36 Things To Do In Round Rock

Things To Do In Round Rock

Near Austin, Texas, lies a city called Round Rock. It is famous for its historic sites and outdoor activities. The location of where wagons transferred low-water crossings in the 19th century is marked by The Round Rock, a sizable stone in Brushy Creek. Plaques at the nearby Chisholm Trail Crossing Park describe the city’s history of a cattle drive.

The second-fastest expanding city in the USA right now is Round Rock. This Texas city, known as the “Sports Capital of Texas,” is home to the Round Rock Express Minor League Baseball team.

In addition, the city has a lot to offer visitors of all types thanks to its rich past, present, and future as well as its technical and social developments.

You won’t be able to get enough of this amazing city with everything from museums and a unique drive-in movie theatre to historic architectural wonders and cutting-edge theme parks.

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List of things to do in Round Rock

Given below is the list of things to do in Round Rock during your visit.

1. Round Rock Express at The Dell Diamond

Round Rock Express at The Dell Diamond

The Round Rock Express play their home games at The Dell Diamond, which has a capacity of 11,600 spectators. Baseball enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate watching games at the Round Rock Express’ home field.

After all, it’s an opportunity to see the minor league baseball club play. During your journey, pass the time fast by watching a baseball game.

2. Round Rock’s Namesake

Round Rock’s Namesake

Have you ever wondered how Round Rock earned its name? You could get the chance to witness a piece of Round Rock Texas history this weekend! The “Round Rock” is located in Brushy Creek’s waters just in front of Chisholm Trail Crossing Park.

 It served as a signpost for a low-water crossing in the 1850s that travelers used to lead wagons and herds of cattle over the stream. The boulder itself shows evidence of deterioration from years of being trampled by carts.

3.  Kalahari Resorts and Conventions

Kalahari Resorts and Conventions

The “World’s Coolest Indoor Waterparks!” award may have gone to Kalahari indoor waterpark Resorts & Conventions, but they are more than just the nation’s largest indoor waterpark, they also feature authentically African-themed resorts, cutting-edge convention centers, top-notch dining options, opulent spas, a variety of shopping opportunities, and cutting-edge thrill rides at Tom Foolery Adventure Park. 

The 80,000-square-foot adventure park called Tom Foolery is located in Kalahari indoor waterpark and offers zip-lining, laser tag, a climbing wall, and other activities. This unusual indoor theme park is likely to have something to suit your sense of fun.

4. Bowl Underwater

Bowl Underwater

One of Texas’s coolest bowling alleys has to be Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill! Nautical features are found from floor to ceiling in this immersive bowling alley, arcade, and bar with an underwater theme. You’ll notice fish dangling from the ceiling, shark, crocodile, and octopus-shaped pins, and blue lighting that simulates sunshine filtering through the sea. 

Overlooking the bar is a detailed sunken ship that is encircled by enormous marlins and has fish netting extending up to it. Grab some snacks, a basket of fried shrimp, a basket of fish and chips, or a selection of pizzas and kid-friendly great food. You may even hire out sizable eating areas that simulate the inside of a lavish pirate ship appropriate for a captain for your upcoming event.

5. Blue Starlite Drive-In Movie Theatre

Blue Starlite Drive-In Movie Theatre

The Blue Starlite Drive-in Movie Theater offers its customers the thrilling chance to watch timeless movies, classic films, audience favorites, independent movies, and modern pop culture hits—all from the convenience of their cars. Depending on the location and the screen, 15 to 40 automobiles are often permitted in the drive-in for each movie showing.

This drive-in cinema is a must-see on your agenda if you’re in Round Rock since it provides guests with a once-in-a-blue-moon experience.

6. Downtown Round Rock

Downtown Round Rock

You shouldn’t miss out on Downtown Round Rock’s cozy, vibrant environment that is family-friendly, charming, and warm. Invite your family or friends and explore the relaxed old neighborhood. Additionally, parking is never an issue for your downtown area trips, and reservations are not necessary.

7. Take a Dip in a Waterfall

Take a Dip in a Waterfall

When we went, Chisholm Trail Crossing Park was being renovated, but we were still able to swim in this stunning waterfall. Enjoy some sun on the waterfall’s wall while you relax or cool down in the water over the retaining wall before it empties into Brushy Creek’s beginnings. 

Bring some snacks or a packed lunch to eat at the nearby picnic tables. If you enjoy fishing, Brushy Creek, which is direct across the street, has waters that are shallow and tranquil enough for you to see the fish swimming in them.

8. Pottery Class

Pottery Class

Merry’s Mud Pottery House, where you may take pottery workshops and indulge in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and pastries, will make you feel at home. There will be one lesson each week for a total of 6 weeks in these courses. Merry Smith, the proprietor, will teach you one-on-one as her sessions only hold a maximum of 7 individuals at once. 

There is no need to worry about relocating your supplies because you may store your ceramics during the six weeks. This is an excellent weekly activity if you live nearby to spend time with family, friends, and your significant other, or make some new acquaintances.

9. Downtowner Gallery

Downtowner Gallery

Round Rock’s Downtowner Gallery is a gallery of fine art that supports and promotes artists and their creations. It was envisioned as a meeting place for artists and others who are creative in all types of art.

The gallery often holds art exhibitions, artist meet-and-greets, learning opportunities, and exchanges between students and the public interested in fine arts.

The Downtowner Gallery, which is next to the Convention and Visitors Bureau, will undoubtedly satisfy your inner Picasso.

10. Old Settlers Park

Old Settlers Park

Old Settlers Park in Round Rock is the jewel of the community. The park’s 645 acres offer plenty of room for all of your leisure hobbies and are a well-known sports venue in the youth and amateur sports leagues. 

Play a game of horseshoes in one of the two pavilions, have a family BBQ, and play a variety of sports such as baseball, soccer, softball, and football. Kids can also enjoy on the playground or fishing in the neighboring lake.

11. Free Splash Pad

Free Splash Pad

At this free splash pad at Main Street Plaza, you can cool off if you need to or calm down the kids if they’re getting restless as you shop in downtown Round Rock. It’s a fantastic thing to add to your list of activities to do with the family, especially given the Texas heat.

12.  Famous Round Rock Donuts

Famous Round Rock Donuts

Breakfast in Round Rock begins early—typically at approximately 4 am—and is substantial. Locals and tourists alike begin forming lines then to partake in a genuine Texas tradition: Round Rock Donuts. 

Since 1926, customers have come from all across the nation to enjoy our renowned yellow doughnuts. Visit famous Round Rock Donuts now to experience a slice of Texas history.

13. Ruby Hotel

Ruby Hotel

This chic, boutique hotel close to downtown Round Rock has a gym, an outdoor pool, pet-friendly rooms, and a gloomy bar next to a patio overlooking Brushy Creek. The furnished patio or balcony is available in either blue or green. 

No matter what time of day, some of the accommodations even have a view of Brushy Creek for amazing places. Discover how the Ruby Hotel came to be and read about our experience there.

14. La Frontera Shopping Center

La Frontera Shopping Center

When you travel, you must always go shopping for presents, trinkets, and local delicacies.

An integrated complex with a variety of dining, shopping, and lodging opportunities is called La Frontera Shopping Center in Round Rock.

Shop at this well-known shopping center’s high-end stores including Kohl’s, World Market, Pier 1 Imports, Ultra Cosmetics, and many others.

15. Award-Winning Coffee

Award-Winning Coffee

Dedicated to sustainability, Mi Mundo Coffee is a small neighborhood coffee store. Although there isn’t much seating (so plan your visit carefully if you want to linger for a while), the variety of plants and literature will make it difficult to leave. 

This Best of Round Rock 2020 winner offers award-winning organic coffee along with other regional businesses like Hempsy and Steer it up, making it the ideal destination to have a cup of joe before tackling your weekend to-do list.

16.  Round Rock Premium Outlets and IKEA

Round Rock Premium Outlets and IKEA

Have any spare space in your wardrobe or bag that you might fill with souvenir purchases from your trip? When you come to Round Rock, you won’t be let down! Take a stroll around the Round Rock Premium outlets to start your shopping day. 

You will undoubtedly find something you adore at one of the 125 designer and name-brand outlet stores in this lovely open-air mall. Before going to your next location, you may also have lunch at the outlets. 

Be sure to visit IKEA if you’re shopping for furniture for your house. You’ll be surrounded by Swedish-branded furniture and home décor products in this famous furniture shop, which will brighten your room.

17. Round Rock Bats

Round Rock Bats

Before dusk, a family of bridge bats unique to Round Rock leaves for the night to forage under the underpass between McNeil Road and IH35. There are various locations where you may park for nothing and enjoy a beautiful view.

 The Holy Cross Coptic Orthodox Church is among the greatest locations for parking. Simply put, visitors are advised to park on the gravel road on the north side of the church rather than on the church’s lawn.

AB&T Diesel Repair & Performance is located next door. Even though there isn’t much space to park, this could be a better option if you’re bringing kids because the church’s gravel driveway is close to some railroad lines and on a frontage road.

18. Altitude Round Rock

Altitude Round Rock

The 23,000 square-foot Altitude Round Rock features a sizable main court that is ideal for hours of pure delight spent bouncing about.

For those seeking an experience that is unparalleled and unforgettable, this indoor trampoline park is ideal. At the trampoline basketball hoops, guests may practice their dunks, and the springy tumble tracks are perfect for honing their muscular gymnastic routines. Kids may use a Battle Beam to hit their buddies into a squishy foam pit.

The Rock Wall, Battle Beam, Kid’s Court, High 9 Reaction Wall, Trapeze, Foam Pit, Dodgeball, and the park’s most thrilling feature, the Ropes Course, are just a few of the enjoyable activities at Altitude Round Rock.

19. Rock’n River Waterpark

Rock’n River Waterpark

One of the most thrilling activities in Round Rock has to be this. Visit America’s largest indoor Rock’n river waterpark with the whole family. 

There are lifeguards on duty all the time, lockers, a bar and restaurant on site called Zulu Grill, seating all over the place, cabanas you can rent, a wave pool with a screen where they play music videos, a lazy river, a tonne of slides, and even an outdoor pool if you want to soak up some sun.

20. Brushy Creek Lake Park

Brushy Creek Lake Park

The Brushy Creek lake park, which is around 12 kilometers long and primarily composed of concrete, is ideal for tourists who enjoy bicycling, hiking, and running. There are expansive, tranquil, and unspoiled vistas all along the trail.

To the west of Chisholm Trail Road in Round Rock, the recently built Phase V winds around Brushy Creek for a 1.6-kilometer circular trip.

From the west of Great Oaks Drive, the route continues for another six miles as it follows Brushy Creek to Twin Lakes Park in Cedar Park.

The path offers a variety of easily accessible facilities for runners, bikers, and hikers over its whole length. In addition to various picnic sites and pavilions, the parks of Brushy Creek have attractions including splash pads, rock climbing, docks, swimming areas, boating, and kayaking.

21. Then Visit the Arcade Just Next Door

Then Visit the Arcade Just Next Door

Behind two sets of glass doors on the opposite side of the waterpark is Tom Foolery’s, which also has a bowling alley, and still another restaurant called B-Lux with its wacky, delicious shakes. But there’s more! There are indoor rollercoasters, two escape rooms, an obstacle course, arcade games, VR games, axe throwing, and even laser tag.

22. Virtropolis VR

Virtropolis VR

The extensive multiplayer virtual reality experiences provided by Virtropolis VR promote the enjoyment, cooperation, and communication.

They provide exhilarating virtual activities like live-action games that are normally too risky or impractical to try out in real life.

Intense, fascinating, and out-of-this-world adventures may be had by using virtual reality technology to transport you to locations like the Greek mythological worlds, the worlds of the future, and the Egyptian pyramids.

23. African Crafts

African Crafts

If you choose to stay at one of the Kalahari Resorts during your weekend in Round Rock, Amatuli, a collection of stores with a wide variety of goods, including products created in Africa, is located in the resort’s center. 

The stores are open every day from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., and on Sundays, a farmer’s market is held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Live music is also available every day. Simply visit their website while you are there.

24. Home Run Dugout

Home Run Dugout

Everyone has the chance to become a baseball superstar thanks to Home Run Dugout. This cutting-edge batting cage experience is safe and enjoyable for players of all skill levels, and it is located close to the center field at Dell Diamond. As the smooth pitching machine pops up the ball and positions you for the ideal hit, practice your swing.

 Do your victory dance as you see the large screen projection of the pace and angle of your swing! You and your group will be hitting home runs all night thanks to the complete bar and grill and the view of Dell Diamond.

25. WCOSA Fire Museum

WCOSA Fire Museum

If you’re visiting Round Rock with your family, the WCOSA Fire Museum should be on your schedule. Children may learn a lot about fire departments and the contributions they make to society here.

There was just one volunteer fire brigade servicing the Round Rock Community from 1884 until 2007. Hutto to the east, Travis County to the west and south, and Georgetown to the north defined the service area at the same time.

Some of the fire protection equipment used throughout the years was saved and refurbished by volunteers. The apparatus is currently shown at the fire museum.

26. Wacky Sodas & Candy

Wacky Sodas & Candy

A wide variety of ice cream flavors, coffee beverages, traditional sweets, and treats you might not have known existed are available at the 3 Star Candy Shop in Round Rock. We came discovered bizarre drink varieties including Pickles, Buffalo Wings, and Bacon, as well as gigantic spicy gummy bears, pickle lollipops, and kale candy canes.

 I like how vintage photographs and placards were used to create the look and feel of an authentic confectionery store on the walls.

27. Escapology


The most well-liked and expanding escape room chain in Round Rock is called Escapology. To escape the chamber within 60 minutes, a group of players at Escapology must locate secret clues, decipher hints, and engage in a genuine adventure.

You’ll have an exhilarating, cinematic experience with Escapology that you won’t soon forget. The missions are meant to offer players an adrenaline rush, while the escape rooms are themed to give players a genuine sense.

28. Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

With 640 acres, Old Settler’s Park features several sports fields, pavilions, sand volleyball courts, a paved walk measuring 3.3 miles, a stunning view of Bright Lake, and fishing. The Joanne Land Playground, one of Round Rocks’ coolest playgrounds, will also catch your eye.

 It contains a short zip line, a rope swing, rings for kids to hang on, and multiple stories. For the youngest members of your group, there is also a smaller version, and the more challenging playground elements are enclosed by nets and walls to give parents some peace of mind.

29. Round Rock’s Historical Works of Architecture

Round Rock's Historical Works of Architecture

The city’s architectural and iconic landmarks, constructed between 1876 and 1881, convey lovely and engrossing stories of Round Rock’s former and present citizens.

The Old Broom Factory Building, which dates to 1876, is a perfect example of several stories coexisting in one location since it has served as a school, furniture store, and vehicle repair shop over the years.

One of the most significant historical landmarks in the city is The Round Rock, which is well-known for being the location from where Native Americans and wagons would frequently pass.

30. Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World

A destination is Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. The Shops serve as a museum, art gallery, antique shop, and aquarium, providing entertainment and education to all visitors. Not to mention the enormous variety of outdoor equipment and clothing. 

The 120,000-square-foot Round Rock Bass Pro Shop is situated south of Westinghouse on the northeast intersection of IH-35 and University Drive.

31. Round Rock Premium Outlets

Round Rock Premium Outlets

A 430,000-square-foot retail center with over 125 businesses is called Round Rock Premium Outlets. One of the finest things to do in Round Rock is to shop at this outlet mall to find the biggest discounts on your favorite brands.

You’ll be able to shop at places carrying brands like Adidas, American Eagle, Disney Outlet, and more.

Even some high-end brands like Coach and Kate Spade will be present.

During your shopping day, choose from the various snack shops and eateries to refuel.

32. Rock’n River Family Aquatic Center

Rock’n River Family Aquatic Center

Within Old Settlers Park lies the 150,000-square-foot Rock’n River Family Aquatic Center. The activities at this waterpark, which include a winding lazy river, insane water slides, and shallow pool playgrounds, place it among the top choices for interesting attractions in Round Rock.

When you want to unwind and spend time with your entire family, this is unquestionably the place to go.  Climb the park’s rock wall, then leap from its 12-foot platform into the pool’s refreshing water.

33. Memorial Park

Memorial Park

A 14.11-acre major community park called Memorial Park is well-known for its huge grounds and waterway. Breathing in the fresh air while strolling around this park is one of the easy, affordable fun things to do nearby if you’re trying to unwind.

You may take a break on seats beneath oak trees and feed the ducks on the waterway. By searching for the many historical landmarks around the park, such as a memorial WWII torpedo, you may add a little history activity to your trip.

34. Saint William Catholic Church

Saint William Catholic Church

At the centre of the city lies the stunning Roman Catholic church known as Saint William Catholic Church. This church and its gardens are the ideal locations to visit today for some peaceful thinking. The surroundings are peaceful, and the well-kept grounds are lovely to look at.

Architecture lovers will also enjoy examining the church’s interior’s contemporary design.

Take a photograph of the church from the exterior by bringing your camera. Your vacation album will look wonderful against its old-world architecture.

35. Centennial Plaza

Centennial Plaza

Downtown’s Centennial Plaza is next to the Baca Center and McConnico Building. This plaza is the spot to go if you’re just looking for a place to relax and take a break while you’re out exploring.

You may wait for the bats to come out of the observation deck, sit on the lawn, or stroll about the property. You could even be fortunate enough to attend a spectacular light show or performance while you’re here.

36. Kawaii’s


Locals love the smooth, fluffy portions of shaved ice served at Kawaii’s. Eating flavored shaved ice is an excellent way to cool down, and the people of Round Rock highly suggest this place because of its enormous variety of flavors.

You may consume it at any time of day, and having shaved ice here at night is one of the most popular fun things to do in Red Rock.

To truly appreciate why this shaved ice store is so well-liked, try some of the local faves like Maui-Wowie and Jamaican Me Crazy.


Is Round Rock worth visiting?

Answer: Round Rock is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and abundance of parks, eateries, and entertainment. However, Dell Diamond, the home field of the Round Rock Express, a AAA Minor League Baseball team of the Round Rock Texas Rangers, has helped make it recognized as the “Sports Capital of Texas.”

Is Round Rock a good city?

Answer: Residents in Round Rock enjoy a thick suburban vibe, and the majority own their houses. Numerous parks may be found in Round Rock. Residents of Round Rock often hold moderate political views and many families and young professionals are living there. High praise is given to Round Rock’s public schools. 


There are several stunning locations to explore in the Round Rock Texas city of Round Rock, from huge, well-kept parks to fascinating downtown attractions.

It is the perfect environment to keep you busy without exhausting you.

Round Rock has developed a reputation for being one of the nation’s most livable and rapidly rising cities in recent years. Visit Round Rock, a place to go if you like the laid-back large city feel.

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