37 Things To Do In Watertown NY

The county seat and largest city in Jefferson County, New York, is Watertown. It is located along the Black River about 5 miles east, where it falls into large Lake Ontario, about 25 miles south of the Thousand Islands. The Watertown International Airport and the Watertown Daily Times newspaper serve the city, which is surrounded by the town of Watertown to the south, east, and west.

There are many attractions in Watertown, New York, making for a jam-packed agenda while you’re there. They might not be on the list of the most popular destinations in New York, but they are gems worth exploring, especially if you enjoy learning about the history of the area and engaging in outdoor sports.

Watertown, as its name implies, is home to several water bodies, including waterfalls that originate from the Black River. The city offers visitors various chances for water sports activities including kayaking and whitewater rafting, making it a great summer getaway.

It also has stunning examples of architecture, historical sites, and relaxing green areas. A complete package made up of parks, rivers, historical sites, leisure areas, and entertainment venues will ensure that you have all you need for a relaxing, enjoyable, and memorable visit to Watertown, New York.

List of things to do in Watertown, NY

Here is the list of top attractions and things to do in Watertown NY that you can do during your vacation.

1. Rafting on the Black River

Rafting on the Black River

Rafting on the Black River is an experience you shouldn’t pass up, especially if you love the rush. With more than 7 miles of whitewater rafting in the Black River Gorge, there is adequate room for rafters with varying levels of expertise. The levels of difficulty change with the seasons, with spring being the most challenging due to the higher river levels and summer being the easiest due to the lower water levels.

2. Public Square

Public Square

In the center of the city lies an outdoor shopping center called The Public Square. It consists of 58 buildings and is listed on the National Register of Historic sites. 

The rectangular plaza is exquisitely built, with houses bordering its edges and an oval park in the middle. The structures hold a variety of businesses, including stores, restaurants, churches, homes, and more.

3. Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library

Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library

Roswell P. Floral, the former governor of New York, inspired Emma Flower Taylor to build the flower Library. The Library has been dubbed “America’s most beautiful Library.”

The Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library was founded to serve those who value learning. It offers a friendly atmosphere, good service from a dedicated team, and attention to the requirements of the neighborhood.

The excellent collection of fascinating books, audiovisual materials, journals, technology, and other resources is kept up by the Roswell P. Flower Library. Additionally, it provides programmers on a variety of topics in forms suitable for children, teenagers, and adults.

Visit the Roswell Library because it is a hub for reading, learning, culture, and research. It also offers an opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, to learn and have fun.

4. Mint Julep Spa & Salon

Mint Julep Spa & Salon

Pedicures and manicures, waxing, laser skin treatments, laser hair removal with Hilary, facials, makeup applications, lash extensions, great massages, body treatments, and other services are all offered at Mint Julep Spa & Salon. 

With its tidy and roomy setting, Mint Julep Spa and Salon is dedicated to giving you a great hair and body treatment. As they pamper your body and hair, they assist you in achieving good well-being.

5. Visit Burrville Cider Mill

Visit Burrville Cider Mill

Built-in 1801, the Burrville Cider Mill first served as a gristmill before transitioning to a sawmill. Burrville Cider Mill is one of Jefferson County’s most established businesses. The Burrville Cider Mill is a historical site and a long-standing family tradition. The best handmade goods made by regional artists are sold there.

You may go on a self-guided tour to learn more about the business. An excellent suggestion would be to go here. Freshly fried cider donuts and the lovely aroma of making cider fill the Mill. The employees are warm and welcoming.

The Burrville Cider Mill also sells cheese curds and other tasty treats from upstate New York. Family and friends may take in the lovely scenery. The Burrville Cider Mill is a fantastic location to try their mouthwatering and sugary treats.

6. Discover the rich history of the Jefferson County Historical Society

Discover the rich history of the Jefferson County Historical Society

In 1852, Jefferson County’s first residents came. The primary objectives of the Jefferson County Historical Society when it was founded in 1879 were to identify, gather, protect, and promote Jefferson County’s history. 

At the moment, a visit to the historical society will provide you with information on the history, culture, and general way of life of Jefferson County as recorded in the objects, papers, and books available there. If you are interested in studying more about American history, you should go there.

7. Hiking at the Historic Thompson Park

Hiking at the Historic Thompson Park

One of Watertown’s most stunning urban parks is Thompson Park. Thompson park was built in 1899 by John C. Thompson under the direction of renowned architect John Charles Olmstead, who later gave it to the city as a gift.

Thompson park is well-known for its many beautiful hiking paths through forested areas. Additionally, in Thompson park is a memorial honoring the fallen troops.

Also wonderful is the playground, where youngsters enjoy running about. One further distinctive aspect of this park is the splash pad.

8. Poors Island Trails

Poors Island Trails

Beautiful monuments and picturesque, historic places for strolling may be found along Poors Island Trails. Take a quiet stroll in the woods and you’ll be met by lovely trees.

There are many sticks and other things for youngsters to play with since the area is interesting and enjoyable. Poors Island Trail is a part of Jefferson County, New York’s Islands Category.

The “Black River” USGS topo map quad shows the location of the Poors Island Trail. The map shows the location, terrain, and neighboring roads and trails, among other things.

9. Visit Arsenal Street and Go Shopping

Visit Arsenal Street and Go Shopping

A trip to Watertown is no exception to the rule that no trip to a new city or town is ever complete without some shopping. When visitors and tourists want to experience the town’s commercial scene, they go to Watertown‘s Arsenal Street. 

The route is home to a variety of malls and shops that sell anything from designer clothing to expensive presents. You might spend all of your money in a few minutes given the variety of sellers on this street. Nevertheless, you will discover a variety of establishments that may sufficiently meet all of your light shopping demands, regardless of your budget.

10. Watertown Farm and Craft Market

Watertown Farm and Craft Market

Locals consider the Watertown Farm and Craft Market to be one of the best spots in the city. Fresh, organic vegetables may be purchased here at costs that won’t break the bank.

The local farmers market in Watertown is hosted at the Watertown Farm and Craft Market, which is situated on the Saltonstall Park Corner of White’s Avenue and Main Street. You may purchase a huge range of locally made art and craft products as mementos to remind you of your vacation to Watertown in addition to enjoying fresh fruits and veggies.

Farmers handpick corn, carrots, and other vegetables to sell here. The venue plays live music to create a charming and welcoming ambiance.

Other merchants that put up stalls here provide a variety of goods, including honey, jams, biscuits, cupcakes, and handcrafted crafts. The popularity of food trucks at this farmers’ market is also fairly high.

11. Visit the Dry Hill Ski Area

Visit the Dry Hill Ski Area

The best thing to do in Watertown, New York, is to spend time at Dry Hill Ski Area. Family pleasure is emphasized at Dry Hill Ski Area, making it a terrific place for families. In Watertown, New York, there is a little ski area like this. On half of its 11 ski trails, there is snowmaking, while on the other seven, there is night skiing.

The winter recreation program offers a variety of fun and thrilling activities, including Snowboarding, Intermediate Runs, Advanced Runs, and Beginner Runs. Rentals for ski gear, dining options, and a bar are available at Dry Hill Ski.

Visit Dry Hill Ski with your family, friends, and young children. They will love the activities that Dry Hill Ski offers and won’t want to go anywhere else.

12. Movie Night at the Regal Cinema

 Movie Night at the Regal Cinema

If you enjoy watching movies or if you’re sick of being indoors or outside and want a change of pace, you can check out the Regal Cinema in Watertown. The theatre complex has several screens where you may enjoy some time viewing recently released movies. 

The theatre is situated in Salmon Run Mall, and like the majority of upscale movie theatres, it includes comfortable seats in addition to the standard facilities. It also has a concession stand. You may always check the movie schedules online to see if there will be a film you’d be interested in seeing in advance.

13. Visit the Fun on the Run Arcade with Your Kids

Visit the Fun on the Run Arcade with Your Kids

One of Watertown’s most well-liked family-friendly locations is the Fun on the Run Arcade. The game room is compact but well-organized, and it has a selection of arcade games.

Additionally, there are pool tables and dartboards for adults and parents who are coming with their children. The business is managed by college students, and the environment is relaxed.

14. Chocolate Cottage

 Chocolate Cottage

If you like chocolate, you’ll be pleased to know that Watertown has a cottage where you may try chocolate in the same way you would wine. You will get the opportunity to sample a variety of chocolates at the cottage until you choose the one that best suits your palate.

 The fact that the cottage offers both low-fat and high-fat chocolates makes it the perfect choice for anyone who might have unique dietary requirements. You may sample the chocolates as well as a range of ice creams that will help you stay cool on hot summer days.

15. Souvenirs at Salmon Run Mall

 Souvenirs at Salmon Run Mall

This Salmon-run mall is unique since it features several independent retailers and boutiques in addition to the usual high-end businesses. The salmon run mall has a great location for window shopping and finding gifts to bring home.

You may also get beauty-related treatments including manicures, pedicures, eyebrow threading, and haircuts at Salmon Run Mall. Additionally, there are eateries and food stands where you may grab a snack while taking a break from shopping. A charming tiny theatre where you may see a movie is also located in the mall.

16. Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Monument

Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Monument

To remember the residents who served in the Civil War, the Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Monument was erected in 1891. The area where the Soldiers and Sailors Monument is located was formerly the village green and has been there since 1805.

On June 3, 1891, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Watertown’s Public Square was officially opened, in grateful remembrance of the Jefferson County Soldiers and Sailors who died or fought to defend the Union and human freedom, according to the plaques engraved on the Monument.

The Sailors Civil War Monument served as a reminder that those who died did not do so in vain; rather, it was thanks to them that freedom was reborn in the country.

A huge American flag that originally flew from a flagpole in the Square as each local regiment departed for the Civil War covered the Soldiers and Sailors Monument before it was unveiled.

17. Honor the Mountain Monument

Honor the Mountain Monument

The focal point of the historic Thompson Park is the Honor the Mountain Monument, which is situated in Tower Square. It is a crucial addition to the neighborhood. It serves as a reminder of the important interaction between Fort Drum’s civilian workforce neighbors and the North Country.

The 10th Mountain Division became the united states army that most frequently deployed force when it was deactivated in 1985. Honor the Mountain Monument serves as both a memorial to the Division’s past and a lasting legacy for present and future generations.

18. Veteran’s Memorial River Walk

Veteran’s Memorial River Walk

The Veteran’s Memorial River Walk is located close to Newell Street along the Black River. Given that there is plenty of parking, picnic tables, and park benches where you can stop for a break to have lunch or refreshments, the walk is perfect for a stroll for both couples and families. 

The area is picturesque and is certain to provide the most peaceful stroll you will ever take in the city with the sounds of the river, chirping birds, and the thick foliage all around. You may enjoy watching kayakers and other whitewater enthusiasts as they attempt to navigate the rapids from the river’s banks. 

19. Dine at Maggie’s on the River

Dine at Maggie's on the River

Maggie’s on the River is characterized by the ideal fusion of friendly service and exceptional food. After a hard day’s work, this area is the ideal setting for a romantic meal.

In addition to serving traditional American fares like cheesesteaks, burgers, and fries, the menu is distinctive since each item is made by a top-notch chef. You’re in for a fantastic evening if you serve your preferred dish with some red wine or beer.

The appetizers, such as chicken parm sandwiches and Philly egg rolls, are among the foods you really must try.

20. Yellow Barn Winery

Yellow Barn Winery

You should visit Yellow Barn Winery since it is the nicest location. Locals own and operate Yellow Barn Winery in Watertown, New York, just outside of Historic Sachets Harbor.

The gift shop has a substantial assortment of fine wines and other wine-related items. As they have extensive expertise and experience in the wine industry dating back more than twenty years, you can be certain that you will have a great time and be happy there.

The nicest, most delicious wines are offered by Yellow Barn Winery. A little history of Yellow Barn Winery and the neighborhood will be provided to you by their helpful and pleasant staff as well.

21. Sci-Tech Center

Sci-Tech Center

There are more than 300 Sci-Tech facilities in the world, and one of them is located in the little town of Watertown NY. If you are interested in science, you shouldn’t miss visiting these sci-tech center museums, which have been called the “playground of the intellect.”

The Sci-tech Museum strives to accomplish the following objectives: provide the general public with a hands-on opportunity to experience both natural phenomena and manufactured devices; act as a resource for formal educational programs; and promote interest in engineering, science, and industrial careers.

 The museum’s mission is to improve public understanding of science and technology. A visit to the Sci-tech museum will introduce you to a wealth of events and local history displays in several scientific fields that will both astound and awe you. You will enjoy visiting this location whether or not you are a fan of science.

22. Bowling at Pla-Mor Lanes

Bowling at Pla-Mor Lanes

A terrific venue to bowl is at Pla-More Lanes in Watertown NY. Bowling is a pleasant sport and hobby that brings people together. This facility is the ideal location for family enjoyment because it has up to 16 lanes.

Additionally, it offers a great chance to improve your bowling abilities. Numerous residents hold little gatherings here for occasions like birthdays and other celebrations. Additionally, there is a snack bar where you may get some food and beverages to go with your gaming.

23. New York State Zoo at Thompson Park

New York State Zoo at Thompson Park

The wonderful Thompson Park Zoo is home to several natural animal species of New York State. The Thompson Park Zoo is home to several domestic and wild animals. Eagles, mountain lions, grey wolves, butterflies, bears, and other park animals are a few examples.

The 32-acre Thompson Park Zoo offers a variety of fun activities. The park’s personnel is helpful and polite, and they will show you around.

24. Adirondack River Outfitters

Adirondack River Outfitters

A wonderful time with Adirondack River Outfitters is one of the fun things to do in Watertown NY, New York, for fun seekers. A lovely location to visit for enjoyable outings and aquatic experiences is Adirondack River Outfitters. 

It provides summertime whitewater rafting excursions that range from family fun to extreme adventures. Since it first opened its doors 34 years ago, Adirondack River Outfitters has been offering its customers thrilling whitewater excursions.

You may take excursions on the Hudson River in the Adirondacks and the Black River near Watertown NY. The knowledgeable personnel at Adirondack River Outfitters is a fantastic example of the industry; they are kind and secure. They are interesting, lively, and informed.



THE PADDOCK CLUB is a neighborhood bar that serves a variety of drinks to its customers and is situated in the Paddock Arcade. Customers frequently like a draft beer or martini while enjoying live music every week.

26. Historic Crystal Restaurant

Historic Crystal Restaurant

The Crystal Restaurant is one of the older, restaurants in Watertown, having served its inaugural dinner in 1925. Nearly a century after it originally opened its doors to customers, the restaurant has maintained its time-honored customs, such as serving the Tom and Jerry Cocktail.

27. Shopping at Agape Shoppe

Shopping at Agape Shoppe

A non-profit store called Agape Shoppe sells one-of-a-kind, regionally produced, and fairly traded gifts from all around the world. You’ll adore the Agape Shoppe, which offers lovely goods and a second-floor thrift store. It’s a pleasure to shop at The Agape Shoppe.

The Shoppe offers beautiful and antique jewelry, one-of-a-kind presents, fair trade coffee, chocolates, and other treats. For unusual and lovely presents for friends and family, visit Agape Shoppe. There are several alternatives available.

28. Entertaining Events at Alex Duffy Fairgrounds

Entertaining Events at Alex Duffy Fairgrounds

One of the largest recreation centers in Watertown NY is the nearly 67-acre Alex Duffy Fairgrounds. On the grounds, something is constantly going on. Therefore, it is a wonderful spot to visit if you have time to pass the time engaging in a variety of activities.

 You can decide to participate in some of them, or you can decide to watch them from a distance and let yourself be delighted.

29. Beer at Boots Brewing Company

Beer at Boots Brewing Company

The idea that only huge breweries can make high-quality beer is a widespread one. Visit the Upstate New York microbrewery and taproom Boots Brewing Company.

Boots Brewing Company, located in the historic Lincoln Building in the heart of Watertown NY, tells a story with each pint they serve.

The brew masters at this establishment are also unwavering in their passion for craft brewing and treat each batch with the respect it merits. Boots Brewing Company has a beer to fit your palate with 12 tap beers and six on deck.

30. Walk Around Marble Street Park

Walk Around Marble Street Park

Another location that is great for many outdoor activities is Marble Street Park. It may not be much land, but it’s a good spot if you want to be in the middle of nature and let your mind wander. 

You could go bicycling or trekking, but the route is just a short distance and steep. Given that the park is close to the Black River coast, fishing may also be an option.

31. Zero Latency VR – New York

Zero Latency VR - New York

Don’t miss the opportunity to play at a completely new level in Watertown if you enjoy gaming. When you play video games with zero latency, you may feel as though you’ve been taken to another planet.

Visitors to Zero Latency may anticipate receiving a VR headset, a potent VR computer in a backpack, and a pick-up controller that enables them to precisely engage with the virtual worlds of their preferred games.

Visitors may play games like Far Cry, Sol Raiders, Undead Arena, Mission Maybee, and Zombie Survival, to name just a few.

32. The Cheese Store

The Cheese Store

A farmer owns The Cheese Store, which is managed by Jefferson Bulk Milk Cooperative. The cheese curds at The Cheese Store are the cheapest and freshest.

You may browse the Cheese Store’s incredible assortment of cheeses and other distinctively New York items to find exactly what you want to buy.

The Cheese Store offers a wide selection of locally produced, regionally produced, and imported cheeses, as well as sandwiches, salads, subs, home-cooked soups in the deli, and many more freshly made gourmet meals.

Additionally, it sells specialized items including jams, jellies, spreads, locally roasted coffee, fresh baked goods, maple syrup, Croghan Bologna, and its most famous item, the freshest cheese curd.

33. Rent a Bicycle on 1000 Islands

Rent a Bicycle on 1000 Islands

On 1000 Island in Watertown NY, there are many bicycles for hire. You may use a bike to tour the 1000 Islands or around the St. Lawrence River region. They improve the pleasure of holidays. On the 1000 Islands, bicycles are available for weekly rental. You don’t have to be concerned about it becoming misplaced once you’ve paid.

You may enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience on 1000 Island thanks to its many roads, cycling trails, and off-road pathways.

It is simple and affordable to rent a bike. A helmet is also included with each bicycle. Based on where you reside, 1000 Island can also bring bikes to your house for a charge.

34. Concert at Watertown Arena

Concert at Watertown Arena

Depending on the time of your visit, the enormous indoor leisure center known as the Watertown Municipal Arena hosts a variety of shows. 

Even though the arena hosts a wide variety of events all year long, ice hockey is by far the most popular. When the arena hosts Minor League Hockey in the winter, the little community often comes to life.

35. Discover the Nearby Islands of Watertown With Clayton Island Tours

Discover the Nearby Islands of Watertown With Clayton Island Tours

Clayton is one of the few tour businesses that allows you to visit and explore the nearby islands and nearby cities of Watertown is Clayton Island Tours. There are many alternatives available depending on your interests, and they meticulously create interesting excursions.

The Rock Island trip, the Clayton Island tour and the Boldt Castle tour are a few of the alternatives. All of the boats have glass bottoms, which makes for a stunning and enjoyable experience since you can see the waterways below.

All of the guides are knowledgeable and provide useful information. One of the best firms for St. Lawrence River Island tours is this one. 

36. Play golf at Ives Hill Country Club

Play golf at Ives Hill Country Club

If you enjoy playing golf, you might be tempted to visit some of the holes at Ives Hill Country Club, one of the greatest in Watertown NY. The golf course first appeared in 1897 under the name Jefferson Country Golf Club. 

It has undergone many remodeling and rebranding attempts before settling on its current moniker, Ives Hill Country Golf Club. 

The club offers the ideal settings for golfing, as well as reasonable rates and membership choices for both residents and visitors.

37. Visit Fun Escape

Visit Fun Escape

This indoor family entertainment center has a wide range of kid-friendly activities that will provide your kids with all the pleasure they could ask for. 

A multi-level play area, a toddler play area, laser tag, party rooms, a climbing wall, and an arcade are a few of the attractions you can discover here. The arcade has kid-friendly games including Skee-Ball, mini-basketball, Jurassic Park, and life-size Angry Birds, among others


Why is Watertown, New York, famous?

Answer: For the North Country, Watertown serves as a key center for tourism, education, healthcare, and shopping. The City, which houses some of Jefferson County’s top enterprises as well as several state, county, and federal agencies, employs close to 20,000 people. 

How far is Watertown NY from the Canadian border?

Answer: The Thousand Islands Bridge connects the city to the Canadian border in just 30 miles, therefore shopping by Canadian tourists plays a significant role in the local economy. A large number of visitors and seasonal inhabitants also visit the city every year. The city of Watertown, South Dakota, bears its name.


It’s a great idea to have a holiday with your family and friends in Watertown, New York. There are many fun things to do in Watertown New York, including attractive leisure facilities, fascinating museums, antiques, vintage stuff, malls, playgrounds, and gorgeous parks. The city is also endowed with many educational, eye-opening, and interesting attractions.

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