43 Things to do Near Pike Place Market

Things to do Near Pike Place Market

Seattle’s Pike Place Market is now universally acknowledged. For more than a century, it has served as the city’s defining symbol; many refer to it as the “Soul of Seattle.” Numerous locals and tourists are drawn to the nine-acre market in the heart of the city to eat, converse, and shop.

Up to 10 million visitors travel here each year to eat at its eateries and shop for the region’s freshest food. In 1907, eight neighborhood farmers launched the nation’s oldest farmer’s market. These local farmers desired to sell their goods directly to the public without using a middleman.

The market increased to 76 stalls in just three months. The market had 11 buildings by 1922. The sight of fishmongers carrying salmon on their shoulders and street buskers entertaining onlookers is one of this market’s most prominent attractions.

There are more than just food merchants and fresh fruit at Pike Place Market. With its lively environment, delicious food selections, charming shops and restaurants, and entertaining activities, Pike Place Market will astound you.

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Things to do Near Pike Place Market

Given below is the list of Things to do Near Pike Place Market.

1. Gum Wall

Gum Wall Pike Place Market

The Gum Wall also referred to as the Second Germiest Place in the World, is an essential stop for tourists at Pike Place Market. This Gum Wall is one of the strangest things to do at Pike Place Market even though it’s neither a scenic attraction nor particularly beautiful. So definitely worth a trip.

In essence, it’s a whole alleyway where the walls are coated in chewed-up gum from bottom to top. Yes, you may add your own to join in on the “magic” as well. Although Lower Post Alley’s alleyway is lined with gum, the original walls that faced the Unexpected Productions Market Theater’s entrance still stand. Add your gum there and participate in the (sticky) history.

2. Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Fresh produce is sold in the Pike Place Market. Purchase here delicious fruits, crisp veggies, and salmon that have just been caught. Shop from stall to vendor to discover anything from the most basic pantry necessities to the most unusual.

You’ll discover things you’ve never seen before. The sellers can advise you on what to buy or choose the best and most recent products for your basket.

3. Visit the local market stalls

Visit the local market stalls Pike Place Market

Exploring the local market stalls is at the top of the list of things to do in Pike Place Market. Shopping among independent vendors, who are numerous in Pike Place Market, will always rank as one of the top things to do there.

Whether you’re seeking distinctive jewelry, intriguing art, or mouthwatering food, you’ll find it here, we promise. It’s important to keep in mind that crowds are always larger on weekends for this selection of Pike Place Market activities.

Therefore, a weekday morning is a perfect time to enjoy this option for things to do in Pike Place Market if you like a more leisurely shopping experience.

4. Feed Rachel the Pig

Feed Rachel the Pig Pike Place Market

Meet Rachel, a 550-pound giant piggy bank, at the intersection of Pike Place and Pike Street. She is based on Rachel the Pig, who took first place in the 1977 Whidbey Island Pig Pageant. She raises money for the Pike Place Market Foundation, which supports the Market Senior Center, Pike Market Medical Clinic, Downtown Food Bank, and Pike Place Childcare Center.

Otherwise, take a picture of yourself in front of the well-known red Public Market sign. The typical market scene, which consists of vendors shouting and flinging freshly caught fish across the stand, can be seen behind Rachel.

If you want to impress your buddies back home, take a picture of this activity.  Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself; Rachel enjoys both back rubs and photos.

5. Mac ‘n’ Cheese at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Mac 'n' Cheese at Beecher's Handmade Cheese Pike Place Market

You’ll have a blast exploring Pike Place Market if you’re a foodie tourist. More than 500 shops, restaurants, gift shops, pubs, and vendors may be found here. Observe the market thoroughly.

Visit each stall, sample the fruit slices on offer, and nibble on their Washington apples. For lunch, buy some fruits and treat yourself to some DeLaurenti charcuterie and specialty cheeses.

Visit the well-known Seattle institution Beecher’s Handmade Cheese if you enjoy mac ‘n’ cheese. Enjoy some wonderful Elleno’s Greek yogurt while you’re out walking. Stop by Old Stove Brewing Co. or at Rachel’s Ginger Beer in Post Alley for a Moscow mule.

6. Purchase some flowers

Purchase some flowers Pike Place Market

Our next Pike Place Market activity is to purchase a bouquet. You can’t miss the flower stalls because they are the most striking feature of Pike Place Market.

If you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb, we advise visiting Pike Place Market on your first day so you may stock your room with vibrant flowers for the duration of your vacation. It’s a fantastic option for Pike Place Market activities.

7. Giant shoe Museum 

Giant shoe Museum  Pike Place Market

The Giant Shoe Museum, which shares space with the Old Seattle Paperworks shop, is located in the middle of the corridor on the fourth level of the Pike Place Market. The artwork and inscriptions on the wall make us think of a sideshow at a circus.

With just a few quarters, visitors can operate little cent boxes that open drapes and display stunning World’s largest shoes via viewing slots. Even Robert Waldow, the World’s tallest man, once owned a pair.

8. Lopez Island Creamery

opez Island Creamery Pike Place Market

You may discover countless ways to sate your sweet tooth at Pike Place Market. Enjoy cooked little doughnuts dusted with your preferred cinnamon powder, icing, or toppings. The Lopez Island Creamery sells ice cream and soda, which you can purchase and consume.

Indi Chocolate has a cafe and a storefront where customers can purchase the company’s goods. Additionally, you can see them create chocolates.

9. Visit the fish stall

Visit the fish stall Pike Place Market

The next item on our list of things to do in Pike Place Market is the fish market. In Seattle, this establishment is well-known for the fantastic show they put on while serving clients. Everyone at Pike Place Market is eager to watch the flying fish at the fish-throwing stand in Pike Place Fish Co.

To speed up sales, these men fling whole fish back and forth from the counter to the display in Pike Place fish market. They only ever throw fish fly normally when a customer places an order. To placate tourists who simply want to watch them fish tossing one, they do have a fish that they “test-pitch.” The Early Access Tour of Pike Place Market can provide you with an opportunity to do so.

Even simply watching these people go about their business is amusing, really informative, and engaging; you don’t even need to buy any fish yourself. One to add to your list of Pike Place Market activities without a doubt. Simply avoid getting in the way to avoid being struck by a fish.

10. Golden Age Collectibles

Golden Age Collectibles Pike Place Market

On the West Coast, locate the largest collection of comic books. Golden Age Collectables is a comic book fan’s paradise, with both new and vintage comics to peruse. There are countless comic books and souvenirs available, including cardboard cutouts of your favorite movie stars that are life-size.

11. Radiator Whiskey

Radiator Whiskey Pike Place Market

What should you do at Pike Place Market when it gets dark? The lights and bottles are turned on as soon as dusk falls. Try the outstanding selection of bourbon, rye, scotch, whisky, and cocktails at Radiator Whiskey.

In case you haven’t already, get a bourbon margarita. Even some taverns and eateries stay open till two in the morning.

12. Savor Seattle Food Tour of Pike Place Market

Savor Seattle Food Tour of Pike Place Market

Given that Pike Place Market has been a farmer’s market for 110 years, the food there has always been among the best in the city.

Guests can enjoy two hours of entertainment while enjoying delectable snacks and learning about the market’s rich history and culture on Savor Seattle’s Signature Food Tour of Pike Place Market. Savor Seattle was rated the top food tour in Seattle by TripAdvisor for a reason.

13. Pike Place Urban Garden

Pike Place Urban Garden

The Pike Place Urban Garden, which is considered a secret garden, absolutely amazes especially locals. The Pike Venue Market Senior Center and Food Bank, it’s a great places to see locally farmed produce donated.

The vibrant plants and produce will undoubtedly calm your senses in the secret garden. If you have the time, take a seat on a bench amid the curving tomato vines and raised garden beds to take in the breathtaking views of the Seattle Great Wheel and the water.

Enjoy the breathtaking rooftop views from the LaSalle Building’s rooftop where it is located.

14. Grab a Starbucks

Grab a Starbucks Pike Place Market

The old Starbucks is the next item on our Pike Place Market to-do list; it’s directly across the street. Right next to Pike Place Market is a Starbucks that is among the country’s oldest. However, unlike what many people would claim, this is not the “Original Starbucks.” Despite not being the first, it is undoubtedly old.

The first Starbucks was open from 1971 to 1976 and was situated at 2000 Western Ave. However, there are frequently large crowds outside the Starbucks in Pike Place Market, which is understandable given that the neighborhood still has a lot of history and charm.

 You might want to cross this off your list of things to do in Pike Place Market if you enjoy Starbucks or coffee.

15. Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Rachel’s Ginger Beer Pike Place Market

A favorite in Seattle, Rachel’s Ginger Beer is frequently the Ginger beer of choice for nearby bartenders to use in drinks like Moscow Mules. On the corner of Pine Street, directly opposite Sur La Table, is the store in Pike Place Market.

With plenty of room with tables and bar stools, the area is the ideal spot to relax, especially if the weather is not ideal. Try the Blood Orange Hot Toddy, which combines Blood Orange Ginger Beer, whisky, and hot spices.

16. Pike Place Market Seattle Free Walking Tours

Pike Place Market Seattle Free Walking Tours

The Seattle Free Walking Tours, which were started in 2012, were inspired by the travels and explorations of its co-founders.

They planned to introduce the idea of free tours popular throughout Europe to Pike Place Market in Seattle. One of their signature tours, the Market Experience free tour, informs guests about the culture and history of the city.

This trip is free, in contrast to other walking tours in Pike Place market Seattle. They rely on donations made voluntarily. The market trip naturally takes you to the stunning and energetic Pike Place Market.

17. Breakfast at Lowells

Breakfast at Lowells  Pike Place Market

We’ll go to Lowells for brunch as our next Pike Place Market activity. This restaurant is a local favorite and a terrific spot to have a filling breakfast in the city.

You’ll want to get breakfast then too, as one of our favorite times to explore Pike Place Market is early in the day when the stalls have just opened and there aren’t as many people around. Making it a great option for Pike Place Market activities.

We believe you’ll enjoy dining here if you enjoy “diner-style” meals.

18. Chukar Cherries

Chukar Cherries Pike Place Market

CHOCOLATE. COVERED. CHERRIES. Do I need to elaborate? Look for this tall stall beneath the Main Arcade. Although the area around their stall may be congested, be persistent and don’t be hesitant to request a sample.

The crew here is passionate about their goods, extremely knowledgeable, and wants to tell others how they got started. Chukar Cherries should be visited by every chocolate enthusiast.

19. Storyville Coffee

Storyville Coffee Pike Place Market

The Corner Market Building at First and Pike’s upper floor should be visited. Their building is on the right side if you stand on the red cobblestone and stare in the direction of the Public Market clock sign.

Storyville Coffee has searched the globe for the best beans, limiting its procurement to just two exclusive vendors.

Each bean variety is roasted by their toastmasters to provide the smoothest blend specifically for you. For the ideal afternoon treat, pair your coffee with some delicious pastries.

20. Enjoy the view!

Enjoy the view! Pike Place Market

The next activity on our Pike Place Market must-do list is to just sit back and take it all in. You’ll be treated to some fantastic views if you make your way through the market and out to the back (whether you look out to see, or back up to the city).

Just look at the pictures below to see the beautiful vistas that are available. One of the coolest free things to do in Pike Place Market. Also, remember to bring your camera.

21. Sur La Table

Sur La Table Pike Place Market

Did you know that Pike Place Market was the site of the first Sur La Table? The shop should be visited by home cooks and is situated on Pine St between First Avenue and Pike Place.

Inside, you’ll find shelves from floor to ceiling filled with pots, pans, and various culinary appliances, some of which you may not even be aware exist. Locals who visit there frequently comment on how difficult it is to enter without buying anything brand-new and sparkly.

22. Crumpet Shop

Crumpet Shop Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market offers a variety of popular beverages besides coffee. The Crumpet Shop, Seattle’s original and first crumpet shop, also serves afternoon tea. In 1976, Gary Lasater opened this store in Pike Place Market.

Together with his wife, he had mastered the crumpet recipe. Rob, their son, now serves as the company’s CEO. In addition, he makes crumpets and scones. The store creates loose-leaf teas that are offered both in-store and for takeout. They exclusively purchase their tea from countries like China, India, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka which are renowned for producing the greatest teas.

When you request a refill, you can try any tea.

23. See the local artwork

See the local artwork Pike Place Market

Finding some of that local art is our next idea for what to do in Pike Place Market. Some of the city’s most beloved pieces of art can be found inside the MarketFront addition, which was more recently added to Pike Place Market.

The MarketFront is now home to two outstanding artists, and it’s well worth keeping an eye out for them. The artwork by Clare Dohna (seen below) is incredibly complex and beautiful. It’s a fantastic option for Pike Place Market activities.

24. Piroshky Piroshky!

Piroshky Piroshky Pike Place Market

Choose from a selection of sweet and savory ingredients in one of the wrapped pastries at Piroshky Piroshky. It is a popular destination for tourists in Pike Place Market, and depending on the weather, long lines often snake along the sidewalk and the street.

 As you approach closer to the entrance, you’ll know you made the right choice since a bakery vent is located over the sidewalk window, and the enticing aroma of freshly baked Piroshky draws hungry customers inside.

25. Microbrewery Museum

Microbrewery Museum Pike Place Market

Go outside and look for the Pike Brewing Company on First Avenue. The Microbrewery Museum, located inside the bar, has a wealth of knowledge about the history of beer.

The company’s founder and owner, Charles Finkel, is responsible for the thousands of real beer-related artifacts that are on display. You can find ads, Prohibition posters, English tap handles, cups, and figurines.

Additionally, you can discover artifacts like local favorites and breweries, which will revive your enthusiasm for beer.

26. Try the in-season fruit

Try the in-season fruit Pike Place Market

Our next suggestion for things to do at Pike Place Market is for you if you’re traveling to Seattle in the summer.

The wonderful Rainier Cherries and local peaches are in season throughout the summer. They’re the best fruit you’ll ever try, we can assure you of that. Just delicious. This is a must-do if you’re seeking inexpensive activities to do at Pike Place Market. Such a tasty way to experience the city.

27. Sunset at the new Pike Place Market Front. 

Sunset at the new Pike Place Market Front.  Pike Place Market

The Market Front, a 330,000-square-foot building with breathtaking views of West Seattle and Elliot Bay, was just inaugurated in June 2017. The entrance to the new section of the Market is at the intersection of Stewart Street and Pike Place, and it is conveniently accessible from Western Ave.

To make the transition from one building to the next seamless and a part of a larger whole, vendors, and artisans set up shop along the bridge. One can even see Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountain Range on a clear day.

28. Remember to head downstairs

Remember to head downstairs Pike Place Market

The downstairs section is the next item on our list of things to do in Pike Place Market. Many visitors to Pike Place Market just explore the restaurants and shops on the first floor, not understanding there is also a downstairs to explore.

So don’t forget to check out Pike Place Market’s lower level. It merits a place on your list of Pike Place Market activities.

29. Entertained by Market Buskers

Entertained by Market Buskers Pike Place Market

At Pike Place Market, we have musicians, magicians, living statues, and anything else you can think of. In Pike Place, you could come across red musical notes painted on the ground along the streets and walkways.

A busker can perform their acts here, which is referred to as a “Pitch.” Buskers change locations every hour, so you may always find a new performer to amuse you.

30. Indulge your sweet tooth

Indulge your sweet tooth Pike Place Market

Indulging your sweet taste is our next idea for things to do in Pike Place Market. It won’t come as a surprise to you how many dessert establishments and sweets there are in Pike Place Market. There are many wonderful goods available at the market.

You might want to check out and add a few of these to your list of Pike Place Market activities by visiting some of our favorites.

31. Market Magic Shop.

Market Magic Shop. Pike Place Market

The Market Magic Shop, which is situated just across from the Giant Shoe Museum, has long been a favorite among tourists. Here, one can discover everything from books on some of the best magicians in the world to basic tricks like gum that zaps you when you pull it.

The staff members that run the shop are also quite informed, and the majority are always eager to teach an interested visitor a thing or two. Be ready to have your mind blown.

32. Pike Brewing Company

Pike Brewing Company Pike Place Market

Next on our list of things to do at Pike Place Market is Pike Brewing Company. After one or two hours of shopping, who doesn’t want a refreshing beer?

If you want to take a break from walking about on your feet or if you enjoy beer, this is a fantastic option for things to do in Pike Place Market.

33. Rummage Hall

Rummage Hall Pike Place Market

There is a tiny store called the Rummage Hall a hidden gem away in the Stewart Building. This is the ULTIMATE thrift store where you may get furniture, books, clothes, antiques, and more at reasonable prices. Every week, new pieces are added to the collection, so there is always something fresh to see.

34. Honest Biscuit Co

Honest Biscuit Co Pike Place Market

Here are some options for foodies to do in Pike Place Market. It’s not surprising that Honest Biscuit Co. is one of the most popular and well-known restaurants close to the market.

We are confident that you will enjoy the food because it is simply delicious, especially if you enjoy the home-cooked meals served in the South.

35. Unexpected Productions

Unexpected Productions Pike Place Market

If one strolls down Lower Post Alley, one might discover not only the Gum Wall but also a popular comedy club. There are 10 improv comedy theaters at Unexpected Productions Market Theater every week on Wednesday through Thursday.

 Because tickets range in price from $5 to $15, you can enjoy yourself without spending a lot of money. The longest-running short-form improv event in Seattle, Seattle Theatresports, draws a large crowd of comedy fans on the weekends.

36. Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Chowder Pike Place Market

Next on our list of things to do in Pike Place Market is Pike Place Chowder. This restaurant is a distinctive addition to the market food scene and is one of those things that everyone visiting Seattle should experience.

Don’t leave out the amazing Pike Place Chowder from your list of Pike Place Market activities. 

37. The Confectional

The Confectional Pike Place Market

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, head down to The Confectional, a small shop off Pine Street and Pike Place. Daily fresh cheesecakes of all sizes and flavors are baked here. The Uber Dip, a miniature cheesecake on a stick that is then covered in milk chocolate, is our favorite.

38. Smell spices and drink tea at MarketSpice

Smell spices and drink tea at MarketSpice Pike Place Market

Even though MarketSpice is frequently disregarded by market visitors, it is a haven for home cooks and professional chefs. This store, one of the Pike Place Market’s oldest establishments, is situated immediately next door to Don & Jo’s Meat and Pike Place Fish Co.

They specialize in tea and spices, which they purchase in small batches straight from the place of origin to ensure quality for customers looking to purchase the best spices on the market. The aromas are incredible, and the walls are lined with jars and containers containing different tea and spice blends.

39. Eighth Generation

Eighth Generation Pike Place Market

Louie Gong, an artist, educator, and public speaker, owns and operates this store, which can be found on the ground floor of the Market atrium. Due to its secret location, Eighth Generation is by far one of the coolest stores in the market.

 Eighth Generation celebrates Native artists by designing Indigenous art on modern objects, as opposed to a gallery showing Native American artworks. Custom-made shoes, sunglasses, and even wool blankets are manufactured by “Inspired Natives” as opposed to Natives who were inspired by them. When you visit Pike Place Market, be sure to stop by, and in the meantime, check out the Eighth Generation blog.

40. Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream

Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream Pike Place Market

In Pike Place Market, Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream is a sweet little store on First Ave. When you enter, you’ll be taken back in time to an old-fashioned ice cream parlor where many of the ice cream and sorbet varieties are created on-site.

They also offer traditional sodas, which have a sparkling flavor because of the use of phosphates. On a date, this location is also ideal for dessert. We adore the Prosecco Float, which combines sorbet flavors options and Italian bubbly.

41. Capture a Photo from the Crosswalk

Capture a Photo from the Crosswalk

There is a better location, despite you want to take a picture in front of the large sign. The center of the 1st & Pine Street crossing is the finest location for photos because Pike Place’s iconic signage is at the bottom of a hill.

The middle of the crosswalk is the ideal location for taking shots that center on the neon signage. You will have a chance to take the perfect picture every three minutes for 25 seconds based on the timing of the all-way crosswalk.

42. Oriental Mart

Oriental Mart Pike Place Market

There are a dozen restaurants in Pike Place Market that I might suggest. But Chef Leila’s Chicken Adobo, which is served with a side of sass, is my favorite, second only to chowder on a chilly day. The time is here to try Filipino cuisine if you haven’t before. This neighborhood staple, which most recently garnered a James Beard American Classic award, is made even more endearing by owner Leila’s well-known attitude.

43. Frank’s Quality Produce

Frank’s Quality Produce Pike Place Market

In Pike Place Market, there are several farm vendors, but we prefer the staff at Frank’s Quality Produce. Four generations of the Genzale family have operated this market stand, and a large portion of their product is cultivated nearby. Visitors are welcome to inquire about the products and even receive samples of well-known fruits like Opal Apples and Taylor Gold Pears.


For what is Pike Place Market renowned?

One of the oldest continuously operating markets in the nation, Pike Place Market is well known. The best eateries in Seattle may be found in the historic area. The Pike Place Market Foundation, a non-profit organization, offers services to the neighborhood in and around downtown Seattle.

Is a trip to Pike Place Market worthwhile?

Pike Place Market in Seattle is one of the places you must visit while there. It’s perhaps one of the city’s most well-known and iconic locations, afternoon.

What food is popular in Seattle?

As you may have heard, this city is famous for its seafood. Because salmon is such an integral component of the local cuisine, Sea-Tac airport has a small ceremony every year to honor the exceptional Copper River salmon that is brought in from Alaska.


Pike Place Market is not your typical marketplace. It’s thrilling, vibrant, positive, and pleasant. Numerous people travel there because of its extensive options. Many of them have returned repeatedly. Plan your trip to Pike Place Market right away.

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