31 Things To Do In Woodbridge VA

Twenty miles south of Washington, D.C., in the Virginian county of Prince William lies a census-designated place called Woodbridge. The Occoquan and Potomac rivers encircle the Woodbridge Magisterial District, which has 44,668 people living there as of the 2020 Census.

Despite being a little hamlet in the middle of Prince William County, Woodbridge, Virginia, is the ideal vacation spot for all nature lovers.

The town’s state parks, farm-to-table restaurants, outdoor recreation areas, and nature preserves provide outdoor activities, and outdoor enthusiasts the chance to take in its beautiful scenery.

It is the location of thrilling attractions including Belmont Bay, Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge, Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and many more.

List of things to do in Woodbridge VA

There are many top attractions and things to do in Woodbridge VA such as veterans memorial park, Leesylvania state park, Veterans memorial park, escape room, Rippon Landing park, etc.

1. The Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Neabsco Creek Boardwalk

The Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Neabsco Creek Boardwalk

Enjoy the stunning vista of the Neabsco Creek Boardwalk that crosses Occoquan Bay on the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail. When visiting Woodbridge, Virginia, family, friends, and loved ones must go to the elevated boardwalk.

The Neabsco Creek Boardwalk features several gentle curves that let guests enjoy the fascinating wetlands vistas.

The central park guards the areas on the route where tiny reptiles and exotic insects are housed to prevent them from frightening certain tourists.

Additionally, the Neabsco Creek Boardwalk on the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail is an excellent location for birdwatching, with a variety of species, including mallards, herons, and blackbirds, frequenting the region.

2. Leesylvania State Park

Leesylvania State Park

If you don’t associate Woodbridge with the beach, you’re definitely losing out! The Potomac River is bordered by Leesylvania State Park.

It’s possible that when people mention Freestone Point, they’re really talking about Leesylvania State Park. They provide entertaining activities including Music at the Marina, treks led by rangers, children’s fishing competitions, and more. Natural sand beaches, hiking paths, cycling, and boat rentals are all nearby for your enjoyment.

3. Rippon Lodge

Rippon Lodge

The Rippon Lodge is the oldest continuously existing structure in Prince William County.

Admiral Richard Blackburn, a prominent sailor from Woodbridge, began construction on this home in 1747. The mansion, which was formerly a tobacco plantation, also housed the Atkinson Family for a century until Wade H. Ellis, a descendant of Blackburn, bought it.

The land and the mansion were bought by Prince William County in 2000, and they underwent extensive renovation to restore it to its former glory and protect its historical value.

4. Team Tactics

Team Tactics

Since its founding in the 20th century, Team Tactics has provided the greatest indoor playground for adults, making it the ideal location for entertaining activities.

The Team Tactics promises to be entertaining with, at the very least, thrilling laser exhibitions to look for older individuals; other instructive fighting weaponry is also accessible.

With roughly seven realistic-looking weapons to choose from, it serves as a location to make new memories with your friends and family members at Team Tactics. Around 50 objective-based missions and various gaming war adventures may be played with companions nearby to keep visitors interested.

5. Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge

More than 600 acres of woodland, meadows and beautiful wetlands that are protected make up the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge and are home to abundant natural flora and species. Between the Potomac and Occoquan rivers lies this wildlife reserve.

It was a testing ground for the US Army until it was turned into a wildlife sanctuary. Nevertheless, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finally took control of it and turned it into the wildlife refuge that it is today.

By going to this natural site, you may take in the splendor of the surrounding area’s wildlife-filled nature. There are also lovely trails that you may go on foot or by bicycle.

6. Escape Room Woodbridge

Escape Room Woodbridge

Visit an escape room with your family or friends for fun activities, and Escape Room Woodbridge is a great spot to uncover hints and solve puzzles before time runs out!

Bring 4 to 8 guests here and reserve a room. You can pick a room that matches your party because each one has a distinct theme, including Atlantis, High Roller’s Lounge, and Sweet Escape.

7. The Irene V. Hylton Planetarium

 The Irene V. Hylton Planetarium

One of the biggest planetariums in the whole city of Woodbridge, Virginia, the Irene V. Hylton Planetarium offers guests the greatest views of the stars and planet.

The planetarium is one of the city’s top attractions for both kids and adults because it is housed inside the C.D. Hylton High School.

The Skydome Planetarium is the alternate name for the Irene V. Hylton Planetarium, which was altered to reflect the name of the host institution.

Numerous star shows are presented in the 30-foot curved dome on particular days for the general public and are utilized as teaching aids for the students.

8. Indian Food at the Taste of Tandoor

Indian Food at the Taste of Tandoor

The diversified cuisine scene in Woodbridge makes it a fun place to eat. In Woodbridge, there is a restaurant known as The Taste of Tandoor that provides traditional Indian cuisine.

The 37 menu items on Taste of traditional Tandoor’s menu, all of which are cooked and prepared in the Northern Indian style, promise to provide you with a delightful culinary experience.

Additionally, they prepare their cuisine in a traditional cuisine “tandoor,” a cylindrical oven constructed of clay or metal that is popular in India and the Middle East.

They also add that extra heat and taste to their food by using real Indian herbs, spices, and mixes. Attend a baseball game at Pfitzner.

9. Fantasy Playground

Fantasy Playground

Kids will like Fantasy Playground’s dark wood park and play structures, which will make them feel as though they are in a tree home. Children may have many fun things, like fun games climbing on, over, and under various pieces of equipment.

10. Muse Paintbar

Muse Paintbar

At the Muse Paintbar, you may test your artistic abilities. Bring your kids, friends, and coworkers to the Muse Paintbar to learn how to paint, create sculptures, and sketch in real-time.

The Muse Paintbar offers a variety of seminars and workshops for interested people, particularly those who want to learn a hand talent.

They take artistic college students to paint contests across the city and even outside of Woodbridge and provide scholarships to such kids.

The Muse Paintbar also offers Groupon discounts, and customers may sell their original artwork in exchange for a small commission.

11. Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park

A playground, aquatic center, skate park, duck pond, and baseball complex are all features of this sizable park in Woodbridge.

If there are any train enthusiasts at your party, keep a look out since my kids loved hearing and watching the passing train. Additionally, close to the Occoquan Bay National Water Reserve listed above is Veterans Memorial Park.

12. Little Taipei

Little Taipei

For those who are interested, enjoy delectable Asian food in Little Taipei; there is no need to travel to the Chinese neighborhood, which is in a separate area, to buy a meal. There is no other place in the county like The Little Taipei, a little eatery that serves only Chinese and Taiwanese food.

The center is a crucial building for the Asian community in Woodbridge, Virginia, and since it opened, it has helped working-class people feel less stressed about cooking.

Due to the excellent Chinese and Taiwanese food, the restaurant has received good rankings, and there are plans to expand. Additionally, the eatery follows traditional Asian authentic recipes and incorporates fresh ingredients like herbs, ginseng, roots, garlic, ginger, and other things into each dish.

13. Pfitzner Stadium

Pfitzner Stadium

Since opening in 1984, the G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium, sometimes referred to as the Pfitzner Stadium by locals, has been a well-liked baseball stadium in Woodbridge.

The late G. Richard Pfitzner, a previous leader of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, gave it its name. The Potomac Nationals, a minor league baseball team, originally called the stadium home.

Unfortunately, in 2019 the Nationals relocated to Fredericksburg. Even yet, Woodbridge baseball competitions are still often held at the stadium.

14. Potomac Mills

Potomac Mills

One of the best malls in the city is The Potomac Mills, which has a whopping 80 stores selling a wide range of items and roughly 30 eateries. Try to have a plan before going to the park since else you could wander through the entire mall all day or end up buying something you didn’t bargain for.

Every day, there are fantastic sales and brands to choose from, like Nike, Adidas, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Footlocker, Banana Republic, and Calvin Klein.

Visitors may unwind with a movie at Potomac Mills IMA theater, which features the top movies in town, after a demanding day of shopping.

Additionally, you may have delicious meals at any of the cuisines of your choosing, including Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, and many others.

15. k-9 Gunner Memorial Dog Park

k-9 Gunner Memorial Dog Park

The K-9 Gunner Memorial Dog Park, which was established in memory of a deceased police dog, offers a sizable space for animals to interact and exercise together. Both agility equipment and trash bags for the dogs’ feces are provided by the park.

16. The Julie Metz Neabsco Creek Wetlands Preserve

The Julie Metz Neabsco Creek Wetlands Preserve

Exploring the Julie Metz Neabsco Creek Wetlands Preserve to see some amazing landscaping in a beautiful setting is one of the best things to do in Woodbridge, Virginia.

It has a unique setting that is more impressive than other parks in the vicinity, making it a major tourist destination for the whole city of Woodbridge, Virginia.

The Julie Metz Neabsco Creek Wetlands Preserve has fantastic hiking trails and is said to be about 230 acres in size.

Visitors may also take in the natural mosaic created by the lovely wetlands and surrounding wooded regions.

17. Prince William County Liberty Memorial

Prince William County Liberty Memorial

Prince William County saw a total of 22 fatalities on the dreadful day of September 11, 2001.

There is a sizable memorial at Ground Zero in New York, but there is also one in Woodbridge named the Prince William County Liberty Memorial.

The lovely memorial honors the Prince William County residents who perished in the horrific assaults. 

The James J. McCoart Administration Building and the Prince William Parkway are separated by the monument. Four beams from the first World Trade Center, which fell after the attacks, were used in its innovative design.

18. The Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge

The Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge

Visit the Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge, one of the top natural tourism destinations in this area.

Only non-motorized boats are permitted to access the Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge, and some portions of the center are prohibited.

After witnessing the amazing characteristics, it contains with the lovely environment, which ranges from the forest regions to the wetlands, the difficulty to join the animals won’t be felt.

The American kestrel and bald eagle may be seen flying freely on the 325 acres of Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge, which is protected.

Additionally, it is usually recommended to travel in convoys, either in a lorry or a minivan, with the park rangers accompanying you for protection because certain animals can wander around freely.

19. Rippon Landing Park

Rippon Landing Park

The Rippon Landing Park is home to a variety of distinctive amenities, including lit hiking trails, a playground for youngsters, a sizable soccer field, picnic shelters, and more.

One of the convenient places to visit or go for a stroll for some breathing fresh air and sight-seeing is the Rippon Landing Park, which is situated in the centre of Woodbridge, Virginia.

With a variety of entertainment options, including athletic events and recreational activities, the public centre has become a long-standing landmark in the city.

A visit to Rippon Landing Park offers a variety of things to do. The Rippon Landing Park is also accessible to professional athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to improve their abilities.

20. Hajara’s Kitchen & Suya Supply

Hajara's Kitchen & Suya Supply

African immigrants who opened up modest eateries to promote their traditional cuisine to Americans are to blame for the recent rise in the popularity of African food in the United States.

Although infrequently offered elsewhere in the nation, its distinctive and savory cuisine is tempting. Fortunately, a neighborhood eatery in Woodbridge delivers genuine Western African cuisine.

To satisfy your appetite for African food, visit Hajara’s Kitchen & Suya Supply. The eatery is well-known in Woodbridge for delivering genuine Western African cuisine that is prepared and cooked utilizing both conventional and cutting-edge culinary methods.

21. ZavaZone in Potomac Mills Mall

ZavaZone in Potomac Mills Mall

Discover the ZavaZone at the Potomac Mills Mall to take part in a difficult ninja training course and improve your flexibility with a variety of exercises. The institution brags about recruiting the best employees, who look after the property and help guests with their yoga practice and other quiet amusement.

As you see people demonstrating live talents, the scene is defined by enormous distorted walls that simulate true ninja quarters, bringing your movie experience to life.

There is always plenty to do in the ZavaZone at the Potomac Mills Mall; even if your power and capacity are limited, you may still participate in the arcade karate games.

22. Play Laser Tag

Play Laser Tag

Combat simulation, a more complex variation of laser tag offered by Team Tactics. They include venues with urban themes, seven realistic-looking weapons to pick from, 50 missions with objectives, and more.

23. Belmont Bay Harbor

Belmont Bay Harbor

Visit Belmont Bay Harbor, which is situated on the banks of the Occoquan and Potomac Rivers. One of the greatest places to take in some fresh air and think about time is there.

The port has a positioned marina that allows you to see the Occoquan River as well as a floating pier that serves roughly 100 boats.

Come to this wonderful tourist location with your family and friends. One of the historical sites and historical landmarks in the entire Woodbridge area, the Occoquan River, is beautifully shown in the middle.

Additionally, the harbormaster building’s Belmont Bay merchandise store is where you can get fun souvenirs and rent a boat cruise to tour the river.

24. Chinn Aquatics & Fitness Center

Chinn Aquatics & Fitness Center

The 60,000-square-foot indoor exercise center of the Chinn Aquatics & Fitness Center, built in 1991, meets the leisure needs of the nearby population. The facility has a 40-meter indoor pool, as well as hot tubs, racquetball courts, saunas, and exercise equipment.

25. The Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center

The Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center

You may be sure to find all the kitchenware, home accents, clothing, and specialized products you require at Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center.

The Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center site is the ideal location for offices, residences, and upmarket retail. It is a well-known outdoor shopping complex where you can find a tonne of fantastic items to buy for your children and outfit your home with lovely antiques.

26. BeeHivee Indoor Playground

BeeHivee Indoor Playground

Visits to the BeeHive Indoor Playground are among the family-friendly activities available in Woodbridge, Virginia.

For those who prefer indoor activities, a visit to the Beehive Indoor Playground, which offers a variety of entertaining games and leisure pursuits for both children and adults, is a viable alternative.

All guests will be thrilled and pleased by the center’s 3-level playground, which offers games like bumping cars, cannonballs, moon bounces, and blocks.

The big indoor playground, the first of its sort in Woodbridge, Virginia, has exceeded residents’ expectations ever since it opened.

27. Workhouse Arts Center

Workhouse Arts Center

The Workhouse Arts Center combines the visual and performing arts to promote creative teamwork. The primary objective of the website is education, and classes are offered to both adults and children all year long.

28. Mason Neck State Park

Mason Neck State Park

A short drive from Washington, DC, the Mason Neck State Park has a large range of outdoor activities and events. A tourist information center, huge picnic spots, a playground, multi-use pathways, and a canoe launch are all accessible to visitors.

29. Northern Virginia Sailing School

Northern Virginia Sailing School

Although it is a hard process before people are allowed to master their talent, it offers a magnificent trip for everyone. Due to the nature of the location, interested individuals can also learn kayaking, boating, and other enjoyable water sports.

Be free and peaceful while studying because all instruction and practical work are done at sea with the help of staff and safety personnel.

Additionally, tourists may rent sailboats for a very low cost, and they allow for a trip that covers around 30 square miles for novices and more for experts.

30. Pohick Bay Regional Park

Pohick Bay Regional Park

Only three locations provide free access to the Potomac River for canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. One of those locations is the Pohick Bay, Regional Park. Visitors may walk, camp at capping grounds, and make use of the picnic and playground facilities near the river.

31. Gunston Hall Plantation

Gunston Hall Plantation

George Mason, a distinguished politician and the author of Virginia’s Declaration of Rights, resided at Gunston Hall Plantation. His life and times at the plantation are depicted in the site, which has been conserved and renovated.


What is Woodbridge Va 22191 known for?

Answer: Due to its proximity to Interstate 95, the massive Potomac Mills Sign, IKEA, and other roadside attractions, Woodbridge is perhaps the most well-known neighborhood in Prince William, Virginia. There are several options for sightseeing, dining, and entertainment.

Is Woodbridge VA a city or a small town?

Answer: The Virginian county of Prince William is home to the city of Woodbridge. It is the 827th biggest city in the United States and the 16th largest city in Virginia, with a projected population of 52,790 in 2020.


Woodbridge, Virginia, is a beautiful city with lots of fun things to do with friends or family and interesting locations to see. Woodbridge will undoubtedly introduce you to nature as you spend precious time at its shops and eateries.

At museums and historical sites, you may engage in activities like biking, hiking, shopping, walking trails, and sightseeing. You may also visit museums, stunning lakes, and a variety of other entertaining locations.

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