33 Things To Do In Somerset KY

Things To Do In Somerset KY

In Pulaski County, Kentucky, the city of Somerset has home rule status. In the city, 11,196 people were counted in the 2010 census, and 11,924 people were counted in the 2020 census. It serves as Pulaski County’s seat.

In 1802, Somerset ky was designated as the county seat of Pulaski and was founded as a city in 1887. A key Civil War combat took place in January 1862 at Mill Springs, which is located approximately 8 miles west of Somerset. The location now houses a museum.

Somerset, a city in Kentucky, is located on Lake Cumberland’s northern shore. For its extensive outdoor activities, the city of Somerset is regarded as a gold mine. The city of Somerset is the ideal destination if you like to go fishing, riding, hiking, swimming, sightseeing, or just want to relax on vacation.

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List of things to do in Somerset KY

Given below is the list of things you must have to visit and do during your visit to Somerset Ky:

1. Somersplash Water Park

Somersplash Water Park

In Somerset, the temperature can rise, especially during the summer months. Plan a trip to this enormous 30-acre water park with slides, a massive wave pool, and a nearby skate park.

Try out all the water sports offered at Somersplash Water Park and take a bath in the breathtaking waters there.

Somersplash is proud of the variety of slides it offers, including body slides, big tube slides, a wave pool with 298,000 gallons of water that can produce waves as high as four feet, a kiddie play area for the kids, and a lazy river for your leisure.

2. Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland

The ninth-largest reservoir in the country is located northeast of Somerset. Wolf Creek Dam, the 25th biggest in the US, impounds Lake Cumberland in the early 1950s for flood control and hydroelectric power generation.

The reservoir has a surface area of more than 100 square miles and more than 1,250 kilometers of shoreline when it is at full pool.

Soon, Lake Cumberland grew to be a major draw for tourists in southeastern Kentucky, and Somerset offers a variety of opportunities to see this enormous body of water activities and its breathtaking shoreline.

Within 10 miles of the town, there are two parks where you can go camping, hiking, fishing, paddling, and doing a tonne of other things.

3. Fall things at Bear Wallow Farm 

Fall things at Bear Wallow Farm 

Bear Wallow Farm features everything you could want, including a pumpkin patch, a 7-acre corn maze, a pumpkin sky launcher, a petting zoo, and more. Don’t forget to attend the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off! The winning pumpkin from the previous year weighed 1,578 pounds! From mid-September through the end of October, Bear Wallow is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

4. International Paranormal Museum and Research Center

International Paranormal Museum and Research Center

The International Paranormal Museum and Research Center, as the museum puts it, is housed in the basement of the Carnegie Community Arts Center and presents “all things that go bump in the night.”

For almost 15 years, the research center has been investigating paranormal occurrences around the nation. The international paranormal museum showcases accumulated antiquities and one-of-a-kind objects that the researchers have collected over their travels.

The exhibits at this museum have endured terrible events, and the museum itself has many scary stories to tell.

5. Take a Fall Foliage Drive 

Take a Fall Foliage Drive 

The brilliant color shift in the leaves is one of the finest things about fall. One of the most picturesque drives is on Rattlesnake Run, an 11-mile stretch of winding road with 150 turns that is well-liked by motorcycle riders. 

The Daniel Boone National Forest’s slopes are traversed by the Rattlesnake, which makes for the ideal autumnal journey.

6. Somerset Peddlers Mall

Somerset Peddlers Mall

A well-known location in the neighborhood of antique and collectible dealers is the Somerset Peddlers Mall. The family-run store Peddlers Mall sells furniture, collectibles, oddities, antiques, and anything else old or new.

In Peddlers Mall, you may easily buy, trade, or save money while enjoying a distinctive retail experience.  So while looking for things, take your time and look around carefully. You can come upon certain items that turn out to be your greatest treasure.

7. Go Apple-Picking

Go Apple-Picking

Haney’s Appledale Farm, a family-run market that first operated as a roadside fruit stand in the 1870s, is situated in the sleepy town of Nancy. When apples are in season, you can either pick your own or purchase fruit at the orchard’s market.

 Additionally, offered are fried apple pies, jellies, preserves, and regional crafts and goods on Haney’s Appledale farm. Don’t forget to purchase some apple cider to bring home.

8. Somerset Falls Family Park

Somerset Falls Family Park

The Somerset Falls Family Park provides a location to accommodate all of these events. It is the perfect place setting for your upcoming special occasion.

They offer amenities that may be used for any occasion to make it successful and fun. Both seasoned golfers and newcomers can play on an 18-hole miniature golf course that has been expertly constructed.

The golf course is exquisitely manicured with native vegetation, and it is embellished with natural limestone to emphasize the design of each hole.

9. Daniel Boone National Forest

Daniel Boone National Forest

The Daniel Boone National Forest protects a vast area of Eastern Kentucky in the Appalachian foothills.

The forest, which was established in 1937 and now encompasses more than 700,000 acres, is made up of untamed woodland interwoven with spectacular water features like the renowned Cumberland Falls.

One of the bigger cities surrounding the forest is Somerset, and the KY 192, which connects Somerset to London, KY, will take you right into the middle of this wildness.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers created the Laurel River Lake reservoir in the 1970s, and this route travels near its coast. One of the best walks in the entire forest is located right on KY 192. This is the five-mile out-and-back Vanhook Falls Trail.

10. Somerset Family Fitness Center

Somerset Family Fitness Center

The Somerset Family Fitness Center is a health club with a yoga and Pilates studio, two indoor swimming pools, a whirlpool, and a sauna. It also has a weight room and a basketball court. Additionally, they provide fitness courses like cycling and Zumba.

11. Moonlight Festival 

Moonlight Festival 

Local, regional, and national artists will congregate in downtown Somerset for this new event as a tribute to the community’s prior Harvest Moon Festival. Bourbon, Kentucky’s most famous export, will be highlighted during the Moonlight Festival along with regional brewers, wineries, cuisine, and arts and crafts merchants.

12. Woodhouse Day Spa

Woodhouse Day Spa

Spend a day pampering yourself at Somerset, Kentucky’s Woodhouse Day Spa, 400 West Columbia Street. A distinctive, nutritious, and unforgettable experience may be had at Woodhouse Day Spa.

When you arrive, the welcoming staff at Woodhouse Day Spa will give you a warm grin and take you on a voyage of refreshment.

From knowledgeable and committed personnel, visitors may take advantage of a wonderful experience and superb massage treatments. Take advantage of Woodhouse Day Spa’s tranquil setting to enhance your wellness.

13. Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls

The “Niagara of the South” waterfall is just 35 miles from Somerset’s center making for an unforgettable day excursion.

Even though there are many cascades and waterfalls in Kentucky, Cumberland Falls is on another level, measuring 69 feet high and 125 feet broad.

The Cumberland falls, which thunders down a sandstone ravine with a discharge rate of 3,600 cubic feet per second and a spectacular column of mist, is incredibly loud.

The mist creates moonbows on full or almost full moon evenings, and Cumberland Falls is said to be the only great place in the Western Hemisphere where you may consistently see this phenomenon

14. Winery or Craft Brewery 

 Winery or Craft Brewery

Take pleasure in the regional wines and craft beers produced in Pulaski County. The journey to Cave Hill Vineyard & Winery is beautiful and winds through the countryside. Alternately, visit Jarfly Brewing Company and Tap on Main in downtown Somerset to sample the distinctive flavors of local artisan brewers.

15. Flashback Theatre

 Flashback Theatre

Somerset, Kentucky-based performance business Flashback Theatre. In their workshop series, you may take on the role of the main character for a day, join the team, or simply learn about the mechanics. Flashback Theatre is a unique and interesting thing to communicate historical tales if you’re interested in learning more about Somerset’s past.

16. Pulaski County Park

Pulaski County Park

Pulaski County Park is the first of two parks close by on the beaches of Lake Cumberland, and it is only a 15-minute drive from the center of Somerset. With a beach, a picturesque campsite, cabin rentals, shelters, and a sizable lakeside area with two launches for boating and paddling, the park is situated on more than 800 acres of hilly, forested shoreline.

There are more than 16 miles of paths for mountain bikers and hikers that meander through the forest and rise to some sweeping lookouts in Pulaski county park.

In addition to these, the park has two 18-hole disc golf courses, basketball and volleyball courts, and two playgrounds for children.

17. Briar Bowl Lanes/Keglers

Briar Bowl Lanes/Keglers

A 24-lane bowling alley, Briar Bowl Lanes/Keglers draws bowling leagues and those seeking a good time with friends. There are also options like cosmic bowling, happy hour, and delicious cuisine.

18. John Sherman Cooper Community Arts Center

John Sherman Cooper Community Arts Center

A non-profit arts organization that attempts to promote art via many types of entertainment and education is located on Somerset, Kentucky, main street. Numerous regional artists, public events, and other organizations are housed at the John Sherman Cooper Community Arts Center.

There are three levels in the institution, and each level features a distinct menu.

There is a restaurant named “The Cellar” in the basement that serves the neighborhood comfort cuisine that has been passed down through many generations.

19. Burnside Island State Park

 Burnside Island State Park

This vast state park, located on a 430-acre island in Lake Cumberland, is another important local destination for outdoor activity.

Less than ten miles south of Somerset ky lies Commander Burnside Island State Park, which has the name of the Union general and three-time governor of Rhode Island, Ambrose Burnside (1824–1881), who stationed his forces here during the Civil War. The 18-hole golf course, which is among Kentucky’s top courses, is one of the park’s main draws.

Additionally, there is a marina where you may launch your boat or pick from a variety of rentals for a fun day cruising Lake Cumberland, as well as a 75-acre campsite with 102 sites.

20. Walk where they Fought 

Walk where they Fought 

The Combat of Mill Springs, which took place on January 19, 1862, is recognized as the first Union victory in Kentucky and the second deadliest battle ever to take place there. Take the 10-stop driving tour while spending the day at the Mill Springs Battlefield Visitor Center and Museum.

21. Roller Skating at Sk8’ers Paradise Family Fun Center

Roller Skating at Sk8’ers Paradise Family Fun Center

All ages enjoyed the beloved past time of roller skating. Somerset, Kentucky’s Sk8’ers Paradise Family Fun Center is a 16,000+ square foot structure with a variety of fun features.

This family entertainment complex has 112,000-square-foot roller skating rinks with maple wood flooring, a laser tag field, a toddler bouncy house and slide, an arcade game section, and a gift shop with unusual items.

Along with birthday packages, Sk8’ers Paradise Family Fun Center also offers party and event space.

22. Master Musicians Festival

Master Musicians Festival

A two-day, multi-genre festival of excellent musicianship takes place in Somerset ky in the middle of July. The Master Musicians Field has been operating since 1994 and is held at the Somerset ky Community College Festival Field on the south side of the city. It has included several well-known performers as headliners.

You can find John Prine, Willie Nelson, Grace Potter, Richie Havens, and Dwight Yoakam on that extensive list of previous performances. The MMF seeks to be a family-friendly, multicultural, and multigenerational feast of music, art, and cuisine.

Children under 12 may enter for free with an adult who has a ticket, and there are many kid-friendly activities available, such as water balloon battles and craft workshops.

23. Fall Colors and Classic Cars

Fall Colors and Classic Cars

The fourth Saturday of each month from April through October is Somernites Cruise, which offers a laid-back, family-friendly ambiance throughout Somerset, the car cruise capital of Kentucky. Every month, the Somernites Cruise, a free automotive event, attracts more than 1,000 display vehicles and trucks to Somerset, a charming and historic town.

24. Mill Springs Battlefield National Monument

 Mill Springs Battlefield National Monument

The Battle of Mill Springs, which included around 10,000 men and resulted in a Union victory, took place in January 1862 fewer than ten miles to the west of Somerset. The fight, which put an early Confederate assault in Eastern Kentucky to a halt, is recognized as the first significant Union success in the western Somerset cinemas of the Civil War.

This historical location will fascinate anybody interested in the history of the American Civil War. The undulating battlefield may be explored on a driving tour with 10 stops, and there is also a hiking route with 14 informative markers. 

Where the Union soldiers tented, at the northern end of the battlefield, is where you can find the Visitor Center and Museum for further context. There are plenty of intriguing items in this exhibit on Combat on the Cumberland.

25. Wildlife Rehabilitation at Liberty Nature Center

Wildlife Rehabilitation at Liberty Nature Center

In the stunning Lake Cumberland region, the Liberty Nature Center offers sick and injured animals a second chance at life. The facility is essential as a place of healing.

Animals that would otherwise perish in the wild are housed and cared for on a total of 27 acres. At Liberty Nature Center, sick, injured, or handicapped animals are taken care of. They design programmers to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in higher school in addition to grooming them.

26. Buck Creek Outfitters

Buck Creek Outfitters

West of Somerset ky, Buck Creek outfitters across the landscape until entering the Cumberland River slightly upstream of Lake Cumberland.

A lengthy section of the creek has recently undergone thorough development to become a 24.5-mile water path with signs, maps, and secure launch sites.

Visit Buck Creek Outfitters if you want to spend some time canoeing through lush landscapes and learn about a little-known aspect of Pulaski County.

27. Burnett Farms

Burnett Farms

One of the best farms in the area for producing high-quality, locally derived agricultural products is Burnett Farms, managed by the Burnett family. Burnett Farms’ growers raise a variety of fruits and vegetables for sale.

Burnett Farms has become a renowned and beloved institution within the community. Providing clients with high-quality, regionally sourced food goods is its key priority.

At Burnett Farms, you may get the top-notch meat and fresh ingredients you’ll need to prepare a delectable handmade meal.

28. Shark Aviation

Shark Aviation

You may fly in a Cessna 185 seaplane to get a better sense of the full size of Lake Cumberland. The only business authorized to fly seaplanes on the lake is Shark Aviation, and it’s an experience not to be missed.

From Somerset’s Lake Cumberland Regional Airport, you may take a flight that will take around 40 minutes to go.

The vistas of the lake and its winding forested sides are nothing short of magnificent as the seaplane makes a series of water landings and takeoffs.

29. Cumberland Run-Walk

Cumberland Run-Walk

To enhance your well-being and take good care of your feet and soles, Cumberland Run-Walk Store. The Cumberland Run-Walk Store has a large selection of shoes in stock for your convenience.

There are many different types of footwear available, including slip-resistant shoes, work boots, walking shoes, running shoes, and shoes for people with diabetes.

After carefully analyzing your feet, the team at the Cumberland Run-Walk Store can determine your needs and assist you in choosing the right shoes.

30. Somernites Cruise

Somernites Cruise

You’ll see why Somerset ky has been nicknamed “The Car Cruise Capital of Kentucky” if you visit on the fourth Saturday of every month, from April through October.

The Somernites Cruise is a relaxed, family friendly downtown event with a monthly theme that changes. “Show and Shine” is held from 12 to 6 p.m. and is followed by “Cruising the Strip.”

31. Horseback Riding at Barren Fork Horse Camp’s Campgrounds

Horseback Riding at Barren Fork Horse Camp's Campgrounds

Popular camping spot The Barren Fork Horse Camp may be found in Daniel Boone National Forest’s Stearns area. 30 miles and a 35-minute journey separate Somerset, Kentucky, from the Barren Fork Horse Camp. For horseback riders who appreciate being surrounded by trees, this campsite is a refuge and popular spot. There are several pathways to explore and plenty of room for horses.

32. Cozy Cabin

Cozy Cabin

What better location than a cabin to view the fall foliage? Pulaski County provides the cabins you’re looking for, whether you want one with a breathtaking view of Lake Cumberland or one surrounded by stunning fall foliage.

 Among the various activities you may engage in during your stay are reading a book, watching football, hiking, and having family game nights. Whatever you decide, you’ll have a great time and relax.

33. White Oak Boat-In Campground

White Oak Boat-In Campground

33 miles from Somerset, Kentucky, the White Oak Boat-In Campground is situated on Laurel River Lake on London Ranger. The campsite has a lake with quiet, clean water where visitors may go swimming and fishing. 

Its coastlines provide a tranquil environment for reflection and meditation. Scuba diving, boating, water skiing, and other water sports are also offered.


What is Somerset KY known for?

Answer: Somerset, Kentucky is noted for its plethora of outdoor leisure opportunities, including boating, hiking, and even a local winery that offers a distinct flavor of Kentucky. Somerset ky is located on the northeastern shore of Lake Cumberland, just west of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Somerset ky has a rich history as well.

Is Somerset KY a dry county?

Answer: The City of Somerset ky voted on June 26, 2012, to go fully “wet”, which means alcoholic beverages can be purchased by the package, and restaurant and bars can serve them by the drink.


Somerset, Kentucky, provides everything you need whether you want to go shopping, sample food, go on an adventure indoors or outside, or just have fun things, the best things, and unwind.

When you eat, drink, and feast at the restaurant in the city, Somerset ky offers a wealth of attractions, activities, and sites that you shouldn’t miss.

You won’t be disappointed if you come to the city of Somerset.

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