much like the ones we’ve visited before.

Why not get ready to travel to Rolla for your next vacation? Make sure to involve your family and friends in your plans since you would have a wonderful time with them.

And feel free to return here if you need any direction along the way.

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